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Matthew Blackburn 00:18
You're listening to Episode 188 of MITOLIFE Radio. I'm your host, Matt Blackburn. And today, I'm interviewing Bryant Myers that wrote the book, "PEMF, the fifth element of health". Learn why pulsed electromagnetic field therapy supercharges your health, like nothing else. I bought this book several years ago, probably seven, eight years ago, when I bought the SOTA magnetic pulser device, which I asked him about in the interview, this is just jam packed in over three hours long. I really got into the details with him about this therapy. And we talked about multiple different brands and devices and their efficacy. And what's really cool is that Bryant doesn't have any financial gain in talking about any brands, because he's not affiliated with any, he only makes money on his book sales. And I am not affiliated with any PEMF device at the moment, besides the 2 or $300 one of my website, the SR one, that's the only one and it's a very small price tag versus these PEMF mats that get into the multiple 1000s of dollar ranges. anywhere from five grand up to 10 grand, I've even seen more than that. So he talks about what to look for. In a PEMF therapy device he talks about where we would get it in nature, why we might want to supplement it with the device. He talks about the difference between the Doug coils, the coil like devices that you can find for PEMF therapy, and the mats, which he likes more, thinks that they're more effective. Talks about what PEMF does to our body, all of the different health benefits, what it does to water, talks a little bit about red light therapy, the power of photobiomodulation on our body. And then I get into a lot of q&a questions I got through most of them. So some of the questions are how is this different from scalar technology? Does PEMF block the harmful effects of EMF while in use? Can a high non native EMF environment interfere with how PEMFs benefit the body? Can PMF therapy have a negative effect? And in what instances? How is it different from grounding? Recommendations for a good PEMF product? Is it beneficial for neuropathy? nerve regeneration? Can you sleep on a PEMF mat all night? If you don't feel anything from it was it not needed? Can it help heal a dog's muscular injury? What is his opinion on South polarity versus North polarity? Is there a DIY? Can you build one yourself? Does the shape of the wiring provide any benefit? Are there long term use studies? What can you do for EMFs? What are the best headphones and a lot more? Definitely have out your notepad for this one. It's very dense with information. And it was a lot of fun. So joy the show here is Bryant Myers. All right. We're here with Bryant Myers. Welcome to the show.

Bryant Myers 04:06
Yeah, thank you. I'm glad to be here.

Matthew Blackburn 04:10
Yeah, I'm excited. We've been chatting on the phone the past few days and talking about PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. And I actually bought your book several years ago, I don't know it was probably six, seven years ago, something like that. The Fifth Element of health and I loved it. I was just getting into trying out PEMF and just learning about magnetism in general, not only devices, and your book was very helpful for that.

Bryant Myers 04:43
Thank you. Yeah, in 2013 It actually has sold about 100,000 copies. Now we're a little more than that. So it's still going really strong and people are and even though I have the outline for either another book or a second really radically expanded second edition that's still probably maybe a couple of years out. But I do a lot of things I've learned and added that you can find on my YouTube channel. Actually, if you want to see a preview of my next addition, you could just watch a lot of my videos I've done since 2000, basically 14 or 15. But it's a lot of stuff. I mean, a lot of cool stuff, I learned about how PEMF really works, what the ideal signal is just a lot of things that you need to know understanding intensity and frequency, which really aren't the most important thing, even though they're pretty much all that's talked about. And it's a lot I mean, I, you know, just going through it all would take, probably take an hour, just all the things, but we'll keep the interaction going. So that way I can sort of, you know, kind of tune into the questions you have in your in your viewers have.

Matthew Blackburn 05:46
Yeah, well, yeah, I want to get into those details for sure. But just standard introduction, like how you got into this used to be a physics professor, right?

Bryant Myers 05:57
All right. Yeah, I taught five years and even back at Georgia Tech, you know, when I was pre med and I changed the physics ended up with a bachelor's in physics. But I lived the last year of, my Georgia Tech, finishing my degree I live with this lady Liz Short, who was at the time one of the top radionics people's people in the world and, and she was incredibly knowledgeable on natural healing, you know, everything from fasting, to juicing, to, you know, colonics and choosing iridology, she was very good at, you know, looking at your iridology chart based on Bernard Jensen's interpretation of it. On and on, I just learned just like, like an immersion, a natural healing type of protocols. But the main thing for me was the radionics, and the frequency based energy medicine, that was new, you know, because I'd worked at GNC, so I knew about nutrition and supplements and all that, but I didn't really understand that energy can heal, and, and just how profoundly the and she worked on a lot of animals, like dogs, which have no placebo effect, right. So powerful, right? You got dogs that don't know, and they're getting better, you know, from these different conditions that the she's treating him for. And so that kind of, along with concurrent to my teaching as an adjunct professor for different colleges, which was adjunct means kind of part time, I was still working with I had a TV show called Forever Young, I wrote articles for the healing garden journal, I was doing nutritional counseling, I had this little company Full Spectrum Health, which, which kind of was my beginning of my energy medicine concept, of the elements of health Earth, that I talked about in my book, you know, Earth is food, waters, water, fire is like light and heat and infrared, air is oxygen therapy, you know, deep breathing, you know, those type of devices that deal with air. And then the fifth element or the, you know, at the time, I didn't really have this fully conceptualize, but, but the fifth element, as I call it, now is kind of more the energies of the earth. And we now know that, that we need the Schumann resonance frequency, we need certain, you know, frequencies from the sun, you know, at certain times of the day, and ideally, and we know that actually, we even tolerant currents, you know, for earthing and grounding. I don't know if that's as essential as some of the sunlight and PEMF. But certainly, you know, the book, earthing you know, and a lot of good research by you know, James Oschman loves to talk about this in his book energy, excellent book, energy medicine. And the electric field of the Earth, but electric field doesn't penetrate as deep as do microcurrent of PEMF. So, so that was kind of my fundamental thesis, I think kind of evolved into understanding that what nature is giving us is what we need, you know, the best whole organic foods, the best spring waters, I mean, I invested probably over 80,000 or more on water, all these fancy elaborate water generating setups that filtered it are RO, added minerals to it, spun it through a Viktor Schauberger vortex, stored it and erase the memory like little magnetic field, magnetic fields erase memory and water, stored in the Viktor Schauberger, golden ratio egg, you know it which keeps the water kind of going and a little cooler. But I still don't think you can beat spring water just us, find a if you can find a good spring which is becoming harder and harder. But, you know, so that's still that fundamental thesis, Victor Schober, you know, comprehend and copy nature, you know, if you're not getting enough of nature's elements, then try to understand what nature is giving us and then that you can't do better than nature. So try to do your best to copy nature and that was the (inaudible) or whatever they call those water system are based on Viktor Schauberger his ideas, and they were just what they were trying to do is to mimic nature's full hydrological cycle. nature's way of making water where it had just a little bit of minerals and just the right pH not not overly alkaline and not, you know, too, wildly high in minerals and all that. So, so that really got my attention within water. It's like Edward Lauren is a guy here and today I learned he wrote a book on water. He was just a genius, and he's the one that made this elaborate water processor using German grade reverse osmosis filters it got down to 0.0 parts per million solids, right? And but the big aha from his book was, yes, what we really need is what nature is giving us. So with water, we don't want to create these exotic waters with super high pH is or all these, you know, exotic scalar energys programmed. I mean, that might be good. I'm not saying it's not bad. It's just, it's like, the best water. In fact, even if you're going to program frequencies, because water can be programmed, one of the best frequencies to use a 7.83 Hertz. And that bio pro pitcher was which was based on a water picture where you put water in, it actually was pulsing like real 7.83 pulsar in there. So that was a big aha, for me, really. And that was kind of the guiding inspiration in my book. And really understanding that PEMFs are not just good for you, like, you know, the cosmonaut Russian space program, US space program uses those little Schumann generators in, you know, even in some of the shuttles and the shuttle launches based on when I was reading an energy medicine by Richard Gerber. You know, he mentioned this, and I'm like, and they kind of keep hidden some of the stuff. So it's a little hard to find this information online, and some of Dr. Fisher stuff, you know, he worked with the Russian space program. So, you know, he confirmed that the Russians were using these frequencies out in space. And but it makes sense, though, you know, we know out in space that in microgravity or very low gravity, that your bone density goes down because we need gravity to by the way, and wounds don't heal as quickly. And, and again, the Schumann pulse will it just kind of throws off your your rhythms and the underground bunker studies and the zero field studies show that I talked about that in my book.

Matthew Blackburn 11:44
I love I love all that. I love how you're putting out little tips. People love shows like this. There's all this practical information. And one question I had for you like Faraday cages, because you've been talking about the Schumann resonance and shielding, you know, so I, I converted half my garage here in this house to a sensory deprivation float room, I think I told you that on our calls. And I put to two layers of yshield paints, you know, that like graphite material? I think it was their ultra version, because they have different yshield paint strengths. This was like, their super strength or whatever. And my question to you is, is that harmful? Because I've heard I think I was listening to a podcast yesterday. And they were saying, that could potentially stop the heart for a minute if you're not getting exposed to, you know, the natural field. So there's kind of a big debate over like Faraday, caging and blocking. And you measure the timing, right? It's kind of a complex thing,

Bryant Myers 12:49
So, so what Dr. Nakagawa is Japanese study, he looked at these workers that were inside of concrete and steel all day long, you know, the concrete. And he found they were getting increased sensations of pain, lethargy and lack of energy, they weren't sleeping well, they're slightly depressed. And by introducing, you know, he, I think he did use both the static magnets and the pulse magnets. I think in this study, he was just static magnets, but he was like giving them a supplement of magnetic field therapy. And then the symptoms improved. And of course, that's part of the problem is the shielding. But if you are, but I get the dilemma, because with 5g Towers now and you know, all this, we're just getting irradiated from all directions, you do want to shield that out. So it's just kind of throwing out the baby with the bathwater, as they say. So one of the one of the things you could do, like the Russian space program, is you can if you're especially if you're near a cell phone tower, or something that's, you know, I, I always use a And make sure I mean, if I'm going to move somewhere, I am not gonna move anywhere near a cell phone tower. With 5g Towers is gonna be hard, because they're gonna put them in every corner, you know. So 5g has a very short wavelength. So it has to be really close to you go as far as 4g, and just based on very, very high frequencies, you they just, they get absorbed too easily. Right. So, so what you're doing, but you would still, what you need to do is you need to get like a Schumann generator, somewhere in that room that does. Ideally, like Earth pulse makes those ones you can plug in the wall. And they're kind of, you know, but but you can also do like a really good PEMF device like IMRs or beam or some a low frequency, low intensity. What that does is it also just gives you like a sub like a, like an infusion or a burst. But I wouldn't want to assume on pulse generator going all the time, you know, in that room, you know,

Matthew Blackburn 14:35
I mean, just the timing if I'm only in there for an hour, hour and a half is the time really about I mean, it's more is it more if I'm in there for eight hours, that would be?

Bryant Myers 14:44
Actually make it beneficial hormesis effect by being in there for just an hour. A little bit of stress on the body, but then the stress will will the body will respond by creating compensatory pathways to make make you stronger, right. So there's no hormesis studies with that. So I don't I don't know if that's the case. But I don't think an hour but listen to your body. I mean, you'll know if you feel fine and energetic and there's no difference in your overall energy before and after that it was probably okay.

Matthew Blackburn 15:15
Yeah, the reason why I bring this up too is like those Faraday canopies for beds are so popular, I think companies are sprouting up all the time to where you can cover underneath the bed even and then drape it over

Bryant Myers 15:29
With like, the really, you know, like the key coil or some of those coils that can really absorb some of that Electrosmog. And just getting like I live out in the country, you know, I lived more downtown, I moved out in the country, away from cell phone towers, I opted out of my smart meter, you can you can Ethernet, all your computers, you can hook them up to ethernet, I mean, I do have Wi Fi, I mean, I turn Wi Fi on when I have to. Of course, sometimes it's not practical, though, to use Ethernet all the time. But I mean, there's a lot of ways that you can kind of systematically go through your house and just get rid of all these a lot of these sources and I pay a penalty every month to be opted out of my smart meter, I have to pay the electric company, because they have a guy comes to my house I don't always see him, but I say hey, hey, how's it going? And he comes up with reason. I mean, he kind of gets it too. He's like, Yeah, I'm with you, man. These things are kicking out all that microwave radiation, you don't want that bursting into your house. And very chaotic bursts just like the the towers do. It's not even only not only high frequency, but it's a very, it's like someone like putting their nails on a chalkboard. I mean, it's just a really bad. It's a very, you know, choppy, disruptive cacophonous waveform, that's going to be Yeah, not only high frequency dangerous, but it's just the way the wave bursts are created is just makes it even worse.

Matthew Blackburn 16:46
Yeah, my my Starlink router, I unplug it at night, but I have one of those routers, shields. It's like a mesh metal around it. And then I had like a shungite plate under it. Because I did find one or two studies on shungite, and EMS. Like, it's interesting. So I figured it can't hurt to just put it on a plate.

Bryant Myers 17:07
I want to I want to take a deeper dive into that I just spend busy with things. But with all these 5g technologies rolling out, I'm gonna definitely take a deep dive into that. I mean, I know a fair amount, but I'm not up to date on all the latest products, you know?

Matthew Blackburn 17:22
Yeah, yeah. Cuz I think, to me orgonite i BS, I don't know, I've never seen a study on it. I don't. I used to make little tower busters, throw them at towers and place them all around the house. And I've never felt anything from any Orgonite ever in my life. So I questioned that.

Bryant Myers 17:45
There's different ways to make it. I mean, then I had I had a whole meditation pyramid, a big one had little organite things in every corner big, big elaborate ones, too. I mean, yeah, I don't know, if that there's not really much science, that's the problem was energy medicine is you have all these. And there's just, to me, the ones that have the really good science, you know, like we're talking 1000s of studies, it's like, it's like there is bio-photobiomodulation, red light therapy for low level light there that laser light therapy PEMF microcurrent type of therapies. And so they're just, there's just not that many forms of energy medicine that like RIFE doesn't have really that much. There's not much research on RIFE frequencies. I mean, you got real Raymond Rife, like early stuff. But as James Oschman points out, in his book on energy medicine, he talks about Healing frequencies, mainly PEMF, being roughly zero through 333 Hertz. But if you look at the (unintelligble), a lot of the higher frequencies overlap with the zero to 50. That's why I talked about zero to 30, or zero to 50. Because those are the ones that correspond to the brain state frequencies, you know, these are the frequencies the body is emitting from squid magnetometers, these are the frequencies of the earth that were tuned into. And, and these are the frequencies of cells at (unintelligble). And this is going to (unintelligble) the cells and tissues respond to so. So yes, I don't think you know, and again, like I told you, before the show, you know that your synapses in your nerves, it's like a 10 millisecond type of delay there. So you turn that around, that's 100 hertz. So whenever you go above 100 hertz, your nervous system can't really hear it, it's not going to really be sometimes you can, you can't go faster than that because that's your nerves can't just pick up on it see, both red light therapy interestingly, and red light therapy and PEMF in the literature. There was a really good literature review of all the different PEMF studies. It was one of those literature reviews of the PEMF study. So it wasn't just one study it was it was going through all the different studies and the whole basis of this paper. I don't know if by Boff, I forget who did the paper it was in the book, Compendium of of energy medicine studies, very scientific, very well researched book. Very dense too it has like really a lot of dense stuff. Well, he, he was he was you know, he was one of the contributor. I forget who is the author but the best the best parameters that they found was using like two to three to 100 hertz as a repetition rate. And we can talk about this if we want to get take a deep dive into PEMF. And again, this is stuff that a lot of people are not understanding because companies are just saying frequency and intensity. And they did talk about intensity using a lower- they went up to like five or 10 millitesla, but that's still way, way below a Tesla or those, like you mentioned, Tesla coil, you know, I had one of my social media workers was cuz she didn't work for me exclusively. So she was also helping tesla coil, right? Nottesla coil amp coil. And so she got an amp coil and sent it to me and I got the demo now. It's just, I don't like to badmouth PEMF companies, but when they're when they're cranking out, not only high high intensities, like a Tesla or more, but they're using some of the higher frequencies like some of the RIFE. This is also called a doug coil. By the way, the old fashioned Mills, which I didn't agree with either are typically taking the right frequencies, Rife and Hulda Clark frequencies and putting them through a coil. So basically, amp coil and there's another one that's a knockoff of it are just glorified doug coils that have, like, voice recognition I mean, they got all this stuff where it listens to your voice, and it's like, yeah, t's no, the overall effect is not going to be a whole lot different than the old fashioned doug coils, but the intensity is too high, and then they have you put just, then it's only one coil, right? So this literature review of PEMF study showed that the ideal and again, based on his most effective PEMF studies were showing lower intensities, not maybe as low as I talked about in my book, because you know, five milliteslas is still a fair intensity, you know, that's 5000 Gauss. So some of the devices I like only go up to maybe 100 or 200, Gauss, or 300, with the with the (unintelligble), it goes to 300. But still, you know, I see any RP studies with safety, you know, 5000 Gauss at low frequencies is still safe. So, I just really, really loved that study, because it just really drove home. And, and it was interesting that they kept off getting kind of full circle when I started talking about this, is that 100 hertz was the cap of what they recommended for a repetition rate frequency, because that's the main frequency interacts with the human brain in neurology. While you want a repetition rate low at nighttime and maybe more energizing in the day, you know, from 15. I mean, you could do gamma upwards to 50 hertz as a repetition. That's to me a little overstimulating, probably.

Matthew Blackburn 22:40
That's a good segue, Bryant because so PEMF just to like, kind of define it, it's, it's both an electric field and a magnetic field. And pulsed means it's not static, right? It's, it's going in and out.

Bryant Myers 22:55
I would like to call it PMF therapy, because it really, if you have a good coil that's tightly wound pure copper, or you could use gold or silver, but it doesn't make any practical sense, because copper is so good. And for the middle of that coil, which is going up into the body, you are getting a pure magnetic field, there's hardly any electric field going in the body at all. I mean, next to zero, really. So it's really more of a pure, because a pulsed electromagnetic field is I mean, you can say, your light bulb, it really It's a pulse, you know, Maxwell's equations for light, you know, it's got an electric field and magnetic component. And that's, that is a pulsed electromagnetic field. And so it's not the, it's wrong to call PEMF PEMF. It's just because there's so little of the electric part of it. It's really more, it's better to think of it this way, as if you take remember the little experiments in high school where you take a little battery, and you wrap a copper wire, and you create a little cheap electromagnet, you know, it's not hard. You just take a copper wire, put it nine volt battery, put one terminal around, and that's this little cheap solenoid. So, so some of the probes like the IMRs probe, and the QRS probe, they're just like their solenoids around a Ferris core, which just amplifies that, but let's just say they had a DC current going through that coil, it's called, you know, it's a solenoid, right? It's just a, it's a spiral of a copper going up, a very tightly wound spiral. And that if you had a DC current going through it, you would get a pure magnetic field, no electric field coming out at all. And in the energy of that is indistinguishable of a bar magnet, with the north pole at a similar intensity. Again, you got to you got to make sure the direct current is enough to give you the same intensity. But you could not distinguish the two energies if you put a shield over and you wouldn't know what was wha,t biological effects are identical. So then it turns out magnets are due to spinning electrons. So at the molecular level, those magnetic fields are coming from electron spinning in circles. So when we're doing when the coils are just doing that, we're read producing that what the electron is doing around an atom at a much, much higher level. And it's the same exact energy. But the beauty of PMF now, and the beauty of magnetic fields being so deeply penetrating, which is great. I mean, let me just mention that really quickly, because people will be like, Well, what about electric field therapy, microcurrent therapy and other ways you can get frequencies into the body. Well, the problem with those even light, they're even like red light tech, which I love so much. If you have penetration depth, you have impedances, and impedances are just resistance in the skin for microcurrent, for example, like you know, zappers and TENS, them and all those, FSM, you know, frequency stimulation, you know, all those types of frequency, whether they're electric currents or electric fields, you have dielectrics, and, and resistances, in your skin and tissues that block the input of that energy. Especially if you're trying to work deep in the, say, the middle of your bone marrow in the middle of your liver or in the middle of your heart, it's hard to get those energies that deep in the body, at least at a therapeutic dose. The beauty of PMF is guess what? The, the constant for there is no, there is no impedance at all, or , there is no dielectric for magnetic fields, magnetic fields even go through lead, right. And I mean, they can make contraptions that kind of divert the magnetic field, but you can't perfectly you like, it's like Faraday cage, so kind of diverting it around. So because it's the magnetic field component on the deleterious or the harmful side of it, that magnetic field components, what's causing the damage in your tissue from Electrosmog, because that's what's penetrating unfortunately, deep, not the electric field, it's pretty much most of the energy from those cellphone towers coming into your house, are almost all magnetic field. So these things, but that on the healing side it's a good thing, because now you can drive those frequencies deep in the tissue. And this is what makes magnetic field therapy and pulsed magnetic field therapy unique is that there's no other form of energy provably by biophysics, which, again, these biophysics textbooks talk about the dielectric constant of the body is 50. In layman's terms, and that electric fields are getting shielded by 50 times that's 5000 blLocked, and even light, you know, Shine a flashlight through your hand, you do see the red part of this. So the biological window of light is really best around, you know, 600 to like 1000, the far infrared will go in deep, but as far as like the optical benefits of like working in the mitochondria, and some because the far infrared is heating water up, it's not doing much to get water in your body out, which is good. And I mean, you can get easy water, you can get fourth phase of water from this type of light. But if you want to work on the molecular with mitochondria, with red light therapy, you need to use slightly shorter frequencies. But it's that window, but a lot of other frequencies are just blocked out, you know, green and blue light, they don't go in at all. So that so this is something that people really need to understand. And that PMF is so unique in that sense of their energy medicine. I think that everybody no matter how many energy medicine devices you have, this is where you start. You know, you have a good air purifier, good shower filter, good water filtrate I mean, you know those other things too, but when it comes to energy devices, you know, I would start with PMF you know, and then maybe red light and then maybe vibration and you know infrared and other things.

Matthew Blackburn 28:23
It is because I'm really fascinated with sleep and creating like the ultimate sleep setup. But I've done so many experiments over the years. And I had Dean Bonlie on the show a few years ago and I was using his magnetic pad for four years and I don't anymore just because I moved out of the city. So I feel like I don't really need that shielding effect. But Magneto chelation is interesting. You know, but there's a difference between static magnets and PEMF and I know there are some companies I think you mentioned one I think Earth pulse Yeah, they sell like a asleep P EMF unit right that you're supposed to sleep on it. But I just kind of question is that safe? And that seems to be a whole topic right? Sleeping on static magnets versus pulsed.

Bryant Myers 29:12
I used to sleep on like, there's what's that company that Jack Kruse reccomends he's like an affiliate for? It's like magnetico, yeah. So you're basically putting these really it's really big, heavy box in this package. huge, heavy, really six strong magnets and you're putting them on, you're not putting them right on top, you're putting them further down. And I've got nothing against that. In fact, the nice way to do that would be to have, if you're going to really mimic the earth again, this is my whole thesis, right? Is the Earth does have a quai-static. It's not totally static. By the way. You know, the geomagnetic field does have frequency as HeartMath shows but they got six or seven magnetometers, which measures are very sensitive, very sensitive measurements for magnetic fields. And they measure that the Earth's magnetic field does have a frequency component to it. It's like it's a low it's in the sub Hertz in the low hertz like point one to like five, you know, 2-3-4-5 hertz, but it mainly peaks around .1 and 5.5 hertz. So having a little bit of frequency, but again, that's almost it's pretty close to being static but but point one hertz is your breathing rate, that's about 10 repetitions a minute or so. Wait, wait, see, that's .1 hertz is 10 cycles per second. I mean, I mean, one cycle per 10 seconds. So that would be, you know, six cycles in a minute. So do we breathe we breathe faster than that. But what HeartMath found was that this .1 hertz when you are able to get somebody in a room with something that kind of gets them into this point, one entrainment, it seems to synchronize breathing, heart rate variability and blood pressure. There's like a synchronization a global coherence in your body that takes place at point one hertz, and point. And I think they did other experiments to where they got people into coherence, and they can see this .1. So it kind of goes both ways. Right? I call this reciprocity, the frequencies that we get are kind of similar the frequencies we met. So when we're wonderful state of harmony within ourselves, were like maybe in this.1 coherent state with our heart rate variability, or breathing rate and our blood pressure, but also the earth is giving us that so it goes both ways. So that, butwhy is it that we are so,Why is it .1 hertz is such a harmonious, coherent state, it's because that's the fundamental frequency of the earth. So this is a whole thing we've evolved. I mean, for millions of years as human beings, but certainly life for 3.5 billion years. So we've evolved to tune into and harness the energies that are on our planet, our evolution, this is why life survives, it's like it learns, okay, here's our environment, we have these light frequencies coming in, we have this Schumann Resonance, we have these electric field frequencies, these elements of food, water, air, etc. So biology is going to evolve to harness those energies to live because if we're going another planet had all different Schumann resonance because they will, they'll have a plant, you know, Jupiter's resonance, they'll all have different frequencies, because of based on geometry and size, we would evolve totally different, we would need totally different frequencies, different foods, whatever. But again, life would have you evolved to adapt to that environment. So this reciprocity, it was another big AHA moment, I did a whole video on PEMF and reciprocity, because Zimmerman showed that the frequencies we emit, alright, we're admitting that zero to 30 Hertz range on the the magneto oncephalogram. You know, it's like a squid magnetometer, very sensitively, measuring the magnetic field of the body, by the way up to five to 10 feet into space. You know, it was back in 1963, that it was such an, this should be in every history book, by the way, since 1963, when the first word magnetometer detected the body's energy field, outside the skin. This is when we first realized our body does not end at the skin. This is a watershed moment, we're more than just physical beings. Because if I can detect your magnetic field, like five feet, at the time was maybe just a couple of feet. And obviously, you don't end at your skin, you feel this is your biofield, whatever you want to call it, or your aura or I like I like biofield better cuz it's kind of scientifically accepted. By the way, this goes out to infinity, because electromagnetic fields are one over R squared, but there's no end to them. The Pioneer 10 is a great example. You know, it was like, what, 7.6 billion miles from Earth when they got the last signal. I mean, outside the solar system, right, it get past Pluto. And with a little, little 5 or 10 watt transmitter, we were able to pick up that signal on Earth. I mean, think about that, that's like a 5 or 10 watt light bulb. Yes we use very big arrays of antenna radio antennas to pick it up. But still, that shows you, you know, when we go it goes the other way too! So our energy is going in at least, you know 7.6 billion miles or further into space, right? So that's huge, because up until that moment, it didn't it seemed like all the electrocardiograms electroencephalograms you had to put- you had to map, you had to measure electrocurrents on the skin. Of course a little bit of thinking would be like well Amperes law says that current creates a magnetic field but but they never really talk about these energies outside the body, you know, that we Yeah.

Matthew Blackburn 34:38
Right. Have you ever heard of space It shows like solar flares and the solar wind speed. What's going on and geomagnetic storms and I know in like the spiritual communities they always say, you know, oh, if you're not sleeping well It's because the sun's doing this. Have you ever gone down those rabbit holes? And?

Bryant Myers 35:03
Well, no, they're actually a really good book on biophysics. And I remember him talking about there's a scientific word for it. But it's basically a field that studies, the biological effects of all these (unintelligble) solar storms. And there definitely was a correlation between the big solar storms and like, you know, and psychiatric type of problems. You know, just sleep. I mean, yes, there is definitely a connection there. It's really interesting. It's been a little while since I've visited that topic. But when I read it, I'm like, it made perfect sense to me, because we're, we're electromagnetic beings, and we're very highly sensitive and nonlinear. To give you how a sense of how sensitive our body is the Schumann Resonance, which we know is essential is only like 1 to 3 pico Tesla. I mean Pico Tesla, you know, Pico Tesla is a trillionth of a Tesla? That's incredibly (unintelligble), right? So we're talking about micro Tesla's, you know, some high intensity companies like Oh, micro teslas is too weak? Well, Pico teslas is a lot weaker, and we're, it's essential, and we're getting that from the earth. So the fact that we can pick up even, you know, there's one study that showed college students , they can they can shine one photon. And like, half the college students were picking up or registering or detecting one photon in a dark room, which is like a million fold. Look at one photon registering in your brain, or it was a couple photons, it was less than 10. For sure. I'm pretty sure it was one photon, I remember I had to relook at it like oh, no, there's no way they can just pick up one photon, it was kind of a higher, I don't know if it was maybe a blue or more of a higher frequency photon. But but that a million fold amplification to get an electrical signal to your brain to register it. Because one little tiny photons got very little energy so that your neurons have to know that neural energy of that current that's going to go to register in your brain has almost like a million fold amplification. So this is why we don't need high intensity, our body is highly nonlinear. We're not just machines, where you get one input, and it's twice the input twice the output, okay, triple the power, triple the output, you know, that's not how we work, you know, there's basically we follow a more of a biphasic dose response pretty much with everything, meaning it's the hormeis effect, right? It's basically the I call it the Goldilocks principle, it's just a little too little is not enough, and too much will hurt you. And, and again, sometimes the too much will have no effect. But then it goes below the x axis and it gets into the negative. So and this again, you can see this, within fasting, you can see this exercise, you can see this was on red light therapy, you can see this within certain supplements, a lot of things where you get this little like, for example, with exercise, or even red light therapy, you get like a little burst of reactive oxygen species, right. And that strengthens your body's ability to cope with stress, you know, , superoxide, dismutase, and glutathione. Some of these are all strengthened to handle, you know, the oxygen radical, all those different peroxide, radicals, whateverall this stuff that's, that's coming from reactive oxygen. And, and so but, but if you go too far, like as Michael Hanlon showed, with red light therapy, you get another spike of reactive oxygen, which is the bad one, and then that just keeps going down, right? That's when you've gone too far. So there's like this Goldilocks zone with all these forms of therapies. And you can- when it's really weak, now, when you use low intensity PMF, you don't really have to worry about getting too much to the, to the bad side of the hormeis curve, because you're just not, there's just not enough intensity there that's going to really do it, with high intensity, yes, you might get a little bit of hormesis effect with with short, but nobody's really done that study. And then some of the advice some of these high intensity, I won't mention names just to be respectful but some of these high intensity, so called PEMF, gurus that are just and there's one in particular that's popular because he's got written two books. You know, they're giving bad advice and telling people they can use high intensity for an hour a day even. And I know this because I had a guy that got crippled from following that advice. He was a race car drive right here in town. And so this is why I kind of get a little, I mean, kind of angry in a righteous way, because this is nothing against them personally, it's just their advice to so it can be harmful. And until they get some good hormeis studies with high intensity PEMF maybe they have them but I haven't seen them or anything convincing, then I think it's best to leave those for the clinical setting and short, short term. But if you want to use something every day and get the benefits of PEMF you want to do it every day. You want to do it every day, but you should. You want to definitely stick with lower intensity, lower frequency repetition rates, and I say repetition frequency of the pulse. If you can't define aPEMF devices with one frequency unless it's just a sine wave, unles it's a sine wave PEMF Which to me, I don't like those because There's just too simplistic, you're not getting enough frequency, you're only getting one frequency. Now some like the ones we use, like a couple, but then you're still getting couple frequencies and they're limited harmonics. That's, that's not ideal because you want that rapid rise and fall, which only comes from a broad spectrum of frequencies. In fact, you need some of the higher frequencies to conduct sharp edge and that' just mathematics. But we don't have to get too much into detail on that. But

Matthew Blackburn 40:25
So by intensity, are you talking about the Gauss?

Bryant Myers 40:30
Yeah, but again, intensity is measured- Okay so this is where one of these so called high intensity gurus misleads a lot of people because he says that PEMF signals fall with a one over square drop off. That's assuming an infinitesimally small point source, PEMF calls are very large. So again, it's clear that he didn't study physics of how currents create magnetic fields, because you have to integrate over the source current. So when you do that, it's called the bias of art (unintelligble) law, or you can use Amperes law to but the most important law is usually for a coil, easier calculation, you end up with, and I did the calculations based on this popular book on PMF that actually shows like the charge, right? Look, look, you know, two inches away and drops to this. And he shows you, it's like, if that was true, you would need high intensity because based on his chart, hardly any energy was getting in from a low intensity device. But that was assuming I did the math I spent like a couple of days I mean, I'm really digging into this because so many people are getting misled by it, that I figured out I don't know I said where's his numbers coming from because at zero distance he had a reading, well at zero distance at a point particle, it would be infinity because one over R squared if R squared is zero and you put one over zero what is that it's infinity it doesn't make sense, so because he says to start with something at zero, I figured out he was using like little two millimeter - three millimeter like sphere and there's no PEMF devices uses a two millimeter sphere. So his numbers were coming from some fictional sphere that's creating a one over R squared drop off and and even that wasn't accurate. It only worked for the first couple. So I don't know honestly, I don't know where he got some of those numbers because I went through this ina little video I did as a rebuttal. Only because so many people were coming to me saying hey,you need high intensity because the low intensity won't penetrate. And the last straw was when Justin you said you know you know Justin at extreme health radio. I did an interview with one of the high intensity guru people, again, I'll just keep their names out of it. This person started to convince him that he needed the high intensity, because he did a couple interviews earlier right. When I saw that show, I called Justin and Justin we got to do a show. Just give me a chance to rebuttal. In fact, I said Justin I'll do one better. I'll send you an IMRS. A low intensity, you have a trifield meter which is good enough to measure the intensity and I sent it to him and if this guy what he said was true, which is the one over r square drop off based on like this chart that I looked at that you would get absolutely no intensity like just a couple inches off the mat even it would be very very miniscule. But I got Justin and I guided him through this and I said like three feet above his IMRs mat he was getting a pretty decent reading on his on his on his trifield meter on the magnetic. So it totally contradicted what this guy had told him, the high intensity guy he had on the show. Why? Because they're using it wrong and the reason why this is the fundamental error of why people need high intensity they're basing it on a couple of gurus that say that you get a one over R squared drop off with magnetic fields and because of that you got to use high intensity penetrating tissue that really is the reason, the couple books written by this gentleman you can go on on Amazon and see see what I'm talking.

Matthew Blackburn 43:56
What it's interesting Bryant is the other day I found because I have goats and chickens and I have my own little homestead here and I was just searching around after we talked on PEMF devices just looking at whatsfor sale I haven't looked in years to and I found a So they catered to you know, equestrian horses and goats and sheep and stuff livestock and they sold a mini PEMF unit but it's nine grand. And so I know like for horses and stuff. They often use these really strong, kind of like, you know, the paddle kind of thing. Is that different or would that like what you said Would that still apply to horses?

Bryant Myers 44:40
It might have a place in like, you know Kentucky Derby races. Like Terrell Owens it's a big thing to high intensity companies love to talk about Terrel Owen's got back to the Super Bowl because of high intesnity PEMF? Well, it's because high intensity has a numbing and dumbing effect like cortisone shots. Where you can temporarily get some very good pain relief. And, you know, I'm not saying it doesn't have any immediate healing effects, because, you know, there are some, you know, really good reports. But the problem is, is when you look at like, a couple studies, I forget the names of the researchers, it was like Blackburn or something, that over time, you start to get tissue necrosis, when you do high intensity, you know, over a prolonged period of time. So, this is why I don't totally say that high intensity is absolutely useless. I do say that if, you know, in cases of professionals, you know, athletes need to get back out in the field, that, you know, Kentucky Derby horses need to race, doctors in a clinical setting, that really understand how to use it properly, that understand the dosimetry, which a lot of even this, so he's a so called who's a medical doctor, and he's written two books on PEMF doesn't seem to understand dosimetry and he's got a whole dosimetry section as book about dosage. You know, dosimetry is just the science of dosage for the for the viewers out there. And there's a it's a real big field and dosimetry most of the pharmacology and it's not talked about enough, you know, and this is where the biphasic dose response curve comes. It happens in pharmacology, to anything that deals with humans, because humans are nonlinear, so it's not going to be a straight line. Oh, double the pills equals double benefit. Don't keep going like that. Do I think that you need high intensity in any of these sorts of circumstances, not really, just unless you want to use like a, like an energetic cortisone shot to just numb and dumb.

Matthew Blackburn 46:32
Do they make low intensity, because I've only seen, like, all the high intensity devices I've seen on the market have like the rings or the paddles, but I haven't seen any low intensity devices. They're all just mats have you seen any like low intensity with paddles or rings?

Bryant Myers 46:48
The rings are just coils. So the coils, all the local applicators like IMRs, Beamer, they're using rings inside of the pads. Now with the new IMRs prime, they got rid of the probe now they have the hexagon spot and it's a Helmholtz coil, it's actually just like the butterfly rings that high intensity uses, only it's more padded, so it's just a little more, it just looks better, it's more comfortable. But inside is no different than a butterfly ring. Assume that you got the I'm sure they do this because it'd be dumb not to, you want the currents to go in the same direction get the Helmholtz effect, meaning you don't get much of a drop off in between two so it's good to use butterfly rings, but it's not good to use high intensity. Now if you have them going in different directions, because I see some people wrap like the Beamer, you know their beamer pad around their knee, but then you got two coils that are pointing to different sides, the knees going in opposite directions. It's like pointing to you know, to poles at each other that the energy is just kind of it's not, it'll go in and but you're not getting that beautiful Helmholtz when you dont go it in the same direction. Actually, the new center of center optics is mindful that when you fold their mat they got they got it all figured out so that you're always getting Helmholtz coil to Helmholtz coil.

Matthew Blackburn 48:03
Interesting. Yeah, yeah. Another fascination of mine. Besides sleep was just driving, I used to drive, you know, Uber and Lyft and cannabis in California and all this stuff and just long car rides and road trips and moving cross country. And I was always trying to think of like things to stay energized. And about six months ago, I experimented with I think it's Shorin and Shealy is the brands something like that. They sell like a little PEMF thing that you could put and I was using that when I drove around. And I don't know if I felt anything but to me that felt like a good idea.

Bryant Myers 48:47
But I think he's the one Norman Shealy that did a little stem cell research. He was finding like three to 4% increases stem cells was his PEMF device. How accurate that study is I don't know but it makes sense, you know, stem cell endogenous stem cells, you know, they become mobile when you when you can switch them from glycolysis tooxidative phosphorylation, which is the Krebs cycle, you're basically going from four miles per gallon to like 32 or 30 Miles go or how many? How many? How many ATP has come out Krebs cycle? It's a lot more it's like 36 or something. So So yeah, so the stem cell, that's another huge thing. And the mechanism makes sense to me because you're switching, you know, these cells that are dealing doing anaerobic very inefficient anaerobic respiration, and they're not really mobile in that environment, in the bone marrow, wherever it's very, you know, hypoxic, but then you use different ways to help them switch to oxidative phosphorylation, then they can be more mobile than they'll come out more readily. They'll be able to come to the bloodstream and go to the tissue and heal wherever tissue needs to be healed. I did the research with red light, and when I when I saw that, Michael Hanlon talking about it who's one of the big gurus in red light therapy. It made perfect sense why PEMF would do the same thing. Because PEMF has been shown to interact, you know, with with ATPAs, which you know, which is the fifth complex and the Krebs cycle, the final transport chain, and that's the rotor that's spinning around and pumping hydrogens out and really creating, you know the ATP from ADP. But, so the PEMF is doing that. And the research shows that PEMF helps to create ATP and to release the energy from ATP that it would in this mechanism Michael Hanlon talks about is perfectly applicable to also chemotherapy. But Norman Shealy,I don't know how he calculated his stem cell in 3 to 4% increase. But I looked at his frequency and I couldn't understand why he was using such a high frequency. So it didn't make sense to me. I mean, as much as I respect him, he's got a great book I know energy medicine. You know, he's one of the more well known authors on this book energy medicine but you can get IMRs or the old IMRS who doesn't use a car adapter and you know, the Omnium one which is also same IMRs has a tablet, and you know, you can charge it and it's wireless. You know, the new subtropics. Wireless you can get like, I think 15 or 20 sessions on a one charging. But I haven't noticed I'm trying it out right now, I haven't noticed if it's that many but. So like on the road I would because it's more of the low frequency, it makes more sense to me because you know you just don't want to you want to make sure you do the energy daytime session didn't want to do the sleepy frequencies. Talking about this, but the repetition rate of these different PEMF devices, you that's one of the biggest things that can help you asleep and are number two when I was, I'm not working with a PMF company right now, but when I was that, I would say the second most common benefit we would get from people was better sleep. I mean, my friend Lynette she was having the worst insomnia she was like my business partner for a while with noblerex vibration plate and she just couldn't get to bed. And I just, I helped her to get an IMRs. 2000 at the time. And it just, it took two weeks, you know, because she had really, really bad insomnia. But then it was just like a switch got turned on all of a sudden she started sleeping better. And then she took it everywhere she went because she was afraid to leave home without it. You know, she she was getting like three hours of sleep a night just really, really bad. And it was just just really, really getting to her psychological.

Matthew Blackburn 52:23
Yeah, I recently helped a friend with that my friend Benny that lives here in Idaho next to me. He just had his second child and just the stress. He just, you know, he'd lay down and go to sleep and just be laying there all night with insomnia. And so I bought like SOTA devices. I think I got into him like, I don't know, eight, nine years ago. So I gave my SOTA bio tuner. And that just, you know, it clips to your ear lobes. It's like the cranial electrical stimulation. And he said it seemed to help. But I made all these recommendations to him, you know, magnesium, he's like I tried so many different things. But this electric thing seemed to help. So

Bryant Myers 53:04
Still, and then all the PMF devices, the IMRs, or IMRs 2000, which it used to be, it makes sense because the repetition rates, they do like the Theta Delta frequency repetition rate, right? And the more like 15-15 hertz repetition rate in the morning for the energy, or beamers, using like 30-30 hertz, and it's like, well, it's not terrible. But 30 hertz, well, that's a high beta. That's okay for the morning. But at nighttime, yeah. 10 hertz is relaxing. But you know, they have, and this is repetition, right? This is not the frequency the device, people say, Oh, you got high frequencies, you know, measured on a, because I had, we had to do rebuttals to different people that were saying, Oh, you got high frequencies? It's like, yeah, you need high frequencies to create a sharp slope. That's how you get induction. Right. So it's kind of - but the repetition rate is what the nervous system is responding to. And this is what this the study of studies showed is that you want because of the neurological, you know, connection to the repetition rate, you want to keep frequencies below that threshold of 100 hertz faster than the neurons can. And so, it makes sense. That's kind of where our brain states aren't going to 100. But we're certainly going from at least zero to 50. Or maybe with gamma. I don't know how high gamma goes, but it goes up.

Matthew Blackburn 54:25
I didn't tell you this in our phone conversations, but it was two years in the making. And I built a bathtub made out of lodestones. And apparently the first magnets in the world were made of lodestone, William Gilbert wrote a book called de Magneti on and he focused on, you know, it's a form of iron iron oxide, which is interesting, but it's magnetite. It's been struck by lightning and so I know creates a current and I held I have a bunch of different magnetic meters at like 3 to 10 Mars and I just got a new one that's like omnidirectional. And it pulses anywhere between, I don't know, I guess one hertz. And I've seen it pulse all the way up to like 180. Or, I'm sorry, Gauss. Yeah, its gauss, I said hertz, but yeah, pulses with that strength of Gauss. And it's like, I think it's close to 1000 pounds in there. And so I'll fill it with water and put, like, Shilajit, and my goat milk and like Cleopatra, she used donkey milk but and just try to-

Bryant Myers 55:36
They supposedly used lodestones to heal, you know, in Greece or whatever. And they would sometimes move the lodestones, they find it sometimes you get better benefits, shaking or moving, them when you get more of an induction, that's where you get the PEMF. So that's the problem, static magnets is that in order to create a microcurrent, it's called it's Faraday's law, you need to change your magnetic field with time, the static oscilloscope is a straight line, there's no dynamic change, but they do have an effect. Because relative to the field, all your ions and blood is moving. So but if they weren't, then there'll be no effect at all from the magnet, but because all your little circulating stuff is moving around, you're gonna get a relative induction through that. And so this is why you have to higher intensity with magnets to get in effect, because because the movements are so weak compared to like a good PEMF that can get a really sharp induction and create those micro currents. But it certainly- I don't see anything wrong with doing that what you're doing,

Matthew Blackburn 56:31
Do you think? Do you think the h2o molecules in the water because it's like, I don't know, 150 gallons of water, like the magnetic field moving through the water with the minerals would change anything?

Bryant Myers 56:42
The Navy did a study with like using magnets inside of pipes, you know, and they found that you get less build up when you use magnets because you're lowering the tension, the (unintelligible) higher surface tension, which just simply means when you lower the surface tension solutes can be dissolved more easily. The higher surface tension, they they fall out a solution, right? So they'll deposit on the pipes. So the lower surface tension makes the Water Wetter. And of course, it'll penetrate into your skin better and are clear it'll clean at a deeper level. This is why soaps, soaps don't work to clean your clothes, all that soaps do is they're surfactants that lower the surface tension. In fact, like, you know (unintelligble) again you know, some of his stuff with lower surface tension was essentially like a soap. But it was a very much more bioavailable where it didn't have the side effects of just drinking soap same thing with Willard water to Willard water is basically liquid soap, in a sense, because it's doing the same thing as soap. And in fact, if you shake up Willard water with your water, it would get all bubbly, like soap bubbles, but it was not, you don't want to be drinking soap obviously. You just find ways with the little silica molecules I forget exactly how he did it but but you can lower the surface tension of water in ways where whatever you're using to do that, like Willard water is not harmful to the body so much. It's just, but then like Edward Lauren would say, like, I learned so much about water from him, do you really want surface tension to be that low? That's that kind of leaves you with weak lazy water so. So it's like, everything is just so I kind of got away from doing trying to lower surface tension in my water. Which electrolysis device ionizers will do that too. But that's not necessarily a good thing if you lower the surface tension too much.

Matthew Blackburn 58:27
Yeah, you brought up Patrick Flanagan and I told you I go into his neurophone party before he passed. And I've been using the NF3, for years. I think I bought it like I don't know seven years ago or something. And what fascinated me was the ultrasound delivery right to the brain. He had some pretty wild claims and like, you know, speed learning languages and, you know, improving short and long term memory and maybe it did do all those things. But it was some pretty wild claims in the interviews that he made on it. But then I heard Gerald Pollack, the water experts say that what was it infrared light, and ultrasound, creates easy water, exclusion zone water. So that kind of connected the dots to me because I still have that little ultrasound device just two transducers you put on your head. I can't remember what the frequency of it was. But it was I think it was pretty high of of ultrasound. But it definitely worked. I mean, I've seen it melt headaches and

Bryant Myers 59:34
(unintelligble)read it's near and Dr. Pollack found that it was 1200 nanometers so that was like the peak of the easy water production. But certainly invisible light, this is another basis for light therapy, is that it creates easy water even just regular visible light if you shine on water, it'll start to create this easy water but you get the peak of production at around 1200 but certainly far infrared saunas, you're gonna get it there too, and then again, think about it, we've evolved on this planet, and I forgot to mention this to harness the energies, not just the energy from the sun, because the sun is giving us pretty much UV, visible, and infrared, right, that's almost all, we're not getting much radio and gamma rays and all that because the atmosphere filters it out, however, the sunlight that hits the earth, all that energy is utilized for life. And then life kind of, you could say excretes it's kind of the waste product of waste heat, same thing with waste heat. So the frequencies coming in, the wavelengths going out, are always gonna be weak or longer wavelength because it's less energy going out, or more incoherent, or same energy, but it's longer wavelength. So we have all this infrared radiation rerated from the earth. And so we're basically like with infrared cameras, this is how infrared cameras work at night. So we're constantly saturated by infrared radiation coming rerated from the earth that's coming from the sun, warming the earth and the earth is absorbing. Now some lights reflected like if you go skiing, you're gonna get pure reflected light, but just as reradiated light is what creates the easy water. So life is learned, you know, with water, because water is a battery, but it's gotta be near a hydrophilic surface, you know, it doesn't work unless you have, which, by the way, our blood vessels, connective tissue matrix is a hydrophilic surface, right? So you can create like, so water this is a mechanism for another mechanism for why, say red light therapy works is that it's creating easy water. And by the way, when you create the water near the hydrophilic surface, in the middle of that tube like blood vessels in the middle, now you have the exclusion zone water, so it's pushing out, but there's a lot lower surface tension, it lowers the surface tension of the water in the middle. So like with ATP it has little rotor, they found that when you shine like, like they did a study with 980 nanometers, and lowered the surface tension of that water and increased ATP that's the mechanism that they found that was going on. So the 980 wasn't working on cytochrome c, like the other proven red light frequencies, it was working on water. And just as Jerry Pollack talks about, and his book, The fourth phase water, I spent a lot of time going through that. And it's something everybody should Mei Wan Ho too has a really big book on water. And she references Jerry Pollack in the book and and it's just such an important- people just don't get that water is just not water. I mean, people just think that water is a some bulk thing, you know, it's like, but if you look at all the different ways you can measure water from surface tension to solids, I did videos on water where I just showed it as like, like 50 different parameters. It's just, there's so much to water. And you know, Dr. Emoto, and all this stuff. I mean, they program frequencies into water, water creates these hydration envelopes, and is so many it's such a vast topic and as Jerry Pollack says, like, is it I think he said, What do you say like 98.3% molecules out of 100 in your body, are water is very precise. Now, by bulk percentage or weight, it's maybe 70%, or whatever. But by molecular count, because water is so small, it's 98.3 out of 100. That mean, so we better get that right. This is something we're physically, at the physical level, this is like a bulk of who we are it's water, I mean, at least in the body, right? But that water is very, it's like a like a liquid crystal, you know, it's very highly superconducting. And there might be some like quasi-superconducting pure but this is where quantum effects could probably happen at the higher temperature scales is that you've got this very coherent phase of water. And that was Mei Wan Ho's thesis, a biophysicist would say quantum coherence, or quantum effects can't happen in the body. It's such a hot, messy place with too much going on, which is kind of makes sense with traditional decoherence models of quantum mechanics. But with the water, you got something that's very special to macroscopic quantum phenomena, and I think this, Mei Wan Ho is right, I think really, water is the center player for these quantum effects. Like the amplification of signals, and all these non nonlinear effects of the body, I think, come from the quantum biology of the human organism. We're not We're not a Newtonian machine. You know, we don't follow Newtonian physics and we don't even really just follow, you know, chaos theory and nonlinear classical physics. That's still classical physics. No, we are more quantum beings you know, I won't get too much into quantum mechanics, but it's a really fun topic to discuss, you know, if we can truly get in a quantum coherent state, perhaps that is kind of what enlightenment is like when you're fully in a quantum coherent state. Because there is no inside and out there is no separate individual anymore because you're just in that entangled state with everything. You're just truly one with everything. And to me, that's like the ultimate goal, right? All these things that we're doing for our health and it's all great to extend our lifespan, but ultimately, we want to really know and realize, you know who we are. And I think the cool thing about energy medicine, it's kind of a nice transition from just the physical, the purely physical understandings and its opening people's minds to that, hey, we're more than a physical body, we're an energetic bodies very measurably so, so maybe there's even more beyond the energy body, which you could say is ether or possibly the astral body sort of coming in subtle. But there's even more subtle so it's just opening people up to these, even like the chakras. You know, Valerie Hunt, did a study at UCLA with sound showing, giving good evidence for the existence of chakras with their sound study, that I shared this video clips really cool video clip, and so anybody that thinks that are just a physical body, they're not up to date on current science. I mean, maybe before 1900 maybe that was, that was the science they had back then then, you know, the classical, Newtonian paradigm. But that got shattered with quantum mechanics and relativity just absolutely obliterated. I mean, just, it just totally obliterated that idea of the universe. Physical thing that's outside of us, you know, yeah.

Matthew Blackburn 1:06:23
No, that was great. When I was in San Diego, Southern California for 30 years. And I used to go to all these different meetups and once I experienced Reiki, which 90% of the time, I didn't feel it, but the 10% of the time, I did feel it, it was it felt like a PMF device, their whole hand felt like a PEMF device in my hand out of my head. And then I did a Deeksha and the I felt that 100% of the time that felt like electricity going through their fingertips into my brain

Bryant Myers 1:06:54
That's dependent on the practitioner because I didn't tell you the (unintelligble) study that used a, you know, a very sensitive magnetometer. They were finding, they actually used Reiki healing in their study and Seto in Japan repeated the study with qi gong kind of masters. But both a true Reiki healer that's very good at what they do and a qi gong master, they're both able to really radiate a strong energy, but not all of them have the same level of levels of energy, obviously. So how much you feel is dependent on how much energy that practitioner has, but they were finding that they were measuring like coming out of their hands. It was it was actually a pure magnetic field. It was like a pulsating magnetic field coming out of their hands, literally a PEMF. That was basically going between zero to 30 Hertz. And it was peaked around 7-8 hertz, which to me, I got like, oh, wow, that's Schumann resonance. So they're, they're literally almost like channeling these energies on earth. Because again, we're part of the global order, you know, Mother Nature, we're part of a much larger thing. Again, the physical body or a little tiny physical body is just one aspect of our truest self, is so much, is pretty much the whole universe. I mean, ultimately, the cosmic consciousness experiences show that, you know, a lot of great saints and sages have kind of experienced and reported the same thing that you have this experience of being just everything, you know, kind of this oneness with everything. And it's not just feeling one with everything. It's literally just expanding to being everything. I mean, it almost gets hard to for the rational mind to even comprehend or dislike or believe for that matter. But But yeah, you get these reports from all these experiences and cosmic consciousness from around the globe through throughout the millennia, right? From over many generations going back to the, the Buddha and before the Buddha even into the Vedas and those Reiki healers, they were, that is a pure pulsed magnetic field. So the fact that you reported it feeling the same, that's what the Zimmerman studies show is the same. But just don't get me wrong there is behind that- because, you know, physical instruments can't measure like consciousness and some of the very subtle aspects of consciousness. But certainly at a gross energy level, it is the same as PMF.

Matthew Blackburn 1:09:08
I wonder how like vitamins, minerals and enzymes play into like, the people having those abilities, because I know it's all connected and it all matters. And maybe that's why I didn't feel it 90% of the time with Reiki healers because they're eating McDonald's or soy burgers or whatever it is, I don't know.

Bryant Myers 1:09:35
I mean, yeah, true it's like a lot of time studying the lives of all these mystic mystics and enlightened beings and to be- and you can kind of tell you got to I've been with somebody you know, they're alive now and you can kind of when you're with them, you can really feel their love. It's very tangible if you're a sensitive enough to feel it, but, but some of them will go for a long period of time hardly eating anything at all. So they were just, I think when you're at a certain level, you can just create All that stuff is just automatically created in your body, you know, like, these great beings, they can just manifest an apple or whatever they're just totally, ultimately, the thing is, in a way we're in a long dream version of this reality that we think is this we call life. It's not it's not much different than your dreams at night. It's just a much darker dream and a much more vivid dream. But yet, the fact that consciousness is creating reality, like quantum mechanics says, it's the same thing. That's what's happening when we sleep at night. But it's also happening when we look out in this world, we're creating reality, we wake up in the morning, we're literally creating the whole universe, every morning, we wake up. And I can say this with confidence, because this is what quantum mechanics is pointing to. Because before a conscious observer, all you have is these, now again, granted at the physical macro level, the wave functions are kind of locked into place, but they're still vibrating and there's still not a, there's still nothing really there. It's just the (unintelligble) waves are all because of mass and complexity of those two things, mass and complexity, you get these wave functions kind of just vibrating so that way we all see a consensus reality. That's why, we're at night. We're just creating where it's almost like, we're in God's dream now in a way you can we are using whatever we want God is much, much better at visualizing and creating details than we are, I mean, almost infinitely so right. But every night when we go to bed that image, if you want to believe that, then we're doing the same thing at night, and people that are really good at lucid dreaming, I had one friend and she became enlightened. She was able just to create her dreams at night, and she thought everybody else could do it. But she didn't realize she's an old soul, right on the verge. But if you really, it's not something I'm really, I'm not going to pretend to be good at this at all. I'm not. But but it's something that when you I guess you just take it as a theory when you're doing a similar thing at night when you sleep. And it's it's just a much shorter dream. And when you wake up, we're in a bigger dream, I mean, but quantum mechanics is really just shakes the foundations of what we think is a physical objective reality. And it in a way, it sounds like pure solipsism in away it's, it kind of is, it's just that we're not the we're not the only ones. I mean, we're the consciousness that's creating the reality is a more of a universal consciousness. It's not like a little tiny ego conscious in this body. So that kind of glimpses inside of it. And this all relates to energy medicine, too, because you know, the, the placebo effect, or medicine or holistic healing in general, the placebo effect is the biggest discovery in the history of medicine. And that's something that doctors don't like, because it's it's IT people can just be healed like that, right?

Matthew Blackburn 1:12:40
Yeah, well, that that's where the practical thing of lucid dreaming comes in for me, because I used to journal back I started when I was 11, or 12 years old, I started a txt file on my PC. And I recorded I think over like 100 dreams, but maybe 10% of them were lucid. And I, to me, the practical application of lucid dreaming, besides just people stroking their ego that they can do it, which I've seen that multiple times, is that it's direct access to trauma that you've had. And I did that time and time again, where I can access the exact frequency or energy of the stuck energy from whatever I experienced, and neutralize it and then I wake up, but I'm a different person, I've had that happen multiple times lucid dreams,

Bryant Myers 1:13:24
Dreams will show us as all this unresolved things will come up in our dreams and that's actually part of Shadow work is Dream journaling. And I, you know, I won't pretend to do it as much as you did. But one of the things that I like about dreams, you know, just from a consciousness point of view is, is just the Who am I question because, you know, you really go deep into Who am I in this physical body because it's easier to read we're more alert in consciousness in this physical body as a general rule of thumb. I mean, as we get better at lucid dreaming, yes, we can, in our subtle body, we can become more and more conscious there too. Like you probably had those glimpses. But then you can say, okay, at night, the dream also seems like a real dream world. And it seems so real. And you forget that you're this physical body in this world, before you wake up that is, you're in this dream world. And it's like, you think you're that body in that dream world. And it really seems real, that all these people are around you. And they all kind of seem separate from you, right? But when you wake up in the morning, that all was in your head so this is why even you and I are all connected in consciousness. You're not other than me. In fact, I'm in a way I'm creating you and you're creating me but but it's all just the one consciousness. But but we only have our perspective. So we just have to start Who am I with within, but once we get to that highest Sahaja Samadhi state then we we really see the whole non duality. It's a non duality of everything. Quantum mechanics point. Actually, this is why people don't understand quantum mechanics because a lot of scientists are so hard headed with their realism philosophies and their objective reality that they just care so much that we're these bodies, and this is a real reality outside of these bodies. They can't see that non duality is- that quantum mechanics is basically pointing directly to non duality. And it's becoming more, some of the non dual teachings are getting into some of these top quantum physicists now, because it does make it all make a lot more sense. And I spent a lot of time in this area.

Matthew Blackburn 1:15:14
it's interesting because I was raised Christian and I went back and forth just like I did with vegetarian veganism multiple times, and the argument I've heard against lucid dreaming from staunch Christians is, you know, and they say, like, crystals are evil. And meditation is evil, and yoga is evil and all this stuff, but they've said in lucid dreams, like one of them had a testimonial that he got so good at Lucid Dreaming every single night, that one night, he had like a reptilian or reptile being like a humanoid reptilian, like, look at him with his third eye, and then suck them in to his third eye. And it was a very, like, demonic dark experience. And he like called out for Jesus and he was saved or whatever. But I find those stories interesting because, you know, it kind of goes back to like, The Extra Terrestrial thing. Like Steven Greer says they're all good, which I don't agree with, and then you have, like, Linda Moulton Howe and other people that, you know, share the other side of the story, which-

Bryant Myers 1:16:15
I mean, there are talks about there are some inside government people talking about, like, different alien species that that they had contact with? And I don't doubt that I mean, maybe it's a number but I, I'm sure it's more than just a couple.But there's good, you know, there's good and bad. I mean, you got the greys perhaps, whatever, that are on the kind of the side, that's not really doing much good. Like there's probably like, a reptilian in that sense. And then you have well, you know, a lot of the you know, who knows, but I mean, even like our elder brothers our more advanced elder brothers that are overseeing our evolution that are the good, they're always good, but they don't want to interfere in our freewill. And it's this whole, it's God's deal, right? We, even though it's not really free will, it seems like we have free will. But it's this beautiful Lila of God. So God doesn't want. I mean, if Jesus came down to the cloud and just, I mean, everybody would, you know, there's no, we're not really making the decision to be good by just- and it made sense. I remember reading Yogananda talks about it, in one of his books, God gets rid of a planet if it becomes either all good or all evil, because if it's all good, you're born in this planet, and everybody's an angel. It's like, what what challenge is that? It's like, of course, you're going to be an angel, right? You're just you pretty much almost there's just no, I mean, no choice hardly you're just choosing it's just what's there. Or all evil it's just the other way. Obviously, the all good is a better option. But I thought that was interesting. I kind of thought about that. It's like, you know, I don't know again. But it makes sense, right? The whole experiment of freewill and consciousness and this greatly love. Again, you know, if you use the word God, you can say, you know, whatever word, source, consciousness, you know, the self, I mean, all kinds of words, but they'rethe words aren't it, the words are just points. So what can't be described in words. But the lucid dreaming is kind of more on the astral plane. So this guy, you know, we have an astral body that we're in the dream state, right? So it seems like so our sense of self kind of jumps from one part of our ego based thoughts are not our true self. But our ego self jumps from one body to another. So we're, we identify with the physical body, when we're awake, we identify with the astral body when we're dreaming, then we identify with the causal body when we're in deep sleep. But during that state, which is just a pure, and there's just no thoughts at all, there's no dream is just pure consciousness, we typically don't stay conscious during that state, although the masters can stay conscious during all states, it's just a one certain point. But as we meditate as we get to, you know, get more in tune with this consciousness, we do get more to where we can, you know, stay. We know the true self. That's why I like dreams, because it when I think of, okay, I was dreaming last night and it's like, who am I? Who, who was that? Because it seems like it's different than this person here. Like, this is getting off topic, but it's really, this adventure of consciousness that we're on, is really, it's just so fascinating. And that's why I meditate every day and I really make that a priority because it's just getting to really know who you are, you know, I mean, that's, it's less than some of these complicated meditation techniques. Make it out to be-

Matthew Blackburn 1:19:51
I love it. Yeah, my friend John recently got me into just simply walking after a meal because they got bringing it back to basics because it It supports digestion and just glucose uptake into the muscle and all sorts of stuff. And so just a simple 10 minute walk after a meal, and I don't listen to music, I just walk and look out for grizzly bears. And that's been a great practice for me so.

Bryant Myers 1:20:18
You know, ultimately meditating with the eyes open really is, the goal is to be in a constant state of meditation, but, but in a sense, where you are just pure consciousness, sort of, you know, there is no inside and out. And that's the highest state right? There's no longer any, even Nirvikalpa Samadhi, where people go on these trances and they go into all these states of ecstasy, they come out and egos still there, right. So as long as you think you're a separate individual, you're really not there yet, that's why I'm have to be humble, because Bryant still seems like he's a he's still, he's still rattling around in there. And but ultimately, I mean, in theory, I know that it's an illusion that I'm some separate individual. And all the great masters say when they have this ultimate enlightenment realization of this true sahaja. And like, not, not just a not just a spiritual experience, but the true final enlightenment, they look back, and they realize the ego never was all along. It's like, it's not that the ego dies, it's just ego never was, it wasn't used, and it's recognized very clearly. And again, one of my friends, you know, went through this process. So I don't have many friends that have been enlightened like this, but she's one of them. And, she had like the question, Who am I? She did whatever practice she was doing. But there was like, it's kind of seems to always happen, like, you get to the state where it's almost a spontaneous, who am I, even if you're worshiping God, right? Ultimately, you're still duality. So who am I brings it back to the source of your true self, which is, of course, one with everything. And, and she had, finally she woke up in the morning and told her husband, he was also my really good friend, William. She's like, she told him like, something's different here. She's like, she was like, something's really different. And she just, you know, really, the whole perception of reality. But that was, to me, that was the big interesting thing was that she realized that this has always been like this. It's like, in quantum mechanics, I won't get into it today. But maybe another time, we could talk about this, but But quantum mechanics points to this too. And that's the true, you know, the stack, the collapse of the wavefunction is an illusion that takes our self referential like, AI or ego self to collapse the wave function, the wave function of the universe, or conscious I mean, it's, it's, it's totally the whole unit, there is no, every little separate part, it's called a mixed state in quantum mechanics where you're observing a certain part, it's still entangled with a larger state. And so even when you're looking under a microscope, and you think you've collapsed the wave function, well, you're entangled with a microscope, and then you in the microscope are entangled with your surroundings. And it's an illusion to say that This looks like physical I'm here, everything else is out there. But in the ultimate quantum mechanics is that's an illusion, the wavefunction of the universe, that is the truest pure state, because you can always convert a mixed state to a pure state, which is just a pure oneness state of entanglement. By simply going to a larger scale, at some larger level, you're always going to be entangled with a larger thing, right? And that's the illusion of duality that just keeps us so locked in this ego and we really think that, but quantum mechanics this is why it's so hard to understand is that it's pointing to something beyond that duality. It's something that you know is, and I wrote some some articles on this, it's really a fascinating topic, how, how spirituality and quantum mechanics are saying the same thing, at least a non dual part's, not dogmatic spirituality in any sense. Not the New Age spiritual, I'm talking about the real pure, non dual of like a certain Buddhism, certain Vedanta, Advaita Vedanta type of teachers and that pure, you know, there's no different gods or goddesses and all that stuff. That's not real, it's just all astral plane in the cosmos, but just the pure above all, that is just pure non dual consciousness, pure existence, pure bliss. And that really is our truest self and, and I just find it so fascinating that that the non duality is not only hinted at with quantum mechanics, but you really almost, you're almost forced to take it on if you really want quantum mechanics to make sense.

Matthew Blackburn 1:24:31
Yeah, we have a lot of q&a questions. I was thinking we could start going through them because I'm sure there'll be some offshoots from some of these. Yeah. No, that was that was great. We'll kick it off with a bang here. Can PEMF treat cancer or diseases?

Bryant Myers 1:24:48
I mean, that's just putting (unintelligble), you know the (unintellegible) Coronavirus andPEMF and the FTC came after me I have my warning letter still. And I didn't even say PEMF cures Coronavirus, I said PEMF helps the body to fight Coronavirus and actually does and I used it when I got it, I don't want to get into corona. I got to be careful with what I say about the whole COVID thing but, but with cancer, it's a similar boat, you know, you can't say that PEMF cures cancer treat, you can't even say it treats cancer. But we did for it we have a lot of testimonials, you know, just reporting news, right? I'm not saying it does this, but it's been reported to me. And, and there is good research to show that PEMF helps the body to fight cancer. In fact, I wish I could remember some of the names of the scientists as well, but a little over a year since I really looked at it. But we created a little cancer packet, and we wouldn't put it online, of course, we're not going to put a target on our back. But you know, we would give it to customers that really had a loved one or they maybe they had cancer themselves. And it was just a packet of all kinds of research and reasons why PEMF helps the body. Again, it helps the body to heal itself, you know. So, as you know, Dr. Jerry Tennant's body healing as voltage, you know, I do agree with his fundamental idea that, you know, when you get the voltage of the cell gets below a certain threshold, this is basically the lowest rung of cellular voltage, this is where cancers happen, because maybe because of that lower cellular voltage, you now are reverting to fermentation cycle glycolysis, which not only only produces four ATP, very hypoxic, but it also creates a lot of acidic waste products. So the whole acidity, so cancer, so alkalizing, the body is actually the same thing as energizing the voltage of the cells, because because when a higher voltage has a higher pH, the too good, you know, a voltage of our pH meter is like a voltmeter. In a sense. So, so the fundamental reasons, I think, if we just go down to the cellular level, we can, we can stay out of trouble with with making clear to type of claims, right? If we can raise cellular voltage, which again, there's many mechanisms through the transmembrane potential that PEMF does this, that we can then bring the cells out of that glycolysis pathway into into oxidative phosphorylation, start creating more ATP start utilizing more oxygen, you know, bringing in more oxygen. So that's another big thing, cancer, and you know this too, cancer loves low oxygen, toxic environments, they love acidity and acidic environment, they love sugar, you know, if you've got a lot of sugar in your bloodstream, and of course, they you know, stress breaks the body down. And, you know, so I would say it's the low voltage- and then they thrive in a low voltage and low energy environment. So, so when you start to increase the voltage of the cells, it's interesting human cells can handle voltage, cancer cells aren't good at laying this energy and voltage. So what happens and this is one one doctor, I forget his name, but he found that when you apply PEMF to cancer cells, the cancer cells would just start to, instead of dividing into more cancer cells, they just started expanding, you know, when you get like apoptosis process where it just, you know, we did some of the research in our packets, so, so there's very good evidence again, we can't say at treats cancer, we can't say it cures cancer, but we can say that it increases cellular voltage increases, you know, immunity naturally, it increases detoxification, and it basically helps the body to fight cancer, I mean, it basically helps the body to heal itself. And again, it helps to reverse- Oh, and poor circulation too. So, I had to take out angiogenesis, from my first edition of the first copy of my book, I had to change it because some cancer patients were, were like, up in arms, it's like, oh, I can't do PEMF, it's angiogenesis, it's like, well, you don't understand like red light therapy, this is why they call redlight therapy now bio modulation is that it modulates it brings down when- the body is very intelligent. So when you give the body energy, it will bring down things that are say high, too much inflammation brings it down, poor circulation, like on a thermal imaging scan, you can see like red, if you got inflammation that brings it down to green. If you're in the blue, bad circulation, it brings it up to green. So it's bringing it down and up, which drugs can't do this. Drugs are always going in one direction, they're either fighting inflammation or they're doing like doing something like a blue pill and increasing microcirculation nitroglyceride or, you know, that viagra that was originally for heart disease, right? But they found that had all these other things that people ended up they ended up marketing for that. So cancer also is but you want angiogenesis in the parts of the body that have bad circulation like diabetics, they got terrible circulation in their legs, so they want - but PEMF is not going to increase the angiogenesis for cancer, right? This circulation of getting oxygen in and waste products out is a big part of how PEMF works. For cancer to, again, you're getting oxygen, nutrients, and all the waste products out, you're increasing your voltage, you're increasing alkalinity. Of course, you got to watch your diet to make sure you're not getting too much sugar that's not going to help you with if you're, if you're eating too much sugar, that's going to be problematic no matter what you do, but-

Matthew Blackburn 1:30:18
Yeah, it's my understanding that just increases like copper requirements, because you need copper to metabolize glucose and all these things, but you know-

Bryant Myers 1:30:29
I mean, I, there are, it's good, better best you can get like coconut nectar and there's better, better ways to do, ike, even if you're not a raw vegan, I do still think raw vegans make the best desserts they really use the purest ingredients. And they use like the coconut nectar as a sugar as a sweetener, I mean, honey, there's debates over that. I mean, but but most sweeteners aren't that great. I mean, as you probably know, so. And certainly the commerical sugar, which is in most unfortunately, most commercial foods, people are eating too much. That's unfortunately too many people are doing that. And they're, they're feeding the cancer by doing all that. But again, if you're doing more, the more towards nature you get with it, but even there, you gotta watch like fructose, you gotta watch. You can certainly overdo fruit? You know, you don't want to do too much fruit, obviously, we got to careful with but again, if you're with whole foods, it's always going to be better than the artificial refined sugars that are- the diets are a big part of reversing cancer though, too. So that's beyond the scope of this talk. And I'm not really that's not my area of expertise, really even though I did nutritional counseling.

Matthew Blackburn 1:31:44
Yeah one o fmy guests Atom Bergstorm said he's seen spirulina help with a lot of cancer and you can buy like fresh spirulina now where they ship it to you just freshly harvested. And then you just freeze it. And then there's more enzymes and stuff.

Bryant Myers 1:32:01
Or E3LIVE blue green algae. I think they started doing spirulina or there's companies that do the spirulina. No, no, I got some of that stuff. Yeah, I remember getting some of that.

Matthew Blackburn 1:32:09
Yeah, I love the taste of algae. Spirulina especially, but-

Bryant Myers 1:32:14
I mean, I will use sometimes I make a meal out of chlorella and spirulina is something. Chlorella you gotta watch a little bit make sure it's harvested properly, so you don't get any heavy metals are anything but but but spirulina , yes. See that the phyocyanin in spirulina, the blue pigment, like I can see that having really, you know, immediate immune enhancing properties.

Matthew Blackburn 1:32:37
Yeah, let me see. Someone asked a good one. How is this different from scalar technology? It's kind of a big question.

Bryant Myers 1:32:47
Again, I have to you know, just confess I actually, bought a system I spent $72,000 for it you know, I met Sandra and Michael and Michael installed it, I got to know them actually, because we had a whole center here. And they're basically these, they look like just like computer screens that are facing each other. And they just have like just gibberish just scrolling up and down the screen. And they face them. And I had my bedroom, I had 12 of these in my bedroom. Right? Because like you I had just I mean, I'm not as big as I used to be. But my house is just laboratory of gadgets everywhere. So but does that, to me that's more of a photon collider and my friend Chris Kaufman creates this synchronicity system is pretty much the same thing. That's really doing something, but I don't think it's a scalar wave generator. Because scalar waves, you have to, you're basically creating two electromagnetic waves. And you're getting them perfectly out of phase. So that there's basically no detectable field there. But there's still information, there's still something's there, though. And it's like, it's like turning one coil in one direction the other coil on the other right there, the energies are going out and just kind of flattening out. And my friend Flodden, he actually got two multi wave oscillator coils. And he was trying to create a pure scalar, because that's what you got to do. If you're going to create a scalar wave, you have to have two opposing energies that both cancel each other out. So the E system Yes, it was basically using photons. But you can't, how are you going to cancel out a terahertz frequency? I mean, they would have to be synchronized, so perfect, they weren't synchronized perfectly, by the way. But I know because I owned them, all the other Scalar Wave pendants and there's all kinds of scalar wave I had the scalar wave laser, that was not Scalar Wave you just can't be- scalar wave you almost need two opposing sources of energy to flatten it out. I mean, again, this is just based on just just you know, Maxwell's equations. There might be other don't get me wrong, there might be ways to create scalar waves that I don't understand. I mean, I'm not saying possible, but I remember a pendant was a big thing. I mean, I got just thrown around Scalar Wave Oh yes. Scalar Wave this scalar with that, it's just like quantum right? Oh, yeah, this isn't a quantum this. This is a quantum that.

Matthew Blackburn 1:35:06
Do you think it's safe Bryant to like watch out for, you know, passive EMF devices versus like non powered? I'm always just skeptical if you don't have to plug it in and charge it. Yeah, I'm more skeptical that it's doing something versus if you have to charge it, you know, it's much-

Bryant Myers 1:35:25
Well the thing the thing there is you can make the case for that you can make the opposite argument too, it's like, if it's if it's if there's no energy electricity going into it and again, a static magnet is a little different. But you remember tatic now they are just moving charges to going around and- see all good EMF devices and I had this I won't mention his name. I'm trying to be respectful. But one of the companies went over to a guy that has this mineral company and he was doing all these Electrosmog tests on and said, Oh, IMRs has Electrosmog BEMERs got Electrosmog, for us it doesn't have Electrosmog, then so I got the same meter repeated the same test. And of course, you know what he's saying was not true. Because he was measuring with a very thin ,again, I got some very sensitive meter too, the energy was getting stronger as he was going away from the source. It's like, that's not possible. You're obviously got other stray electricity around the room, and you're not doing a really good careful experiment. So I didn't get any electric smog on any of them. So low intensity, this is not a thing. High Intensity PEMF Yes, my friend Richie Campanella had like the older generation of the of the of the pulse centers, right, I think it was mg 30 for the magnitude. And he put it in his closet, he was just using that I know he's doing something different now, but but at the time, he was doing the IMRs 2000. And he just like, because because he was sitting next to people and working with the magnet charger all day long and all that Electrosmog was just bombarding him. Because when you're dealing with those voltages, yes, you are getting Electrosmog, low intensity devices, I couldn't measure any. And now with the exception, you know, I'm just gonna make I'm gonna name names here, because this company, healthy wave healthy line product is basically taking the 60 hertz signal from your house from your wall socket. And they're pulsing it seven or eight times a second. That is Electrosmog. Almost every other PEMF device in the market. And I haven't found anybody else to do it, because that's a cheap device made in China. But I wanted to call them out on this show, because so many people are getting fooled by the review sites because they're so aggressive with marketing across the whole PEMF niche. And I took a lot of time dissecting their mat, putting it on the oscilloscope. And I didn't even know what they were doing until I started my oscilloscope. So I didn't I didn't come into it thinking that was going to happen. Because they claimed a 7.83 signwave on their on their website. So, so yeah, the most of the good PEMF devices have rectifiers, that will change. And a lot of times at the wall too like the IMRs and BEMER you're pretty much filtering out that 60 hertz and you're putting a signal in. So he is getting more of a DC signal going into the unit. And the unit then has a frequency generator will then create the signal from the DC signal. But again, healthy wave healthy line, they use the 60 hertz, so that would be dirty electricity. So things that again, there are things that don't have electricity that are good, but but a lot of the best healing devices that I know like red light therapy and good PEMF, vibration therapy, infrared saunas require energy. But yes, you want to make sure you're getting a low. Some companies like (unintellgible) are really focused on their low EMF emission coming out and thats important. But it's hard to really get deep biological effects without having some form of, in my opinion, some energy.

Matthew Blackburn 1:38:55
Yeah, that's a good segue because someone asked a really good question that I've always wonder about. And kind of circles back a little bit to our magnetico talk, like, does PEMF block the harmful effects of EMF while in use? And I think the context of this question is like, say, you stay at a Hilton or something or a hotel, and there's, you know, 30 Wi Fi signals or whatever. If you bring, you know, if you're laying on the hotel bed with a PEMF device, could that potentially mitigate the surrounding EMFs in that environment?

Bryant Myers 1:39:29
It's not so much that like, you know, (unintelligble) is one of the main influencers of helping people to, you know, get rid of Electrosmog from their house and their workplace, etc. And she's got all kinds of wonderful info, well beyond my knowledge. I mean Iremember, she didn't did a conference for the IMRs once, but she actually used the IMRs 2000 and she was very good at live blood microscopy, and she would, she did a little study where she was on her computer, and she would see after whatever 20 minutes on the computer, her liver, all her blood cells start to clump together. And then she did eight minutes on, on IMRs 2000 and all of a sudden the (unintelligble) effect and all that appeared. And and I know there's a lot of debates on whether live blood microscopy is accurate or not. But again, she was very good. And before seeing that for herself, right? She actually thought that she wasn't a big fan of any electrical healing device like that. Because she, like you, or like you mentioned before, she kind of thought that that's going to give some kind of dirty electricity. But when she could see it for herself the biological effect, it's like, oh, well, it's the actually the opposite. It seems to be somehow protecting the body from Electrosmog. But I think it's, it's protecting it again, maybe while you're on the mat yes, the energies are there kind of creating a bit of a shield in that sense, because you're getting more. But, but again, that's maybe just eight minutes. So it's not, I don't know, if leaving the mat on. That's actually- maybe it's not efficient but you know, that actually, that's what (unintelligble) does so maybe that actually would work. If you just put the IMRs, you can set it for an hour. And you could just keep pressing start, you know, but it was that's not very energy efficient. But no, that actually would help a little but there are other EMF protection devices, and things that are more efficient. Like I told you before the show, I'm really interested in taking a deeper dive into that at some point, because, you know, the writing's on the wall with 5g being everywhere

Matthew Blackburn 1:41:21
Yeah, I know, the two that are popular, and I use them both. And it seems like they're efficacious. And they're really popular though. The Blue Shield and the Somaedic, and they both work through different principles, but I've had personal experience with both that I felt something from them, enough so to where I still use them, but it's nothing you can measure or approve. So people tend to think it's BS.

Bryant Myers 1:41:49
I'm not too familiar with those again. Something I just, you know, I've done a lot of pendants and a lot of things in the past. lately I haven't I don't know what's going on right now. But I very- I want to look at so yeah, please do send me a link to those because I I'm interested. I mean, I want to try them out. I'm I'm always trying stuff like that just because I'm like you that's kind of who I am. It's like Oh, cool. Let's ee if it works right. But you get those few things that work. And it's like, you kind of find a little treasure like energy medicine treasure that.

Matthew Blackburn 1:42:19
Yeah, yeah. One side question I had for you. I didn't ask you in our phone conversations. I've been getting really into like Antoine Prioré like energized plasma. And there's like Dan Winter, there's other people making I guess you could make his is really, really, really expensive. You know, Paul Harris and Dan Winters. The theraphi but there's other ones you could buy for like 5-6k and stuff. still expensive, but it's essentially like argon gas, or neon gas and you run high voltage through it. And it emits a plasma field, energized plasma field. It to me it's like, it's like a it's like a med bed. I mean, I really feel a positive effect from it. So I'm just curious if you've ever used one or?

Bryant Myers 1:43:06
Well, I've used it. I mean, my friend. That was one of the top Rife research assistants I've been out of touch with them for like 15 years. But But yeah. Craig Gladwell, I think he had this rife setup where he had the big tubes, because again, the original, you know beam ray, he was just, you know, kind of trying to carry on with Rife. Because Rife was using the plasma tubes in his early technologies. He didn't do the hand, a lot of people use rife hand pressing, they don't do anything but, but it' just the way it was when Rife he did that little cancer study, looks at whatever, seven out of 10 people healed forever. But so, so yeah, I've tried various, you know, like, the photon Genie, and, you know, at scaling device, and I even got a photon genius, which was, I was disappointed, because he didn't really do it right, with the, I couldn't smell ozone at all with that, but before I could. So there are smaller plasma tubes. So but they were using, like some Healing frequencies that are going on, you know, even you know, Jim Gerard, he's using again, the tubes, those are plasma tubes but smaller or more of those, and you're smelling is more of the corona discharge. And that was actually the original Violet Ray, you know Telsa, he created that healing device that was basically plasma tubes like that. So he was really the heart of the plasma technologies. But my question would be is like, well, yes, you put the different different gases in there. And you know, Jim puts all the different gases people all have different frequencies, right? Because they're emitting- what you're seeing is the light of the argon or whatever, it's an electron jumping from a higher to a lower and then they emit light. And the colors they emit depends on on the on the every atom has a different spectrum. This is how you can tell composition of stars . We can see that atomic spectra in every atom is very precise in how it emits it's almost like laser coherence the way it emits these frequencies but are they like pulsing? Or using any frequencies? Or are they just is it just the argon gas? That kind of a continuous bolt? I mean, it it's,

Matthew Blackburn 1:45:07
yeah, there's a big tesla coil. So basically, it's a massage table, you know, two TV stands, one TV stand on each side of the massage table, the head and your feet. And then you're the conduit. But underneath the table, there's a big box, almost the length of massage table with a tightly wound. Yeah, coil, you know, horizontal, kind of set up.

Bryant Myers 1:45:29
Which has given you the most benefit of all of them that you've tried.

Matthew Blackburn 1:45:33
Um, I mean, the theraphi Definitely. I mean, it's 10 or 12minutes. Some people even do a three minute session, that oneI feel, I do think it's it's kind of overpriced for what it is, especially just the, I mean, when I first set it up, the wire was such high voltage, that even touching the metal on the massage table it sparked and started a fire. So I had to go and turn it off and blow out the fire and the wire survived. But it's just very, I mean-

Bryant Myers 1:46:03
But there's no electrosmog coming out? That just sounds like they're I mean, are they somehow filtering out the 60 hertz when they can? Because you almost need that change. Even in Jim's bio charger, he he was utilizing the 60 Hertz in a way that because-

Matthew Blackburn 1:46:19
Yeah, that's a good question. Yeah, cuz there's two units. Well, there's one actual control unit. So I don't know what's in there. I'd have to open it up and see, which I don't know if I know what I was looking at. But I know I feel good.

Bryant Myers 1:46:30
I mean, I mean, we can do this off off the show. But yeah, some of the stuff you're trying like that too. I mean, I've nevertried everything. I've tried a lot of stuff but certainly haven't tried everything.

Matthew Blackburn 1:46:40
Yeah, I've been really into the oxygen therapy. I just had my friend, Victor Sagalovsky he started litewater with Robert Slovak, the deuterium depleted water company, we spent a day and we were on my lake on the kayaks under a full moon. It was great. Just just almost until 1am just all of us on the lake. And he's really big into oxygen therapy and like hyperbaric like, yeah, he was saying, like, we use the same hard chamber, you know, two atmospheres and his argument pro hyperbaric you know, because it's unnatural. People say, Oh, just go outside and breathe. But his argument is, you know, the Earth's magnetism used to be higher or there used to be more oxygen or maybe more barometric pressure, is you know, where hyperbaric comes in?

Bryant Myers 1:47:29
There's no question. The field was stronger. That's none nobody doubts that its actually got good proof. There's, there's actually ways through like ceramic pottery of ancient civilizations, the ceramic pot is almost folding, like, there's a way that the ceramic will will form based on the intensity of the whole thing. You can get a very accurately, you can kind of see how, how the magnetic field the Earth has declined over the past, especially 400-500 years where we got really good. If you go back too far, it loses its whatever. So yeah, but the atmosphere presure that I don't buy, I don't. But interesting. You know, we were not living in a dome . I mean, when we do lose. I mean, this is one of the the flat earth thing, but they do talk about, like the atmosphere leaking out. And there was and again, but you gotta you gotta say, Okay, but how much atmosphere is there? It's just such a vast amount, the amount thats leaking out it Sounds like it's a lot. So that's true, there might be a little less atmosphere. But you know, you got me thinking I'm going to revisit that. Atmosphere leaks. If I take that back several 1000 years, I'd be interested to see if I'm sure it's on a constant leakage. I mean, I could keep going but next question.

Matthew Blackburn 1:48:52
Well, this is kind of a variation. I don't know if you have a different answer on the last one, but my friend John asked this one can a high non native EMF environment interfere with how PEMF impact the body. Like I know Jack Cruz used to say, you know, because I used to combine the magnetico and the grounding sheet. And he was like, Don't do that. Because the or I think even the magnetico said don't do that, because the magnetic field would hit the silver threads in the Earthing Sheet and then create a secondary field or something like that.

Bryant Myers 1:49:24
It doesn't do that. But now you will create a secondary field with a PMF. Because this is what happens, but you need to change a magnetic field to do that static magnets are not a changing magnetic field. There's no, the Faraday induction is zero because the rate of change is zero. Again, all you got to do is you can on an oscilloscope a static magnet is just a flat line. Are you inducing any currents in that wire? If it's just a flat line you're not it, now if you jiggle the magnet fast enough? Yeah, then you could start to see currents start to move, but it's and this is why they originally by accident discovered, by the way, you know, you know Amperes law and Faraday's law came from, what's his name just went. I forget his name, but he but he just accidentally discovered how moving a magnet wherever it kind of created this and he was trying to, they were trying to figure something out. And they were almost by accident figured out that this changing magnet created a current in wire. And it was pretty startling that the static magnet was doing nothing. But when you move the magnet and all of a sudden you can start creating a measurable current and the meter would show a current showing up, right. So then early on, when I was doing the IMR2000 with (unintelligble) she was putting earthing sheets over the top of the IMRS 2000. I said, Don't do that. Because changing magnetic field will absolutely create a reradiating field because what happens is you jiggle the electrons in the silver silver threads, right? And those jiggling electrons are a little tiny and transmitting antennas. That's what antennas do they they jiggle electrons and they re-radiate. So then you get a secondary radiation field as Jack said, that's true, but you need a changing magnetic field to do that. Now, could there be some little I mean, but magnetic fields go through everything including lead, you have to have a type of material, that it doesn't block magnetic fields, it just diverts them in a different pathway, right? But the magnetic field (unintelligble) dipole there's no magnetic monopole at least as far as we know. Even though string theory might like that we don't we've never seen one. But because magnets are a dipole, the South Pole always finds a north pole. So because that you can't block a magnetic field because if there was nomagnetic monopoles, like there are electric, there's positive negative charge, right? This is why there's dielectrics. Right? Because you can surround a positive charge by negative charge and then that shields electric field, but there's no positive North Pole, you can't isolate a little tiny North Pole little tiny south pole and you surrounded by South poles or north poles, right? Because there is no- if you cut a magnet in half you get another north and south pole, you can keep going down to the atomic level. And even the atoms electrons have been birthed in the South Pole. You can't cut an electron in half. So magnets are always dipoles because of that, that's the unique reason why they can penetrate through everything. So honestly, it was with an Earthing Sheet. If you look at the, what's it called the Simona beds were really high end bed that use magnets and earthing type of technologies. And they do that because the magnets aren't going to interfere because they're not changing medic field. So when Jack says is actually not based on science. He said stuff about PMF before that's also not based on science. But he knows more about a lot of things related to a lot he's a brain surgeon so I'm not going to pretend to know as much about the human body but I used to teach physics so I can tell you right now that's patently not true. You could use your Earthing Sheet and your your magnetico against the guy that's how they created this bed you know it's just I don't know if you've seen it but it's it's high end bed that really good.

Matthew Blackburn 1:53:08
Yeah, I interviewed a guy because they just mark up by like 8000 this one bed the Swiss Dream Bed I had a show with them. So it said instead of 12 grand you get the same bed for three grand-

Bryant Myers 1:53:22
That's why I didn't get that bed but I'm like okay, the rubber the organic whatever, great, end of the day, I can get this mattress for $2,000 And then all I got to do is get like magnetico and like some earthing techonlogies. And then like an incline because there's a really good stidoes that show they have better the slight incline does help with a lot of different things. It does. Why would I pay $18,000 for something like you know, of course he knew a lot about sleep I picked his brain because he reckons you really want to go the full length he just shuts off his whole power off at night you know when you go to sleep I mean yes I unplugged my you know make sure the Wi Fi but I don't totally shut my power off but I get where he's coming from that's a good way to so anyway-

Matthew Blackburn 1:54:10
No, that's That's great. Yeah, I'm 100% off grid here besides my reliance on diesel propane and gasoline Other than that, that's my only fuel I'm dependent on but I have Solar here and if I don't do that I'm gonna get I'm gonna propane generator, but it's interesting moving on grid to fully off grid the difference and feeling since I'm not connected to other houses around me. It's a totally different feeling. It's pretty cool.

Bryant Myers 1:54:38
You got your setups. You outdo me I thought I was setup

Matthew Blackburn 1:54:45
I'm always I'm always working on it. I mean, it's it sucks to be dependent on the Sun for power. So I wish we had, you know, my neighbors looking at wind. I think hydroelectric is the ultimate current off grid technology. We have access to but, you know, you need a very specific property to make that work.

Bryant Myers 1:55:06
You can get potentials in the ground too if you ground, because you get, you can create you can create electricity if you get if you got a great enough thermal vent gotta be in a certain place where you have enough differental

Matthew Blackburn 1:55:16
Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna tap into the earth, I think it's 54 Fahrenheit, I'm going to tap into the Earth's temperature for my geodesic dome I'm putting up in the next few weeks, because I think it's four feet, four or five feet down. And then you could keep the temperature inside stable. Should be fun.

Bryant Myers 1:55:34
I shouldn't definitely. Yeah lets do another question. Yeah.

Matthew Blackburn 1:55:40
The Speed Round, can PEMF have negative effects? And in what instances like I've heard, like, if you have metal implants, it's still okay. Or?

Bryant Myers 1:55:49
I mean, we contrain for for epilepsy, electronics especially like pacemakers. And what was the other one? Well, pregnant women, but that's just a universal contraindication. It actually probably would help pregnant women but you know, you know, from supplements where it's like something goes wrong with a pregnant woman, you don't want to be on the other end of the lawsuit. So those are the big ones, now the epilepsy studies are interesting, because it actually shows that it might have been something like 7% of the time, it might trigger a seizure. But the overall if you stuck with it, and again, that's one out of 15 or whatever it's not, it's not like a terrible amount, but it's enough to make it a contraindication. But it seemed like there was good evidence, if you stuck with it, you can help to reverse some of the- I'm not saying it's a cure for epilepsy, but you can sort of help to regenerate the nervous system and help to, to mitigate, because again, I think they might do stuff with epilepsy was transcranial stimulation even to help to try to, but I'm sure that you can get people triggering people who have seizure so that you always run that risk of when you deal with electricity using microcurrent. If somebody is really sensitive to going into an electric because basically electrical storm almost when they're in a seizure, right. The implants, we actually had a lot of people with pacemakers that used PEMF, I had to guide them to do research on their pacemaker specs to see what the pacemaker was rated for as far as, as far as changing again, not just Gauss, it's, it's the intensity of a changing magnetic field. And I forget the name of the pacemaker companies. But the two main ones I was seems like I was dealing with most of the time, all of their new pacemakers were rated for way beyond even the highest level in the IMRS. So I would say, this pacemaker is rated for and you can make your buying decision, I can't tell you that it's okay to buy it because I have to tell- but still, you can read between the lines and see that so, so really, honestly, at the end of the day, there's really not a whole lot for the low intensity for high intensity, it can be a lot more complications, for sure. Low frequency, low intensity, again, low repetition rate, low intensity. Those are the only ones that we have to say are absolute contraindications. And like I just explained there, they can be benefited.

Matthew Blackburn 1:58:07
Hmm, that's great. Um, this is a really good one, Bryant, how is PEMF therapy different from grounding, they produce similar health benefits.

Bryant Myers 1:58:17
So grounding I call it's basically the Earth's natural microcurrent therapy. So you know, the telluric currents come from the global energy cycles of lightning strikes, there's basically this voltage potential between the ionosphere and the surface of the ground. And again, the fairweather electric fields about 150 volts per meter, which is not that strict, but it's during lightning can go it can go and shift the fullest potential switch switches during the lightning, like a storm, and it becomes a lot higher, but for most of the time, but this this whole global circuit, then part of it is that lightning strikes the ground and all these currents are running through the ground, because we're talking about like 7 million lightning strikes a day or something like that. That's a lot of lightning happening around the world every day. So these these current, basically these currents because the ground the Earth is a conductor, right? So so when you walk barefoot, you're kind of plugging into the natural microcurrent therapy of the earth. But that's an electrical current. And, and the magnetic fields, there's always going to be a magnetic field around the current, but they're very small current, so you're going to hardly even get negligible magnetic fields coming off with it. But the magnetic field of the Earth is different in the Schumann Resonance is different but just the actual microcredits of the earthing or grounding. Now the earthing pads and other ground new technologies can be a double edged sword because you can have underground like Electrosmog like the underground power lines and I had to be turned on to this because I didn't really like I bought all that. earthing grounding stuff and I was liking it. And I sensed that even when I staked it outside. I staked it in my ground. I didn't want to I didn't want to plug it into the wall. I didn't trust that at all. But even sticking it outside, I think there was Some kind of ground currents going on outside my house because it was giving me an uncomfortable feeling and I even had this whole cocoon to sleep at night, a whole earthing thing I had this cocoon of it. I just, I was just bugging out. I mean, it was just making me it's like this is just so uncomfortable. I just ended up putting it all in the closet. But then you get other people reporting all these wonderful benefits. And it looks like I think it really depends on like, someone like you've probably would get would get benefits. If you're way out in the middle of nowhere. You could get in and really get an EMF free like ground current that's truly Earth's natural ground currents, not all the stray currents coming from all the power lines and stuff that we got going on, you know, but, but PEMF i a totally different quality of energy. So electric currents are not the same as PMF is not the same as electric fields is not the same as light. They're all governed by Maxwell's equations, but they're all qualitatively different energies. And you can you can see this just by looking at how you measure the intensity of each of those totally different units. So but they are all interrelated. And it's beyond the scope of this talk, but it's actually fascinating how they're all tied together. They are all very qualitatively differentyou know, one is not going to, so I walked barefoot, I just used to walk barefoot, like 45 minutes but I'm not a fan of the earthing products but some people love them. So I'd be I'd be just like, Yeah, try it out. Hopefully, you got a nice, nice ground currents outside your house and might be nice.

Matthew Blackburn 2:01:25
Right? Ya know, the context of that is great. That's what I always encourage. Yeah, I sleep grounded with around the Earth, and I love it. But yeah, the context piece is huge. And you have to listen to your body. If you use it and you don't feel good the next day, then don't use it.

Bryant Myers 2:01:42
Alright, so another problem having the silver threads, right? Is that itmakes like little antenna in that sheet, right. So again, if you're around a bunch of Electrosmog radiation, all Electrosmog will be jiggling the electrons in those silver threads, and it can give you an uncomfortable sleep ,so you can get, so it can be both the underground currents and where you're staking the rod. And you can just be surrounded, you could have a cell phone tower right next to you or something right, and you put that Earthing Sheet on you just go berserk because it's like, it's picking up all that. But if you're out in the woods, or you're out in an area where you don't have all this stuff, then you lay you get you're plugging into nature's natural tulleric currents, and that can be very therapeutic. So I think it's good in theory, but in practice, it depends on a lot of mainly environmental factors really.

Matthew Blackburn 2:02:27
Yeah, it was funny. But before I moved into mountain life, I was renting an RV for my friends and I what I did is, I grounded the metal frame of the RV, it was just parked in their backyard, in like a ghetto neighborhood. And I grounded it to a rod filled with shungite powder. And then I was sleeping on a magnetico I think it was a 10 or 15 Gauss. But there is a power line right above the RV that I couldn't change about right above my bed, maybe 12 feet, and I just, I still slept okay, I think the magnetico mitigated that power line quite a bit because my sleep was fine.

Bryant Myers 2:03:10
Okay, well, that's good. So those things where with PEMF, it was much more, I'm not gonna say it's 100% nothing's 100% People are gonna complain, they always get those hyper electricity sensitive people that and again, very, I mean, I'm sure they really are getting it, even the low intensity can be too much for him. Because we had to put it to the lowest level on the IMRS which is just in the Nano Tesla gets into the hundreds of nano, I mean, very, very weak. And then we put a piece of foam in between the mat, I had one person, you just have to keep creating separation, because as you create separation, you get less of a field. But some people are really, really sensitive. And even low intensity can sometimes be too much. But it's very rare. I found that most people to start off on like, because the IMRS did have a sensitive level, which is a very low intensity for sensitive people. And if they didn't do well, on that level, there's probably not many other PMF device on the market that they would do well with.

Matthew Blackburn 2:04:14
What about this one Bryant? What would cause a metal taste in your mouth after starting PEMF? is that moving heavy metals around?

Bryant Myers 2:04:22
It could be Yeah, it could be I mean, PEMF does detox I mean, you know, that's, I think I did a whole video on the healing crisis. Sometimes that can be a result of the healing crisis where you're, especially if you had like dental implants or something and they didn't do them right or they maybe you still have them in your mouth. Because yeah, I mean that. That's what I'm not gonna I don't know the answer to that because it's probably a very unusual situation. So I don't know what's going on. But I would guess it's probably just detox because, I mean, obviously there's nothing in the field itself that's going to have any heavy metals, right. So whatever she's tasting is her own body release. seems something which is probably just a detox.

Matthew Blackburn 2:05:03
Yeah, this is a good one thoughts on the Healy device?

Bryant Myers 2:05:10
Probably at least a half a dozen of my MLM friends network marketing. And I just I don't know I never I never got excited about it. I mean, I know some people that loved it and got excited about it, but I just never just never drawn to it. But what have you Have you had experience? You might have been more?

Matthew Blackburn 2:05:27
I try to buy every device if it's somewhat affordable, and I tried it and I felt nothing. I used it maybe 10 times and didn't feel anything good or bad. So I stopped using it. But yeah, kind of a good segue. Someone asked recommendations for a good PEMF products. It's like IMRS and BEMER are kind of your two, right?

Bryant Myers 2:05:50
I mean, center optics, like I told you the new one that's maybe unproven. But there's just not that many. I mean, I tell people, there's three things to look for in a PMF device, you got to look at the coils, well, it's two things, it's the coils and the signal. But you got to look at the signal from I say two eyes, you got to look at it from the eye of the oscilloscope, which is the way what the wave looks like, and what you're looking for, is a wave that has a sharp rise and fall. And this actually was the NASA's Dr. Goodwin's study with NASA, very clearly showed that there was in like, a three dimensional, like cell culture, that you are getting much better results with a rapid rise and fall signal, which is a it's simply Faraday's law it actually makes perfect sense why that's the case, because if you have a rapid rise and fall, you're going to induce more micro currents. So I always tell people, PEMF is like 3d microcurrent therapy, because you're inducing micro currents deep within the tissue. With all your events, unlike microcurrent, by the way, again, microcurrent is a very well researched, I'm not saying they don't work, I'm just saying that PEMF are going to provably go deeper than microcurrent as well. So you want that in a lot of PEMF devices on the market use a simple sine wave. That's the biggest problematic one is a sine wave because it's such a slow rise and fall. And then you're only getting one frequency at a time. So the other thing you want to look at is see you want a rapid rise and fall and that signal, whether it's a square wave signal, or a BEMER signal, or a triple sawtooth signal like the IMRs, you want the repetition rate, so the repetition rate is basically the frequency of the pulses, and sometimes they're bundles of three or four pulses even. So you want that to be pulsing at 15 Hertz in the morning, or some beta energizing frequencies in the morning. But at night, you want those pulses to be bursted to turning on and off more at, you know, two to three to four to five, six hertz, very low Theta Delta frequencies, because that'll help you go to sleep. And the brain is electromagnetic. This is why the IMRs I mean, I've tried like over 25 PEMF devices, and I tell you that the IMRs for better sleep that is easily the one. I'm not gonna say it's the best one, you know, and maybe there are other BEMERs also good has a lot of (unintelligble(. And then there's some others that are good, but there's just not that many that seem to- then the other thing is you want a good frequency spectrum. So this is where you look at a spectrum analyzer. So on the one is you look at the signal, the other is looking at the frequency domain. So when I'm looking at when you see a square wave we've all had, I think we've all in science class, some oscilloscope, so we can see little waves, maybe, but but that's just the time domain. So you're just seeing the wave as it appears in real time. Like a like a water wave, you see it rippling. It's just what it looks like right? Now we can't see some of these low frequencies because our eyes aren't tuned to it. But that's the oscilloscope allows us to see what they would look like if we could. Now the frequency domain is telling you the frequency spectrum or the spectral content. And here you're looking for a broad spectrum of frequencies. It's kind of like Lakhovsky's multi wave oscillator effect, because every tissue and cell has a little different vibratory resonant frequency, that we're trying to resonate with as many tissues and cells as possible. So that we were healing the whole body and not just this is the problem, another problem a sine wave signals, you're only getting a few frequency so you're missing out on working on the whole body or at the resonant magnetic resonance stimulation center point of view. So it basically one European study looked at all these different PEMF devices and they found IMRs and the BEMER had the best two spectral, they both had a very broad spectrum of frequencies. It's because they have very complex signals that have bundles and bundles of different frequencies and lots of complexity, which makes the talk about frequency and a signal like that because you're just dealing with like the repetition rate. So I just haven't found many devices that get both of those right that are safe intensities. And that have large, like QRS would be good if they had but their coils are wrong and I tell people why in the world, would you buy a great stereo system and buy cheap speakers to go with it? Because the coils are the speakers, you know, there are there are helical antennas, right? That they create, you know, you know, so the coils are literally the transmitting antennas of the system and your the receiver, right, your cells are picking up, this is why you want to make sure you got biologically active frequency spectrum. So nearby, otherwise you just pass through, you have no effect, right? And you want the coils to be big, you know, you don't want little tiny. So the problem is not only do they have a sine wave, but yes, they got a lot of coils, but they're smaller coils, and there's not as much flux as much, which means not as much induction, right. So big coils, broad spread frequency spectrum, rapid rise and fall pulse, and the rapid rise and fall pulses are a handful, tt's like a sawtooth, square wave, you know, again, the BEMER signal use like this cascading so you're getting plenty of the rapid up and down there. But you want to stay away from sine. You know, there's just too, you're not going to get much healing from them. In my opinion, I'm you get some resonant effects at that frequency. This is why, by the way, this is why sine wave systems will give you these big long list of different Oh yeah, you do this frequency for that this frequency for that just frequency, blah, blah, blah. Because you got to change the frequency, a good signal it's like a good multivitamin, you're getting it all in there at once. You don't have to take vitamin C, D and B 12, and B 1. And so that's a good that's actually a good metaphor, because it is like an electroceutical like instead of nutraceutical, PEMF can act as an electroceutical that gives your body these essential life nourishing energies, just as a I call light therapy a light amendment that helps people with Mal-illumination, right, because we don't get enough of the good, good frequencies of light, also another problem, we get too much of that harmful fluorescent compact fluorescent, or even just the poorly made LED lights for like lighting the house this is just not ideal for light, you know, and we get problems from not full spectrum light and keeping the blue light at a minimum at nighttime, we get into all kinds of trouble there. So but I would say yeah, those things. And again, there are systems in the market now that, I've been out of PMF for about a year and a half, centropix is one of them. And it's it looks promising. But I haven't you know, I haven't been looking at it in an oscilloscope yet. And they can't answer some of my questions about repetition rate, which I think is very important. They're just dodging the questions. They can't seem to answer some of the questions I have. But they got a great spectral content. I saw Dr. Kafka who had developed the BEMER signal. He's the one that has developed these topics. I saw he did a whole webinar where he showed, but he probably lost most people, but I understood it. And I'm like, well, I could have taught that a lot better, because he was just assuming everybody understands, like, you know, fortean mathematics and spectral content. I mean, I was impressed. I'm like, Okay, I hope he's getting the repetition right. So we got like, neurologically appropriate frequencies for different times of the day. Because you don't want to be overstimulating people at nighttime before bed. Right?

Matthew Blackburn 2:13:07
Right. Have you seen those devices Bryant? Because the new latest PEMF devices I've been seeing, go directly, like on the head, like there was one, I can't remember the name that biohackers are promoting that, you know, you could sit you know, quote, unquote, you could simulate a cup of coffee, or, oh, yeah,

Bryant Myers 2:13:29
I mean, the thing about I really like whole body, with the IMRs, you do the full body mat at nighttime on the low frequency because your whole body is going not just your brain, your whole nervous system from head to toe down to, you know, theta delta, but no they do work though sometimes I would just use like a pillow on my head, it does the same thing. Because the brain is the area that you're trying to bring- slow those those waves down to so that because the brain is electromagnetic and electromagnetic entrainment is real, especially with the brain that those will work. Not gonna get nearly as much therapy though, as you will from a full body mat because think about it. See, of course, those aren't designed for that they're just designed for kind of any type of purpose. But if you're healing they're not they're only they'll give you a little help with your brain maybe with headches and stuff but they're not going to- if you got a serious problem, you definitely, I always tell people, that's the fourth that's another thing to look for in a device. You want a full body matt, like like the amp coil you just put they- the energy is going through the center of the coil. The rest of your body is getting Yes, it's getting fields or electromagnetic field. It's not getting that pure magnetic field right? A full body, cover the whole body. So that's also very important. Go ahead next question. That's great.

Matthew Blackburn 2:14:47
Let's see. Is PEMF effective for nerve regeneration?

Bryant Myers 2:14:51
Yes. I'm going off the top of my head and everything right now but if I had in front of me so my research documents I could look up those studies. But yes, absolutely. With nerve regeneration, now, you know nerve cells a little slower to regenerate than some other tissues. So you might, it might take a little longer sometimes like like, like neuropathy, for example.

Matthew Blackburn 2:15:14
Yeah, people say you get that from high vitamin B 6. That's a big scare. If you take too if you take like 2000 or 3000 milligrams of vitamin B 6, you can cause nerve neuropathy.

Bryant Myers 2:15:25
What happens is people with neuropathy part of it is the blood flow that's crazy.But again, because nerve regeneration if it's neuropathy due to like damaged nerves. It Yes, PEMF will help but you gotta understand, you got to give it like, six months, you got to really be doing it every day, because what's gonna first happen, if you really got numbness down there is you start to feel that uncomfortable tingling, and burning. In fact, I would have some neuropathy, people, they were one of our more common people that wanted to return it because and I'm like, Listen, if your foot falls asleep, but let's just say you know, your foot fall asleep. But initially, you don't feel your foot, it's kind of numb, right? But then all of a sudden, you feel these uncomfortable tingles that are not comfortable for a little while, right? If your neuropathy is worse. If your nerves have been damaged, and you're not feeling anything down there, you're not feeling all the garbage that's going on down there, right? There's a lot of junk that's happening down there, that you're not even just feeling cuz you don't have the. So as soon as you turn the lights on down there, all of a sudden, you get all this uncomfortable burning and tingling. It's like, I can't do this. It's like, Well, you gotta go slower, because we don't want to we don't want anybody to be in pain, obviously. But but it's like hallelujah, you're awake, you're, you're waking up, you're feeling something, listen, the fact that you're feeling anything, is an improvement over feeling nothing. That means it's working, you know? But they sometimes they just wouldn't get that right? Does that make sense? Because, but that's why you sometimes have to go slow with PEMF. So even though there's no side effects, sometimes you can throw people into a Herxheimer too hard and too fast. Even with low intensity with a really good signal. That's the beauty of having a good signal is that it's not about intensity, sometimes low intensity can put people into more of a real healing now, don't get me wrong here are real healing crisis and high intensity, high intensity is for hurt people that's different. A healing crisis you can have ups and downs, right, as your body is getting better. Like with fasts you can have this burst of energy while you're fast and all sudden you boom. If something's making making you worse, you just kind of progressively get worse. That's not a good sign, then you probably should stop doing that.

Matthew Blackburn 2:17:33
This is a good one. Earth pulse efficacy? I can't feel it or notice the difference in my oura ring. I think they market that for sleep right sleep?

Bryant Myers 2:17:41
Oh Earth pulse I used and again, what's his name? He's nice guy. I mean, we butted heads because I didn't like- his product I used it for a year and he's like, Well, Paul Beck I think that' his name. It's like, he's like, he sent me another one. He's like, Well, it's gotta be defective. So I literally was using it for a year and I tried was trying everything. And it wasn't working for me at all. Where with the IMRS 2000. The first night I used I got better sleep the first night. So I'm not saying it doesn't work. It just didn't work. For me. That's all I can say. But it does. It's got a square wave. And they got the right frequency. I mean, conceptually, it seems like what they're doing should should help. But you got to keep in mind, this is another misconception putting a little tiny ring under your mattress is not the same as laying out a full body mattress pad because again, where's that pure magnetic field coming from? The center of the coil. The problem with earth pulse is it's a little tiny thing, right? So you're only getting magnetic flux in the little tiny center there. That does not compare to having like six or eight big coils it's night and day. And I know he was trying to explain to people Oh, yeah, you get the same intensity. It's like, it's not the same at all. Not even near. But again, this is more of a- you're getting more maybe radiation there but you're not getting the pure magnetics. So the fact it's under a mattress because when I put his Earth pulse on my knee, like when I hurt my knee, I didn't like the feel of it at all. It just felt uncomfortable and like, and then I explained to me, This must be why I'm not sleeping well with it because it's just putting it next to my body putting under a mattresses, but that's my experience.

Matthew Blackburn 2:19:19
Yeah, that's a good one Someone asked, piggybacking. Can you sleep on a PEMF mat all night or is it better and safer to do short dosages? Like if it's low intensity? Could you sleep on it?

Bryant Myers 2:19:32
I mean the BEMER has a sleep program, where it turns on, you basically go into bed, it's on for a while then it turns off and then you set what time you want to wake up for then it turns on again. I actually and I used that extensively. I mean, I just tested out versus IMRs. I was actually sleeping better during just like eight or 16 minutes of the IMRs if I had really ban insomnia, I might lay on the IMRs for like an hour and just just go to sleep. I just put it right on my bed and It works. Sometimes it will take a half hour or longer, if I had really bad insomnia, but at some point, it would kick in. It was just you know that sleep, it's like, all of a sudden your brain shifts from like awake, sleepy feeling. Sometimes it takes but usually eight or 16 minutes that would work for sometimes take longer. So I would go upwards to an hour where I could- you can set the timer for an hour, and I would just fall asleep because it's comfortable enough I would put it under my sheet so that way, I had a sheet on top of it. And it was comfortable enough that I could lay on it, it was pretty comfortable. And you know the BEMER is comfortable enough too but I noticed better results and sleep over the BEMER easily. And the reason is clear. I mean, BEMER is using 10 hertz as a repetition rate IMRS is five hertz or three hertz towards nighttime.

Matthew Blackburn 2:20:47
Interesting. Okay, cool. Let me see, if you do a PEMF session you knew and you don't feel anything from it? Was it not needed?

Bryant Myers 2:20:57
Well, no, did not feeling anything. I mean, it doesn't work. People tend to think that, this is the problem with people gravitating to high intensity they think they got it. They think they're going to a trade show and having a device that makes their muscles twitch, where they can feel it. "Oh, I can feel it, it must be working better". No, not at all. I mean, there's a lot of very subtle things like when you take a good, I mean, yes, let's say energy supplement, right, when you take a really good supplement, you might not initially feel anything right away. But you know, maybe you take it over time and and your overall health starts to improve. And it can be it can sometimes be very subtle like that. But for me, the very first time that I did it, I noticed better sleep. And of course, when you sleep better, you wake up feeling better the next morning. And it's not I mean, what I felt was just this kind of this, this cocoon of soft warmth and not warmth, but in the sense of warmth to like temperature, but just this warm, soft energy. That just enveloped me very, very subtle. So we found and this is also based on in, like doctors trials, whether they use the IMRs in a clinical setting. And there's a book written by several doctors where they, that's where they got like over 500 clinical case studies with the signal, right. And they thought about, not even maybe 47% or 50% people could feel something other for some reason the other 50% didn't feel anything. But again, it's just it has to do more to do with sensitivity of their nervous system, because some people are taking like opioids, they're numbing them so much that they just can't feel they're not sensitive to energies, where it seems like the people that meditate are more clean and not doing all these drugs, they seem to be more able to feel it because they're more sensitive to subtle energies.

Matthew Blackburn 2:22:36
Yeah, yeah. I wonder even psychedelics to, like, people are taking these to feel more, you know, take a bunch of mushrooms then going to feel it more.

Bryant Myers 2:22:47
Like, it opens people up to that there's much more in the physical plane, I mean, but obviously, you can overdo that. You want to ultimately do meditation be able to get to those states not rely on, you know, plant and that type of plant medicine but, you know, again, you know, the ayahuasca are doing the those type of journeys I mean, if you got someone that's that's really skilled that got it, you got to be under you really got to have someone that knows how to do it, on your own, you can, you can end up in a bad place, you know, if you don't,

Matthew Blackburn 2:23:22
I did a whole show with a guy Hamid and he's called the mineral shaman on how plant medicines deplete minerals. And he was saying a lot of the quote bad trips or bad journeys that people do. It's because they're going in with like a magnesium, or copper deficiency, or all these nutrient deficiencies and then that just kind of burns out the brain because the bodies can't handle

Bryant Myers 2:23:47
The soul is coming out too little bit too. So it depends on their consciousness as well. But I wouldn't be surprised that goes with it a little bit too.

Matthew Blackburn 2:23:55
But let's see. This is a funny one. Are they pumping us with metals so that humans can be affected by EMPs? electromagnetic pulses?

Bryant Myers 2:24:06
Yeah, well again, the fact that there are chemtrails in the air that's- anyone that doesn't believe in chemtrails is this fast asleep in mainstream media news. I mean, but the chemtrails have the aluminum and barium and all this stuff falling out of the sky. And you know, there's been plenty people that have been able to like in areas where it was bad, you could almost take a swab or something and you could - I think like Mike Adams done something like that, but, those metals are it's Yeah, I mean, you look up in the sky, it's like oh, maybe I should sit inside today but unfortunately it's a real thing and then you got like the HARP you know the HARP and different types of electromagnetic like huge arrays of antennas in Alaska and other parts of the world that definitely manipulate weather and whenever you see the clouds have all that ripple effect those are not natural, like the flying saucer clouds I mean you know, these are not natural cloud formations, these are based on HAARP and metal, the interaction of these, these chemtrails is what's basically make a little little antenna so that they can pump and manipulate the weather I mean basically manipulating weather, but, but certainly, they don't mind that it's toxic. I mean, this, I'm not going to claim to know,absolute, but-

Matthew Blackburn 2:25:21
I think there's a documentary like "Angels don't play this harp" and there's been documentaries on it.

Bryant Myers 2:25:29
if you try to go anywhere near HAARP in Alaska, you're gonna have to confront military, you know, you're not allowed anywhere near that thing. So something weird is going on there. I mean, and I think there's plenty of people with the geoengineering, you know, weather engineering, that have from the inside have been whistleblowers. In fact, there was a guy that I talked to someone that knew someone that flew these planes, and they're basically told not to ask any questions, right. But they're, I wish I could remember the details. But the guy remember, this is not a regular plane, you know, there's something there's some switches he had to turn on, and certain things he had to do. But they try to keep it from the pilots too. So a lot of times the pilots don't even know what they're doing. But if you're an astute pilot opens your eyes and looks, it's like you see theres something off about this, what's going on here? We see that it really is happening, unfortunately. And, of course, then they're trying to do, Bill Gates has these aerosols that he wants to do to try to blot out the sun. And again, that's not conspiracy, he's flat out and said this in public, you know, that global global warming, which if you asked me is a hoax, you know, they're trying to do all this weird stuff to who knows what their ultimate end game I still can't see based seems like besides control, right.

Matthew Blackburn 2:26:48
I heard it's global cooling. Have you heard that? Like, they're kind of pushing us to believe it's global warming, but then we're going to do another ice age, which is kind of a scary thought, if that's true.

Bryant Myers 2:26:59
If we would just, you know, stop with these HAARP and chemtrails Baloney, the earth knows how to regulate itself and knows how to create homestasis and throughout the many eons of time on planet Earth, and they have a bit of false evidence but there's ways you can measure all this. I mean, you can see that there's time with ice ages, or obviously we know where there's a global cool, and then you got time to there is like a warming. But you know, but what happens is,when there's more, when there's a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, then how how does the Earth regulate that? Well, trees eat carbon dioxide, so trees start to flourish and thrive because you're basically giving them all their food that they need. So trees start to grow really fast, they suck all the carbon dioxide out, and then in take care of the global warming. So you've got these cycles. And this is the whole gaia, it's called the Gaia theory not just hypothesis anymore. You know, James, what's his name of the of Lovelace, Lovelace or Lovelock, I forget his name. But he talks about the Gaia hypothesis, and it's the Earth is a self regulating organism and biases the temperature to basically, we just need to get out of the way, let nature just create balance, and the nature always brings itself back to balance. And, you know, we're just creating, we're the ones creating the imbalances right now. And I wouldn't, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's more for global cooling. But the whole global warming thing is I won't get into that on this show it's beyond but there's other agendas at play. Let's just leave it at that, I think with the whole goal of global warming.

Matthew Blackburn 2:28:33
Right, right. This is a good one on pet health. Can PEMF help heal a dog's muscular injury? It's funny at my like post office I gave this dog wasn't doing well. And he was having joint issues and stuff. I gave him the grounding sheet. And they're in the city. And he said it was night and day he gravitates towards that sheet. So another context thing, I think with the with the grounding sheet, but it's

Bryant Myers 2:28:58
One sec my batteries dying .

Matthew Blackburn 2:29:08
Well, that's fine. We keep talking.

Bryant Myers 2:29:11
Because I didn't mention this, but it's kind of my theme. It's like, you know, try to spend as much time in nature as possible and when you can't get enough of nature's elements you supplement.

Matthew Blackburn 2:29:20
Is that is that your lake? Do you live on a lake or?

Bryant Myers 2:29:23
Well, it's a it's a river. I mean, it's just kind of like a like an acre of land and I only have like one neighbor over here and no neighbors over there across the street. But I purposely I love living out in the country. I'm not as maybe as off the grid as you are but still rely on electricity. I have some backup generators, of course, but I mean,

Matthew Blackburn 2:29:48
that's great. Its nice to live on a body of water since you know my first house had a creek and it's so great.

Bryant Myers 2:29:58
But yeah, it It's definitely I mean I don't want to I've been here seven years and I really don't want to move I mean this might be my last year because I think he's got some plans of selling or something but we'll see I'm just

Matthew Blackburn 2:30:12
Moving is a lot of work and energy I know that wellI don't think we'll go too much longer so I won't fry you

Bryant Myers 2:30:31
I just had a mold issue in this house so Everything's all over the place because we I got the other side of the house is quarantined off because we had a mold situation.

Matthew Blackburn 2:30:39
Oh, that's right. You were telling me on the phone? Yeah. You had it like treated or?

Bryant Myers 2:30:45
That helped a lot. It was just figured hydrogen peroxide and you know, it really worked. I mean it's, you know, fogging in the house of that so I got it's not the most natural way to do that but yeah, you can do it, but it worked man.

Matthew Blackburn 2:30:58
Yeah, I'll have to talk to you about ozone because that's that's one thing I have a friend that's really into it. And he got me into rectal insufflation with ozone gas which is pretty close to auto hemotherapy like taking your blood out, ozonating it, and putting it back in it's like almost the same thing.

Bryant Myers 2:31:16
I do have a doctor I haven't seen in quite a while but but I did little insufflation with him for a while and he seen a lot of great benefits from that.

Matthew Blackburn 2:31:26
Yeah, I'm pretty sure the first 20 years of my life I was in a moldy home because I was I was near the beach so a lot of mold in those houses.

Bryant Myers 2:31:34
That's the problem with being in Florida I'm by the water so constant problem.

Matthew Blackburn 2:31:40
Right so the question I guess just pet health whether it's a dog or a cat, my neighbor recently had his cat got into a fight and he's like 17 years old. I don't want to make I don't really keep saying grounding sheet testimonials but I gave him a grounding sheet and he plugged it into the third prong in his shop and again off grid. So different situation, but it healed but I thought about bringing some my PEMF or plasma over to beam the cat but he healed up fine and he put like colloidal silver on like a zinc ointment and and zinc and silver and it helped but PEMF for like injured cats and Dogs is huge.

Bryant Myers 2:32:19
Several dog testimonials and and again, I love my animal testimony, we got some really good horse testimonies like shipping fever, Cushing's disease, really powerful ones. And yeah, the dog, I forget the details of the dog testimonials, but some really powerful dog testimonials. We had a cat with cancer that got better. Well remember, animals are my favorite testimonials because animals don't have placebo. Right? Alright, so when they're getting benefit, they're getting benefited. You know, my little chihuahua, I mean, if he's not doing well, I'll get him on the mat. And again, for me, this is the thing about PEMF it is definitely my go to if I hurt myself, twist my ankle, hurt my knee. Over the past 15 years, I've had all kinds of things come up. Bad neck and red light too. I mean, PEMF red light, I'll do both, typically. And so and it just it works. It really just flat out works. I mean, now hurt yourself really badly. You got to do several treatments. And sometimes the pain will intensify before it gets better that that's happened to me once. Almost always it doesn't. But sometimes it does.

Matthew Blackburn 2:33:27
Interesting. Wow. That's really cool. Yeah. Yeah, it seems like when you live in the country, stuffs gonna happen, you know, I get cuts and scrapes all the time and just little injuries. And it's nice to have red light and PEMF to heal faster, which is what they're speed healing,

Bryant Myers 2:33:44
I got a whole bunch of fire ant bites it's not just one, and I put my foot I used a little ointment too. But I put my foot on the mat and I could just it's just, it's just sort of, you can tell with PEMF it really does take that inflammation away, you can feel it. Again, if you're sensitive to energies, you can just kind of feel a sucking inflammation out of you a little I mean, again, it's very subtle, but it's like called energetic ice. The beautiful thing about PEMF versus ice is that that gives you all the anti-inflammatory benefits of ice. But then it gives you all the circulatory benefits of heat without without exacerbating inflammation, because heat will sometimes exacerbate inflammation, right? So you got to get the best of both worlds with PEMF, both heat and ice, the circulatory and it by the way it does upregulate anti inflammatory cytokines and down regulates inflammatory cytokines. Something that heat won't do. That's why you can increase the circulation and still decrease the inflammation.

Matthew Blackburn 2:34:44
Oh, that's awesome. One question I wanted to ask you, we talked about so many things, but like you mentioned the element air. Have you ever done like exercise with oxygen therapy? I've been kind of looking into that. That was really interesting.

Bryant Myers 2:35:00
Oxy bounce. I mean, I did it with like, rebound. You know, I'm probably going to eventually get back into that again. I haven't been doing it lately. I'll probably get a hyperbaric chamber to me that makes a lot more sense than doing. Again, if you do hyperbaric intermittently, I just, . How often do they typically recommend? I'm not a hyperbaric expert, but yeah,

Matthew Blackburn 2:35:23
it seems like there's a synergy between like oxygen therapies, whether it's ozone, hyperbaric, and then PEMF and red light, like all those kind of work together.

Bryant Myers 2:35:34
Oh, my, my friend, Jim, he's, uh, I don't, I don't recommend this. But he put his PEMF mat inside his chamber. He's like, very wealthy he gets all the stuff and he goes about doing. But he put his PEMF mat right inside his chamber. And I'm like, Okay, I don't I'm not going to spend that. But it shouldn't be. It's pretty well sealed, because obviously oxygen you gotta be careful with.

Matthew Blackburn 2:35:56
Yeah, I think my misconception is it's 100% oxygen, but it's not. Like I have two I have oxygen concentrators. And there's, you know, liters per minute is five and 10, your average mines at 2 10s so I have 20 liters per minute going in. And that only brings it up to about, I think it's 28% oxygen or something. So it's nowhere near 100. It's mainly the pressure I think it's the benefit.

Bryant Myers 2:36:24
Ya he likes to combine them both at the same time.

Matthew Blackburn 2:36:28
That's pretty interesting. Yeah. Because when you get into all these devices, it gets to a point where you're like, how, how do I have time in the day to use even a couple of them.

Bryant Myers 2:36:40
(unintelligble) of course, if you get a red light, because not everybody can afford a red light therapy bed, which I do have a bed, but but you can get a panel and just stand in front of red light while you're doing vibration, right? And hook your nose up to oxygen time. So even with PMF, you could still put it like the you could put a piece or wrap a PEMF thing around your waist or something to at the same time. So you can do we actually figure a way to do a lot at once. It's kind of fun to get creative like that to think of ways you can combine these things. So I'm with you, though, you gotta have to sort of otherwise you could just be doing therapies all day long. You have to live your life too.

Matthew Blackburn 2:37:22
Right? This is a good one that we didn't go into I don't think I don't think I told you this in our previous conversations. My first PEMF device was the SOTA it's 350 bucks. I think the SOTA pulser. You can put like a paperclip on it'll shoot it. I think like yeah, and, and I know there's like, there's a lot of education about positive, negative north south. And someone asked like, what's your opinion on South polarity versus North polarity?

Bryant Myers 2:37:54
Yeah, that's more applicable to just static magnets.

Matthew Blackburn 2:37:58
Okay, because this was a paddle. One side was South one side was North, right?

Bryant Myers 2:38:03
Yeah, but the SOTA pulser was just a capacitor discharge. That's why it's not the best PMF device. And again, the old, the cheaper? No, no, the pulse center is this solid state. But a lot of the still a lot of companies are using the more Capacitor Discharge type of technologies that are not nearly as ideal. But, but, again, what's the north - if you have a changing signal, it's constantly changing polarity, like a sine twitching like this, like you know. So what happens when- now good devices like BEMER and IMRS switch polarity every two minutes, but they're not switching from- they're just switching the direction the current, so the current goes for clockwise around the coil that counterclockwise and you'll hear like a little click. So on an oscilloscope, what's happening is the signal just gets mirrored it gets turned upside down. So you get the mirror image of the signal after a polarity switch. So, but a true north and true south discussions are really only applicable for static magnets because there you do have a constant north and a constant south. Where with a pulsed magnetic field, it's just constant. It's always kind of changing, right? You almost have to say okay, we're gonna use the right hand rule let's say we can say clockwise is north and counter clockwise is south but but it's not the same argument. It's not like a static magnet north south. So that is a common question that people don't understand with polarity, which is more applicable to static magnets and not PEMF.

Matthew Blackburn 2:39:34
Interesting, um, is there a way to DIY PEMF? Like could you go to Home Depot and build one?

Bryant Myers 2:39:41
Well, you can, again I think SOTA, like the Bob Beck protocols with SOTA and stuff. He gave the blueprints for a lot of his stuff so that we can make it yourself. Hulda Clark did the same thing with zappers she said, Well, here you can make yours tougher you know, but those are a pretty crude type of way to do it. They're really Good PMF devices have a very sophisticated frequency generator. So if you make it yourself, you're gonna have to invest in a frequency generator. And then you've got to then wire and basically you'll just the wire into some kind of a comfortable mat container. Or you can just do something like the high intensity, just make a loop with your current loop, that's not hard. The hardest part is getting the power supply, to then to generate a really good PEMF signal that has a good frequency spectrum and a good rapid rise and fall. And that is something that a lot of these good companies put a lot of research into the signal. So I have found that a poorly made signal can have no benefit to people. So sometimes people think PEMF doesn't work when they just didn't get a machine that worked well. So you want to create again, the reason I talked about the rapid rise and fall, the frequency spectrum, and the big coils that are tightly wound, is all those come together in a perfect storm for the best PEMF device. Because all those things are adding to the you know, the molecular the cellular, the biochemica,l the tissue, organ, organism benefits of inducing the microcurrent, increasing cell voltage increasing microcirculation. So if you don't get the signal, right, maybe you got a simplistic sine wave, then you're not going to be resonating, the tissue frequencies enough. Or if you don't have a rapid rise and fall, then you're not inducing any healing microcurrent, well you are, but not not very much, right. And I could see something through the oscilloscope, I can see that sine wave signals, we're not inducing as much voltage on my near field probe, which means it's not going to be inducing as much energy or currents in your body, the healing currents, right. Again, you're using your own body's charges, just for clarity, you're not actually adding currents deep to the body, you're simply inducing through Faraday's law, all your own natural ions, because you have a lot of charged particles in your body there that are in the all the different gosh, you know, sodium, chloride, potassium, all those are charged. And so they're, they're going to be affected by magnetic field because they're charged. So it's that. So you want to have a signal that's going to have a rapid rise and fall to induce the lead to the flow of the charge, like charging up the transmembrane potential, right? You the sodium potassium pump, you know, responds to a good rapid rise and fall of signals. So that's why you want to sharp rise and fall. So you could try to do it yourself, but honestly, unless you're really good engineer and you really understand signal processing how to make a good signal. Probably not going to work as well as if otta get just get a good system.

Matthew Blackburn 2:42:46
Yeah, that's great. I'm getting a little feedback. Let's see. Oh, I think it's better now. I was hearing myself through your speaker. Okay. Sorry. Let's see, I think you already answered this does the shape of that PEMF wiring, provide any benefit example, the Rodin coil? So your your thing is full body is what you look for.

Bryant Myers 2:43:12
I would not use the Rodin coil for a PMF because it's just a pure- there's this one little I think another cheap coil is this, this Asian guy sells this little handheld thing, it's got this weird winding. And unfortunately, it might have some benefit, but it's not going to be a pure PEMF field because the only way to create a perfectly pure magnetic field is a current loop or a solenoid, you can't be winding- because if you wind it like that, then you're gonna have all the field lines are gonna be interfering with each other, and you're gonna end up with an electromagnetic field coming off that thing. But what we're looking for is a pure magnetic field. That's where all the main healing properties come. So there is nothing except a pure, tightly wound circular coil, whether it's a pancake flat solenoid, or a column, like say, a probe or like a column solenoid that's tightly wound, that will give you the same type of pure magnetic field that a bar magnet will only, with a difference of course, as we mentioned this, you're going to have a field that changes over time. That's where all the dynamic benefits come from. So yeah, I would not recommend any other funky wineds. There's this one guy that makes like this sacred geometry winding of-

Matthew Blackburn 2:44:25
That's a question someone asked! Ipyramid is that the one you're talking about?

Bryant Myers 2:44:29
No, it's some I forget his name. He had all these videos. He's basically wiring this thing. He says, oh, yeah, this is this PEMF it'll help your whole house and it's like, well, whatever it's doing, it's not really PEMF and the way that I defined PEMF, because when you got all those winds, even like some beautiful sacred geometry star of David like, whatever he's done, like you're not gonna get it to make a pure magnetic field because they're all the all the wires are crossing each other. So you're gonna get all this interference. happening. And again, if it's done right, perhaps you could get some kind of electromagnetic field that's maybe interesting, but it's not going to be proven. There's no, there's no almost every single good PEMF studies using some kind of coil you never see somebody using a Rodin coil, or a weird wacky winding geometry on a PEMF study. They're all couls, they're all either solenoids or pancake solenoids or, or sometimes they're squares. There's nothing wrong with a square if it's a tightly wound square, like BEMER does that in their D pad. Because again, it's not going to be too far off from a perfectly circular current loop. Because it's a, it's a square that's tightly wound once you got a nice flux in the middle, right. But that's in actual real studies, that's the only type of geometries I've seen.

Matthew Blackburn 2:45:49
Wow. Yeah, I think a lot of these people that create those little sacred geometry products, it kind of discredits the real field of PEMF therapy.

Bryant Myers 2:46:01
It does, yeah. And then they try to say how it's better. I remember this guy, Asian guy, he did all these comparison videos to IMRs and BEMER, or somehow some little tiny handheld thing is going to be the same as a full body mat, with you know, 25 years of research, you know, and his has basically nothing, you know, he just has all these sacred geometry, like ours as more frequencies. And again, he just plays on people's ignorance and I say ignorance in a nice way where people don't understand what frequency really means with regards to a PEMF signal and the most. And I didn't even understand it fully. When I first started, it took me doing a deep dive in signal processing until I really got it I mean, now, I really get it. I can teach people how to understand frequency in the context of PEMF. But I made the same mistake early on, I didn't really understand it properly. And I was saying, I think I wasn't untrue. I was just saying it like, I would talk about the repetition rate of the signal being the frequency of the signal, but that's not the case. I'll kind of lump these together. Is it safe for people who are extra sensitive to EMF and are there studies on long term use that show PEMF safety? Yeah, I mean, again, the safety requirements, if you want to follow ICNRP guidelines, every single good low intensity company I know, are well within both frequency and intensity of very safe levels. High Intensity, no. I mean, again, I wouldn't use it on myself, nor recommend it to anybody else. I wouldn't even use it short- even though I sometimes will make a concession to high intensity and say, Well, maybe for acute situations for pain relief for athletic athletes get back on the field or for horses before the Kentucky Derby. But again, if it were me giving guidance to somebody, I still wouldn't even recommend high intensity in those contexts. But you just have to understand some people want to get a cortisone shot, numb their pain versus to try to truly heal their problem, right? Or maybe everybody wants to heal their problem, but they're just so focused on getting rid of their pain. They're not realizing all the harmful side effects that come from cortisone injections, and it blinds them to the side effects because they just want to turn the pain off. And it's same as the opioid crisis. You know, I did a whole video on the opioid crisis and pain you know, it's sad I had some people unfortunately even a past girlfriend that had an opioid addiction that just just consumed her I mean, and but it's you know, again, they get all these all this over prescription of Percocet, Vicodin and all these opioids or even oxy straight up you know, oxycodone or morphine. But, but yeah, so the high intensity definitely can be problematic with with side effects. And I've seen it again, I wouldn't just say that I've seen it firsthand, but low intensity the only thing that I've really honestly seen is sometimes is electro hypersensitive people, they're just overly sensitive to any energy. And with people that just get a Herxheimer a genuine Herxheimer reaction, a genuine healing crisis. And they don't want to or, or this does happen though, the pain will sometimes- if you have an injury, and this is actually published in PEMF literature treatment, the pain will sometimes reported to increase before it gets better but then it gets better. When I hurt my knee, and I've hurt myself a lot of times and worked with PEMF it's worked every time the one time I really hurt my hip really badly. I remember the pain definitely intensified that night when I did it it got worse. But the next morning it was so much better. And I'm like oh, that's what that study meant. I saw firsthand how that can happen sometimes. So sometimes people will complain or you just get these people's like, oh, it's not working. It's making me worse. It's like you just try to talk them off the ledge right? It's like no It is helping, but I have not seen it the low intensity low frequency I've not seen hurt anybody that's great.

Matthew Blackburn 2:50:11
Which EMF bio hacks are most worth it? I guess like affordable, easy. Like, I've had some interesting guests on my show that recommended, like, aluminum foil ways to use that to help mitigate things. So I guess just to help, you know, mitigate Wi Fi, like, I guess, you know, unplugging your router at night is probably a good start.

Bryant Myers 2:50:41
Yeah, no, I give I give recommendations in my book. And you know, actually, as far as the devices go, you might be more up to date than I am on on actual devices. But I'm always a big fan of being proactive, meaning there's a lot of things you can be proactive like, like opting out of smart meters. I mean, if you're going to rent a house, or you know, you know, move somewhere new look at Before you move, don't live right next to a cell phone tower. You know, the Brazilian studies show that you have a statistically significant increase of cancer if you live within a quarter of a mile of a cell phone tower. A quarter mile is not like a huge, it's not a huge distance. So you got to be kind of really close for this to be statistically significant. But you know, and like you said, turning your Wi Fi off at night or use if you're really sensitive, just use ethernet cables, you know, he could even buy the really long ones. It's just a little bit of a snafu with having these long cables. I did that for a while. I'm probably going to get back to doing that, because I don't like to have the Wi Fi on. But anyway, it's a convenience thing. It's just hard sometimes too because you want to, I want to take my laptop outside or something so I go shoot, my wire won't go that far. But um, let's see the smart meters. You know, obviously, with with cell phones, we can't avoid them. I mean, I usually have mine in the stand. I try to keep it on speaker phone a lot . Again, I'm only using the phone because we had problems with my laptop, but But yeah, just really being proactive to try to clean up your inner environment. And, you know, obviously, you don't want to be sleeping and on the other side of the wall being a high like a refrigerator, a high energy appliance on the side where you're sleeping.

Matthew Blackburn 2:52:33
Yeah, I did that last year, Bryant, I was renting a house that had a Wi Fi enabled refrigerator that couldn't turn it off, I would have had to unplug the refrigerator to turn off the Wi Fi. And the bed was like, I don't know, eight feet from the refrigerator. And my sleep was just horrible.

Bryant Myers 2:52:52
Yeah, no, no, no, that's such an important- and, and even like, obviously, like, you know, with your phone, you're trying to keep your phone on airplane mode if you're really not using it and it's nice to to have some time off from the phone. You know, do your best to minimize maybe social media. And most people overdo it with social media, including including me sometimes. But if you really I mean, if you have to work on the on the computer or the phone, I mean, that's different. But in your free time, it's obviously it'd be great if you could find ways to get outside or get away from all electromagnetic stuff. This is lifestyle choices, but as far as the actual active snow goes, and now then PEMF does help too like I mentioned, I mean, it does help. I tell people like dirty electricity is kind of an interesting word. So it's almost like you do accumulate this electrostatic or energetic dirt of sorts in your quote, unquote, in your aura or your energy field. And when you lay in a PEMF device, it's almost like giving yourself an electromagnetic shower or bath. This seems to just kind of click, but then it's just like if you shower a kid and he goes back out, he's gonna get dirty again. So, you see, that's why you do a PEMF session a couple times a day will help to offset the Electrosmog proactively. But I would still get some kind of maybe whole house shielding device. And again, this is something like I said, you probably know more than me about this right now. But there are obviously there are some devices that you can have in your house that helps to kind of create a barrier besides going to get the paint like you did in the in the whole Faraday cage thing. But that is my next- certainly one thing I really want to research and I want to get you to I actually want you to send me the link to a couple of those things that you mentioned.

Matthew Blackburn 2:54:35
That was great. And I really liked that analogy you gave of the electromagnetic shower because I was a cannabis delivery driver for a few years and just a lot of driving around California and Yeah, that would always just kind of unground me just to be driving for that long all day long. And at the end of the day, I'll just go because it was near the beach, I'd go and barefoot sunset, and just look at the sun as it's falling. My feet and the wet sand. I just remember every time it felt amazing, it felt like just like a huge relief.

Bryant Myers 2:55:21
Yeah, I mean, when I lived on Siesta Key. I didn't do it every day. But I mean, I had fits and starts where I would do that. You know, that's something I really would like to- it'd be nice to really keep that up. I just live farther from the beach now. So it's harder but but know as a sungazing. I mean, especially if you just don't get too crazy in one look at it. I had one time I did a little too high up and I was seeing spots for like three days. If you put your arm at arm's length, you put your thumb on the horizon, if it's within a thumb width on the horizon never probably, you could stare at it dead on for like 10 or 15 minutes, you know?

Matthew Blackburn 2:56:00
That's awesome. Yeah. Yeah.

Bryant Myers 2:56:04
Yeah, that's actually good practice.

Matthew Blackburn 2:56:06
One last question, Bryant. What's the best headphone device? I'm gonna guess you're not gonna say air pods right.

Bryant Myers 2:56:14
Out of the loop on that one. I actually used air pods for a little while. But that's been a long time since those things came out. Right?

Matthew Blackburn 2:56:22
Yeah, it's, it's funny. Those are the wireless little earbuds like they're really popular.

Bryant Myers 2:56:28
OH I'm thinking of something different. Okay. Best headphones? Boy, that's a toughy. I mean, I would say obviously, anything with Bluetooth is going to probably give you more Electrosmog than hardwired. I mean, I remember remember the old like the air tubes technology? I mean, I don't know I did that's what I was thinking. Whoever's question that was. But something like that would seem to be better than having electricity come up. But then again, the sound quality is probably not it's not going to be as good but

Matthew Blackburn 2:57:04
yeah, I just ordered these little like ferrite magnetic clamps that like clamp onto the wire, which , I don't know if that's going to do anything. But it said, I think it was less, I'll try it out. Like I forgot to do it before this interview. But you know, two or three hours with this in my head? probably doing something in my brain, even though it's hard wired.

Bryant Myers 2:57:25
Yeah, and then of course in Headphones you can't do the Bluetooth like that, . But I mean, I think that's something too, is trial and error. Sometimes just gotta try different things. And just notice, because, you know, you just do you do your Google research. You know, I mean, go online, try to find out what people are talking about. If people start talking about something, I'm like, okay, maybe there's gonna be something to this people and then I would I always buy those things, right. If it's all just buzz around something. Everybody's getting these amazing. I always like, Okay, let me try it, you know. But yeah actually, keep me posted on that if you try out these things, because again, the Electrosmog is something I haven't really done a deep dive on lately.

Matthew Blackburn 2:58:07
Yeah. Yeah. One question I had for you to Bryant, I think this was before you came indoors. You mentioned the Zapper and I use the Terminator two every day for years, I didn't feel anything. You know, I was a teacher at juvenile hall and I just had in my pocket during lectures, and I was helping the kids. And I just kept my fingers on the copper. And I think I would even hold it up to my body when we were showing the kids documentaries.

Bryant Myers 2:58:36
I had Terminator two, one guy put like some Lemurian crystal thing inside of it maybe supposedly made even better and I didn't notice much myself. I never really got much successful from zappers, I think because again, it's just two, two is kind of simplistic tot just not enough, that's the Terminator is the one of them with a little penny on it right? I had a really souped up Terminator, was supposed to be souped up I'm sure it wasn't. But um, but yeah, he did some other things to it, added things to the Terminator. Then he just added some other stuff to it. He said it was better but-

Matthew Blackburn 2:59:14
Mine Orgonite inside of it.

Bryant Myers 2:59:16
I think he did something like that too. Yeah. So I I never noticed a whole lot with that.

Matthew Blackburn 2:59:21
Me neither.

Bryant Myers 2:59:23
Yeah, it sounded good in theory, I said, like you, I just thought, Okay, I'll try it. You know, it's like, I'm an easy sell. Usually you give me a halfway decent sales pitch on something like this, and I'll probably buy it but-

Matthew Blackburn 2:59:34
Yeah, there's the SOTA silver pulsar I did feel though, because that's at 50 to 100 micro amperes 27 volts. That got me sick a few times. Like it definitely shook things up to-

Bryant Myers 2:59:46
There was something I had to stopusing that too. For some reason. I forgot this. I use that back in like 2003 or so. It's been a long time since I tried it but that's been around for a long time.

Matthew Blackburn 2:59:58
They have some cool stuff. All right, Bryant this was so much fun. We talked so many things, and I really appreciate what you're doing. And one question I had like for people to support you, it's buying buying your book, right? But probably not from Amazon, or is there a better place to buy?

Bryant Myers 3:00:17
I just do Amazon just because I don't like to carry a whole- I mean, there are others I just have not really gotten around to like trying to I know there's other options but right now Amazon is just easy and you know, yeah, so just go to Amazon and if you if you like it, leave a positive review. That's the nice thing about Amazon it really helps with you know, I've got pretty good ratings reviews on it. Except for some of the, it's funny some of the one star reviews I've done some reverse engineering and figured out what some of my competitors people that didn't like I was speaking against high intensity and then you know, subscribe to my YouTube I'm gonna start eventually get that up and going again with the Bryant buyers

Matthew Blackburn 3:01:04
Cool. Yeah, I'll pull that up right now.

Bryant Myers 3:01:10
I mean, I've got a whole I did a whole course for quantum University and, you know, a lot of the information on that course for Quantum University is on my YouTube channel. Okay, so I got a whole video like on what is frequency is, you know, and again, there's so much confusion in the PEMF world. I did like a whole science of PEMF course. And but yeah, just, you know, a lot of videos there. And, again, I sold my business, I've been a little out of PEMF. For a year and a half I still use it every day and I'm going to get back in at some point,

Matthew Blackburn 3:01:49
I like your website to

Bryant Myers 3:01:56
It's not a fancy website. But there's a ton of info. And again, if you're gonna go to that site, just be please be forgiving with the grammar, because that is not an edited site. It's just a lot of information. I mean, literally, there's got to be over 100 pages long. Some of them are long scrolling pages too. And I even have like the flat earth debunking stuff. So if you believe in flat Earth, I mean, I'll totally help you sway you that not believe in that. But

Matthew Blackburn 3:02:26
I'll have you debate someone on the show. No, I'm just kidding.

Bryant Myers 3:02:28
I tried to get on Patrick TImpone show I wanted to debate David Weiss, because he got David Weiss on the show. And I'm like, please, I'd love to debate him I because I see the stuff that you say. And it's the same things. He says over and over a lot. He needs to get new stuff. But it's so easy to disprove. I mean, it's not hard.

Matthew Blackburn 3:02:49
You know, I always just keep going back to like, What does it change? Because I've just seen people get more of an ego believing it like I'm the center of the universe.

Bryant Myers 3:02:59
Their big thing now is they're hiding land from us and the recent "level up" documentary, because like, for the longest time, it's like, well, what in the world? How do they benefit by covering up to the Earth is really flat. What's the end? What's the benefit of them hiding that from us? It's like, so what Earth is flat? So this is kind of recent you know, they got to answer that question. And of course now it's, there's all these realms beyond the Arctic wall based on these old maps. And there, we all could have, you know, it's like I said, we don't have 1000 acres of land or it's all about land, they don't want us to have this land. So that's kind of their answer to that. But that assumes that there isn't-

Matthew Blackburn 3:03:41
20 acres I don't need 1000.

Bryant Myers 3:03:43
I know I think that's what he said in the documentary, I just watched the other night "level up". Because I just, I just kind of playfully debunk that not. Sometimes I do find myself getting a little bit in ego. But I really, as a former physics teacher, it makes me sad that our younger generation is believing everything so blindly. I mean, not just flat Earth, but there's just not the critical thinking and not everybody, but it's just I mean, the fact that 30 to 35% are based on one poll, think that they're not sure that earth is round, or they think it might be or they think it's flat. And that's a shocking number of younger generation like 20 or 35 years old that are- it's just sad. You know, as a former scientist, it's like real science. I tell people, the real science of it is so much more interesting, you know, the universe and you know, the physical universe is so much more interesting and what the flat earth cosmology which is just a dome and everything, pretty much Earth is the center of everything and it's just, you know, there's I don't even know there's no space so it's just pretty much the dome and these other realms, and they keep changing the story the dome now is like imprisons us from the other lands from before the dome was some sacred thing with their magical Sun and Moon 3000 miles above the surface. And again, I've got like I cuz I collected over 200 truths to show that the earth is not flat, and it's pretty. It's just overwhelming. I mean, just one thing after another, they can't explain. And so, that's on that site too. I just mentioned that on the show, because I do have a link there just because so many people are believing it. I mean, some of my friends, and I'm just shocked. It's like, oh, no, you too. It's like, of course, at the end of the day, you know, if it makes you happy to believe the Earth is flat, I mean, I'm not going to stop you from believing it. Obviously, I can't. So anyway, no. Other show, maybe I, I could do a whole show on that if, and I only say that, because maybe it's out of the, it's out of kind of your, you know, what you're teaching, but it does kind of get to the kind of cognition and critical thinking it can be like a case study, and just really looking at the evidence, not blindly believing something. Right.

Matthew Blackburn 3:05:58

Bryant Myers 3:06:00
It's true with PEMF too it's like, don't just blindly believe PEMF works. I mean, there's over 30,000 studies and a couple, couple of 100, double blind, I mean, several 100, double blind studies, even clinical studies. So that's the beauty of the proof, you know, and-

Matthew Blackburn 3:06:19
Your YouTube, I'm looking at all the different videos you have, because there were a few questions we didn't get to. And like, like for bone health, you have one on for fractures and osteoporosis. So it's great, great. People want to dive in and see that-

Bryant Myers 3:06:33
Let me just say that really quick. I mean, the original reason that PEMF was developed or the original the first application was for bone stimulation. So that the richest history with PEMF therapy is actually with healing fractures, and even non union fractures that don't heal, after several years, can be healed with PEMF. And it is FDA approved, by the way for non union fractures and orthofix I think is a certain brand that goes way back to I don't remember the dates, but it's like the 70s when Robert Becker in the Body Electric, one of his colleagues, Andrew Bassett, they collaborated, and Andrew went with the PEMF route more. And then I think Robert Becker stuck more with like micro currents, but they both do the same thing. And that's what Andrew Bassett is showing us, like the coils we want to use for healing microcurrentsgive the same benefit that these invasive probes were going down to the basically into the bone right. And so that's- he was really one of the pioneers of PEMF therapy was Andrew Bassett.

Matthew Blackburn 3:07:42
Wow, yeah, I forgot to ask you like, books that you recommend on PEMF therapy besides yours, like good ones that you've read?

Bryant Myers 3:07:49
I'm waiting, I'm really waiting for another one to recommend. It's unfortunate that, you know, a couple of books by Dr. Pollack, which are, you know, in some senses, they're decent references for research, but, but the science is wrong. You know, as I mentioned, he recommends high intensity based on the inverse square law and that's not how fields drop over time and, and then because of that, he wants you to buy a high intensity machine, he recommends only high intensity, so if you know some of his old videos, I love his older videos because he used to work with QRS and recommended lower intensity. So he just kind of switched to high and fried thing because because of his own personal experience, but there really aren't any, except for like some of the books that are out of print. Like the Christian Dr. Christian (unintelligble) book and Dr. Carmichael's book, last I looked at on Amazon Dr. Carmichael's book was $800. Because, you know, you know how they do that with other print books? They just charge an arm and a leg. But as far as books that are currently in print, there are some in other languages. I've looked believe me, because when I researched my book, I want to read it. Not just in general, I just want to read every book on PMF.

Matthew Blackburn 3:09:03
What about like, healing is voltage too? That's a good one, right?

Bryant Myers 3:09:05
Oh, yeah. Yeah, no, that's right. I liked that book. Now that's not a book on PEMF. That's a book on the device that's behind that is liketenant bio modulator, which is just a (unintelligble). But no, I've read the book two or three times, really not the whole thing because when he starts to get into all the Accu puncture and meridian and he's doing with his tenant bio modulator right. But the first like six or seven or eight chapters are -I just love it. I mean, because that really gives that fundamental premise that healing is voltage the key is to increase cellular voltage. And that's one of the main things that reasons PEMF works for just about everything is working with the TMP to increase cellular voltage. So, yes, I there are other like energy medicine. Let's talk about energy medicine books, like I mean, Dr. James Ashman, his book on energy medicine, it's a very dense read, especially the new edition, I've gone through that two or three times. And it's very, it's so good. I mean, but in fact, if you really read that carefully, he also recommends low intensity PEMF, by the way, and he gives the good reasons why and it's based on you know, all the things that I I talk about in my book, but he gets, he kind of will talk about that same approach and like microcurrent. And so he really reinforced in a very powerful way everything that I was saying is true about recommending low intensity and not high intensity. But also, that's definitely the best energy medicine book. I have a book and energy medicine I haven't published ye but it's it's kind of pamphlets almost, it's pretty much written, it just needs to be edited. But it's not nearly as detailed as Dr. Ashaman is, but for a lot of people that's just too scientific. He just gets really, but I love that. So it's just but it's worth the read, it's worth working through. Because if you really get it, it will change your life, really understand if you really understand deeply what he's saying it's the most comprehensive energy medicine book, and it has a whole section on PEMF. So

Matthew Blackburn 3:11:15
Oh, that's great. And when you said you said TMP, that's Trans membrane potential, right?

Bryant Myers 3:11:21
Right and then there's like MMP, which is mitochondrial membrane potential, which interestingly, red light seems to affect the MMP, where PMF seems to work on TMP. But that's when Dr. Tennant in his book healing as voltage, that's what he's talking about is the voltage of the transmembrane potential, that's the voltage of the cell. And so it's kind of like a lot of people think that we just store energy with ATP. Well, we have another way we store energy across the cell membrane. Because again, a battery is something that separates charges that holds potential energy. And because the cell membrane is very, very powerful insulator, I mean, it's amazing how much I mean, it's, I forget how many millions of volts per square meter, or per meter it's tremendous. You know, it rivals the best capacitors as far as how much energy- because you're talking about just such a small distance across, right. But yeah, they can keep those charges separated. So you have a in fact, well, here's the other way to look at it, you can say well, if ATP charges everything, well, a big like 30 to 40% of ATP goes to charge in the transmembrane potential. So if you can charge the transmitter potential directly, you're going to conserve precious ATP or energy for doing other things like healing the body. So at the end of the day, health is really an energy game I mean, the more coherent energy you know, the healthy coherent energy you have the healthier you're gonna be in general. And we didn't get into this but I talked about energy flows, which is kinetic energy, energy of movement is in that micro circulation and lymphatic flow, nerve flow, Meridian flow, right, lung energy, airflow through the lungs of tracheal bronchial tree, and then you got potential energy which is stored energy when ATP, TMP, MMP even there's some good evidence that different tissues and organs can store energy at a larger scale. But there's a voltage- each organ has a certain voltage that's the sum total of all the little tiny batteries every cells little battery right. So, by increasing both the stored energy, which you can say is like the Jing in the Chinese system, right, Jing is your stored energy and Chi is energy of motion, right? And then of course, Shen is more of the sublimation into more spiritual levels. But I find that very interesting that the Chinese theory of health is kind of based on this increasing both your stored energy and you also want to have good Chi energy flow to and the two play off each other because if you need energy to do something, you have to have enough stored energy to do it. Because you know, so PEMF helps with both also red light therapy one of the few other things also helps with both different mechanisms because the nitric oxide is increasing all the lymphatic and blood flow in the neck I mean, that's really talking about the the five fractal branching trees I did a whole video on that is so fascinating, you know, because to me, that is one of the fundamental reasons why PEMF helps the body to heal itself is opening up all these energy and circulatory flows and increasing the amount of ATP and stored energy or TMP ATP MMP. And because again, you got more stored energy, better flow. How can you get sick I mean, so it's usually a breakdown in the flows like stroke, heart disease, nerve nerve degeneration,COPD, which is breakdown the tracheal bronchial tree, you can say cancer is a breakdown in the lymphatic connective tissue matrix, which is I'm sorry, the lymph is the store is the lymph is the kind of breakdown, the lymphatic flow would be linked to cancer because that's where your your immune system is. Right on Meridian flow, the connective tissue matrix as James Ashman shows, it's probably the wiring for the, the meridian system. And that can break down to and then you got blocked energy in your meridians, right. And so there was a meridian study with PEMF. So I can go on but it gets really, really fascinating when you look at, at these two fundamental mechanisms, how PEMF is helping the body to heal itself and just about everything. You know, it's not healing or curing or treating anything. It's working on these fundamental levels. That if you get, if you have more energy flow or more energy stored, how can you get sick, I mean, the body knows how to heal itself if it has enough energy and enough space, I talked about both energy and space and I don't want to get into that. But it's, that's detox, you know, because obviously, if your body is full of all kinds of toxic residue, the body doesn't have enough space to create healing, because to create new cells, you have to have enough space to devote to the cells to divide, they actually have pressure sensors to see if there's enough space to divide. And so this is where the PEMF does help with that detox process, too. So energy and space, you know, it's basically putting the good stuff in and getting energy in the body and getting all the waste products out. It's those two things that really fundamentally create health and adaptive physical up, right.

Matthew Blackburn 3:16:48
Yeah, I love it. Well, that's that's a good place to wrap it up. I appreciate it. Right. Stick around as we close up the show

Bryant Myers 3:16:59
Yeah, sorry, went a little long. I mean, it's just a lot of exciting stuff I'd love to share.

Matthew Blackburn 3:17:12
That is all for today's show. Hope you guys took notes on that one. I know I did. He definitely made me change my mind on a few of my beliefs about PEMF therapy, I really like his main message that stronger is not better. And that really makes sense. When we look at photobiomodulation or light therapy or red light therapy, you can really overdo it and cause tissue damage. And with PEMF, it's interesting that people look for the muscle twitch to know that it's working. But I've laid on mats multiple times where I didn't feel my muscles contracting or any really strong feeling. But I got up and felt refreshed and felt very energized. And that's really what you want out of a PEMF session, I was really bummed to hear about healthy line. And he has that test on his website, where he took it apart and put his meters up to it and found that they were actually lying about the claims. And I think if you're going for far infrared mat, that's one thing. But if you're going for a PEMF far infrared combination, you really want to make sure that they're not just taking that 60 hertz sine wave, as you said, and switching it on and off at 7.83 Hertz. Because that's not good. Like he said that is straight dirty electricity that it's pulsing into your body, which you want to avoid. So I've never tried the IMRs I've never tried the BEMER. I don't like multilevel marketing companies. And so I'll likely not invest in either of those. And unfortunately, 99% of the PEMF devices that I've seen are multi level marketing, which is unfortunate. But I would say you don't have to spend over 20 or $30,000 or even over $5,000 in my opinion for a decent PEMF unit. Unless you're using it for your horses. You have an equestrian center and you want to keep your horses in good health than I think maybe that $9,000 unit that I referenced from think goes Valley might be something to look at. But I liked his point about cortisone and pain relief. That's really what you're after with these really overpowered super strong PEMF units. It's just the pain killing effect. I liked what he said about grounding or earthing sheets. Because I often emphasize that context. And it's not to scare people to say it'll harm you if you plug in your mito life sheet to the third prong in the outlet, it's just context. So there's so many factors, I think more than we know. But is there a difference when you have, say, 10 Stetzer filters plugged in your house, and then you plug in your grounding sheet from mitolife into the third prong? I think so, versus not dealing with dirty electricity at all. Because that's really what we're talking about when you're connecting to the wall with your silver embedded sheet to sleep on. But if you're doing rod to Earth, and you're still getting negative benefits, at that point, I would just invest in a magnetico sleep pad, because your environment is probably pretty unnatural with a lot of non native frequencies and maybe a population dense city. And so you might need something stronger than grounding to protect you, which could be in a strong magnetic field, whether it's 5 Gauss, 10 Gauss, or 20. Gauss, I really liked his analogy, that laying on a PMF mat is like doing an electromagnetic shower. Because I felt that so many times in my life with different things. But that practice that I described to him of being barefoot and the wet sand, looking at the sunset, directly, and how that just charged up my nervous system and also felt like a release. That felt like an electromagnetic shower. But not everybody has the luxury to A go to the beach every day, or B live close to the beach. Because to me, that also comes with living around a whole lot of other people, which comes with each person has an average of seven microwave bidirectional devices. And that comes with its own issues and so you have to pick your battles. And to me, I feel better living away from people away from a population dense area. And that tends to be the mountains with a lot more trees, a lot higher density of trees, and pine trees, cedar trees, all these trees he found in mountainous areas in the forest that has its own grounding effect. That to me is different, not better or worse than but just different from the grounding effect of being actually on a beach. So if you want to learn more about Bryant's work, I'll put the link below where you can check out his book on Amazon. And also his website That's really important. If you own a PMF device, or you're looking to buy one he does debunks a lot of stuff on there, I was really bummed about the Healthy wave one because that was one that I've used over the years. And he says just a cheap Chinese product from Alibaba, which is not good. If you're spending money, you want it to be something quality and something that's safe and effective. So like I said, Brian's not affiliated with any PEMF company, I'm not. As far as I know, most of them are multilevel marketing pyramid schemes. And I'm not a fan of those. So if I find one that I like, I'll put it on my website. But until then I'll probably just stick with my somni resonance for sleeping. One thing I forgot to mention, after we recorded I was talking to Bryant about all of the clinical studies on PEMF. And if you go to, and just search PEMF. There's about 800 that show up. And then if you put in pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, there's about 100 that show up. And what's interesting is Bryant said there's actually about 30,000 Total studies on PEMF therapy, but it's under like 15 different terms. So it's a little tricky when you're trying to study because you have to search on PubMed or Science Direct whatever other website you're using all of these different terms to find the studies. Check out Bryant's YouTube as well put the link to his book is website, and his YouTube channel. And I think he's just putting out great information about this subject because there's so much disinformation as he talked about all the quantum PEMF devices that are out there, the torus devices that are just giving this field a bad name, and really diluting the actual science and power this therapy could have to help someone return to balance. If you want to support me in the show, you can go to I have my recipes up there, which I just updated. I changed the ratios for the gummies. And what I learned recently from my girlfriend is that you can use honey instead of sugar. So a lot of people are adverse to using white refined sugar, which I don't see is a huge issue in context. But if you want to go more natural, or you're worried about that, you can just use your raw local honey, but just added at the end, so you're not cooking it to a high temperature. And to me that is tasted really good. Even without the sugar, I was really surprised how good that tasted. And on my website, if you go to shop, that's all of my recommended products, all the products that I've used, or am using, and have seen a benefit from, like I said, that somni resonance. So with my discount right now it's 312 bucks, and looks like it's gonna last forever. It's really well built. And I just slap that on my chest every night, before I go to bed. It sends a 50 milligauss signal to your brain that stimulates deep sleep. And it really works. And it knocks me out I've been measuring my sleep with the old oura ring. I don't recommend the new oura ring get a lot of questions about that. Their version three uses a really bright green light. And I mean really bright the first night I wore it, it was lighting up under my covers. And I could almost see it coming up through the covers it was that bright. So unfortunately, green light suppresses melatonin production, like blue light, almost as powerfully. And so if you can get an old used orau ring, or you bought one back in the day, like I did, hopefully you didn't lose it. I'm very lucky that I didn't lose it through like five different moves of homes. And I'm back to using it. And it's a really cool feedback system. I put it in airplane mode before I go to bed. And I'm able to track my heart rate variability, which seems to be pretty accurate, and see if it's trending up or down. And lately, it's been trending up with all of these different experiments and stacks that I've been doing before bed, which I'll probably share on the Mito life Academy here soon. And so it's been really fun. And cool to see my progress, improving my sleep quality. You can go to to check out the Mitolife products. As of this recording, there's about 100 bottles left of the elk Velvet antler that sourced from the northern United States. And we just released a new product, beef liver, but not just beef liver, it's actually spiked with copper bisglycinate. That's my favorite form of copper. And I feel so good from it. I've been averaging 10 milligrams a day of copper. And I think that's a very modest amount, especially if you take it with food. A lot of people if they take too much copper and get nauseous usually that's because it's on an empty stomach. But if you start at two milligrams, four milligrams and work your way up, I've even taken 20 milligrams in a day of copper bisglycinate. And I feel like it's given me better sleep more energy. I mean, copper is involved in so many things, but when you combine it with retinol and beef liver, that's a really powerful combination. And a big reason why I came out with it is if someone doesn't want to take cod liver oil for the retinol, then they can at least try this and see if they get an effect. If they think they've been vitamin A deficient for their entire life like myself. They can see if freeze dried beef liver increases their retinol level. So that's it make sure to check out the mitolife Academy that's my private VIP YouTube membership where you get two private videos a month and then a live q&a The last day of the month. And you could ask me anything. And it's usually a fairly small group. So you could just ask as many questions as you want. And I share my latest experiments and supplements, devices, protocols. I'm always researching and trying new stuff. So it's fun to interact with you guys and share that there. So that's it. I'll see you guys next Friday. Stay supercharged