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If you’re ready to boost your health & fitness with red light therapy, you’ve come to the right place!

Joovv is the leading manufacturer of personal, in-home red light therapy devices, with 7 different sizes, customizable setups, and the most clinically-powerful light therapy on the market.

What You Get with Every Joovv Red Light Therapy Device

Here’s a look at what’s standard across the board for Joovv's 5 full-body devices:

  • Powerful light therapy: Joovv offers the most powerful red light therapy devices, as tested and proven by the respected independent diagnostics laboratory, ITL. And it’s not close. Joovv’s devices deliver the most total energy, with the largest coverage areas. To learn more about light therapy power, check out this post. 
  • Clinically-proven wavelengths of natural light: Not all wavelengths on the light spectrum are created equal. Clinical research has consistently shown that red and near infrared (NIR) light is most effective for human health. And those are precisely the wavelengths Joovv devices use, for maximum efficacy. You can even switch between the two, or combine them together (more on that in a bit).
  • High-quality LEDs: Those powerful red and NIR wavelengths are delivered by Joovv’s medical-grade LEDs, which are electrostatic-coated to prevent “mirroring” and lost energy.
  • Short treatment times: Clinical power and big coverage areas mean shorter, more convenient treatment times. 10-15 minutes a day is all it takes with a full-body Joovv. 
  • Built-in technology: Personalize your Joovv setup with the Joovv app, for one-touch control and the flexibility to pair with several connected home devices like Amazon Alexa.



Size + Uniformity = Treatment Effectiveness

How much surface area the light covers on your body is vital to measuring the effectiveness of a light therapy treatment. You want to figure out how much energy the device will deliver to your body, not the power it can create in a vacuum.

Full-body red light therapy is ideal for overall health & wellness, and generally speaking, the more coverage you can get, the more photons of light are able to reach your body’s cells to help them produce more energy. Naturally, a light therapy treatment that stimulates the cells across your whole body is going to have more clinical effect than treating a small area like your elbow, regardless of how powerful the device might be. Uniform, full-body coverage is optimal for the best light therapy results.

As an analogy, think about comparing the sizes of two snowstorms. Storm A dropped 12 inches of snow, but it only hit one city. Storm B blankets an entire 5-state region with 8 inches of snow. Storm A produced the most snowfall in any one place (the most snow producing power, in a vacuum). But it’s pretty clear Storm B is bigger in terms of how much total snow it produced (total delivered energy).

The larger your device, the larger the coverage area. That increases the total energy you receive exponentially over a smaller device. It also equates to much shorter treatment times to get the same amount of therapeutic energy. With a full-body Joovv device, like the Quad or Elite, 10 minutes a day has you covered. To get the same power from a small device, you’d have to shine it on different parts of your body all day, resulting in non-uniform doses of energy and a frustrating user experience.

Technical Specifications

Base Price: $5,995
Wavelengths: Red, NIR or Both
Approximate Dimensions: 26.25" x 72"
Approximate Weight: 105 lbs
Electrostatic-Coated LED Count: 900
Irradiance*: >100 mW/cm2
Rated Wattage**: 1800
Warranty: 2 Years
Trial Period: 60 Days
Wireless & Rechargeable: No
Modular Design: Yes
Door Mount: No
Mobile Stand: Yes
Wall Setup: Yes
Tabletop Stand: No
Class II FDA Registration: Yes
Bluetooth Compatible: Yes
WiFi Ready: Yes
iOS and Android Apps: Yes
Built-in Programmable Timer: Yes
Smart Built-in Cooling Fans: Yes
What’s in the box:
  • (6) Joovv Solos
    (6) M5 Allen wrenches
  • (12) Threaded hanging posts
    (12) Braided hanging cables
  • (6) 10 ft 16 AWG shielded power cords
    (6) User manuals

Matt's Thoughts: I have been experimenting with various red light therapy devices for many years. What sold me on the Joovv was actually trying it at a health convention. No other red light therapy product that I've tried compares to Joovv. You need a much less treatment time because of the power density of the LEDs. With proper care, the Joovv Elite should last 30 years or more. I think that is a worthwhile investment for what it does.