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B Vitamin Complex - Energi
B Vitamin Complex - Energi
B Vitamin Complex - Energi

B Vitamin Complex - Energi

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The Best B Complex on Earth.

Serving size: 2 capsules. 120 capsules per bottle.
Each capsule contains:

B1: Benfotiamine : 50mg
B2: Riboflavin 5-Phosphate: 25mg
B3: Niacinamide : 125mg
B5: Pantethine: 10mg
B6: Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate : 5mg
B9: L-5-MTHF: 500mcg
B12: Adenosylcobalamin: 500mcg
Biotin: 25mcg
Inositol: 25mg

What makes Energi+ unique? 

Put simply, Energi+ was formulated with the best and most bioactive forms of the B Vitamins, in amounts that coincide with the bioenergetic perspective of optimizing cellular energy production. No corners were cut with Energi+. 

In specific - the following are the major upgrades you get with Energi+, as opposed to other B complex products out there.

1. Thiamine HCl --> Benfotiamine 
2. Niacin --> Niacinamide
3. Folic Acid --> L-5-Methyl Folate
4. Methylcobalamin --> Adenosylcobalamin
5. Pantothenic Acid --> Panethine
6. Cellulose capsule --> Bovine gelatin capsule
7. No fillers, no additives!

B Vitamin Crash Course

The B Vitamins are involved in so many physiological functions, but they are heavily involved and priceless in the context of energy metabolism

Below is a diagram that illustrates the process of energy production in the cell, and specifically in the mitochondria. It is not all inclusive, but provides a good list of the micronutrients that are required at each step of the energy metabolism process. 

Matt's Thoughts: This goes with me when I leave the house with my vitamin C from Mitolife! Water soluble vitamins work best when you take them in small, divided doses throughout the day. Use the discount code BLACKBURN to save 10%