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Pine Pollen
Pine Pollen
Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen

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Pine Pollen Powder is a nutrient dense super-food taken from the Masson Pine tree. Having a history of use in Ancient Chinese Medicine as an Anti-Aging and Restorative Tonic for thousands of years! It increases energy by balancing out Hormones thus improving endurance and strengthening the body as a whole.

Product Name: Pine Pollen
Extract Ratio: None
Place of Origin: Yunnan Province, Southwest of China
Appearance: Yellow Fine Powder
Latin Name: Pinus massoniana Lamb.
Part Used: Dry Pollen
Odor: Characteristic
Content Specifications:
Properties: Sweet and Warm
Organ Meridians:
Lungs, Kidneys, Spleen, Heart and Liver

  • 100% Pine Pollen Powder
  • Bulk Powder Extract Allows for EFFECTIVE DOSE = MUCH BETTER Results than Tincture, Pills or Tablets.
  • FDA Approved Facility, GMP, ISO, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER 
  • No Fillers or Additives. GMO Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, & Wildcrafted.