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Resonant Light Rife Machine
Resonant Light Rife Machine

Resonant Light Rife Machine

Matt Blackburn
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No more wires, mats, plates or cylinders! Rather than being delivered via conductive accessories, frequencies are broadcasted by the PERL M+ over the air to every cells in the body for maximum wellness benefits.  Enjoy complete freedom of movement to live your day within the PERL’s effective range. Eat, read, sleep, cook, work – all while getting your frequencies delivered with flawless accuracy. Also an ideal solution for pets, horses and farm animals.


The PERL M+ uses a 27.125 MHz carrier wave to deliver frequencies safely to the entire body at the deepest cellular level. It is by far the best effective range in the industry. While other so-called “rife machines” on the market force you to be inches away from the tube, the PERL M+ is so well designed that it is not subject to the Inverse Square Law (ISL). Everyone within 30 feet share its wellness benefits, plants included!


The PERL’s revolutionary plasma tube is truly a one-of-a-kind feat of engineering. It incorporates ground-breaking frequency concepts pioneered by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Dr. James Bare, Dr. Anthony Holland and Dr. James Oschmann. The tube contains a noble gas, Argon, which is completely safe while offering the cleanest signal output for pristine frequency emission. The PERL M+ ships with two plasma tubes. The tubes are identical and are rated for thousands of hours of use each.


Plasma is the most accurate emitter and outputs frequencies orders of magnitude higher than even the best magnetic coils. The PERL’s plasma tube alone emits frequencies up to 300,000Hz at 100% modulation while most other plasma devices on the market are limited to 40,000Hz. The PERL’s unrivalled access to such a high frequency output via the ProGen allows you to cover much more possible uses now and in the future.


The PERL M+ is a labor of love made right here in our Canadian facility. Every single PERL M+ is built to order. This means our in-house technicians build, test and calibrate each unit for up to 100 hours before it ships to you. We ensure the device you receive passes the most rigorous quality controls and is tuned for pristine frequency delivery right out of the box.


The PERL M+ ships with one, two or three ProGens. Each ProGen 3 comes pre-loaded with our complete database of over 2000 frequency Sets, including all the Sets from the trusted Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL). Whatever you are trying to address in your research, the PERL and the ProGen 3 are sure to have frequencies for you.

Matt's Thoughts: I'm all about multi-tasking and this device has been an excellent addition to my office stack. When you're sitting on your bum working and writing, why not expose yourself to pathogen shattering frequencies?