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SomniResonance SR1
SomniResonance SR1

SomniResonance SR1

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The SomniResonance® SR1 is a precision medical instrument. It is a small, non-invasive, lightweight, battery-powered device that delivers a weak pulsing electromagnetic signal to induce sleep.

The human brain naturally generates specific electromagnetic frequency patterns that reflect the patient’s state of consciousness. The process of falling asleep, staying asleep, dreaming and awakening generate their own specific pattern.

When an individual experiences difficulty falling, or staying asleep, it often means the normal frequency patterns of the brain are altered.

By mimicking the normal frequency patterns of the brain in the process of falling asleep, the SomniResonance® SR1 gently encourages the brain to fall asleep.

Matt's Thoughts: I'm always looking for ways to improve my sleep quality. After covering the basics of sleeping on a Swiss Dream Bed, not being exposed to WiFi while I sleep, and going to bed around the same time every night... extra things like this can make a big difference.  

You use double sided sticky tape (comes with the product) and attach the unit under the middle of your clavicle (brachial plexus). It sends *safe* 50 milligauss signals to your brain that stimulate deep sleep. 

Use the discount code BLACKBURN to save 5%