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If you’re ready to boost your health & fitness with red light therapy, you’ve come to the right place!

Joovv is the leading manufacturer of personal, in-home red light therapy devices, with 7 different sizes, customizable setups, and the most clinically-powerful light therapy on the market.

What You Get with Every Joovv Red Light Therapy Device

Here’s a look at what’s standard across the board for Joovv's 5 full-body devices:

  • Powerful light therapy: Joovv offers the most powerful red light therapy devices, as tested and proven by the respected independent diagnostics laboratory, ITL. And it’s not close. Joovv’s devices deliver the most total energy, with the largest coverage areas. To learn more about light therapy power, check out this post. 
  • Clinically-proven wavelengths of natural light: Not all wavelengths on the light spectrum are created equal. Clinical research has consistently shown that red and near infrared (NIR) light is most effective for human health. And those are precisely the wavelengths Joovv devices use, for maximum efficacy. You can even switch between the two, or combine them together (more on that in a bit).
  • High-quality LEDs: Those powerful red and NIR wavelengths are delivered by Joovv’s medical-grade LEDs, which are electrostatic-coated to prevent “mirroring” and lost energy.
  • Short treatment times: Clinical power and big coverage areas mean shorter, more convenient treatment times. 10-15 minutes a day is all it takes with a full-body Joovv. 
  • Built-in technology: Personalize your Joovv setup with the Joovv app, for one-touch control and the flexibility to pair with several connected home devices like Amazon Alexa.



Full-Body Red Light Therapy with Joovv’s Modular Design

Size matters when it comes to red light therapy. Covering more of your body with therapeutic wavelengths leads to better results because more of your cells are able to soak in that light and make more energy for your body. Joovv offers some of the largest red light therapy devices on the market, with broad coverage areas, for the best full-body results. This is all accomplished through our unique, patent-pending modular design.

Modular design: Other red light therapy devices are one-and-done, and one-size-fits-all. You get what you get out of the box and that’s that. Joovv takes a different approach that’s more user-friendly and customizable. Our unique modular design allows you to either start with a full-body system (with something like the Joovv Quad or Joovv Elite), or build one over time. How? Sort of similar to LEGO blocks, Joovv’s modular devices come in different sizes, but they’re designed to combine and work together. Two Joovvs can be combined to make a larger, more powerful one. And everything is connected and at your fingertips for one-touch control. That gives Joovv users options, both for how they want to set-up their treatments, and how they want to improve their system over time.

Matt's Thoughts: I have been experimenting with various red light therapy devices for many years. What sold me on the Joovv was actually trying it at a health convention. No other red light therapy product that I've tried compares to Joovv. You need a much less treatment time because of the power density of the LEDs.