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The AquaCure® (Model AC50) is the MOST ADVANCED and user-friendly Alkaline Water, Hydrogen Rich Water and HydrOxy for Health machine.
It is developed from 30 years of electrolyzer R&D and feedback from thousands of customers.

The AquaCure can generate up to 50 liters per hour (lph) of mixed hydrogen and oxygen gases.  This is about 833 mL/m of 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen.

The AquaCure can be used continuously with minimal maintenance
(just add pure water as needed and rinse it about once every 100 hours).

The AquaCure Model AC50 has features like easy and accurate user-adjustable gas volume and an hour meter. 

The AquaCure is a practical, reliable and SAFE HydrOxy electrolyzer (generator) that is designed to give you decades of trouble free service.  There is a 1 year satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

AquaCure Gas Volume is sufficient (~ 50 LPH) to ‘charge’ water quickly and supports the 4 treatment protocols (plus the potential of NEW water).

You Can:
1. Bubble (infuse the water with HydrOxy) for healthful drinking and for feeding to plants and animals.  Can also be used to enhance hydroponics, aquaponics, fish growth, etc.

2. Bubble (infuse the water with HydrOxy) for topical treatment of skin issues and wounds.  Also bubble foot bath or bath water for full body treatment.

3. Bag limbs to use HydrOxy gas for external treatment of skin, wounds and various pain relief (like arthritis and carpel tunnel).

4. Direct BREATHING (inhalation) of HydrOxy gas (hydrogen / oxygen mixture), to efficiently put the hydrogen directly into the blood for fast, efficient whole body hydration.

One thing that current medical science is ‘re-discovering’ is that frequencies matter.
So for those people who understand what frequencies will help their ailments, we’ve added the (electronically controlled) ability to ‘impress’ frequencies onto the HydrOxy.



Matt's Thoughts: I was pleasantly surprised when I began using this unit. I'm not sure if its the frequency feature, the HydrOxy, the electrically expanded water, or all three... but I really feel the difference when I bubble my already-filtered water with this technology. I believe that water is the foundation of health. 

To me this should be a part of an advanced water routine if you want to go above-and-beyond the standard for clean drinking water. 

Use the discount code BLACKBURN to save $250 on a unit.