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Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

Vital Reaction - Use discount code BLACKBURN to save 10%
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The Vital Reaction® Molecular Hydrogen Tablet is an effervescing tablet that saturates any non-carbonated beverage with millions of molecular hydrogen nanobubbles, as H₂ gas. Vital Reaction™ hydrogen tablets produce the most powerful cloud of active H₂ in the least amount of time with the most ease of use. This is bar none the best molecular hydrogen supplement on the market.


  • Exclusive Vital Reaction™ Hydrogen Matrix

  • 100% natural

  • 3rd Party Testing for purity & safety

  • Free from antibiotics, colors and preservatives

  • Safe to use in open container; no sealed bottle with pressure required

Make therapeutic hydrogen water with ease at home with our molecular hydrogen water tablets. 

Matt's Thoughts: I first started experimenting with molecular hydrogen in 2017. I was blown away at how energized it made me feel even being in sub-optimal environments like planes or heavy WiFi zones. I believe that drinking hydrogen gas infused [pristine] water or breathing hydrogen gas can be incredible tools to improve one's health.

Use the discount code BLACKBURN to save 10%.