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Lucky Sheep Chi Pack

Lucky Sheep Chi Pack

Lucky Sheep - Use discount code BLACKBURN to save 10%
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Sleek, Minimalist, Eco-Modern Style looks great on the trail or the city

Designed with our revolutionary cross-chest strapping system

Enhances both comfort and performance

The chest is a more solid part of the body and more efficient for weight bearing than the shoulders. Traditional backpacks pull on the shoulders cutting off circulation and energy. The cross-chest straps secure the weight to the core instead of the periphery of the body, thus freeing up energy, circulation and movement of arms and shoulders.

Two zippered pockets on the face of the pack. One zippered pocket inside. Two clip pockets on the sides for water bottles and rain jackets

Made from durable 100% organic cotton canvas and hemp straps.

Dimensions: 11” x 5” x 21”

Matt's Thoughts: This is my friend Patrick Clark's company. He makes very high integrity and durable backpacks, sleeping bags and tents. Use the discount code BLACKBURN to save 10%!