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Home Harmonizing Kit
Home Harmonizing Kit

Home Harmonizing Kit

Matt Blackburn
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This Home or Office Harmonizing Kit allows people to begin the process of raising the life supporting frequency level in buildings by balancing and harmonizing a wide range of common chaotic environmental energies such as EMF and geopathic stress when properly applied. This kit provides the fundamental tools to initiate stabilizing a healthy frequency foundation for residential and commercial areas approximately 1,500-2,000 sq. ft. For larger spaces more tools may be required.

The Home Harmonizing Kit Level II Includes:

(6) Medium Natural Ceramic Harmonizers for inside perimeter of the building, being sure to include the 4 corners

(1) Small Natural Ceramic Harmonizer on the main circuit breaker inside where power enters the home

(1) LDT Neodymium Magnet to use with the small Rainbow Ceramic

(2) 8-inch Rainbow Card Harmonizers inside structure under, on or near largest electrical frequency generators such as refrigerator, and wi-fi router

(2) 6-inch Rainbow Card Harmonizers to place under food or water, near computers and electrical or in bedroom on night table, etc.

(4) 2-inch Rainbow Card Harmonizers to be placed on or near electrical outlets, devices, etc.

(6) LDT Ceramic Magnets to place LDT Card Harmonizers on metal surfaces, such as circuit breaker panels, appliances, furniture, support beams, etc. Since each space is unique, testing is highly recommended to identify the coherence level before and after applying these tools to ensure optimal conditions are present.

This Home or Office Harmonizing Kit allows people to raise the amount of healthy, harmonic natural frequencies in an environment. Living Design Technology® (LDT) provides balancing and harmonizing information for Nature to transform chaotic energy, or Quantum Noise, generated by electrical fields, geopathic stress and other sources of environmental toxicity.

This technology has an organizing effect on chaotic electromagnetic fields because it provides a full spectrum of healthy stabilized magnetic frequencies common to all living systems. When a sufficient amount of full spectrum stabilized magnetic frequencies are present in an environment they help Nature reorganize the chaotic frequencies to become sympathetic with living systems, much like a magnet organizes iron filings.

When a sufficient amount of full spectrum magnetic frequencies are present people report feeling more vitality, grounded, and an increased ability to focus. This full spectrum of healthy frequencies also creates etheric “Gold Energy”, which is the frequency foundation of life for living systems. Living Design Technology® simply provides the organizing information and Nature does the work.

Additional Recommendations for Product Placement: Proper placement of these tools is intended to create a COHERENT FIELD or grid. When the lower floor is treated the floor above will usually shift IF the electrical system is also treated and if there are no large power lines outside of the upper floor windows.

Treating the electrical directly will create the coupling of the beneficial frequencies with what’s already present in the space. Applying LDT Harmonizers to the fuse box, meters, electrical outlets, power strips, etc. links the electrical system to the grounding energy of the Harmonizers and Earth. This creates a unified coherent life-supporting energy field. When treating the electrical, the FIRST place to start is always the fuse box or meter, wi-fi router and refrigerator.

Matt's Thoughts: I was a skeptic for many years with stickers and pendants although I experimented with a lot of different ones. Living Design Technologies has fascinated me with their focus on biogeometry. The research section on their website is incredible.

I felt an immediate shift installing this Level II kit in my home. My cat went crazy for the ceramic discs and laminated cards.