Infratonic 9 Rejuvenizer Chi Machine
Infratonic 9 Rejuvenizer Chi Machine
Infratonic 9 Rejuvenizer Chi Machine

Infratonic 9 Rejuvenizer Chi Machine

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This authentic Infratonic 9 holds 3 patents and is a unique healing device that combines stochastic ultra-low-frequency sound waves that penetrate superficial and deep layers of the body to dissolve cellular trauma of all kinds. The oscillating amplitudes and variable frequencies emulate the same energy produced by advanced Qi gong practitioners.


Infratonic therapy is a therapeutic massage method which involves infusing damaged or abnormal tissue with high and low frequency signals in several forms, including mechanical massage, acoustical, and magnetic.

The low frequency signal includes bands of randomly varying frequencies, predominately in the range of the brain's alpha rhythm while excluding the ranges of theta and low beta.The high frequency signal is also random and rides on the low frequency signal which happens to be unpredictable to the body tissue. It is therefore very penetrating and more effective in regards to breaking up energy blockages and stagnation, increasing circulation, moving the lymph, and changing the cellular memory pattern vs other forms of single frequency magnetic or electric stimulation.

Shortly after the cultural revolution in China during the late 60's and early 70's, several highly skilled Qigong healers were tested in order to record the frequencies they were emitting. Discovered was that all the Qigong healers that were tested emitted frequencies in the infrasonic range (under 20Hz). The interesting thing noticed was that the amplitude and frequency was always changing and never repeated any sort of pattern.

Using electroencephalograph (EEG) it was shown that the emitted Qi from Qigong masters has a strong effect on human central nervous system (CNS), and that the Qigong Infratonic device produces a similar effect. Also found were similar changes in the brains of the Qigong masters during meditation. Thus, the results show that the emitted Qi from Qigong masters and from the Infratonic device have a pronounced and repeatable effect on EEG, enhancing frontal and occipital EEG power spectra, and often enhancing the frontal lobe so much that the frontal lobe becomes the dominant alpha EEG activity. Moreover, the brain alpha frequency synchronizes with the emitted Qi from Qigong masters and the Qi from the Infratonic device. The results indicate that the infrasound frequency produced by the Infratonic device has a similar effect to the emitted Qi from Qigong masters on humans CNS.

Since that time, the understanding of the human energy field and the technology that can emulate it has advanced significantly. The Infratonic 9 is the most sophisticated and up to date algorithm of any of its predecessors with high quality components compared to the poorly made knock off devices.

No machine can replace the feel, complexity, or connection of a person. However the benefits of this technology for people is vast, and for someone to treat themselves daily with consistency in an affordable way carries a lot of value.


  • Reduce physical pain and inflammation
  • Vitalize sub-cellular healing
  • Relax tight muscles
  • Boost immunity
  • Minimize anxiety
  • Enhance local circulation
  • Increase hyaluronic acid production
  • Breakup and dissolve cellular memory of trauma
  • Brings about a large increase of coherent alpha brain waves


Most people who are familiar with hyaluronic acid understand its benefits in regards to creating healthier and more supple skin, speeding wound healing, lubrication of joints, and preservation of bone strength.

Many people don't realize that HA has a profound effect on the body at the cell level.

HA is capable of binding aqueous ions and creating ionic barriers to electrical currents. It can also release high concentrations of free ions to provide electrical pathways. In his book "Measurements of Ki Energy, Diagnoses and Treatments", Hiroshi Motoyama, PHD presented that hyaluronic acid, with its ability to selectively bind and release ions (like NA+, K+, CA2+, Cl-, MG2+), controls the diffusion of many metabolites through the ground substance and is able to create a dielectric in the dermal layer determining its electrical characteristic.

Viewed another way, since hyaluronic acid is the main component of the ground substance, the material through which all metabolites to and from the cell must pass, functional changes in the state of the HA (average molecular weight, concentration, etc.) will necessarily result in changes in the distribution of many metabolites and ions in the ground substance. What this means is that HA affects the the coherence of the cell wall, and may be the principal active chemical in the formation of meridians which are highly conductive pathways in the body. These are measurable at the surface of the body, but cannot be discovered through surgery.

The Infratonic 9 has been shown in clinical research to increase hyaluronic acid and reduce inflammation.


The inner-workings of the cells are programmed, and how information is passed along is a very complex process.

What impedes healing? Why would cells that are functioning optimally all of a sudden start sending different signals?

Although it is not completely understood, there are some factors that can contribute to this process.

Cells, like people, may simply continue to do day to day what they did yesterday because it worked yesterday. If a cell incurs traumatic stress or cellular trauma, that shock can throw a person off balance and the cells will continue to act in that same way.

If someone smashed their elbow and it took months to recover, they continually (consciously and unconsciously) try to avoid hitting their elbow on doors or counters as they go about their day. This daily hypersensitivity to protect their elbow changed their physical structure so they were carrying abnormal amounts of tension in their shoulder, neck and wrist as a defense mechanism for the injured elbow. Months later, well after the elbow has healed, the person is still walking and holding tension in the body in the same way even after the injury is gone and fully healed.

In this same way, the body can experience cellular programming from traumatic injury, chemical shock, fear, feelings of failure, infection, poisons, or pharmaceuticals. The cells continue producing an inflammation response to these signals instead of hyaluronic acid production.

Traumatic cellular programming may be a contributing mechanism for many cases of chronic inflammation and pain.

Anxiety, fear, chronic stress, and repetitious negative mental patterns sometimes remain confined in the brain, however the shock from traumatic injury and fear of death can sweep through dominate every cell in the body.

Infratonic therapy infuses the cells with chaotic alpha activity, attenuating this programming and reducing the anxiety at the cellular level. It helps to break up stagnant energy and repetitive patterns of cellular stress.