My Top Supplements - Part 1: Magnesium Bicarbonate

Although I have changed my lifestyle numerous times in the past ten years, there are supplements that I have continuously consumed throughout the journey that has made a tremendous impact on my physical, mental and emotional health. It complicates things when you enter into the alternative health space and it becomes an echo-chamber of ideas and practices. 

Magnesium and shilajit would get some spotlights but what was missing was the education on quality and how much to consume. Back in 2011 I began rubbing magnesium oil (chloride form) on my upper arms once a day after I showered. I feel that this had no effect on my health because the magnesium burn rate was through the roof. 


In late 2015 I discovered Pristine Hydro and their protocol, which essentially includes heavy doses of magnesium bicarbonate, consistent daily doses of shilajit (megadoses ideal), bee products and advanced bodywork. [It is much more than that, and more of a new way of thinking about health, but I will leave it at that for now.] This dovetailed with much of what I've learned from other educators over the past decade and it really left an impact on me, enough so that I have been consuming magnesium and shilajit everyday since accepting the reality of acid rain, synthetic fertilizer, and what that does to our food supply and consequently our mental faculties. 

I truly believe that magnesium, shilajit and bee products snapped me out of a deep comatose state that most people believe is normal. I'm no Nikola Tesla, but my ability to reason, memorize information and adapt to new challenges is far beyond what I ever would have imagined. Combined with a strong faith in Jesus Christ, I have never felt better and truly feel like my cup is constantly overflowing, which allows me to create and share so freely. 

One of my main objectives is to help you arrive to that place of stability where you are able to serve others while supporting yourself in the process. I feel that most people neglect physical health and focus too much on "mind over matter". You wouldn't believe the layers upon layers that this system has built to distract and suppress us. It is to make us forget that we are powerful children of God. The prime directive of us men is to provide and protect the women and children.

Context is really important with supplementation. Because we all live on planet Earth, we all have a similar context. We all live on this globe under a big smoke ring called industrial pollution. We are all exposed to NPK (nitrogen-phosphate-potassium) synthetic fertilizer, acid rain, biosludge and tap water. These have tainted our entire food supply, whether grass-fed, organic, pasture raised, etc. We still have to eat, which means that we have to supplement to balance out the toxic (not deficient) soil that we're exposed to downstream everyday.

Its important to not stress about modern life because that exacerbates the harmful effects of everything that we're exposed to. Find safe and healthy coping mechanisms to take the edge off. We don't want to get stuck in this:

Speaking of stress, lets get to my favorite magnesium...

Magnesium Bicarbonate is the only liquid form of magnesium. It is an electrolyte salt that we used to get in our drinking water. As a result of burning fossil fuels, we have sulfuric and nitric acid, two very corrosive acids that obliterate vegetation, animals and mother nature's cycles that we rely upon to maintain our health. The multiple inorganic forms of calcium and potassium in our produce (yes, organic included) compete with magnesium for absorption. There's no magnesium in the food anyway, but the current state of our soil really ensures that we never get any. This is only one aspect of the "magnesium burn rate". 

As one of the main electrolytes that runs the entire body (3750+ enzymes), it has a systemic effect. There is no part of the body that doesn't benefit from magnesium supplementation because its required to make adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of the cell. Note: Mg bicarbonate is not found in any foods. It is only found in water pre-industrial revolution. This means that we must supplement it. You can take other forms, but they are not as natural, and thus will be less absorbed. The body recognizes natural forms of minerals that we used to ingest for thousands of years.

You can either purchase the Electrolyte Balance already-made, or make your own. The only caveat to making your own is that you need to invest in a Pristine Hydro water revival system. The travel unit is very affordable compared to other, less effective water devices.

I am always shocked when I see people that rely on store-bought water bottles as their primary drinking water. One glance at the "ingredients" of *pick any brand* and you'll find magnesium sulfate (epsom salt!?), potassium chloride and other forms of minerals that our body is not designed to ingest in large quantities. The forms of minerals that we are supposed to have in our drinking water are bicarbonate salts. In a spring it used to go like this: oxide -> carbonate -> hydroxide -> bicarbonate. The carbonic acid (dissolved carbon dioxide) in the water would break down these rocks in perfect amounts and ratios until it reached the final form, bicarbonate, which has powerful effects in humans and animals. 

Magnesium bicarbonate was discovered when the Australian government noticed that farm animals were living up to twice as long. You can read about the patent #6,048,553 by Russell J Beckett showing its efficacy in the treatment of inflammatory, degenerative and viral diseases. The more I study how the body works the more excited I get about magnesium.

The applications for magnesium are truly endless. Bicarbonate can switch to carbonic acid and back, which means that it is a versatile substance. The bicarbonate buffering system is our first line of defense against acids. No, I'm not talking about meat and dairy! Our main source of acids come in the air we breathe and the water we bathe in and drink. 

What happens is that the pancreas is not able to keep up with the constant barrage of large amounts of very corrosive acids that are strong enough to eat into statues. The pancreas is what regulates the pH in the various tissues of the body. When it runs out of bicarbonate reserves, its game over for our health. It might take years depending on the severity of generational mineral deficiencies in your family, but it will eventually catch up to you! The result is accelerated aging. By the way, these acids don't play nice with iron and unsaturated fats! 

Here is a quick video that I made about how to make magnesium bicarbonate at home. I would highly recommend substituting the magnesium hydroxide for the Electrolyte Balance powder. It has calcium, sodium and potassium bicarbonate in addition to a highly absorbable and natural form of silica. I've noticed a tremendous boost in my hair and nail growth, as well as my skin health. 

All you need is a soda carbonator, chilled Pristine Hydro water, and 8g food grade CO2 cartridges. Now you can make the best and most effective magnesium supplement on the planet, and maybe reduce your aluminum load at the same time with silica! 

To learn more about magnesium, listen to my podcast interview with Morley Robbins by clicking here!