Richard Lee | Mitolife Radio Ep #180

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Matthew Blackburn 00:19
You're listening to Episode 180 of Mito Life Radio. I'm Matt Blackburn, today I'm interviewing Richard Lee of the CHI Institute, I was introduced to this technology called the CHI Palm, or the Infratonic 11 by my friend Brandon Amalani, over at the company Shen Blossom. He has some great traditional Chinese medicine, handcrafted, really high quality herbal tincture products. And he's also into cool technology, like myself. And over the years, he's been trying out different frequency machines and Tesla and rife machines. But this was one that he introduced to me that really piqued my interest because it was something different. It's using inaudible sound waves, which have various effects depending on which of the three settings you set their device on. So you can use it for pain relief, accelerated recovery, relaxation, and even clearing traumas which Richard talks about in this interview. And even if you're not interested in purchasing this technology, it's still an interesting interview to listen to, because he talks about a kind of EMF that I have not heard of before we talk about orgone energy, cloud busters, his thoughts on grounding or earthing and a lot more. So enjoy the episode here is Richard Lee. All right, Richard Lee, welcome to the show.

Richard Lee 02:08
Thank you. Pleasure to be with you.

Matthew Blackburn 02:10
Yeah, I'm excited for this one. I was introduced to your company and your technologies for my friend, Brandon Amalani. He has a like a CCM herbal product company called Shen Blossom. And he's, like a tech nerd like me. So he likes all the toys and devices. And I've tried so many over the years ultrasonic things. And what I like about your technology is it's so compact, and simple, but complex, right? So yeah, I guess before we jump into that, like, how did you get into even discovering this type of energy and researching it?

Richard Lee 02:52
Well, I was married to an acupuncturist, many decades, many decades ago. And I was doing the front office thing and trying to read her magazines that were all in Chinese. And I saw one ad in one magazine that said Qigong information instrument, and being a techie, like you, I have to have all the equipment. And I - "What is that?" And I'm an engineer, so I'm interested, does it measure the Qigong energy somehow? Or does it reproduce it somehow? No matter what I wanted one. So we went off to China, and got one. And it was the original products that were basically they took hands that Qigong masters, put them in an acoustical laboratory and measured what was coming out of their hands. And that was the basis for producing the first of these. And my approach has been keep it and just like you said, keep it simple. I want - I don't want a a professional device with lots of knobs and dials and things where people can act like experts. I want anybody to be able to use it. And I want them to get sort of relief no matter what they apply it to. So that's, that's been the target, overall.

Matthew Blackburn 04:23
That's great. Yeah, I remember my first rife machine, I don't know this seven or eight years ago, I bought like the Spooky2 and it was a big learning curve. Like I had to spend hours finding out how to make this thing work. And it wasn't just pressing on and you're going, you have to research so what I like about yours it's just a button you press, there's no adjustments to be made.

Richard Lee 04:48
Yeah, I have a I have a couple of rife machines upstairs. And then these big thick manuals with 1000's and 1000's of frequencies that you you can produce with these things. And it was a little overwhelming for me.

Matthew Blackburn 05:07
That's cool. So, what kind of machine did they use to measure the Qigong master's hands? Do you know? Or?

Richard Lee 05:15
Yes, it is an infrasonic meter. So it was this, this thing from the 60's I guess with a little screen on it and, and would you apply super low frequencies down to like two hertz that, so extremely low frequencies below what you can hear. And they had this big, 30 foot by 30 foot by 30 foot anechoic chamber that they put these Qigong masters in. And at one point, I took a bunch of doctors over there, we all got inside and individually, tried to emit our Chi. And so it was quite, it's quite a process. It's a high tech, electro acoustics laboratory in Beijing, one of their standards, laboratories. So it was it was quite impressive. It was old technology, but it was just what they needed.

Matthew Blackburn 06:21
That's really cool. I did Reiki years ago, I think I got up to level two. Is this different from that? Because I know there's, in different cultures, there's different names for energy, right? Like you have like Chi and like, and all the rest, there's a bunch of them. But is this you know, hands on healing essentially? is this different from Reiki?

Richard Lee 06:48
Hmm, okay. There's something called consciousness. And it's something that it has no place in the medical system, obviously. And so when you bring in Reiki or Qigong, you're talking about people bringing in their intention. And that kind of adds a whole big dimension to the healing. And what this CHI Palm does, is just reproduces a spectrum of frequencies that are good at causing the mess of the cells to stop arguing with each other and start working together as a team. So that's kind of all it does and so your readers will be interested, or your listeners will be interested that you already know, intention is important no matter what you do. So whether you're taking an antibiotic, or whether you're applying this device, or whether you're taking vitamin C, your intention to become more and to leave disability behind becomes really important.

Matthew Blackburn 08:02
Hmm, that was a great explanation. That makes sense and on this device, there's like three different modes, right? So you have acute balance and like a sleep mode. Are those different ranges of frequencies for each one or?

Richard Lee 08:19
Yeah, the main one is the balance, the middle one. And it is almost straight alpha, it is close to what they originally measured, with the Qigong masters. And what I have measured with Qigong healers and massage therapists, and lots of people, I've measured lots of these sorts of things. What frequency do they tend to tremble at? And very much it's alpha and for humans, it's a little bit above alpha. For animals straight alpha seems good. So it's, it's basically, how do I say, the other two buttons, there is the deep calm, which is mostly delta, which is like in the deep sleep range. And from the perspective of my research, it's in the unconscious reactivity range, like PTSD, or where you just find yourself doing something, not thinking but just taking an action. That seems to be stored in this delta range. And the third one, the acute includes gamma, which is like maybe 20 to 50 hertz, it's a higher almost audible and what I found is when you measure the frequency of the heart, you measure this 20 to 50 hertz range. So it's like a more of a conscious consciousness, intuition and that sort of thing. So if you want your body to be more willing to learn new stuff and out of, out of the nowhere, that's a very good signal to apply. How's that for an explanation?

Matthew Blackburn 10:28
That's great. Yeah, just so people could wrap their head around it, you said, it's almost audible, the acute one. So these frequencies are basically inaudible sound, right? That's penetrating your tissues, and interacting with your cells. And like you said, making them work together instead of fight each other. But that has implications for a lot of things like pain, right?

Richard Lee 10:57
Definitely pain and inflammation. Definitely, if you got a kid who needs a timeout, and you put this on him, put him in a corner and put this on him for three or four minutes. Oh, his whole body is going to become cooperative. When I tested nurses, I went to a nurses convention and did a lot of testing. The nurses who trembled in theta, filled out questionnaires like they were struggling against the administration of the hospital. Those who trembled in alpha, were very much, I am part of the team we are together, we're working together. So it's not just the consciousness of cells, it's a consciousness of the whole body. So that's quite, quite intriguing. And as I looked at the Earth, I discovered that it was the mantle of the earth trembles or when you Earth, when lightning strikes, it resonates at 7.83 hertz, resonant - Schumann resonance. And that's right between alpha and theta. So if you come further out from the mantle, you get into the theta activity. And when you go into the solid mantle of the Earth, you get into the alpha. So our consciousness, our nervous system seems to run me be very much resonant with Earth. Anyway-

Matthew Blackburn 12:31
That's awesome. So I take it you're a fan of earthing and grounding.

Richard Lee 12:38
For different reasons. It's, it is an important technology, a lot of research has been done around it. And so I kind of like you, want to know everything about everything. And so there's a lot to learn there. And some of it I've applied in some of our products. But there's a lot that I haven't, I don't go barefoot as much as I should. Anyway, yes, I like earthing, I find in grounding - I have used sheets on my bed that are grounded, is draining - we can call it high energy EMF ultraviolet, into the ground. So when you get that stuff in you, if you're on the third floor of a building or something, you're gonna get a buildup of EMF and the part that I've studied is the ultraviolet EMF, that's kind of like ionizing radiation, the grounding, if you've got good grounding, takes it out of you just drains that stuff out of you. So that's, that's really where I've gone with my research.

Matthew Blackburn 13:57
Hmm, that's great. I haven't heard of the ultraviolet EMF I've heard of ultraviolet rays as in the sun, which you know, is radiation but not in the context of manmade EMFs. It's interesting, I actually sell grounding sheets and I've been using them for, I don't know, 10 years or something. And I tried to emphasize context with people but then that freaks them out. So like, "What do you mean, are you saying it's dangerous?" and like, well, it depends on your environment, right? Like, I think rod to Earth is ideal. But I've had a lot of, like I had Dave Stetzer that sells the dirty electricity filters on my show. I've had various people talk about different aspects of the EMFs and grounding and a lot of them have said you know in a, in a city let's just say like you're in like Times Square, New York City. Grounding, there may not be the best thing because of all the power grid underground, right adding voltage to the earth. It's unnatural, right? The current flowing through the earth there.

Richard Lee 15:04
I absolutely agree with that. Off in Ecuador, I have some land in Vilcabamba, a place of about a population of 3000. And Loja's, 40 miles away, and Loja's filled with cars and Vilcabamba is not. And cars produce a lot of this stuff than just the process of burning gasoline, it comes back together and shoots out this ultraviolet energy that kind of propagates the flame front. It just goes out into the environment. And people in Loja had the regular amount of diabetes and heart disease, whereas in Vilcabamba, they didn't. So it's like this, just being in an environment with cars, puts this ionizing, free radical energy in your body.

Matthew Blackburn 16:00
Wow, that's incredible. Yeah, I had a strong feeling to move out of the city. Because I was raised in San Diego and I was there for 30 years in the pretty dense population city. And I started moving to the mountains and jumped to big, Big Bear then Idlewild. And then now, you know, made a huge leap to North Idaho and just further outside of the city each time and every, every time you're further away from population density, I just felt better and it was more energy, better sleep, more creativity, you know, better mood, all that stuff.

Richard Lee 16:38
And I believe that this I've called it oxidative pollution. I believe that this stuff that is produced by mostly cars, but other things as well can get into the air. And basically, an air molecule can vibrate really fast and carry some of this high energy. And it can get into the wiring of houses. And so suddenly, you have these houses filled with this high energy buzz to them. And I've had a whole lot of people come by here who are very sensitive to that sort of thing to whether Wi Fi or cell phones or fluorescent lights, whatever it is. And so I've had a great deal of experience with, I would describe them as people with superpowers who are capable of really perceiving this stuff, and have had great opportunities to study. Just what is the issue they're facing? And what control can they have over it? So that's that's been quite a part of my research as well.

Matthew Blackburn 17:51
That's awesome. Yeah, I find that you can, people can get a little stuck in fear with this whole topic, right? Where I've gone to gatherings up here at someone's house where they're just going off for a couple hours about their EMF sensitivity, but there's zero solutions. And I'm over there with 20 solutions in my head saying like, can we talk about one of these just one, like, instead of this fear, like you have to run away every time and shield yourself. I've been researching, thanks to a guest on my show, Morley Robbins, the last two years like the effect that iron overload has on EMF sensitivity. And a lot of people will talk about, you know, aluminum being an antenna, but iron is actually a way stronger antenna than aluminum for these EMFs. And, you know, iron fortified foods and unfiltered drinking water and so many sources of iron. Right?

Richard Lee 18:49
I have a different approach that you might not have looked at, my research assumption is for all of our research we do here is that, molecular stuff, nutritional supplements, and all those sorts of things are good. And we're not going to research any of those because there are plenty people in that field. So we stick with only the energy side of it, to offer kind of it creates a unique research opportunity for us. And what I found is that again, intention is important. And these people who come in and say, Oh, smart meter this that and they're they're in a panic, they can't even think. And so we do a little bit of standard, the basic Qigong exercise where you have a little ball of energy that you play with, and then I have them connect to the earth, and you're - like an earthing approach. And they just feel this excess vibration kind of draining out of them. And then I say, okay, stop that now. Now I want you to aim at your enemy, whether it's a Wi Fi, or a fluorescent light, or whatever that is, and they go, ah, oh, I'm being attacked. And it's that they are connecting, not that it is attacking them. But they are choosing to go out there into the cell phone into the power wiring into the Wi Fi into the smart meter, particularly into fluorescent lights because they produce the ultraviolet stuff. And then I have them go back and forth, go to the ground. And they feel so much better. Now you have to go back to that enemy, I make them go back and get filled up with yucky stuff again, and then back to ground. After we do that four or five times they begin to get the idea that they are choosing to be the victim, they're choosing to tune into the bad guy, rather than tuning into the earth. So that's and then I declare them "Okay, your problem is you have superpowers get over it." And they're not very happy with that because they really want to be a victim.

Matthew Blackburn 21:34
I love it. That's really cool. I had a question for you, Richard. What's what's the difference between like ultraviolet from the sun, like I used to, I believe overdo it with the sun, you know, naked sunbathing solar noon, and 55 degree ice bath grounded, you know, trying to absorb every photon I possibly could. I felt pretty good, but I think it could cause you could definitely get too much sun, which is taboo to talk about now in the health community, I don't know how plugged in you are to that conversation. But there's a whole camp of sunlight people saying the more the better. And I definitely disagree with that. Because, you know, it's oxidative stress, right. But I was just curious if you had any thoughts around that, because you, you mentioned ultraviolet a bunch of times, just to differentiate between the Sun ultraviolet isn't the same as - what's the difference?

Richard Lee 22:33
Okay, outside of Earth's atmosphere, sun's ultraviolet propagates through space. But when it gets into Earth's atmosphere, it rapidly gets absorbed by the air. And so this means that ultraviolet above the 280 nanometers above the UVC range, just doesn't make it very far, I tried to measure it, and it just all disappears within just a few inches of being produced. So that stuff, just you can produce it, a fluorescent light, ultraviolet light will produce it. And it just disappears. And it's not disappearing, the assumption of scientists is, "Oh, it's gone. We can't measure it, so it disappeared." But it's being absorbed, like I talked about before, absorbed in that molecular activity, and available to transfer to people. And of course, hospitals have a whole lot of this ultraviolet equipment. And they think it's safe because they can't measure ultraviolet more than, you know, a foot away from the equipment. But it's filling the hospital with what I've called oxidative pollution, which is this high energy that creates free radicals in the body. So -- my mind's blank. Next question.

Matthew Blackburn 24:04
No, that was that was great. Yeah, I've been, you know, being in North Idaho, I don't have infrared or UV for half the year, which I love. And a lot of people are like, they freak out. And they're like, I need to go to Mexico or the, you know, cenotes of the equator or whatever. And I need sun every month of the year. And I kind of like that kind of hibernation period. It feels really calming to me. But that said, I have tons of light devices here that I experiment with. And you know, the Celluma It's like, you know, blinking blue and some green and red and infrared. And I recently got a 311 nanometer. It's called a narrowband UV light, which is a blend of UVA and UVB. And it seems like there's a lot of nuance there with light exposure where, you know, red light can protect your DNA from UV damage and just adding UVA to the UVB together helps. I know there's a lot of like tanning bed nightmare stories out. You know, people misusing it. But um, it's a fascinating topic because I feel like it's, you know, our cells make ultraviolet, but we could also OD on it.

Richard Lee 25:30
So I do have one other thought on this, which is that the, what is it, micro powdered titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. When they were big particles, they would reflect the ultraviolet. But then they made them invisible by making tiny particles. And what they seem to do is absorb that ultraviolet energy, step it down, put it into the skin, and you got the makings of skin cancer. So just these, these Sun creams seem to be more of the problem than the sun. The creams are just dangerous. They make a lot of money for dermatologists. But they're dangerous to the rest of us. So that's the one view I have, Sun is a lot safer than we're taught. And you can still overdo it. But the dangerous thing is using modern products to protect yourself.

Matthew Blackburn 26:42
That makes sense. Yeah, yeah, I don't mean to make the whole episode about about the Sun. But I just figured since you live in Vilcabamba, I was like, just curious to pick your brain about what your thoughts on the sunlight because, you know, everyone has their own kind of perspective to it.

Richard Lee 27:00
Oh, there's an interesting thing about Vilcabamba, I once took bananas down there in my luggage. And I was just amazed that every day I ate a banana and after a week, the bananas were just the way they were when I had arrived. And it's like they weren't aging, it was the strangest thing. And so it appears that and this is quite interesting from the idea of what is Chi or Prana, or this sort of thing. It's that just like the air can store, absorb and carry this dangerous ultraviolet energy, the air can be filled with all frequencies. And so it's not just sunlight, or infrared radiation, or red light, or blue light or any of that. It's that that can be absorbed by the air and carried to us and delivered to us. So even if you're not naked in the sun, wearing clothes or under a tree, or being a banana sitting in my hotel room, you are absorbing this vitality. So I'm fascinated with that, fascinated with that concept and I, I haven't haven't gotten that far with it. But it means that this Chi stuff has lots of dimensions to it. So it's not just simply invisible magic, it's stuff that's in the air, the similarly, your body can either be filled or like you get into an infrared sauna. Your body is sort of filled with this red stuff you get out and you're warm for days afterwards. It's like this energy can be in molecules and even though the molecule is the same molecule and a chemist will say this is identical to this molecule. It's vibrating with more energy and can be vibrating with healthy energy or vibrating with this ionizing, high energy. You might be familiar with Wilhelm Reich and his orgone and DOR. DOR, deadly orgone energy, or dead or gone energy seems to me, as far as I can tell to be above that 280 nanometer threshold. And orgone seems to be below that 280 nanometer threshold and both of them can be delivered by the air. And if you have the lower frequency stuff, the sky is going to be blue. If you have the higher frequency the DOR, the sky is going to be gray because it's, it basically absorbs light from the Sun and kind of changes it around. So anyway, I, I'm interested in that one too, but I don't know how far I've gotten.

Matthew Blackburn 30:13
Interesting. So do you think the orgone devices that you can make at home work? Because I did that almost a decade ago with my friends, you know, I got the cupcake molds and we were in the garage, and we mix the resin and we mixed in metals. And I never felt a difference. I put, you know, we followed a recipe online and put them all around the perimeter of the house. I didn't feel any change whatsoever. But I know some people swear by them, and they make, you know, elaborate pyramids and they sell them. And I'm just curious, your thoughts on like, you know, mixing metals and resin and piezoelectricity, right? They say it's like filtering the energy? I don't know. Just curious.

Richard Lee 31:01
Oh, to me, it carries us back to this DOR and orgone. Yes, the high energies can be absorbed by organic molecules so that the resin is an organic molecule and then the aluminium or steel or whatever it is that's in there, acts as a kind of something that changes the angle of it or whatever it does. And it reduces it to some extent. And some people can feel that. However, my impression is that there was a movement, Orgonite Africa, where these guys went around and put a bunch of these and claimed they were creating rain. But right before they did that, there was a guy, Dr. DeMaio, who was a researcher and very into the Cloudbuster technology of Reich. And he went to Africa, he was paid to go over there for every other year for five years. And he used that technology to basically fill up the Aswan Dam, which is a huge amount of water in Egypt, and fill up a bunch of other lakes. And so highly successful in bringing water, ending the drought and bringing water to the area with the Reich technology. And then after that, the - let's go conspiracy, the people who want to make that technology go away, came up with well, let's take this orgonite and claim that it is orgone stuff and put it all over Africa and take credit for it. And then started selling in United States with all these little, the pyramids and things that you're familiar with. They do something, but they don't do what is claimed. So that's kind of along the line of your actual observations that don't really feel much. Some people feel some and other people don't.

Matthew Blackburn 33:21
Wow, that's fascinating. Yeah, I remember people driving around throwing those things at cell towers to because it was supposed to neutralize the energy emitted from cell towers.

Richard Lee 33:33
There is something to be said for it. We have some some sledge buster products that are somewhat like the the orgonite stuff, except that they connect with an electrical system, whether they plug into the wall, the wiring of the house, or whether they plug into the body of the car. It's a way to access a collector of this ultraviolet energy so that you can collect it, put it in one place and step it down. So that to me there's there's something about the orgonite that does work, but just it's not efficient.

Matthew Blackburn 34:19
On the car topic, I drive a diesel truck and I'm kind of against electric cars for many reasons. But do you think electric cars generate more of this UV stuff that you're talking about than a gas or diesel car?

Richard Lee 34:41
Oh, what originally got me into this was when a 2002 Prius, one of the very early Priuses, and I drove it for years and years and loved that car and my right hip got really sore, it like build up over the years, I got hip pain and stuff. And then once I was somebody else was driving for for a full day, and I sat in the right seat and my left hip got sore. And so that's worth an engineer studying. So the, the regenerating system generates direct current. So we can't blame it on EMFs. You know, AC, EMF stuff, it's direct current that goes to the batteries and back. But the big cables that go from the, the engine to the back of the car, were carrying something, they were carrying something in the proximity of my hip, to those cables was a problem. So that's when I started looking into what could possibly be in those cables, that could cause inflammation in my body. So that's where I got into the orgone and DOR ideas, could this be carrying something like DOR and started doing lots of testing with different things, cardboard is a very good attenuator of it. For future reference, you can stuff it in between you and the central console. So I like hybrid vehicles that burn gas and use batteries just because of the way they feel that feels like cool technology to me. But I regard gas vehicles as more problematic, and electric vehicles relatively non problematic, because they're not generating, they're not producing ultraviolet. I can't say for sure, but that's my impression.

Matthew Blackburn 36:56
What about water powered? Stan Meyer or the hydrogen cars, those are probably even better, right?

Richard Lee 37:06
Makes sense to me. So I will - any one of those cars, any of those technologies I'm interested in. And I always try to figure out that it works. And I've never really found one that I could believe in. Not saying that it's not true. It's just that I have not been able to wrap my head around any of those seemingly miraculous technologies. But we'll see about that in the future.

Matthew Blackburn 37:41
Yeah, definitely. Yeah being fully off grid here, I'm, you know, I'm running on solar, and then a propane backup. And if that's down, which it is, right now, I'm running on a gas generator to power my house when there's no Sun. And so yeah, you know, I've been hearing about free energy since 2006, since I started researching all this stuff, and I'm still waiting.

Richard Lee 38:10
Yeah, yep. And, and I believe it's coming. And I believe that it's already invented. And I believe just like orgonite there's a whole lot of misinformation out there to confuse us. That sounds like conspiracy theory almost.

Matthew Blackburn 38:32
Definitely. Well, I wanted to talk about the research tab on your website, cuz it's kind of cool. You can click through your different products, the CHI STONE or the infratonic and the infratonic one's pretty cool, because you have a couple, looks like they're both from 2016. At least that's when they were posted. I think it was what you were talking about earlier, right with the vibrational trembling and the alpha waves?

Richard Lee 39:03
Well, I've been working on the the website, working on our research page and some other pages. And it's not up yet. And I've been kind of struggling with the tech guys. And so I don't know what you're looking at. So I'm glad to describe it a little bit, and I'll tell you more about it or ask whatever questions you have about it.

Matthew Blackburn 39:32
Oh, yeah, well, the one says Dale Patterson, let me see, oh, it is open it and it changed. Yeah, basically EEG readings and it says when someone is overloaded with stress, usually they gravitate towards beta range of frequencies. And INFRATONIC you guys said it induces Alpha?

Richard Lee 40:01
The - when I started testing the frequencies, I was often off in the beta range, because I was too busy in my head. And it prevented me, I took people I sent doctors off to China to study this Qigong stuff with the Qigong teachers, and everybody else got it, but me. And that was largely because I was, my head was too busy. So I was not in touch with my body, my nervous system was like, in this buzz of thoughts and things. And gradually over multiple trips to China and multiple classes, I began to get it. And you probably with your Reiki experience, just found that it made sense to you. And a lot of these people it does, but for me, it was really hard. And that's that busy, beta stuff that just kind of removes us from nature. It's like living in an AI world living in a world that is simply not real, it's just theoretical. And when you go off into that, it's like, you lose touch with reality. That's the way I would describe it.

Matthew Blackburn 41:25
Hmm. Yeah, that's a good point. Yeah, the main way that I use the CHI PALM, I don't know how many people are doing it this way. But I have a hyperbaric chamber. My friend, Dr. Scott Sherr got me into hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It's a very advanced therapy, I don't recommend it for everyone, and there's context involved. But it's a nice place, you know, it's very expensive place, but a nice place to take, like a meditation or a nap. And sometimes I'll do that midday. And what I do is I just put the CHI PALM on the, you know, the delta, the deep calm and just put it on my thymus. And I often tell people with your device, that's, it's kind of a good thing to stack, right? Like, if you're using a Lucia light, and you're under these flashing lights, I put it on there. You can combine it with so many different therapies.

Richard Lee 42:21
Yeah, definitely. And I like your hyperbaric oxygen as opposed to like, the deprivation tanks, this, some people will take these CHI PALM's and try to put them into deprivation tanks, and we get these waterlogged saturated dead units back that we have to deal with. So yes, hyperbaric oxygen, great. Go for it.

Matthew Blackburn 42:51
That's funny. Yeah. Cuz I've thought about, I think I almost emailed your company about a way to not put it in the hyperbaric or not in the sensory deprivation tank. But if there's a way to beam it into the water externally, like having it outside of the water, but I couldn't conceptually think of a possible way to do that.

Richard Lee 43:14
If you can put it onto the lid of the sensory deprivation tank, so when you close it, it stays out of the water. It does produce that infrasound that's really going to work in there. And when it falls off the lid, because - Go ahead.

Matthew Blackburn 43:36
How far how far does it traveled? Is it does it go like - I think you guys said on the website is it 12 to 15 feet like it shoots pretty far, right?

Richard Lee 43:46
i would say we have a lot of Equine therapists who will put it outside of the stall and that's about 10 - 15 feet away. And that still really calms down the horses. So we have seen that we've seen - Oh, I made a batch many, many years ago, a batch of what I called Alpha Wampers, which are deep bass speakers that we hooked up to it, they will "BOOM, BOOM" and you could feel that from 50 feet away and drove our tech people crazy because it's just way too much for the body. But yes, infrasound travels you know that because when you parked next to, come to a stop sign and this guy next to you going, "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM" it just, that very low frequency goes right through your car. And I've got somebody up the street with the a diesel truck, and in the morning sometimes he'll start it up to warm it up, and my whole house will vibrate with this. So yes, the infrasound really does travel well.

Matthew Blackburn 45:01
interesting. Yeah, you brought up the horses and that's, I think what got me really interested in your technology. I think I found your YouTube channel and I saw the equestrian testimonials with, I think it was like open wounds on horses. And it was a really old video, but applying the infratonic to open wounds on horses and they basically had speed healing.

Richard Lee 45:28
Mhmm. And that's, that's the same concept where an open wound has a whole lot of cells that just lost their friends and neighbors and they're really angry. And they're producing lots of inflammation and that can be useful because it creates pus and stuff that kind of clears out the infection. But it really interferes when you get further along with it. So the the infratonic technology, the CHI PALM, will calm down the cells and get them working as a team. So that's, that's really the simple technology that are simple approach that explains a lot of what it does.

Matthew Blackburn 46:16
That's cool. And you have a foot product too. It's funny last year, most of my interviews for this podcast, my feet were on, I think it was the vital rest too at that point. One day I came up and my cat threw up all over it. So and I don't think there was a way to to clean it. And so I just threw it out.

Richard Lee 46:40
Oh, you can unzip it and toss it in the wash. A little bit of care. Yeah. Well, we that that was a bit of a problematic product, there was something not quite right about the circuit. And they would just sometimes they'll last forever, you must have gotten one of the good ones and then others would would just die after a few weeks or a few months. And so we had a lot of - a lot of them coming back. And my staff didn't like to have anything that breaks. And so we still have about 60 of them in the back. And they just don't want to sell them because they don't want to disappoint people, which I really respect for our staff. I think they're great, though, because they're so good for neuropathy.

Matthew Blackburn 47:29
Oh, I'm sorry. Go ahead.

Richard Lee 47:30
Yeah, that's why I like them. They're good for neuropathy.

Matthew Blackburn 47:34
Interesting. Yeah. I like how practical it is too, like I was using a grounding foot pad for years. And then I had some guests on my show saying, "Don't do that." Like I had an EMF expert that, that runs an EMF online store. And he was saying, you never want to ground like with the mouse pad or, you know, on the computer because you're so close to the electronics. So I just stopped because of that. But I don't know, maybe I should experiment. And there's probably nuance with plugging into the third prong versus rod in the earth, right?

Richard Lee 48:09
Every system in the house collects the oxidative pollution, this ultraviolet energy. And so plugging into the house wiring often creates a higher energy than not plugging in.

Matthew Blackburn 48:29
Hmm. So why does your like your Nesser product, for example, I don't think the last one had a grounding socket, right? It was just plugged into the electrical?

Richard Lee 48:42
Oh, well, you now have a Nesser in your CHI PALM. So put it in putting it in deep calm. It has an okay, there's the Nesser yes, we're not selling those anymore. Because people - you probably found that you get it, you use it and you're not sure whether it did anything. Because the unconscious if the target was unconscious reactive programs, and when people's unconscious reactive programs like anxiety or whatever it is disappear. They don't notice that it's gone. And so that made this a really hard product to sell. And so what we did was we just included it in the CHI PALM added the electrode on the CHI PALM, the deep calm setting is there. And that works quite well and what we found - but part of the reason we did, we did a lot of work with the grounding, where we added we kind of stepped down a sledge buster technology inside the inside of it to remove the oxidative pollution from the wires that came in. So we did a lot to clean it up. But we find that with the CHI PALM, on the deep calm setting, like you can apply it to the sacrum. And that's right in there were a whole lot of the unconscious programming and battles exist. It works very well and part of it is, we could say bioavailability of signals, the body likes, micro signals or PICO signals, the body communicates with very low amplitude signals. And so like a TENS unit is way way overkill for the body and the body just tenses up. And it's, it's yes, in some cases, it's great for muscles. But in a lot of cases, the body just tunes out. So we found that the, as you try the Nesser function, I think you'll find that it, it still works just as well or better than the your Nesser that you have. Okay, and are you saying I could just like put it under my foot with it up and just like, I could use it on my computer like that, is that does that work, or? it will depending on the function you want. If your goal is to - the new Nesser system involves a deep delta signal, you see the little very slow motion in there, through the little window. And it also includes an alpha signal. So we're bringing the unconscious of the body this this unconscious programming level, up to the level of the conscious awareness. So it's much easier to consciously communicate with the unconscious. So that's really the setup in there that seems to be quite, quite effective.

Matthew Blackburn 52:04
Wow, have you found this influences people's dreaming, like they have more lucid dreams, or?

Richard Lee 52:14
People have reported that, and I'm a little you know, my mind is a little fuzzy about just how they did it or what they applied. But people have used the deep calm setting and the the Nesser and slept very well at night. And got like I remember more color or more lucidity and sometimes it's more confused dreams are kind of they're all these pieces of dreams that are floating around like we've somehow broken up to the unconscious and it's just kind of floating around in pieces. So some fascinating stories I've heard, I haven't really sorted them out to figure out what's real and what's just great stories.

Matthew Blackburn 53:04
Interesting. Wow. Well, well I'm inspired now to just - yeah, I mostly just use it in my chamber but now I'm gonna move it back and forth to my desk and use it on my foot while I'm working at my desk - I just like multitasking and you know if I'm sitting here just writing or researching I might as well do something else.

Richard Lee 53:26
Yeah, the the application putting it in the, at your sacrum or the L5, under your belt and applying it to the skin on the delta frequency is really, really a good application. It's right at the base of the sympathetic nervous system. And right where the lumbar meets the sacrum which is kind of right where our desires - the sacrum energies hit hard against our rules and the lumbar has more rule orientation and so that's why people get a lot of L4, L5 inflammation, back pain, degeneration in that area, because it's a battleground between what we want and what we won't allow ourselves to have. So play with that one, I think you'll like it.

Matthew Blackburn 54:25
Wow. Wow, interesting and I can imagine all the driving, right like most people probably - I don't know, the last two years with COVID. But you know, before then I, you know, I remember working three jobs and I'm just driving for most of the day to and from work and that does a number on your your lower back especially, right?

Richard Lee 54:48
Yeah. But now and now we're saved all of that because gas costs too much.

Matthew Blackburn 54:56
Right. So you're saying kind of put it. So you said in the belt, you mean like on the back area, right? Not the front?

Richard Lee 55:04
On the back. Right.

Matthew Blackburn 55:06
So it's hitting your - Okay.

Richard Lee 55:12
Above there, right where the other five vertebrae that are flexible, the lumbar and at the base of it comes into the sacrum, which is a solid connected to the pelvis. And so right where the L4, L5, right where the flexibility meets the solidness is a spectacular spot for this.

Matthew Blackburn 55:33
Oh, awesome. Richard, I'm curious. Did you ever go to Deeksha blessings? Have you heard of those?

Richard Lee 55:43
I have been to them. And I vaguely remember something about it. But I, don't ask me any questions. I don't know. I don't remember much. I have a very, like-

Matthew Blackburn 55:57
I was just curious.

Richard Lee 55:58
Yeah, I have a very selective memory, if it's technological and possibly useful for the future, I remember it for years and years and years. But where it doesn't really fit into my framework of future possibilities and that kind of stuff. It just sort of disappears from my head.

Matthew Blackburn 56:25
I think I'm the same way. Yeah. I like that, though. Let's see. Well, I guess we can jump into some questions here if you're open to it.

Richard Lee 56:36
No, absolutely. And we're not doing any questions yet. You've been doing really good.

Matthew Blackburn 56:44
Oh, appreciate it. Yeah, it's fun to talk with you and it sounds like you've had an interesting past. And yeah, we've got a lot of rabbit holes to go down. Let me see. Yeah, this is a good one, "Does this replace acupuncture?" And I guess by this they mean the INFRATONIC.

Richard Lee 57:09
There's a variety of answers here. One of them is that the INFRATONIC is and the CHI PALM are very good at dissipating areas of stagnant Chi. So often acupuncture will be used to drain those areas. The CHI PALM and INFRATONIC are very good at just breaking up all the energy in the area, so it moves much more easily. And so that's one application. It's, it's not point based, it doesn't. In some cases, like like the bottom of the foot, that's a big acupuncture point on kidney, one that you can apply. And it will help drain out excess energies from your body. But most of acupuncture is very specific and precise, and has specific intentions behind it. So - the technologies can support each other. And one of the main uses that there is for acupuncturists is when they get a patient who's just full of questions like why, I've been here for for two weeks now, and I still have this pain, and but we worked on this other pain last time, but they're, they're just sort of in that theta frequency of me against the world. And it's me against the doctor, if you can have them lay down and put it on them for three or four minutes on the balance setting and come back, they will be a different person.

Matthew Blackburn 58:56
All right, someone asks, "Is this good for the nervous system and the limbic system?"

Richard Lee 59:03
Hmm. The generic answer is yes. For the nervous system, in general, if you apply to the distal point, like the, if you've got a neuropathy in your legs, if you apply it to your foot, and you apply it to the brainstem, which is the other end of the communication, it will try to get those two talking to each other and accelerate recovery in there. So that would be a way to apply it to the nervous system. And then the limbic core is very interesting. Migraines are a good example of trauma in the limbic core, you smell a perfume or something and you're reminded of some traumatic event that you don't want to remember. And the limbic core begins to swell inflammation and if you keep going, you know you get the eye stuff and all that sort of thing. simply applying to the top of the head or the back of the head, you know the the limbic quarters right in the middle of here somewhere. And that is very good at calming down these, this programming. And we don't have a whole lot of experience with the deep calm signal for that. But that's a lot of the unconscious stuff and can be very valuable. But we have people who have used it for migraines, and they carry it around in their purse, whenever they feel a migraine, come on, they get in the back of the car, put it on fall asleep for 20 minutes, and it's gone. And so it's very good at calming down the limbic core when you get this inflammation process going on. Is that good answer?

Matthew Blackburn 1:00:51
Oh, that's great. That was awesome. Yeah, you reminded me, I think one of the things that got me really interested in this technology was you talking about whiplash and a video. And you were saying, if you use it, right after you get, let's say rear ended in your car, you could cut the healing downtime significantly, versus waiting till you get home from the accident, right to apply it. There's something about applying it in the moment, which I found fascinating.

Richard Lee 1:01:24
Well, you've got time now, right away is obviously the best. But it takes up to a week for this process of inflammation to cause muscle contraction to cause pinching of the vertebrae, which cause damage to the nerve, which causes inflammation, you go around in circles, it takes - you get into the accident and you don't really have the whiplash for a few days. It's like it takes a while for this syndrome to start working in. And if you can break the syndrome, just by relaxing the muscle and basically that inflammation from trauma, being able to tell the cells let's work as a team now, interrupts the whole process. And so the whiplash, that compression of nerves never really formed. So that's useful trick.

Matthew Blackburn 1:02:22
Wow. Interesting. Yeah. Someone asks, "How quickly does it work for acute pain?"

Richard Lee 1:02:33
Well, sprained ankle, bone fracture, all these sorts of things, within 10 minutes, the pain usually drops way down. So it's not instant. Give it a little time, because the - it's this process again, of the cells deciding to work as a team and stopping their production of inflammation. And as the inflammation dissipates, the pain goes away. But we have to go through that process and that takes some time.

Matthew Blackburn 1:03:09
Hmm. "Does the does the device produce any EMFs?"

Richard Lee 1:03:15
Oh, my God, how awful. We're not plugged into the wall like, like our oldest units were. So there's a lot less and then the question is what is EMFs? The body has a lot of electromagnetic signals, electric and magnetic signals bouncing around. And this produces signals, mostly magnetic and acoustical. That could be counted as EMF. Any change in magnetic field is an electromagnetic propagating signal. So part of the therapy is to produce some of these EMF signals. And the main benefit, the main reason it's different than some of the standard equipment is that it's, there's no frequency, it jumps all over the place in frequency. So it's like we're adding - imagine the wind blowing through the trees. There, there is no frequency to that wind as it blows through the trees. So there's no resonance that set up. And it's possible that EMF from the CHI PALM could have some sort of a negative effect, but we worked it out so it has a whole lot more positive effect.

Matthew Blackburn 1:04:44
Great. This is an interesting one. "Are inaudible sound waves being used in nefarious ways. And if so, how can we protect ourselves?"

Richard Lee 1:04:57
Ah, the what do you do when somebody with the ghetto blaster car pulls up next to you, there's this really no defense for that. But what we can do is apply chaotic signals or random signals. And just by going walking in nature after you've been exposed to a dangerous ghetto blaster car or other nefarious devices, just all the sound of the winds, the these waving leaves that are filling us with all these different frequencies that we can't hear, but it just so soothing. That's an example of just chaotic signals. And obviously, the CHI PALM offers that too, that just sort of break up the standing waves, break up the single frequency stuff. So I think yeah, oh, the question was, are there nefarious uses? And the answer is, well, yeah, you hit people strongly with a whole lot of theta activity, and they're going to be disoriented. And as I told, as I said before, our Alpha Wamper that really cranked up - was disorienting to us. We couldn't have the really high powered signals, because it's just, you know, we didn't want people going out sick, because the "WOOOMP"

Matthew Blackburn 1:06:42
Yeah, years ago, when Patrick Flanagan was still alive, I used to listen to him a lot. And I remember he was talking about the John C Lilly, and the lilly waves. And he was he was interested in like mind control and he was saying, basically, they were putting these into the power grid, to where, you know, people in cities are constantly like being exposed to these mind controlling waves they're emitting from the electrical, seems like a deep rabbit hole. I never went fully down it but-

Richard Lee 1:07:17
Well, yeah, I've been unable to avoid it to some extent. As I was testing people, the frequency of trembling of their hands, I found a few people who trembled in 60 hertz. So the power system was resonating in their bodies. And that's a sign that if your Chi is weak, you can be overwhelmed with electromagnetic frequencies. And this is very important because if we keep ourselves strong, our vibrational defenses will keep that stuff out. I had a - I, have you heard a Valerie Hunt, she used to have an aura meter and reproduce correlations between colors and frequencies so like aura more reading type stuff. She was once doing research with that I attended, and there was a psychic, who was there and on the table, they wired her up with electrodes to see what frequencies she was vibrating at. And it was 1.02 megahertz. And that was all exciting up until we realized that that was an FM radio station that was playing through her. Her husband got on the table, he was a Qigong master, one of these people who does a lot of exercises. And there was no single frequency, just the band, maybe up to 30 kilohertz, just this, this whole chaotic activity that that was going on in his body. So she very much like to hang close to him because he gave her stability. So it was a fascinating picture to get of if your energy is soft and permeable, the vibrational of the EMFs are going to get into you. And if you build your vitality, in whatever way you approach it, you will be strong enough that your body will walk out all that - all that stuff, except for the ghetto blaster car, stopped next to you.

Matthew Blackburn 1:09:50
Years ago, I read a book, I think I still have it, may be called Reverse Aging by Sang Whang and he talks about you know, alkaline water but he talked about infrared, like infrared saunas. But my favorite part of the book is fascinating. He was saying, when you sleep with someone, like your partner, you're both emitting far infrared radiation, which reflects, and basically you're like charging each other up. Versus if you sleep alone, then you're just emitting these waves, and they're not being reflected. And you're kind of just losing. I always thought that was an interesting concept. And maybe one of the many reasons why we're like communal beings, we like being in partnership with, you know, man and woman.

Richard Lee 1:10:40
We are definitely communal beings in that a whole lot of people when, when, you know, the world's at war, and we've got this information coming out, that is revelatory, and causes a lot of secrets to be exposed. And it's like, there are a whole lot of people in the world who get really uncomfortable. And then a whole lot of friends of mine feel very disoriented. For that day, or whatever it is, it's like, it's like we are connected to this overall consciousness of humanity. And I sometimes felt disoriented as well. And it's like, what's going on in the world? I get on the news and say, Oh, that's going on. So yes, to me, we are very communal beings. And this idea that we are separate, is just something that scientists like me like to believe in, because it makes us important.

Matthew Blackburn 1:11:54
Yeah, I remember I was in high school, I mean, I'm showing how young I am when 911 - 911 happened. And I remember just the whole energy of the school shifting, you know, after watching that on TV. And then for weeks, you know, just family and friends and everyone's just in this different state. And I feel like that's the goal with whether it's COVID, or any world event, it's like, they can steer humanity energetically. You know, I don't know if it's opening portals or making us more susceptible to things that's, seems like that's a big part of the agenda.

Richard Lee 1:12:35
Definitely. Was that your question? I can respond to that.

Matthew Blackburn 1:12:43
Yeah, you can, you can respond out just commenting because you made me think of that where you're saying, you know, yeah, just talking about the vibratory state of people.

Richard Lee 1:12:54
Okay, the, the sympathetic nervous system is our unconscious nervous system, our reactive nervous system. And it's what when you put the CHI PALM on the the sacrum, that's which, where you're interacting and kind of de-removing the artificial intelligence from your unconscious, sympathetic nervous system. And then there's the vagus nerve, which is very much connected to the heart and intuition and that sort of stuff. So the whole idea, in my view of the nefarious crew, is to traumatize us, get us drinking lots of coffee and other things that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, and have us eat seed oils that largely interfere with the, whatever I said, the vagus nerve, and the heart consciousness, and then they traumatize us like crazy. And they put in these, you know, how many times people saw those buildings falling, just repetition, repetition, repetition, to program in at the subconscious level, a trauma. And when you can traumatize in that way, people can no longer think, they can no longer use their intuitive function. They're in the sympathetic nervous system. So that's a big part of why the deep calm setting, the Nesser function is that I see it is so important and why I just snuck it into all of the CHI PALMS, everybody would have it even if they don't know what to do with it.

Matthew Blackburn 1:14:47
I love it. I didn't even know about that features. Now. I'll be using that mode more often.

Richard Lee 1:14:54
It's really hard to explain, when you when you try to tell people that they have anxiety, and it's a level of anxiety that's always been there and they haven't even noticed that it's there, because it's just normal for them. They just don't get it. And if it disappears, because they use whatever they did whether tapping or the deep calm setting, or whatever they do, when it's gone, they don't even notice that it's gone. Because it was just this underlying level, they might come up three months later and say, you know, since I did that, my life has been so simple. But it's really hard to put that together. So I just threw it in, and we're going to explain it later on, as we get more CHI PALMS out there.

Matthew Blackburn 1:15:44
Hmm. That's awesome. So the last question here, Richard, and I don't know if you answered this earlier. But what type of sound waves do they use? So I know they're inaudible and it's a frequency range. Any other info that you didn't talk about yet on that, or?

Richard Lee 1:16:02
Okay, so I've been studying this for decades. And the keys to it are very unpredictable. Like the leaves blowing through the wind, or the leaves looking through the tree, excuse me, the wind blowing through the leaves, let's get it in right order. So very random signals is very important to, in a way simulate nature and upset the repeating patterns in the body. And another thing that's very important is a very steep wall between the frequencies we produce and the frequencies we don't produce. And that's related to the Dale Patterson research you talked about earlier. How do we get an alpha signal to break up the theta, and so so that wall getting them very close together, this theta wants to fight for dominance. This unconscious sympathetic nervous system wants to get us into fear so it can control us. That's putting consciousness into our unconscious system. And -- my mind went blank, how was I doing?

Matthew Blackburn 1:17:28
No, that was great. Yeah, I think a lot of this is people have to experience it. I think it's a really affordable device for what it does. I mean, it lasts forever, right? For years and years and years. If you don't drop it.

Richard Lee 1:17:44
Well you've, you've got a little glove, we've named it the glove now, that green glove that fits around it. And that should really, even if people drop it, I'm not recommending that people drop it, particularly into sensory deprivation tanks. But that is really going to extend its life. And we found that even if they're dropped, and something happens inside, we can reset them and they're good. So it's a - it's proving to be a very dependable one in that that green glove is very, very helpful.

Matthew Blackburn 1:18:23
I love it. Yeah. And I want to ask about the the stand that you sell for the CHI PALM What what is the application for that, or how have you seen that being used?

Richard Lee 1:18:38
People ask for them, and where people are in bed, and you want to just apply it a broader approach, not apply it to a particular point, similar to the application for generally calming down horses, then it's useful. And also post surgery, you can't apply it directly to a surgical site, because there's so much intense trauma in those cells, you got to start about three feet away. And there'll be a little tingling in you and then have the stand aways away and gradually moving closer. So in surgical recovery, it's quite valuable. And doctors sometimes use them in their clinics. Because it's - it holds it in place. It keeps it away from the patient, it adds a degree of professionality somehow if you, if you add a stand to it, you the doctor is positioning it rather than just putting it on the patient and walking out it's not so official. So I that's my quick responses to the stand. I like them. I'm actually using one of the stands I have my camera on it. And so it's or my my cell phone right there. So I got one of these stands right behind the cell phone.

Matthew Blackburn 1:20:09
That's great. Wow and that does the sound that comes out. Is it like a cone? Like, does that makes sense? Like, like you said, it doesn't kind of blanket the whole body or is it pretty directed.

Richard Lee 1:20:25
it's like a, like a 30 degree cone. And it's the starting point, we went to the CHI PALM, and it's about a two inch starting point, whereas before is a one inch. So if you pull it further away from the body, like during sweeping, sweeping across the body, just holding it maybe eight inches away from the body, you're really creating, kind of you can imagine like in the shower, those things the showerhead that's on a hose, take it and spray it. It kind of kind of is that sort of a shape.

Matthew Blackburn 1:21:04
Awesome. Right on, Richard. Well, yeah, it's, it's really fun to chat with you and really appreciate what you're doing at the Chi Institute.

Richard Lee 1:21:13
Thank you.

Matthew Blackburn 1:21:14
The main website is Yeah.

Richard Lee 1:21:18
Exactly. We got an easy one.

Matthew Blackburn 1:21:22
U.S. Awesome. I love it. Well, yeah, I look forward to the the research part of the website updating. It's always fun to look at that stuff.

Richard Lee 1:21:33
Me too me too. Because once I can go in and start fine tuning it. And they've given, me my staff has given me a corner called Richard's corner. So I'm going to be able to take a lot of the research that you can tell I go down rabbit holes. And so there are some people who go down rabbit holes don't just want the answer and get out. They want to go down rabbit holes. So Richard's corner is going to have a lot of this information. We're going to take my, my book that's 40 pages long and most people don't want to read because it's too long, and take pieces out of it and put them in the right place so that people can find what they're looking for. So I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to start adding content to Richard's corner. And some people will find it great. And most people will go let's, let's stick with about the INFRATONIC. So anyway,

Matthew Blackburn 1:22:45
Yeah, I see your book here, it's Bioelectric vitality, right? I'll have to check that out. There's a section airplanes drain Chi, looks really interesting.

Richard Lee 1:22:55
Well, the big one is opening to abundance. That's a that's the one that's got all the rabbit holes. The first part of it is my research from 20 years ago, and then it gets into kind of stepping off the dock and into the water looking into the psychics and alternative stuff and intuitive sort of things. So it gets - it's like it's like two or three different books. And some people find it fascinating. And others find it overloading.

Matthew Blackburn 1:23:35
That's awesome. Well, thank you so much for your time, Richard, we had a lot of breaks in this episode we're saying off the air. I think it's because your energy that was frying the machines. Think it was a good thing.

Richard Lee 1:23:51
I always wanted to be able to do that. Maybe you have brought out a superpower that I didn't know I had.

Matthew Blackburn 1:24:03
Right on. Well, thanks, Richard. Stick around as we close out the show.

Richard Lee 1:24:08
Okay, I shall!

Matthew Blackburn 1:24:09
Well, that wraps up today's episode. I hope you guys enjoyed listening to Richard Lee. Sounds like he had quite the life learning a lot of different things. And I love people that come out with innovative technologies like this. With all the technology that I experiment with. I often hook up different people to it and see if they feel anything. And with this CHI PALM device and INFRATONIC, I've seen a lot of my friends get pretty immediate pain relief. I know Richard said about 10 minutes and I think that varies, but it's a very effective, natural pain reliever. And sometimes that's the start of healing is just getting out of pain. I've been there, where it's just excruciating and that's all you can think about. So to lower that pain signal can start the cascade of events to start the healing process. I'll put the link below to their website where you can check them out. The only product I use from them is the CHI PALM. They have some other interesting things there. But I think the CHI PALM is definitely their best device. I think it's great to have as a first aid tool, or just as something to stack with other things. Like if you have a light machine, or something that you listen to, you can really combine this with a lot of other therapies, neurofeedback, the list is really endless. It just can't be in water, like Richard said, so you can't put it in your float tank or your pool.Their website is And highly recommend trying out the CHI PALM if you ever get a chance to if you don't want to invest right away without trying it. But it's pretty profound, what these sound waves can do to our physiology. So I'm gonna have to make this outro a little shorter than usual, it's been quite a month, just trying to juggle a lot and keep my head above water, with all of my responsibilities. I recently had installed finally, automatic waters for my goats. And apparently the plumbing was not done correctly and it kept activating the flow of water. So essentially, I would wake up and my pump had been running all night long delivering water out there, which used a ton of electricity. So I finally got that dialed in after speaking with their generous customer service for about an hour a few days ago, I was out there with the screwdriver, adjusting it and moving hoses around and I finally got it to where it's not overflowing anymore. So just little stuff like that. But running a homestead here on my own is definitely no joke and it's a lot of work and stuff will break and you just have to roll with it and go to plan B or plan C or plan D and just keep going down the list, making things work. And for me, it's fun in a way, although it can be stressful and frustrating. Because I like what people call prepping. And I feel like even being quote fully off grid, which I'm not, I'm relying on diesel, gasoline, propane. So I'm not 100% off grid, but I'm off grid as most people think the definition is. And I'm still not prepared if supply chains were to fail, which it looks like we're heading that direction, probably not in the next year or two. But maybe in five years, ten years, I'd like to just prepare with producing food at home both animal products and plant foods, fruits and vegetables. And of course learning about my local plants and animals that I could harvest around my house. But it's a lot of energy. And I've been kind of struggling to juggle researching natural health stuff and researching vitamins and antioxidants and redox and all of these things that I want to delve deeper into. But having to learn all of these really practical things about running an off grid property in a homestead. I'm working on getting more chickens because most of the chickens were eaten, so I'm down to three hens and a rooster. So I'm working to build the flock up to at least 10 or 12 hens. Because there are some mornings when I wake up and only have one or two eggs. And I like to start my days with three eggs minimum. And if they're producing more, I'd probably integrate that into a salad for lunch, you know, throw some hard boiled or soft boiled eggs into my salad. And it's such an easy, effective way to get more nutrition in your body just to eat more. Ideally pastured, fertilized eggs. The fertile eggs have more nutrition than the unfertilized eggs and that just means that there's a rooster involved in the process. So that's the update. That's what's been going on. I also had my lodestone bathtub installed, which I want to use a little more before I talk about it. And that's probably way down the list of practical things that I could talk about, because I like to share things that people can easily implement. And this is something that I've been wanting to do for at least five years now. And so really grateful that it happened as soon as it did. And I soak in goat milk, people say like Cleopatra, and Shilajit, in this very strong magnetic field, and I'm grounded. So I'm doing a lot of things at once, getting minerals transdermally, I'm grounded, I'm getting charged up with electrons. And it's a pretty indescribable feeling after I take a bath, I just feel really calm and centered. I really enjoy it and I have yet to do a magnesium bath in there, just because I have so much raw goat milk that my one doe produces that I don't want any of it to go to waste. And so I just apply it to my skin in the bath and it works well that way. So my website is I have my CLF protocol up there, some recipes, my story, the shop, which is all of my recommended products. And next week, I'll add a new one on there that I've been experimenting with that improves deep sleep, that's pretty affordable and that's been blowing my mind. So if you follow my Instagram, Matt Blackburn, that's where I'm most active. I'll share it on there. But I'm sure I'll talk about it at some point in the Mito Life Academy, which update on that, my private YouTube, I had to cut in half with the amount of videos due to what I told you just a little bit ago with my homesteading adventures. So I cut it down to two videos a month from four. And so instead of three tiers basic, intermediate and advanced, there's just one tier now. And it's a lot simpler, and everyone will get the same thing, which is two videos, and a live Q&A. So that'll make my life a lot less stressful and we can keep that going because I really enjoy putting out those videos. It's really fun for me, and to just connect with you guys directly. So that's Mito Life Academy on my YouTube if you want to check that out. And my brand is Mito Life can find that That's the website. And we are working hard to come out with more products, the beef liver should be out the beginning of July. That's my latest eta. But with current events and all the craziness going on in the world, you just never know. And so all the eta is are very loose. What I keep telling people, it's not set in stone but if I had to guess the beef liver, Mito Life product should be out by the beginning of July. And everyone's constantly asking me about the drinking water filter. That's taking up a lot of my time just to get that in production. So that's part of why I had to cut back on the Academy videos. So I could put more energy into the Mito Life water filter because it's not private labeled. It's not being built in Taiwan or China. This is completely custom completely from the ground up system that's never been done before. It's a completely new drinking water filter and that's really exciting because we're not just slapping our label on some Chinese filter like most companies do. So stay tuned for that. I'm not going to give an ETA on that. But the first batch, the first run of really limited supply maybe 30 units or so will go out to the Academy members first, so they will get first dibs. And I'll likely do a post there on the YouTube. So thank you for listening. There's a new episode released every Friday. If you enjoy the show, share it with your friends. Really appreciate that. And I will see you guys next week, stay supercharged.