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Near Infrared Flashlight
Near Infrared Flashlight
Near Infrared Flashlight

Near Infrared Flashlight

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A compact, portable source of near-infrared light.

More near-infrared light than you'll find in a TrueLight Square or similar square panels..

128 diodes deliver 5x the power of a similar sized laser system or typical flash light at a fraction of the price, and a photon's a photon.

100% 850nm LEDs with no red light dilution (the light will appear very faint since it's mostly outside the visible range, but you will be able to see it if you look closely). 

Rugged, anodized aluminum construction.

Requires 6 AA batteries, not included. Battery life is 3 hours in theory, but we've seen it end up being closer to 90 minutes, which is fine since that just means it might be more powerful. You might want to get rechargeable batteries.

Wellness-purposes only, not a medical device. Some of the things Chroma DOES NOT claim this device might do that thousands of research papers have shown are effects of photobiomodulation include:

  • Improve cognitive performance or reduce risk of neurodegeneration
  • Reduce pain or inflammation in feet, back, joints, muscles, or after injury
  • Strengthen bones and reduce risk of osteoporosis
  • Prevent hair loss or cause hair regrowth
  • Increase circulation in adipose tissue and support fat loss
  • Accelerate healing of connective tissue such as tendons or pulleys
  • Reduce depression or cause feelings of relaxation
  • Lead to higher amounts of deep sleep
  • Increase the adaptations to strength training, augmenting hypertrophy
  • Heal wounds faster
  • Decrease cellular damage caused by radiation

Matt's Thoughts: I use this powerful light for just 30 seconds a day in each eye as a strategy to stave off age related macular degeneration!