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Chili Pad Dock Pro Sleep System
Chili Pad Dock Pro Sleep System

Chili Pad Dock Pro Sleep System

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Chilipad Pro mattress topper

Fits any bed

Ultra-comfy design conforms to any size mattress from a queen to a cal king, even adjustable beds! Fits mattress heights between 8-18 inches.

Industry’s broadest temperature range

Guaranteed to keep your ideal bed temperature between 55-115°F, no matter your bedroom’s temperature or the heat load your body gives off.

Fall asleep faster and improve your sleep

Pre-schedule temperature adjustments throughout the night so you effortlessly fall asleep faster and sleep deeper by maintaining your ideal temperature.

Wake up naturally

Replace jarring alarm clock sounds with gentle warming that triggers your body’s natural wake response.

Dock Pro control unit

Industry leading power

The Dock Pro offers the most rapid cooling and warming capacity available in a sleep system.

Easy temperature changes

Effortlessly make adjustments via the mobile app or the on-unit controls, allowing you to keep your phone out of the bedroom.

Discreet in size

Easily place your control unit at the head or foot of the bed, on a nightstand or shelf. The unit’s sleek design easily fits under bed frames over 6.5 inches in height.