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Protect Cough Syrup
Protect Cough Syrup

Protect Cough Syrup

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Protect Cough Syrup utilizes the herbal potency and formulation of the classic Protect Throat Spray formulas. Modified slightly to transform your formula into an incredibly unique syrup, it is perfect for soothing your sore throat, coughs, cold/flu, or for a general immune boost.

Protect Cough Syrup supports:

  • Immune system function and healthy immune response
  • Recovery from infection or illness
  • Dry or phlegmy cough, cold, and flu symptoms
  • Allergies and histamine response
  • Overall energy levels 

This syrup is made with fermented barley as a base which is low glycemic and acts as a great pre-biotic nutrient source supporting intestinal health while improving digestion.

We tweaked the original Protect formula to include platycodon root, istatis root, and honeysuckle flower to help manage inflammation and fever in the head, throat and lungs while also reinforcing the anti-pathogen aspects.

Matt's Thoughts: If you speak a lot for your job this is a game changer! It soothes a sore throat quickly and eliminates the painful symptoms! Use the discount code BLACKBURN to save 10%.