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Alpha Dynamics Equanimity
Alpha Dynamics Equanimity

Alpha Dynamics Equanimity

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Imagine a 100% natural pill you could take that put you in a state of blissful Zen?

Introducing Equanimity, your daily dose of Zen! Made with premium Reishi Spore Oil which is 300 times more potent than the #1 superfood of the East.

Helps with:

  • General Wellbeing
  • Awareness
  • Calming
  • Flow

This adaptogen capsule is made with the highest grade and sustainably farmed organic Reishi Spore Oil. No fillers and no additives. 

This is a 7 pack. Contains 7 individual softgel capsules.

Matt's Thoughts: MATT! What about PUFA content? Reishi spore oil is mostly oleic acid (50%) and less than 17% of the less harmful omega-6s. Unsaturated fat consumption should always be evaluated in the context of total fat intake: saturated vs unsaturated. If you're consuming a lot of red meat, tallow, butter, ghee and coconut oil, and take one capsule a day of this, there won't be any harm done.