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Vital Reaction Hydrogen Tablets

Vital Reaction Hydrogen Tablets

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  • Product Details

    Serving Size: 1-4 tablets

    Bottle Size: 60 tablets

    Age: 4+

    Directions: Drop tablet in any 8-12 oz non-carbonated beverage. Wait until tablet has completely dissolved before consuming. Suggested use on empty stomach, repeat up to four times daily based on individual needs. Drink as soon as possible for best results. Do not swallow tablet.



    Vital Reaction® Tablet vs other brands

  • Time to dissolve: less than 2min. consistently vs. 6-10+min. inconsistently

    Magnesium per tablet: 80mg vs 55mg

    Max H₂ ppm (in 500ml): over 10ppm H₂ vs. less than 4ppm H₂

    Usage: open container vs. sealed container with pressure required


    Matt's Thoughts: My favorite use for these is during travel in plane or a vehicle. It is a way to maintain hydration and resist the detrimental effects of non-native electromagnetic fields.