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7 Stage Drinking Water Filter
7 Stage Drinking Water Filter

7 Stage Drinking Water Filter

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Finally, an affordable MADE IN U.S.A. point-of-use water filtration system that doesn’t compromise water quality for PRICE

For too long the Wellness Market has been dominated by overpriced products that don’t work and some that do, but cost too much… Utilizing the best available name brand parts, this completely OPEN SOURCE PLATFORM is designed to revolutionize the Wellness Water Market! 

The CONFIGURE YOUR HOME SYSTEM option allows you to decide what you need and what you don't...

Have an existing RO system that needs replacing? Choose any available Filtration Assembly Only. 

Starting from scratch? Be sure to order a Premium Install Kit, which includes all the necessary parts for a "typical" install.


1. Sediment (Polypropylene 5 Micron)
2. KDF 55 & Granular Activated Carbon
3. Reverse Osmosis (50 GPD)
4. Primary Deionization
5. Secondary Deionization
6. Re-Mineralization (Magnesium)
7. Coconut Carbon


      • Easy to follow INSTALL GUIDE (digital only)
      • Free-Standing system, no mounting necessary
      • Bulkhead Fittings for quick + easy install
      • Omnipure's OVERSIZED quick change "Twist-Off" Cartridges 
      • Aquatec Permeate Pump for enhanced performance 
      • Quality "Quick Connect" fittings 
      • Easily adaptable and customizable to address future emerging contaminants
      • Safer, cleaner, better tasting water for the whole family*
      • Environmentally responsible - no more plastic bottles
      • Keep the healthy beneficial minerals, remove the contaminants*

      FILTRATION ENSLOSURE: H 17" x W 15" x D 7"

      WATER STORAGE TANK: H 16" x D 11"  (3.2 gallons)


      Matt's thoughts: I am biased but this is the best drinking water filter available on the market right now. It was built from scratch with my friend Austin. It is the first innovation in the water filtration industry in a long time.