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Lucia Light Home Portal
Lucia Light Home Portal
Lucia Light Home Portal

Lucia Light Home Portal

Matt Blackburn
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Lucia No°3 Hypnogogic Light Machine Home Portal

Mindfully designed, engineered and actualized in Tyrolean Alps of Austria by Dr. Engelbert Winkler (psychiatrist/psychologist), Dr. Dirk Proeckl (medical neurologist/psychologist) and engineer Jury Locker, the Lucia N°03 is a hypnagogic light machine.

Lucia No°3 is a wide-spectrum solid and flickering light programmed to unique frequency and pattern combinations. Lucia Light Sessions will induce a deeply introspective and trance like state, which is also supports harmonious well being.

 The wide-spectrum solid light of the central halogen bulb, reminiscent of the sun, opens the energetic system, relaxing the participant(s) and inviting them into the experience.

The flickering light of the Lucia N°03 invites the brain into entrainment (increased alpha, theta and gamma waves) and ultimately into coherence, a harmonic brain state found in experienced meditators or those in trance states. 

  • The Lucia N°03 light experience is different for each person, each time they experience it.  
  • Lucia N°03 light sessions work with each individual's unique system supporting balance and harmony.
  • While most light travelers report feeling more clear and centered after an experience, some people may feel energized and excited while others may feel deeply relaxed and ready to rest.


The Lucia N°03 Home Portal is made in a small-batch factory in the Austrian Alps. 

The Lucia N°03 is lovingly made from the highest quality materials, assembled with detailed precision, in a fair-wage environment, and is built to last a lifetime with only minimal maintenance.

Lucia N°03 Home Portal features
- Lamp head with built in screen to choose your program

- Comes with a stylish portable briefcase
- Lightweight Carbon Stand
- Steel knob for selecting programs on screen
- USB outlet for uploading new updates and programs
- Over 120 preprogrammed sessions of various intensities
- 4 Digit Access Code for safe access
- Specialized Pillow

Matt's thoughts: I think that every retreat center should offer the Lucia Light as an option. It goes really well with sensory deprivation flotation therapy. I love using this at the start of the day or mid-day to get a brain massage.

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