Molecular Hydrogen 2% Inhaler

Molecular Hydrogen 2% Inhaler

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 The Vital Reaction® 2% Hydrogen Inhaler produces tasteless, odorless and non-toxic molecular hydrogen gas for inhalation via cannula. 

Breathing of hydrogen gas is most effective for blood, lungs, heart, eyes and brain due to molecular hydrogen's abililty to saturate arterial blood, penetrate the cell membrane and cross the blood-brain barrier. Recommended time: 60min.

Matt's Thoughts: I was very skeptical about this technology until I used it at a health conference for an hour straight. Being under slept and undernourished (I didn't know about the importance of carbohydrates then), breathing hydrogen gas brought me back to life. I felt clear as if I had a full night of sleep.

Unfortunately, the 2% unit I had purchased was stolen from me, but that gave me the opportunity to upgrade to a 7% unit that is used in more clinical settings (or for longevity fans like myself). 

This is a powerful tool to use at your work desk if you write or read a lot. Molecular hydrogen offers an alternative energy source, or additional if you know about glucose being the primary fuel of the cell and understand how to regulate your blood sugar.