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Ultimate IGG - Immunoglobin
Ultimate IGG - Immunoglobin

Ultimate IGG - Immunoglobin

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Ultimate IgG is a highly concentrated antibody formulation that drives a healthy immune response and supports optimal gut-barrier function.

Supporting the Health And Protection of Your Gut Barrier

Your gut is lined by a protective barrier with two crucial jobs. It selectively sends nutrients and healing compounds into your bloodstream for delivery to your cells and organs to fully nourish your body. Concurrently it keeps toxins locked safely inside the gut and prevents them from escaping into your bloodstream.

But bad bacteria and other toxic substances (like pesticide residue on apples, for example) can quickly compromise your gut barrier and weaken it. If that happens, toxins can sneak into your bloodstream and travel anywhere in your body… and that can take an enormous toll on your health.

Ultimate IgG provides an extra level of support in your gut by seeking out and neutralizing harmful bacteria BEFORE its impact can be felt. By taking down antigens, Ultimate IgG:

  • Supports healthy intestinal function
  • Encourages optimal health and strength of your gut barrier
  • Increases nutrient absorption to support healthy digestion
  • Boosts the effectiveness of probiotics

Matt's Thoughts: This is excellent for anyone that is healing from chronic allergies. I've used it multiple times to stop a sneeze attack from dust within minutes.

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