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Clay Mask

Clay Mask

Alitura - Use discount code BLACKBURN to save 20%
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Unlike ANYTHING else on the market, The Alitura Clay Mask is truly an “all-in-one” facial treatment that thoroughly purifies the skin at its deepest layers. This nutrient-packed, all-natural powder-to-cream mask cleanses, purifies, and nourishes the skin. 

This unique blend of 9 Nutrient-Dense ingredients exfoliates dead skin, reduces pore openings, stimulates blood flow, and encourages growth of new skin cells. The detoxifying properties of carefully formulated Clays draw out impurities and produce porcelain-smooth skin with a radiant glow.

Matt's Thoughts: The afterglow from using this product is next level! This is great for anyone interested in anti aging protocols or someone that is looking to reverse fine lines, blackheads and wrinkles.

Use the discount code BLACKBURN to save 20%