GembaRed Oomph Body Light
GembaRed Oomph Body Light
GembaRed Oomph Body Light

GembaRed Oomph Body Light

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The GembaRed Oomph Body-Light is the world's first honestly and accurately full-body light panel! This way you can finally accurately know your dosages compared to industry-standard calibration methods.


  • GembaRed's official body light!
  • Three wavelength 630nm, 660nm, and 850nm photobiomodulation.
  • 22.5 degree beam angle for focused power delivery.
  • High intensity delivered at a distance from the user.
  • Ultra low-flicker LED technology.
  • Sturdy metal enclosure and smooth features.
  • Whisper quiet hum cooling fan. 
  • Low nnEMF drivers and no exposure at recommended distance.
  • Shielded power cord to eliminate electrical field emissions from the cord and plug area.
  • Best used hanging from a wall or hanging from the back of a door (door-hanger provided)

The GembaRed Oomph Body-Light is our full-body light! It took us a long time to develop a high-powered light with low-flicker and low-EMF power drivers. Here at GembaRed we focus on quality over quantity, we prefer appropriate intensity delivered with minimal flicker or EMF to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Our full-body light is fully enclosed in a metal casing. It is ideal to mount on a wall or door (some accessories provided) and stand or sit in front of the device for best effect. 


Rated Wattage: 450W LED Panel

Actual Wattage: 200W


20% - Red 630nm

30% - Deep Red 660nm

50% - Near-Infrared 850nm*

*near-infrared bulbs are invisible to the eye and do not emit visible light*


Distance from Panel         Power Density

1 Inch                                101 mW/cm²

3 Inch                                 47  mW/cm²

6 Inch                                 33  mW/cm²

12 Inch                               22 mW/cm²

18 Inch                               16 mW/cm²

24 Inch                               12 mW/cm²

*intensities at 6''-24'' measured from the middle of the panel.

Do our power measurements seem low? Find out how our competitors are inflating their numbers! Click Here.

Treatment Area:  33.25 inch x 7.25 inch

Beam Angle: 22.5 degrees (professionally measured)

Weight: 26 lbs

Panel Dimensions: 36 inch X 10 inch X 2.5 inch

Lifetime: typical 50,000 hours

Conformance: FCC, RoHS

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Whats included?

- GembaRed Oomph Body-Light 450W LED Panel

- Hanging cords, adjustable height pulley

- Door Hanging Tool

- 3 Meter Shielded Power Cord - US style plug only

- Box Size - 42 x 6.7 x 14.6 inches

Example Usage:

6-12 inches away from skin for 15 minutes per session.

Use up to 2 times per day on the desired area. Each time used alternate the side of body for the cumulative full-body effect.

Additional Details:

Power Adapter: AC 85-264V

Frequency: 50/60 HZ

LEDs: 150 LEDs, 3 Watt each bulb

Enclosure: Metal enclosure with white coating

Flicker Measurements:

Flicker Percentage: 0.9 %

Flicker Index: 0.001

Flicker Frequency: 120 Hz

EMF Measurements (front of the panel):

0 inches:

15 V/m Electric Field                

3.5 milliGauss Magnetic Field

3 inches:

13 V/m Electric Field (ambient)

0.9 milliGauss Magnetic Field (low)

6 inches:

13 V/m Electric Field (ambient)

0.5 milliGauss Magnetic Field (near-ambient)

Matt's Thoughts: I feel that people shouldn't have to take out a loan to incorporate red light therapy into their life. With the BLACKBURN discount code it brings this full body light down to $891. That is a very competitive price for what you get! Red light therapy is a big part of my lifestyle, especially living in a northern climate with scarce access to natural light for half of the year.