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Update Energy Drink - Paraxanthine

Update Energy Drink - Paraxanthine

Matt Blackburn
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Paraxanthine is a revolutionary new energy source that is isolated and refined from the caffeine compound. They use Paraxanthine in Update’s formula to enable users to obtain the benefits of caffeine without any side effects.

From their white paper:

Paraxanthine, or 1,7-dimethylxanthine, is a natural dietary component, and the main metabolite of caffeine in humans. The substance, like caffeine can be synthesized for use and also occurs naturally in various plant species like grapefruit, cocoa, and tea. When caffeine is broken down in the liver, ~80% of it converts to paraxanthine.

Like caffeine, paraxanthine is a central nervous stimulant with similar anti-adenosine actions, though research has consistently reported that paraxanthine exhibits slightly higher binding potency for adenosine A1 and A2A receptors. Essentially, this means paraxanthine promotes wakefulness and enhance alertness more effectively than caffeine.

Benefits of Paraxanthine

  •  The wake-promoting effect of caffeine is the most desirable to consumers, and paraxanthine has proven to be a more effective agent for promoting wakefulness due to its greater affinity for A1/A2 adenosine receptors in the brain.

  • Paraxanthine does not induce sleep rebound, hypothermia, or anxiety, while caffeine does.28

  • Unlike caffeine, paraxanthine provides neuroprotective benefits by warding against dopaminergic cell death. This suggests that paraxanthine is a better wake-promoting supplement for normal consumption, as well as those suffering from neurological conditions.

  • Paraxanthine benefits sustained attention, reaction time, and short-term memory.

  • It helps with reasoning and response time to cognitive challenges, as well as help sustain attention.

  • There were no additional benefits when caffeine was added to paraxanthine supplementation.

  • Human studies with paraxanthine have not reported withdrawal effects previously noted with caffeine.

  • Paraxanthine may play a role in increased lipolysis (burning fat).

You can read the full paper here.

Matt's Thoughts: There are a few gene mutations that impair one's ability to break down caffeine into its metabolites. The main one is CYP1A2. You inherit two copies from each of your parents. If both are "slow" then you are in the same boat as me and caffeine can stay in your system for potentially several days.

Fast metabolizers are lucky because the caffeine easily and quickly breaks down into paraxathine, giving them all of the benefits of caffeine with minimal side effects. Us slower metabolizers have to find fancy products like Update to get the edge without the anxiety and jitters.

I've experimented with drinking espresso from home-roasted beans with premium water and consumed in small amounts only after having food in my stomach. I didn't overdo it and I didn't drink it multiple times a day. It still messed me up overtime. For many people they can do that for their entire life with impunity. These Update drinks with 200mg of paraxanthine per can have been an absolute game changer. My creativity and productivity goes sky high without sacrificing my central nervous system.

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