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Tonic Treasures Reishi Spore Oil

Tonic Treasures Reishi Spore Oil

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Known of as the “Herb Of Immortality”, Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is one of the most highly revered herbs in the world. It is considered a supreme Shen tonic and overall Three Treasures nourisher that bestows radiant health and a supernatural state of mind. Towards the end of our Reishi growing cycle, fruiting Reishi mushrooms will eventually start to produce spores, which are like tiny microscopic seeds. Each Reishi mushroom produces millions of spores, which are then collected and put through a sophisticated process to effectively crack the cell walls, allowing the material inside to be extracted. 

Reishi spores are extremely rich in phytochemicals and contain high concentrations of beneficial constitutes that can deeply nourish our most basic life essence. They are also what contributes to the magical vibes that Reishi is legendary for. Reishi Spore Oil is the pure essence of Reishi spores, it is a concentrated essence of some water-soluble constituents and all the lipid-soluble substances contained in Reishi spores. This golden, semi-transparent oil is a precious bioactive material that is easily absorbed by our bodies, and offers significant therapeutic benefits for all those who take in it's magic.

Tonic Treasures Reishi Spore Oil is extracted directly from cracked-shell Reishi spores, using advanced CO2 super-critical extraction technology, and is standardized to 30% Triterpenes. It is very concentrated and provides a unique fatty acid profile. Reishi Spore Oil is traditionally known to be very grounding and can be used as a potentiating substance for meditative or mindfulness activities. It is excellent to take anytime throughout the day and may help to bring about supreme states of tranquility and calm. This is the perfect Shen tonic for those who wish to promote advanced levels of health, preserve youthfulness, and forever live in the "eternal moment."  

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Matt's Thoughts: There are less than 17% PUFA in the form of omega-6 (better than omega-3) in reishi spore oil! It is mostly made of oleic acid, which is one of the best fats for the human body.