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DojoSweet Sweetener

DojoSweet Sweetener

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Dojosweet is a new kind of sweetener that is derived from the Dojosan Amachii plant which is a cross genus species of the wild Japanese creeping gourd vine and the green tea bush.

These species came together in a rare harmony which allows for the beneficial aspects of both plants to synergize and create a unique nutrient profile within the plant structure, acting as an adaptogen in the body.

Dojosweet is a great alternative to stevia with no aftertaste.

Dojosan leaves have been used as a Japanese folk remedy to help maintain healthy circulation and support normal sugar levels in those that may fluctuate low or high.

Matt's Thoughts: For those that don't like stevia, this is a great alternative sweetener. I often add it to my coffee with MCT C8 oil and heavy cream. It tastes incredible.

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