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Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone NF3-Matt Blackburn
Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone NF3-Matt Blackburn
Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone NF3-Matt Blackburn
Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone NF3-Matt Blackburn
Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone NF3-Matt Blackburn
Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone NF3-Matt Blackburn

Neurophone NF3

Dr. Patrick Flanagan
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Neurophone NF3


  • 2 Pair of Transducers
  • 2 Transducers “Velcro”
  • 1 CD Waterfall 4 Affirmations English & German
  • 1 Adapter Cable “Audio-In”
  • 2 Splitters
  • 2 Subliminal Files

The Dr. Patrick Flanagan Neurophone NF3 is a state of the art quality micro- electronic product which enables individual experimental application. Each Flanagan Neurophone may boost better wellbeing for you. You can experiment without considering your physical energy level achieving in the course an even better learning capacity or an even more relaxed access to the knowledge you already have.

The peanut size saccule gland, the equilibrium sensor of the inner ear, can forward ultrasound embedded sound signals into the brain. The saccule gland has a neuronal connection to the brain, both to the hearing centre as well as to the long-term memory and the subconscious.

In 1991 the scientist Martin Lenhardt discovered the foundation of this transmission path for ultrasound which dolphins also use. This was 33 years after Dr. Flanagan invented the neurophone.

Dr. Flanagan Neurophone Benefits:

  • Strengthening and balancing of the physical energy level, simply through permanent (possibly not consciously perceived) background noise.
  • Harmonising within yourself with considerable impact on the aura.
  • Harmonizing between persons in a closed circuit starting with touching the signal transducers and closing of the circuit by holding hands.
  • Decreasing time requirement for storing knowledge and/or accessing it.
  • Perfecting of coordinative movement.
  • General relaxation in case of stressful experiences.
  • Acquiring of desired life attitudes and habits as well as coordinative processes in a much shorter time than without the neurophone.

How Can I Use the Neurophone-NF3?

Using the Neurophone-NF3 is simple, just put the transducers on your forehead, turn on the neurophone or your own music or learning CDs and you’re on your way to re-sensitizing new neuro-pathways to your brain. By bypassing the ears, the body hears the sound making reading, meditating, studying and learning much easier.

Neurophone Learning Capabilities Have you ever wanted to be smarter? To have an easier time absorbing and retaining information? Sure. We all have at some point.

Well, there is an answer to your calling ... Neurophone:Keeps you in a alpha state, which is an ideal state for learning.

  • Raises your IQ
  • Ultrasonic effect increases blood flow by 300%
  • Balances left and right brain hemispheres
  • Allows you to learn while sleeping (normally the channels are closed when you are sleeping, now its possible)
  • The longer you wear the neurophone, longer you stay in the ideal state of alpha

The frequencies emitted by the original Flanagan Neurophones are universally supportive of your cells. They stimulate the neuronal net and improve the expansion and functionality of the cells.

The output signal of the original Flanagan Neurophone always contains all frequency ranges from Delta, Theta, Alpha to Beta. With the support of the neurophone, the organism of the user can amplify the user desired dominance of the brain waves.

The result to be achieved by the neurophone can be seen as a specifically successful meditation success. Thanks to the neurophone this meditation can be achieved casually without additional time. People experienced in meditation confirm that the neurophone enables them to reach the desired state of consciousness by removing differently shaded obstructions (ex. Blockages) in a much shorter time.

Even people without meditation experience can achieve very positive results. You can expect the Flanagan Neurophone to help you achieve the desired amplification of your personal growth. Surprise yourself by your own experience! Each original Flanagan Neurophone is a neuropathic ultrasound stimulation equipment which has to be grasped experimentally.

Through the IN-socket of the NF3 you can add a sound signal to the ultrasound frequency that is being transmitted by the signal transducer. This transmission was optimised by the universal scientist Dr. Patrick Flanagan by blending it with body friendly frequencies.

It reaches the subconscious and the long-term memory. This is how you can for instance shorten the time span required for releasing habits which are anchored in the subconscious or to absorb material to be learned into the long-term memory.

The signal transducers of the neurophone transmit frequencies from the skin (e.g. on the forehead, in the neck or any other place) through the nerve tract/connective tissue directly to the saccule gland of the human organ of equilibrium and from there to all parts of the brain.

Even when experimenting, learning or sleeping there are automatically energy balancing effects in the entire organism with all cells and energy centres. Like a good friend the neurophone can perceive your desires, thoughts, ideas, hardships and help you find a solution or to achieve a goal. This may well be the most fascinating feature of this fantastic invention of Dr. Flanagan.

Exchanging Experience with Seasoned Users, Energy Sensitive People, Doctors, Therapists & Personal Coaches have shown:

  • All important effects of the original Flanagan Neurophone can be achieved by the basic signal and its individually variable noise, with no additional sound signals and the sound volume and the output voltage adjusted to minimum.
  • Such as, effects regarding inner strength, life and success energy, perception and meditation.
  • Or effects regarding strengthening, energy balancing and harmony.
  • Effects regarding acquiring of new knowledge and supporting of new life styles and habits.

Operation with a Second Transducer Set With use of one of the supplied splitters into the OUT-socket two transducer sets can be used in parallel operation.

The variations of using the neurophone with a second transducer set open up interesting perspectives for the users regarding results which can be perceived experimentally. A second set transducer set increases the energy consumption marginally.

Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync or Binaural Beats Users The Monroe Institute Hemi -Sync and Binaural Beats cd’s are stereo, which means they are ineffective with the neurophone because this device is analog. The neurophone with its background noise already balances the left and right brain hemispheres. You get this effect already built into the neurophone.

For example, you are playing a subliminal, or learning cd through the neurophone (the neurophone is constantly keeping your brain balanced? You can record your own affirmations to play with the neurophone, or you can get subliminals for improvement in different areas of life. 

Matt's Thoughts: This device has helped me when jet-lagged or under-slept. It feels like a soothing brain massage. It is excellent for long drives (<2 hours).