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Wild Rice

Wild Rice

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This Wild Rice is wild harvested by Ojibway people from the pristine waters of Northern Minnesota. It is traditionally processed using centuries old techniques that ensure optimal nutrient profile, taste, texture and long term storage.

Non-domesticated and Non-hybridized Wild Food Warehouse Real Wild Rice is a truly wild crafted product that is not cultivated. Unlike cultivated and hybridized "Wild Rice" this Real Wild Rice cooks to a delicately soft and chewy texture and does not have the gritty texture of Common paddy wild rice. 

Naturally Organic and free of agricultural contaminants

Nutrient dense and mineral rich

Balanced amino acid profile


Vegan and naturally gluten free

Single origin sourced 

Wood parched

Matt's Thoughts: Wild rice from the health food store is not truly wild rice! Click here to listen to my interview with Ben Belty, the founder of Wild Food Warehouse.