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Matthew Blackburn 00:19
You are listening to Episode 166 of my life radio. I am Matt Blackburn. And today I have back on the show a regular guest, Mr. Atom Bergstrom. Out of all of the shows that I've recorded with Atom, I'm shocked that we've never had a full one completely on solar nutrition, or Chronobiotic nutrition. It's based on the organ clock system, that different parts of our body are active at specific times. And the basic idea behind eating on time, is that you get more nutrition out of your food when you eat it on time. I've been playing around with this for the last four or five months, not 100%, militant, but just entertaining the idea. And I really feel a difference. And I like that Atomm is not all or nothing with it. He actually says that you want to break the rules intentionally, I think once a month. And so it's just one more thing to be aware of, not to stress out about or try to be 100%. But just to be aware that this is another tool that you can use to improve your health. So I'll let Atom break it down here. Enjoy the show here is Atom Bergstrom. All right, we're here with Atom Bergstrom. Welcome back.

Atom Bergstrom 02:01
Yeah. Glad to be here. Wonders of the internet. You're in Idaho and I'm here in California.

Matthew Blackburn 02:10
pretty far distance. Yeah. We were laughing before the show that I think this is our 11th or so, and you've mentioned solar nutrition throughout our episodes, but we've never had a full one on it sun synch nutrition and eating on time. And for whatever reason, about a month and a half ago, I started binging your old interviews, think of seven, eight years ago with Justin and Kate on extreme health radio. I think those are the best ones I found. They're all on YouTube. And I was taking notes, what time to do different things. And I've been I've been playing with it more, not being 100%. But instead of 50, maybe 80%. And just really feeling it, and something stuck out that you told Justin and Kate, seven years ago, you said it increases the synchronicity in your life. Because that's kind of related to timing. And that was my favorite part of maybe the 10 interviews that I binge listened to.

Atom Bergstrom 03:15
Synchronicity has been one of my favorite subjects for a long time i noticed things happening like that when I was in high school. And then when I discovered the I Ching, I got into the idea of timing. There's two types of timing chronological that goes on, and then there's a type that things just kind of match up. Carl Jung got into it a lot. You know, he had a person, one of his patients would have a dream about a scarab beetle. And then the scarab beetle would come against the window. And I have that all the time. Recently, in fact, I was talking about what is his name, there's a Russian bodybuilder who has novel ideas about bodybuilding, Pavel Tsatsouline something like that. And so I was going through some of my cases and notes and I found almost identical information just randomly in one of my Kindle boxes full of notes from a 1980 strengthen health interview. So it definitely, I've always had a lot of synchronicity, but it definitely kind of torqued it.

Matthew Blackburn 04:30
Yeah, I've noticed there's times in my life where but , sorry there might be a little delay, where the synchronicity was more and then what and then times when the synchronicity was less like I remember synchronicities, happening daily. And then there were periods where it didn't happen for months or maybe years. Really interesting.

Atom Bergstrom 04:53
I used to be fascinated with it where I it happened to me so often that I started doing experiments And I noticed, if I meditated, for when I first started meditating, it would happen at the beginning. And then if I'd stop meditating after a month, it would happen. And I acquit to, you know, have we noticed the sunrise and sunset more often? And that it seems more dramatic, we're more likely to remember the sun coming up and the sun going down than we are the sun anyplace else in the sky. So I started changing consciousness and in the in between zone, sunrise and sun set, if you will, I would get these synchronicities. So one time I hadn't touched alcohol for a couple of months, and I took a glass of wine and just walked out the door to see what would happen. And my high school buddies driving up and said, "What are you doing here?" I said "waiting for you" hopped in the car, and off we went. So that kind of thing would fascinate me. And it happened more when I started getting into eating on time.

Matthew Blackburn 06:01
That's really cool. Yeah, I got started with it. I think a month and a half ago just really diving into your information. And I got the book. Yes, no, maybe, chronobiotic, nutrition finally, and, you know, coming from the Ray Peat world, which you do as well. They're very anti nuts and seeds. And I was for the last couple years. And then because of your information, and particularly what you said about almonds, how they're more omega six than Omega three. And this is a topic of debate, I still get challenged every day about it. Or like all PUFAs are bad, whether it's who HUFAS or omega sixes, but only one causes Lipifuscin right? And that's the Omega threes.

Atom Bergstrom 06:49
You know, when I researched that that's what I found in 14 books and a lot more of answering questions about it and researching it since and and tempted to write that 15th one but resisting, I can't find a single case of omega sixes causing yellow fat disease. It probably causes other things. But Monsanto and DuPont know this, they take the Omega threes out of their soybeans now, because they know that the Omega three jams up fast food machinery and also ages salmons prematurely before they can kill them, you'd get bad meat. If they didn't take the linoleic acid out, the corn was okay with the corn feed. But the soy that they were feeding salmon, because it's more omega threes, was not cutting it. So they're making a fortune now, probably going to be trillions on these soybeans that they have completely eliminated the Omega threes without telling you the public they call it high Oleic soy beans, but if you check, there's three patents, take out the linoleic, and linolenic and call it linolenic so people don't get why so that's omega threes, and then add a little bit of Oleic, brag about we took the saturated fat out of it, 1%, Like that makes a difference. So it's a scam and at the same time they recommended omega threes and meanwhile, they've been fighting, actually Monsanto has been fighting omega threes since the 1970s. So It's amazing how they how they can get away with it. And make a fortune on both sides of the fence.

Matthew Blackburn 08:40
There are so many traps to get into right like yeah, like cholesterol causes heart disease saturated fat causes heart disease, you know, low fats, no salt. And then people if they survive those traps, then they're on to the Omega three trap which unless they find you, but probably never get out of it.

Atom Bergstrom 09:06
And you too, there there are people catching on now, I see more and more but they they they actually rig it up on Google. When I first started dissing omega three fatty acids and put yellow fat disease in, there were about 8500 hits is that what you call it on when you when you search on the internet, if you put quotation marks and yellow fat disease and when I started they kept climbing I got it up to 26,000 I realized my blogs were affecting the search and people were starting to get it. Suddenly one day after about four months it dropped down to 8,000 again and has stayed ever since and and I'm all over the internet with yellow fat disease Ray Peat is, you are, other people are and yet they don't want people to find out. There is no mention of yellow fat disease being associated with omega three fatty acids in Wikipedia. They have eight reasons all of them have nothing to do with that. And so it's right the game is rigged. Sounds like a conspiracy

Matthew Blackburn 10:22
Well, I started eating nuts in the morning because of you, and what made sense to me was moderation, right? I mean, there's a time to be extreme and take tons of stuff. You know, I think there's time for both but most of the time to me it makes sense to be in balance and you know, instead of being a raw vegan like I used to do and go through you know, five pounds of almonds a month or whatever just having a handful in the morning like I've been doing, like 15 and then 15 soaked almonds one walnut and one cashew and those are all the nuts I've been having in the morning. I think I'm slowly starting to add in Brazil nuts, but I really feel the difference doing that

Atom Bergstrom 11:08
we used to use Brazil we've had trouble up here finding ones that don't have mold in them. I used to eat them regularly one Brazil nut, because they're very strong. Even Bernard Jensen back in the day used to recommend one Brazil nut, and but then we no matter where we got him, you can taste they definitely had mold in them, so I don't know what's going on with the shipping because I never had that problem with Brazil nuts in the 70s the 80s the 90s the 2000s and somewhere around 2012 or 2013 I started actually later 2015 They started coming in bad but I haven't checked recently for a couple of years now so.

Matthew Blackburn 11:53
yeah, I found some companies that, it's really convenient you can buy them in bags already soaked and dehydrated. Which I might get back into soaking my own almonds because there's, I kind of like taking the skin off and and eating it Do you have thoughts on that eating it skin on or off with a soaked almond?

Atom Bergstrom 12:12
Yeah, actually the skin is good because it has tannins. Now tannins used to be the bad guy but in tea they call them what is their name for them ,I cant think of the name, phenolics, phenolics and phenolics are good for you. So again they use that trick of linolenic bad and omega three good and they use tannins before, put a little milk in your tea to protect your from the tannins. Now all those phenolics in there are excellent eg whatever those initials are and this and that they got an all in it's all tannins so the tannins actually help you absorb any vitamin C foods you're having in the morning and also help you absorb the almond itself

Matthew Blackburn 13:09
sorry we have like a three second delay it might be this the snow that's coming down here in Idaho.

Atom Bergstrom 13:19
Ah, yeah, we don't we think complaining about our cold California but but we have nothing like you guys. Both in Colorado and where you are now.

Matthew Blackburn 13:32
Yeah, I love it. It's really refreshing. And it's been between like in the 30s most of the time sometimes the 40s so it's not too bad.

Atom Bergstrom 13:44
Once you get used to it, I I used to do workshops up in Wisconsin. But it got to be 27 below zero but we were inside with a fireplace and all that could go out have snowball fights and things like that. And Idaho has more of a dryer cold I liked the dryer cold.

Matthew Blackburn 14:13
Yeah I think the humidity has been around like 50% which I like I can't I can't take anything too low.

Atom Bergstrom 14:24
You know, 50% is actually ideal for not getting colds and not getting viruses. This was actually proved by Johns Hopkins in the 20s and 30s and totally forgotten. In fact, during the Spanish flu, one hospital only had a few deaths because they knew that particular principle back then. So if you have a dehumidifier or humidifier, like if you live in Arizona where it's so dry, you know it gets to be 5% humidity. Or if you are in Houston where it gets to be 100% humidity on an on Going basis, you can have one of those to adjust it to 50 during cold and flu and other seasons. I don't want to mention any other names, get in some trouble, you're on Facebook

Matthew Blackburn 15:16
that's awesome to know. Um, so, so oranges, you've got me back on orange juice because I was buying store bought the last few years and I was fresh squeezing for a while and then somehow I got off that and was buying it, you know, in a plastic jug, but totally different. Just the way you feel the taste everything. And so I've been ordering like two boxes of organic oranges and doesn't take me long every morning to just juice 32 ounces. And you're saying it's good for the lungs right? At lung time.

Atom Bergstrom 15:48
And definitely good for the lungs. Yeah, without a doubt, something in it. And you know, I don't even know if it's the bioflavonoids or what they claim, but there's something in it that will, you know, I had kind of a magic cure, over taking oranges and giving up tuna and mayonnaise. Because I was going down the toilet here in about 2014 I guess it was I had edema I had petechiae you know, a little purple spots appear out of nowhere, and bleeding gums, bleeding butt, but only when I wiped like I had to go, you know, with your pants down, make it to the sink wipe with water, so you didn't irritate it. Now I can wipe my butt with sandpaper. Oh, and then I had headacheless migraines, they call them coke lights, but I don't do coke. So suddenly, I'd have this zigzag pattern appear in front of my eyes have to wait 20 minutes, so I can see the computer again. And it would be happening regularly. Now that's gone too. Anyway, even with solar, which saved me back in the day, a long time ago, by eating all that tuna, which by the way, my mentor Adano Ley warned me again, he didn't mention yellow fat disease, he just thought I was doing too much of it. And he said make your own mayonnaise, don't eat that stuff. And of course, I was partly eating what was it blacks some kind of healthy mayonnaise. And at that time, I knew nothing about omega threes being bad. When they came out of supplements, though, I knew I wasn't going to take it because it made no sense to me. And especially when the Eskimos only live into their 30s and 40s. I figured Of course I'm not going to have heart disease.

Matthew Blackburn 17:50
So solar nutrition that that's based on the Chinese organ clock, which is a proven thing, right that our organs and glands and parts of the body are active at certain times of the day. That's like the foundation of solar nutrition.

Atom Bergstrom 18:07
Definitely, in fact, in China, they've had that charge since at least maybe 600 AD or so probably goes back even further. And they've known that the organs tend to cycle through. Now modern science didn't discover that. But they did discover that all of our cortisol, calcium, all of these have rhythms in our body where their maximum and minimum. And even as much as maybe 30 years ago, maybe 40 or 50. They knew that if you take a nap during the day, you don't have your calcium saving mechanism, you will pee out 16 times more calcium than if you take that nap at night at the same you know 12 hours distance. And but you pee out more sodium too so people who are worried about high sodium I'm not but taken just take a nap at that time. So apparently over millions and millions and millions of sunrises and sunsets, we've adapted to the sunrises and sunsets. And we've got a calcium conservation mechanism that occurs in the dark. So there it is, and it's independent of light. It's become entrained in our body, but light can calibrate it. It's called a they have a fancy German name. I forget the name now. But basically it's, well here's the principle. If you take 20 grandfather clocks, and this was done in about the 1600s by a clock maker, and you put them on the wall within 12 hours. They're all synchronized. They're all synchronized to the biggest clock. And of course, the biggest clock in our cosmos is the sun out there. And so it tends to be The pacemaker for everything that goes on on planet Earth, whether we like it or not.

Matthew Blackburn 20:08
You reminded me last year I went and I saw, I bought an old clock at an antique store, one with the swing pendulum so I thought it was cool. And it stopped one day. And so I found on Facebook or something, a clock repair guy, and he invited me out to his home and I went out to his shop. And he just seemed like a clock wizard. There were clocks all over this room. And he like, fixed it right in front of me. Like, it looks like a million parts in there. And he just was going a mile a minute doing things and tuning it. I was really fascinated.

Atom Bergstrom 20:44
It is amazing. Back in the day when I was a kid. Yeah, a lot of people had grandfather clocks. I had some relatives they had one in every room. So at nighttime, you go to sleep with all this ding, ding, clip, clip, clip, clip, and then doing, doing, doing every hour as they alll go off. Never had any problem sleeping. But perhaps that's because I was in New Jersey in New York, where people beep their horn at three in the morning.

Matthew Blackburn 21:15
That's funny, I've heard some, some weird stories about someone told me like, I think their grandfather or something or older relative gifted them the grandfather clock. And then when they found out that they died, it stopped that same exact time, like same hour that they died, the pendulum stops swinging Just out of nowhere.

Atom Bergstrom 21:37
There's even a song about that by Johnny Cash. My grandfather's clock. Yeah, you can find it on the internet. Well, yeah, you know, we have a resonance between machinery and if you have a car, or something else, it'll often act as a shunt for our bodies. It's a strange phenomena sounds woowoo. But it's very real. So a lot of times when I break something I said, Great. It's, it keeps you from getting a broken bone. Now, here's a synchronous experience. When I was with my mentor, Adano Ley, who was a very unusual guy, one time in a restaurant. I asked what makes an object break to protect you. What's that? What's that all about? And at the same time, the waitress brought his two glasses of ice water. And in front of me my glass went CRACK and a big crack went right down the glass. I said oh, I guess I just saved myself a broken bone or something. So it's a very real phenomena. I've seen it and if you break something, you may mourn over that object but it might be protecting you from a broken bone. Energy Works in very strange ways. Rupert Sheldrake type of ways and very real

Matthew Blackburn 23:06
wow. Yeah, that's that's really interesting. So So tree bush root is the is the basic idea behind sun synch nutrition, right and, and their specific time to have meats. And you were telling me before the show that eggs are actually neutral, right, you can have those technically, anytime.

Atom Bergstrom 23:27
They do their most therapeutic qualities for your body. For, see circulation sex meridian is 7-9 at night. And obviously, if you take a fish with an egg, and there are fish that are low in DHA, you take it at that time, but because it's a young food, and like a human baby doesn't get on sun clock until they're maybe two or three years old. Actually, they're not completely on sun clock till six. And it's been proven if you're an iridologist, or an iris analysis, and a professional one like they do in Germany, Yosef Decks work. You don't see the markings, the genetic or hereditary markings appear in the eye in the iris at six. Before that, you look at an eye it's quite different. Now the people who say that iridology is not real and there is a Pop iridology that's made up. But how do you explain that the eye dramatically changes from a child over that first 10 years of life. And then you start to see alien pigments and vai and certain markings happening with blood vessels that occur that are reflexes to whats in our body and by the way, talking about tree bush root. The eyeball is an example. You'll notice all the brain reflexes are on the top of the eye, the genital reflexes on the bottom of the eye and the heart is in the center. And in the way growth works on this earth, trees seek the sun, they seek the sky. If you plan to see it, it will rotate so that always the plant goes up straight doesn't go at a 45 degree angle unless is damaged or the slippage in the soil, it goes straight up. Meanwhile, the root is conditioned to be geotropic, it heads down for the Earth. Also, it'll head for the water, so sometimes it will go slightly off to the side with water. And then in the middle is the vine and the vine goes in the circle, you'll find that same pattern in iridology. And anywhere because our original shape is a worm. And then all the reflexes come out of it. If you look at an iris, it's a crosscut like a salami of a worm. And then our large intestine, there's a caterpillar, the other is a worm, and everything we do all our art and literature is just a spin off from looking for food, so that we can turn it into a butterfly. And you'll see the butterfly bones in the skull, and in the thyroid and the upper parts of the body. Really interesting body geometry.

Matthew Blackburn 26:20
Wow, I remember dissecting earthworms and being just really tripped out about it. Maybe that's why, I knew I was like looking at a fractal.

Atom Bergstrom 26:30
Yep, and their nighttime food by the way. You see the trees have to eat, and they get the first sun that comes over the horizon, goes to the tree. It doesn't go down to the grains and the grasses. In fact, Father Canape in Germany had the water walking technique where you go out barefoot on the grass. And anyone who's done that finds out wow, that grass is really cold in the morning. No Sun is shining down there, it's up in the trees. Now at mid-day the breeze is blowing through the trees, the sun directly shining through onto the grass and grain, that's their time. And then at nighttime, you got the leftover infrared radiation, which can penetrate about two or three feet into the ground. I guess five feet into the ground, maybe six feet. And then you get the infrared energy to store minerals and nutrients in the earth. So basically, it's set up like that, if you notice the geometry that a tree tends to seek the morning, and a very tall tree will stop photosynthesizing at high noon. So in solar nutrition, you basically can eat any of the tree foods from 1230 in the morning till noon, that's a big space, a larger space, our brain, when we're born is bigger than the rest of our body, then we kind of fill in the body to carry the brain around wherever it wants to go. And then the mid day is from 1130 to seven o'clock. And that's when you eat all your muscle food that mainly you'll see most of your muscle food is at that time. And then at nighttime, you get your genital food, your liver food, your food like that, which grows underground and gets the residue of what's left after the light day is over. And if you really look at it it's common sense as well as, as well as chrono biology and circadian rhythms.

Matthew Blackburn 28:41
Yeah, I really feel it. And, um, you absorb more of the nutrients when you eat specific foods on time, right? Like they're unlocked easier?

Atom Bergstrom 28:53
Yeah, the Japanese actually found a very strange phenomenon, that if you cut a food or pick it, one growth period before the time you eat it, the minerals are trapped in the food and not out of the food, because they tend to be used when you eat it on time. So if I'm going to eat a midday food, like, like a tomato, I would pick it at noon. And then I would eat it at nighttime, excuse me, I would pick it if I was going to eat it at midnight midtime food, I would pick it in the morning. And then eat it at midday. If I was going to do a beet I would pick it at mid day and eat it night. If I was going to pick an apple, I'd pick it late at night, and then eat it in the morning. Ideally, you know, it's impractical to follow all these kinds of rules. But if a person is sick it's more important for them to follow those rules and be more exact about it, I'm probably about 90% Solar every once in a while I do a little of this in or a little of that and of course, with solar, you get a whole a whole week of lunar time. So you can let the steam off the teakettle and kind of do what you want, especially if you need it, otherwise you become the boy in the bubble, you need the immunity factor. Now, at so called lunar time for an entire week during the time of the full moon, when the actual pressure of the moon allows things to go to your body more readily. We don't usually do that we just get a little looser in our diet. And if you read the book, there's a whole push through section three days before. And then there's a full moon in three days after you'll find that exact phraseology in the ancient Chinese book, I Ching by the way, the so called lizard book, where it goes into that very meaning, but nobody really seems to know what it means. But that's one of its meanings.

Matthew Blackburn 30:53
Wow, yeah, that that was one of the fascinating parts on the extreme health radio interviews that you can break the rules. I love that. And I didn't I didn't catch that it was during the full moon. I think we're approaching one in the next few days, right.

Atom Bergstrom 31:14
I think we're at full moon now. I haven't really kept track. It's awfully bright out there when I go out to my car at night. It's basically a whole week so as Adano Ley explained, you get 28 days of what he called the spermal connection. And in seven days of the ovum, were made out of a sperm and an ovum. If you look at the geometry, the head is round just like an ovum. And the medulla oblongata, is exactly where the sperm clipped in and made the woman pregnant and have a baby. That tail drops off it regrows from the energy that the sperm delivered. And now if you look at Kundalini is just the wagging of the sperms tail. So it gets humorous. When you look at geometry where a big ovum, the brain is actually an ovum, and the rest of the body is a sperm with ambulators it's two arms and two legs instead of the tail end but we still have a tail at the tailbone the coccyx.

Matthew Blackburn 32:32
Yeah, it's it's funny the other day, someone on one of my posts was asking about, I think how to help sperm health. And I said, Don't do no fap and that always causes a stir. And I pointed them to your sex newsletter. You know, people asked me about sperm or prostate health I'm like don't fall for fads right.

Atom Bergstrom 32:55
It causes people problems, you know, and a lot of Daoists didn't it didn't say that. The there's two types of jing one is a muscle strength. And one is that that, oh, in yoga, they have a name for it too. And it really, there's really a male oriented thing there like only men can do this. And women can't do that. Now some Daoists actually say the woman has to stop that too. But it's well known that some women can have multiple orgasms where it's much more difficult for a guy unless as Timothy Leary very claimed, under LSD a man could have several, several dozens of orgasms. But I'll tell you my LSD days, that never worked for me. I think because I've seen my partner turn into a telephone booth or over a railroad line or something that's pretty hard to get turned on that happening.

Matthew Blackburn 34:06
Um, I want to circle back to oranges and citrus Atom, because a controversial thing I didn't even know is going to be controversial when I started telling people what you said about eating citrus alone. Kind of like like melons, right? Like they say, I felt the difference because for the last year or two maybe I've been doing orange juice with food the same exact time have a cup of orange juice. And my digestion seemed like it wasn't strong. Like it was just I needed support or apple cider vinegar or something. And ever since seeing you talk about how you know, have citrus alone by itself on an empty stomach, so much better. Like I don't get bloated, now if I have my orange juice like before I eat

Atom Bergstrom 34:57
Yeah, it works on that and by the way Suzy vibrant gal here. One of her main interest in this type of eating is no matter what she did, and she has eaten extra healthy. I mean, she's amazing at the farmers market ,knows just how to people, people see that she knows what they're doing, ask her questions about it. So she's been at the Health for a long time, but she kept getting bloated. When she switched the timing, no more bloat went away. And that impresses a lot of people because bloat, often the so called beerbelly is nothing but bloat is solid fat is not as solid as people think. If you do a great experiment where a guy, Ben Hellman, he took a tree, and he planted the seed for a willow tree. Well, it weighed 154 pounds after so many years, but only a few grams of soil was gone. Where did it come from? He assumed it all came from the water. But actually it came mostly from carbon dioxide, which a tree as hard as it is, is nothing but carbon dioxide and water. If it was the trace elements that were making it physical and hard like that, then it would dig a hole in the forest, every forest when as it ate the soil, you'd go down, you'd have to, you have to climb down to go to every forest in the world. And of course, that doesn't happen. So say a fat person loses weight, what is happening 84% is breathed out as carbon dioxide. And 16% is lost in water, some of it in your breath, and some of it in your pee and your feces. That's all it was and all the time. And people make a big complicated thing about it. But many people who eat on time, find that they can triple their calories actually triple their calories and lose weight. And that's one thing that the Ray Peat group doesn't seem to gather, because they're counting calories, like, why would they? Why would they drink a cream over a low fat milk and gain weight. I used to try to gain weight by drinking two quarts of half and half a day. Never put a pound on me, you can actually lose, if you think of the common sense of calories. Who would think they could gain weight by calories? If they said well look at all the calories in an olive oil bottle. I'll drink two quarts of olive oil a day and I'll gain all this weight. Yeah, right you'll be on the toilet all day is what you'll be those calories, yet the sabotage and many ways. If we were to steam engine calories would work. But the human body is not a steam engine. So you can actually triple your calories and lose weight. Because it's a measurement of burning. All you have to do is burn a little hotter, which is one of the purposes of Ray Peat's diet, right to get you to metabolize faster and have less lactic acid. Well earlier one of his early shows he went from Russia to where they were fat. And then he drank all that dairy in where was it Denmark, I think and they weren't so it kind of there's some contradiction in some of the things and I'd like to hear his side of it of course, before I go misunderstanding what he's saying.

Matthew Blackburn 38:33
Wow ya made think of a few things. So I came down with I think I got shredded on with the C thing because i didn't i don't know i It wasn't like any flu I ever had and I was just I was out for three days. You know, no big deal. I was just really fatigued felt like my muscle, had a full body muscle soreness feeling and what's interesting is I was like, belching a lot like I had a lot of gas. And the whole time I was like thinking of Atom was like, wow, this is like I have like excess, like, gas in my body like this pressure. And it's interesting. Like, I think orange juice helped me like get some of that gas out. That was my intuition after I drank a ton of orange juice. So yeah, it's definitely a connection with the gas pressure.

Atom Bergstrom 39:21
Yeah, it will you know, in orange and lemons in the citrus family are very acidic. A lot of people don't realize that, when it goes in your body, it leaves an alkali ash, and of course it's very alkaline. But most fruits do that in your intestines. Orange has such volatile acids, it starts doing it in the stomach. Now common sense, stomach acid dissolves, or is the first preparation for dissolving protein. So you're gonna mess up your protein. You could probably get away with eating some sugar, maybe fat But if you're eating any protein in your food, then it's going to sabotage it. And it's well known that proteins fragments that get into the small intestine. I think they're called Kennan been a long time since I've thought about this. And they get into the bloodstream, they can't be processed by the pancreas and the spleen. And so they come back and irritate and block the blocking in a vicious circle. So that's one of the problems with oranges. Now, a lot of people I drink milk and orange all the time never had a problem and good. But you'll find that you do a lot better and don't have that bloat. And you're more apt to go to the bathroom three times a day, a person that is solar over a period of time will find they're going to the bathroom more, I can actually go in now I'm conditioned, I can touch an orange and run to the bathroom, vibrant gal will be my witness, I just have to touch it. And when if she's in the bathroom, I say I can't eat my orange yet, because as soon as I even look at it, or smell it. I'll be running into the bathroom. And since we have one bathroom in this place, we want to make sure that we have separate bathroom visits.

Matthew Blackburn 41:17
That's funny Oh, I want to I want to get back to the solar nutrition. We're both the mount the horse and ride off in all directions kind of people. But I have one question for you. So on the topic of weight loss, yesterday, I wrote a little post on my sauna, for weight loss because I've been getting into the woodburning barrel sauna I have. I'm like I have this thing sitting here. I'm not using it enough. So I've started to sweat in it for like an hour a day, which is really nice in the snow feels really, really good. But do you think saunas actually work for for weight loss? Is it because of that carbon dioxide component?

Atom Bergstrom 42:01
Yeah, I think their beneficial if you don't overdo it in them, and a lot of times if you expose yourself to some cold to close the pores afterwards. In other words, you could just run out the door. Stay out there for 30 seconds a minute whatever you don't have to do a Wim Hof type of thing. Because long time when you get cold that's called that bonechill cold. That's not beneficial for you. But if you get that cold like I can take a cold shower at the end of my shower, and then be overheated for about 20 minutes or 30 minutes. In fact, I use that principle in the 80s when I was up in Flagstaff, I took an ice cold shower after the hot shower. Then I got my Speedo bathing suit and lay out in the middle of a snowstorm. People were coming for this workshop and here's the guy sunbathing in a Speedo in the middle of a blizzard. And I was fine with it because my body was energized. I would also punch a punching bag to warm me up because I found out by moving the organs like that. It heats you up quite well. So for about three months, I walked around with nothing but those tank tops on in the winter, both in Houston and in New Mexico. California. Never had a problem with it but it gets tricky. In Himalayas they call that mastering TUMO, pretty much what Wim Hof has done. But, but you have to be careful a lot of people Jack Levine when he would go into his ice baths to prepare for those swims towing tugboats in his teeth and all that his wife was worried because he almost died several times in their ice water. So a lot of people go into shock. Ray Peat calls it correctly thermal shock because there is no cold. It's degrees of heat. Whether you're at zero degrees centigrade or positive it's still thermal shock when you get too much of either one. Long story short saunas are good. You need to close your pores for a minute or two after and if you don't stay in too long, like even on a hot tub. I have a friend that his girlfriend died in the hot tub. Yeah, you know, hyperthermia. He wanted to get get him some drinks. She was dead when he got out to the hot tub again. You think thats not a trauma, yeah.

Matthew Blackburn 44:35
Wow. Do you think drinking certain things in the hot tub whatever like smoking a cigar and having like bourbon or something would help protect

Atom Bergstrom 44:43
Good question generally you're overheated But and if you're in the sauna or if you pass out you just wake up usually, unless you're in Sedona and you remember that incident that occurred there were three people died from the sweat lodge, the huge sweat lodge they had there. So heats a tricky thing people do die from it. And you have to just be careful. So you monitor yourself so you don't get overheated. There's no problem and it is therapeutic to sweat. Obviously, sweating is good for us.

Matthew Blackburn 45:23
Yeah, so one of my friends sent me this lady's, you know, cuz there's always people on social media contradicting and saying this is wrong, you know, this is right, whatever. And she was saying we don't sweat out heavy metals. And I thought it was fascinating kind of sent me on a rabbit hole to try to find proof if we do sweat heavy metals out of our skin, but she was saying we absolutely don't. She's like I have a degree in this. You can't sweat heavy metals out of your body. It's interesting.

Atom Bergstrom 45:53
Some come out with a lot, a lot come out in the bile. Some of the fat it brings it into the bile takesthem out some come out in the urine, but we do get some of them out in the sweat, but it's not as complete a processes as people think but we we do it is good for you too. Because even if they don't come out in a sweat, it tends to activate the organs to make it happen elsewhere. See, our adrenal glands, particularly our adrenal medulla are located in the skin. So they don't tell you that and the only place I've ever found that is in General Electric research in the 20s. They had worked it out to perfection. They knew exactly which cells were it was the hypodermal level. And they had discovered a fourth nervous system, sympathetic parasympathetic, and enteric which is the gut system, and then the hypo dermal system, which, which they discovered it got lost, medical amnesia, was briefly rediscovered in 1951. But nobody knew what to do with it, and they just partially rediscovered it suddenly dropped it again. So you will be told by your doctor that your adrenal medulla is in the middle. It's only located right here. Actually, there's tissue to throughout the iminium(?) and even into the lungs, but every cell in your hypodermal area that contains phenylalanine, or tyrosine is an adrenal cell from the adrenal medulla and can process adrenaline. Another reason why mid day is a good time to be out. Whether you're in Idaho, or California, you, you can absorb nutrients from the sun. When people say, Oh, I can't get vitamin D, and I can't get this in my level level. I tell them, Can you there's no solar power in your area? where do you think the solar power comes from, where our friend guru Gangasenti is in Wisconsin, it's a big state for solar power. When I used to teach classes up there I was amazed, you got solar power up here? Yeah, they told, they wanted to put it in a nuclear plant, and they voted it out. We said we don't care. And so now the power companies sell the units for people's individual homes. I stayed in a lotta solar homes when I was out there, and we're talking 27 degrees below zero during some of those winters and a lot of cloudy days. How are they operating solar because you can get sunshine? How does the polar bear get vitamin D? Think about it. Oh, well, they eat a seal that has it. How did the seal get it? Oh, they ate a fish. How did the fish get it? Oh, they ate a krill. How did the krill get it? They ate phyto plankton. Well, Wikipedia says that phyto plankton only get vitamin D from the sun. How does it do that up there in the North and the Arctic circle or the over the Antarctic circle? How does it do that? Nobody asks those questions.

Matthew Blackburn 49:12
Wow, that's a really interesting point. I've never thought about it like that. Yeah, I have two solar panel arrays on Pole mounts out here. And during a full moon I'll actually charge up my batteries. I mean it's not as much as the summer's day but I do all night get a charge if there's a full moon hitting the panels.

Atom Bergstrom 49:32
You can get some Yeah, in fact they have some specifically tuned in for for full moon and and even other phases of the moon. Yeah, that's great that you get that

Matthew Blackburn 49:44
So solar nutrition. As I said at the start it like my favorite thing about your website Sunsync nutrition. I'm just obsessed with the very bottom of each page because you have basically three pages with the food list you have growth one, two, and three, and it makes it really easy because Atom lists out all the different foods to eat it at the different times. But at the bottom of each page, there's these elixirs, and maybe it's my former liquidarian self that really enamored with this. But the morning one, I think, you know, a lot of our shows, you mentioned the cobalamin(?) tonic, but people might have never heard of, there's one for high blood sugar, which is salt in your coffee. And then low blood sugar is sugar in the coffee, right?

Atom Bergstrom 50:35
That was originally how I was taught by Adano Ley how to handle that. And then he came up with the cobalamin tonic. Yeah, and it has a lot a lot of advantages we've been doing for a long time. I think I, I think I started, I actually didn't drink coffee, until 1985. When he started recommending the coffee once a week, on Mondays and Fridays. We asked him why Mondays and Fridays, Thursday, excuse me, on Mondays, because 10 times more heart attacks happened to people on Monday than any other day of the week. Because you have to shift from being off on a Sunday and then "got to go back to work" to accelerate again. Momentum is a constant level, but acceleration when you go, that's why it's hard to either wake up or hard to go to sleep. Once you get in that momentum. There's no problem with travel. But anyway, the the waking up like that helps with cobalamin tonic in the morning. Because your brain is the upper part of your body that resonates with the trees. Look at the geometry from the rib cage on up. You have basically brain and lung oriented time. In the midday it's all gut its digestion. And at nighttime, it's all genitals and roots. What are all the Chinese aphrodisiacs? roots, they call them routes. It's slang for certain organs that we have, you'll find a lot of slang like that, and all of their aphrodisiacs, whether it be ginseng, or, maca, all the roots tend to be sexual. And that's a sex time a day. In yoga, they say don't eat onions and garlic because it makes you, it stirs up your sexuality. When you want to do that at night, the brains for meditating in the morning, and then party time is at night. Now, you ever see the terminology ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. It's based on the levels of ourselves downward, but it's always upward. The ectomorph is often called the thyroid type and they're activated in the morning. If you want to be a brain, you eat your morning foods. If you want to be a muscle man, you eat your midday foods. And if you want to be a fat man, eat your nighttime foods like you want to bulk up let's put it more politely

Matthew Blackburn 53:17
wow, you know it's it's funny Atom, you bring up ginseng because on each page, I've noticed you have like a wild card where I open up one of the drinks and I'm like, Whoa, this is a weird one, for every page. And one of them for the morning tonic is ginseng soaked in water but not eaten. And let Lepidolite? Is that a crystal soaked in the water?

Atom Bergstrom 53:42
It's actually a stone. I don't have any anymore. But I used to use it all the time. When I would travel with Adano at usually before dawn, we would drink out of this bottle that he just kept pouring water in it and the ginseng and theLepidolite would soak in there. Basically it's a lithium element. Lithium in large amounts is toxic, but in almost homeopathic amounts is very beneficial. The largest lithium study ever done was in Texas, where ever there was lithium water, like the real brand is famous for having extra lithium water. The suicides were down, the heroin addiction was down alcoholism was down murders were down all kinds of addictions were down. Huge study done. And so it just takes a small amount of lithium, not the amount to give you this balloon face after years where you get really sick from lithium poisoning, particularly if you avoid salt, you're much more apt to get it but anyway small amounts of lithium really beneficial for you.

Matthew Blackburn 54:57
Wow. So before we move from breakfast, I know that what do you eat? I get that all all day long. I'm sure you get that quite a bit, except for like all this information. And you know, what are you eating? I just need to know you know and and you'll post sometimes pictures of your breakfast I noticed and it's basically like nuts and avocado and some fruit is what you guys generally right?

Atom Bergstrom 55:27
We eat a lot less because we're pretty much, mouse and ,power mousers now you know, we just sit in front of our computers and don't get much exercise so you can eat more. So we'd like a small breakfast I will have a personally 15 soaked almonds one cashew, three pistachios, a walnut or half a one sometimes and when other nuts are in season or don't have mold we'll eat like pine nuts and Brazil nuts and pecans. One usually we keep it low, then I have half an avocado every day. It's not an approved Ray Peat fruit, but it's rich in Mono unsaturated fatty acids, and has less of the other polyunsaturated fatty acids than olive oil does. So I find nothing wrong with eating half an avocado. Which I've been doing for years whenever I live in California, not in Texas. Here they're all over the place. Then today we have sapote That is an approved Ray Peat food and we get them from a grower here in Carpinteria. That grows sapote It's a delicious fruit in season we get cherimoyas and those things so let's see then I just had that and this time I just had coffee and sugar this morning because we didn't have maple syrup and and the cow in the house what else did I think? I think that was about it. Yeah. And I can think about Yeah, that was it. Oh and 3 olives

Matthew Blackburn 57:11
Wow, well I wish I could share some my coffee with you. I have a lot here yesterday I roasted a lot of beans since we had Sun

Atom Bergstrom 57:20
alright. Yeah. Roast our stuff in a popcorn popper and we buy it in big bags on the internet. And then she makes it for us with distilled water and everything

Matthew Blackburn 57:38
that's really cool. Yeah, I might be overkill because I have one that it's a machine that hooks up to an app and then it you know will slowly raise in temperature then keep it there for a certain point so it's like very mathematically precise.

Atom Bergstrom 57:54
Cool, Ray Peat is a coffee afficiando I think he said when he makes it he doesn't put the boiling pot in at first because he gets a flavor out and then you put the hot boiling water and after to finish the rest of the grounds. We we don't really mess with that we just throw it in and are okay. Yeah, he's quite afficiando either way, there's a whole science to coffee like the BS about it being acidic. That is a terminology a coffee jargon word for having bite or tartness or pop they call it you know, in other words, it has flavor to it has nothing to do with acid alkalinity. And ironically, caffeine is an alkaloid. But capric acid is in it for acidity. However, there's more in an apple than there is in coffee. Coffee, though is one of the weirdest foods, it leaves no trace of acid alkalinity, when it leaves you except maybe in the bladder, it is a totally neutral food. Most foods don't do that, they leave a slight acid residue or a slight alkaline residue, not in the blood. But in the tissue. Which is something scientists don't measure or get hung up on the blood. The blood is still highly buffered. Obviously you're not going to get much of a change there without dying from one end or the other. But the cells it's like agriculture what farmer would go plant something who's going to make a living out of it and not detect how acidic or alkaline the soil was. He doesn't test the water in the soil. He tests the soil and doctors want to test your your urine which is all liquid, your saliva which is all liquid. What about the meat? What about the fat? What about the protein? They missed the whole point of that?

Matthew Blackburn 59:49
Yeah, my my friend told me that when she drinks coffee right before bed, she sleeps better and she stopped doing that for whatever reason, so she's gonna start again. And that's so contrary to what you hear, you know, because say, oh, caffeine is gonna keep you up. But a lot of people can drink it and go right to sleep and actually sleep really well, right?

Atom Bergstrom 1:00:16
You know, the only way I can stay away if I drank maybe four cups of coffee or something like that, but I always do that. In fact, coffee is one of the things that kind of break the rule and have it all day. Technically, in solar. You want to have a tree coffee in the morning of Bush coffee and midday, and the only real Bush coffee is in Yemen. It's a Yemenis coffee. They call it , I forgot the name of it. But under its false name, it's sold in other places under this other name, and it's not really real Yemenis coffee is hard to get. And it says stunted desert Bush because it's hot in Yemen. And so that's midday. Then at nighttime. You have your coffee with a little salt. And you have what is that thing they use in New Orleans and seaport coffee and those other coffees ,chicory, chicory, you have chicory with it and and then you can drink it three times a day for energy. So coffee is kind of an exception to the ruleI take the bulk of it in the morning, but if I needed a little jolt to get through the afternoon, or have to write a blog or a book or something like that, then I jacked myself up with coffee.

Matthew Blackburn 1:01:41
That's great. Um, and so, so midday, we're on to Bush foods, right.

Atom Bergstrom 1:01:50
Bush and vine and grass, the whole grass and flower thing happened after the forest canopy where you got all this the African bills and the plains where the buffalo roam and they're midday foods because they eat that type of food. The grass family is really interesting. It includes wheat and rye and all of those not to mention your your other type of barley, greens and all that wheat grass all those kinds of things. And then all your vegetables that are about that area, like tomatoes, and broccoli and whatever watercress and arugula, all of those at that time of day they're all the grass in the lettuce type family and tomatoes were at one time the most the, they insisted on being small intestine time from one to three, they would stop producing at that time, but they have been aware of circadian rhythm since the 30s most of the tomatoes you get now are slightly moderated so they can pick them at different times of the day too. But the tomato still is much more beneficial for you at small intestine time when taken from one to three in the afternoon. That's called Small Intestine time it will actually clean your intestines. Particularly when you eat with a little corn oil that you can get a good luck getting an organic corner of these days

Matthew Blackburn 1:03:27
yeah, that's the wild card that I met with your your healing combinations here your midday elixir is that the I forget which one it is that has the corn oil. But yeah, that shocked Oh, it's the midday liver detox tonic.

Atom Bergstrom 1:03:44
The first time I did that. The day I did kind of a fast with it. And I went to the bathroom and I had to run out of the bathroom and hold my nose. And then I went in went to the bathroom again and again and again and again seven times. Each time having a run out, hold my nose and keep flushing the toilet. Whatever that was in me. I'm glad it's out. Yeah, it's an amazing, amazing cleanse. And it's surprising how much junk we can pack in the colon. When I was a colon therapist, my buddy the leather Tiger. He was a real tough guy, a marine ex Marine. He said I just fasted for three days. And I took all kinds of enemas and you're not going to get anything out of me. I said oh yeah, I kept them on the colonic machine for an hour and a half. Normally you do a you do a half hour colonic stuff came out of them. Even these when parasites make their little round ball or cotton ball things that they live in. All of those came out as well. So he was rather shocked

Matthew Blackburn 1:04:57
Wow Wow. Yeah, I'd love to get my my dad on one of those. I feel like it's that's a great, you know, if you only did one thing just like it to kickstart the process just acolonic. I mean, it's been several years since I did one. But

Atom Bergstrom 1:05:15
yeah, and of course, colon chime is from five to seven in the morning, we actually are designed. And this is even in the University of California, San Diego, said, they knew that the colon turned on between four and six in the morning. And actually, it turns on at five, if you turn on earlier, you're slow in metabolism, if you turn on later, you're fast. So you can actually do it. They didn't know that part. But they wonder golly, it actually turns on as most active, people think they will get peristalsis at any time of the day. That's not how it works. Your first peristalsis is in the morning, ideally at seven o'clock straight on. And parastalsis means the whole wave goes through your entire colon and sometimes even your small intestine. Otherwise, throughout the day, you get what you call postural shuttling back and forth, back and forth, or propulsion, postural propulsion, a little goes a little bit goes a little bit goes a little bit. But on a peristaltic wave. If you do it right, you can empty your entire colon, you get that opportunity. Interesting enough, three times a day, there is that three, again, three growth period. So in the morning, in the mid day, and an evening around kidney time, you get your third opportunity to have a really good bowel movement. And if you haven't waited, there's no problem.

Matthew Blackburn 1:06:48
Yeah, it's it's funny. I was listening to a carnivore guy. And he was saying, having less bowel movements is a sign that you're absorbing more of your food. Just like one a day or less. And that's such a funny theory. Right.

Atom Bergstrom 1:07:05
You know, It's funny. They might have been on your site that I just answered that this morning. And a lot of people don't know that. Your typical bowel movement in in Western countries, first world countries, including the US is 40% mucus, and 40%. Bacteria, actual bacteria. That's how much your microbiome grows each day. And then only about, there's some water and then maybe about three or 4% roughage compared to like 12% roughage in Africa, or some more primitive place where people live off the land. But anyway, many people who fast are surprised that they're still having regular bowel movements because of that. So I answered that I think the person said, the point is, and I said no, the point is, is the other way around. Yeah, I fasted it for 15 days back when I didn't know any better and was going to the bathroom. Where did they come from? It's mucus and, and bacteria.

Matthew Blackburn 1:08:24
Wow. Yeah. Cuz I came from the world of people talking about mucoid plaque, right. And that's, you know, it's like, there was a worm associated with that or something a parasite, but there's crazy pictures you can find on Facebook groups.

Atom Bergstrom 1:08:39
You know, it really when I became a colonic therapist I was interested in in finding out about that. It really doesn't exist like they say it does. You can have a really polluted colon and what, what it does when you have constipation, is it tangles it. I used to take X rays of colons and you know, the mucin colon goes up, there's a bow shape and then it comes down and then there's like a little pipe drain at the end. That doesn't exist. I found one person. Now I give colonics to younger people. And you saw all of this stuff you see in death begins in the colon, you know, all that kind of stuff. I was shocked by own colon. When I was in my 40s my transverse colon was dropped below my belly button. It wasn't up here where it's supposed to be. I'd had a fall off a porch one time that nearly killed me where I couldn't breathe because I landed on my back, cut my breath off and I think I damaged it and set it loose. As a colonic therapist, I used to palpate the area's one guy who had a injury, his transverse colon felt like a metal pipe. You could make it Dong Dong Dong and you hit it. Just amazing. So the anyway, it's it the damage is how it gets distorted in people. And so mucoid plaque, what I did is I pretended I was a college student doing a thesis. And I called hospitals up and asked them, there's always come out and stuff. And a lot of junk does come out in hospitals. But then when I called morticians up and asked them about that, the residue, they laughed at me. So it's not really there. But but we do retain over retain things. And just because you're going to the bathroom, doesn't mean it's all coming out. It's like when a water comes down to river bank, how much stays on the side of the river and doesn't go down the stream, if there's no rocks, and they're just mud on the side. So there can be a collection of junk. And it interferes with the colon. It's not just a pipe, it reabsorbs your minerals to protect some of them with 99% efficiency, and also your water so you don't dehydrate from vomiting or from having diarrhea.

Matthew Blackburn 1:11:18
Wow. Yeah, the the last few weeks I've been getting back into parasite studies. So it's just fascinating to me, like I just gave my, my goats ivermectin today, you know, the paste in their mouth. And I feel like not having enough bowel movements and incomplete digestion. I think most people have parasites. That's my current perspective. Just looking at how unhealthy you know, people either constipated or having some type of digestive issue from what I'm seeing.

Atom Bergstrom 1:11:50
They often do. I'll tell you a funny story again, with my main mentor Adano Ley. One time a friend of mine had all kinds of problems, and I wasn't getting to the bottom of it. So finally, she calls me and said, they told me I have Crohn's disease, how the heck do I have Crohn's disease? And I called Adano Ley up and asked, What should you do with Crohn's disease? He said, she doesn't have it. She has. She has pinworms. I said really?. So she went to the doctor, and for that, but in the meantime, I looked up pinworms, and it says, they go to your heart. And so I called Adano up again and said, What about them going to your heart, they're not interested in her heart. And long story short, she had pinworms, they gave her antibiotics. And she was fine after that. So yeah, we tend to get a lot of parasites. There can be in viral form. They can be in bacterial form. They can be in fungal horn. And we indeed have a microbiome and virome. AndI forget what we call the name of the fungal zone, but basically the fungus, a lot of fungus are our friends. You know, there are yeasts that help us out and fight the bad funguses. And the same with bacteria and viruses. The good news, the good thing is to have our colon so that the microbiome is in our favor, not working against us. And having a bowel movement. In large intestine time, from five to seven in the morning is a good time to do that, by the way, clean out and get ready for the day. Ideally, before you eat breakfast, but solar nutrition, sun sync eating is designed to if you don't have your bowel movement at seven, as soon as you eat, you're going to have it. If it's not from the food you eat, which is enough to do it, then the coffee for sure is gonna make you have a bowel movement. And then you're close enough to being on time at stomach time from seven to nine. The ideal time the breakfast

Matthew Blackburn 1:14:11
Yeah, that was that was another thing that fascinated me the last couple months are really diving into solar nutrition is the ideal breakfast time. See, I think you said in an interview that usually if people have digestive issues it's because they're not or with breakfast, it's because they're not eating it on time between that seven to nine window

Atom Bergstrom 1:14:34
Yeah, it's an important time because if the stomach doesn't have something to eat, starts eating itself. Despite all that hype about h pylori, which is untrue, your stomach will tend to eat itself under certain circumstances. And if you wake up with stress in the morning, then you better put something in your mouth, but you You should put something gentle in your mouth because under stress, your gallbladder will back up into the, into the into the stomach and sabotage your digestion. So a lot of times, if I get bad news, just before I eat, I turn on George Carlin or Jim Carrey or something and get a good laugh and get it out of my system, then I eat something, because that's those settings were done extensively. It took just mild annoyance to backflush Gallbladder fluid into your stomach. Now Ray Peat says his professor actually measured people's breath in the morning. And before that, their fecal contents and found fecal matter. breaths in the breaths. So, so people don't realize it's a two way street. it's supposed to be designed for a one way street. But when you lie down flat to a lot of times, if you go back and forth, and a traumatized person, it will back bush. It's called retro propulsion.

Matthew Blackburn 1:16:10
Wow. Yeah. So don't don't go on Facebook and argue with people. Right, right before you eat?

Atom Bergstrom 1:16:17
Right. You know, I'm cautious about doing that. Because at one time, I saw a cartoon and I realized it was me. someone's wife is saying, Come to bed. No, no, somebody is wrong on Facebook. I pretty much got over that syndrome.

Matthew Blackburn 1:16:40
Yeah, that's funny. I think I've pretty thick skin. Since I worked at juvenile hall for four years. I just heard it all, you know, kids would say whatever to me. And so I built that up over the years. So nothing, nothing much bothers me anymore.

Atom Bergstrom 1:16:56
No, it helps. And you know, there is a if a person takes salmon oil or something and gets cured, I get no problem with it, I think it's mostly placebo. But sometimes an omega three oil can be used for transplant victims. And if you have extreme inflammation for emergency, a one time deal, where fish oil and DHA EPA ALA comes in to be a problem is if you exceed six weeks, because at that point, you're you generate an adrenal response to it. The body regards it as being attacked. That's where the trouble starts. So many people they take the Fish oil, I don't have any problem. Then later on. And a year later or so when their adrenal kickback starts happening. Then they never equated with that. They equate it with whatever they ate the night before, instead of in the weeks before.

Matthew Blackburn 1:17:57
Yeah, it's funny, I saw a post that someone was talking about Charles Poliquin, you know, the Canadian bodybuilder. And I think they said he is prescribing fish oil, like, I forget 10, 15, 20 grams a day. And I was thinking No, he was like 50 to 70 grams. That's documented. That's what he was recommending. And he died of a heart attack at 57. Like that's what that doesn't tell you right there. What it does.

Atom Bergstrom 1:18:25
Yeah, there's a big difference between fitness and longevity to a lot of body builders go do well on a keto diet. They get performance out of it, but there's actually there's been nobody who's been on keto long enough to tell if they can make it to centenarianism or further, you know, because people mistake like are lions in keto no way it would have to eat 75% fat to be keto. It's not keto by eating protein. Plus they even get a little bit of vegetables in the intestines when they they do it as well. We have cats around here, they're always nibbling on the grass all the time. Theres one I think he's a vegetarian because he's eat so much grass. We see him always at the green sprouts come out of the ground. He's, he's eating.

Matthew Blackburn 1:19:18
That's funny. You know, I ran out a cat food since I moved back to back from Colorado, like my wet cat food, the cans. And I found a brand that doesn't have salmon oil, or herring oil or any oil in it. And I'm so excited. I hope, I hope I mean, they seem to like it. So I'm switching it to that because I think they'll live longer.

Atom Bergstrom 1:19:41
Yeah, the funny thing is that if you go to vet, they'll know what yellow fat disease is, particularly with dealing with cats, and they know it's tuna, but then they'll recommend a food with DHA, because they don't realize that DHA is just a code name for omega three. It's the same thing in tuna or whatever that's killing the cats in the first place. So it's humorous about the message well, they don't want people to get that message or the vet to get that message and I bet only one in a million vets knows that

Matthew Blackburn 1:20:15
yeah, little off track for a minute here but I know you're writing a ebook on copper. I can't wait to buy that. And you know, Morley Robbins I had on the show. He's like a frequent flyer like you think I only have you guys on the most consistently and he believes that copper is the cure for Lipofuscin. And then, you know, you'll hear Ray Peat say vitamin E, maybe not cures it, but slows its progression. It's interesting, these different perspectives. And then a guy I have his poster here. John Ferber, he was on a did a lecture on lipofuscin, and I think the only one on YouTube that I found, and he recommended like a pharmaceutical drug for life. So it's interesting, like the antidote, and I think I saw you post on Facebook the other day, there is a cure for it, but it's not healthy or something, right?

Atom Bergstrom 1:21:07
Yeah, they have ways. First of all the laser thing, but that's just gonna work on the skin, but they actually have drugs that work on it. But then those drugs are more toxic.Lipofuscin, the closest thing to it is aging. So very few people are going to take fish oil even for several years and notice anything's happening. But it speeds up their aging, where they will notice it if they get one of the age related diseases, like brown bowel disease is actually code for Crohn's disease. They now know that they didn't know it, they classify them as two different diseases. The old brown bowel disease now they know is just a subclinical level of Crohn's disease. Well, all of these diseases of aging are Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, muscular sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, mix dementia, blah, blah, blah, there's a whole list even even autism. And recently, I just discovered that what is the disease called? Basically, you're allergic to the sun and you break out it's omega threes, highly involved with lipofuscin, making a, what do you call it a photochemical reaction, and in getting reactive oxygen species activated

Matthew Blackburn 1:22:36
Wow, interesting. It's so funny that we have all these names of diseases, and a lot of them could just be simplified to lipofuscin.

Atom Bergstrom 1:22:46
Yeah, I researched them and found lipfuscin increased in every one of them too sometimes maximum degrees. And lipfuscin see, they used to think it's just a waste product. So who cares if I live in a room and they just clutter it with a bunch of extra furniture and junk lying around, don't throw it out? Big deal, I can still get to my computer, I can go sideways to the kitchen, no problem. But then they notice that liposuction is aggressive. It attacks, it attacks other cells and, and brings lipofuscin into other cells that kind of set them for a loop. And the aging expert, Aubrey de Grey, he has all kinds of drug ideas he's trying to clear lipofuscin out of people's body. He devotes a great amount of time because in his Seven Deadly sins of aging. Two of them are a lipofuscin inside the cell and lipofuscin outside the cell, insides in the mitochondria, outside in the outside spaces. And he knows though it's not clear in this book that what's called glycation or AGE what do they call that age related it basically sugar eating you up. He knows it's actually fatty acids that do it, or certain proteins, amyloids and, and fatty acids, so three of the seven deadly sins of aging are actually involved with fatty liver with lipfuscin and omega three fatty acids. So I think anyone interested in aging, better consider that or they're going to have problems down the line.

Matthew Blackburn 1:24:33
Absolutely. So I want to ask you, Adam about the juices there's, there's two like midday tomato juice drinks and then the one I've been loving is the cranberry grape juice for kidney time five to seven. I'd imagine that fresh squeezed will give a better effect but if you get it from the store like organic not from concentrates probably works too, right?

Atom Bergstrom 1:25:02
That's how we get like pineapple juice rather than get pineapple that comes over from Hawaii goes through all that stuff anyway we get what's the name of the brand? Lakewood Thats the one I get Thats a good one. And I use their tomato juice, and I use their pineapple juice. At this point that's the only two juices we're really drinking other than coffee and simply leftover from some fruit that we have. But anyway, the in the morning your orange juice is really good at spleen pancreas time. And it's like how did Adano Ley explain it. The orange juice when you take it at that time is like the the cops coming to clear the wreckage after an accident. And then the the second drink the tomato juice in the molasses or tomato juice in Corn oil, which is a bit extreme. So tomato juice and molasses is a good version or raisins is the ambulance showing up on the scene and taking people away. And the final pineapple juice and aloe vera with a little bit of tequila if you'd like is the accident being cleared so the traffic can start moving. So my friend was an engineer, his name is Hugo Conti, I haven't seen him for years. But he used to realize that it was kinda like shaking water off your hand during the day, you do it once you don't get all the water. But if you shake it for multiple times, you tend to get the water. He said, he said that trauma and toxins work the same way. And that's one of the principles of solar eating and sun sync eating is that you get repetition that actually forms a habit. It's well known that old people tend to desynchronize from the sun, they get, they can't go to sleeping insomnia, they get all these problems. You you have a former, they're not going to have that they go out and work in the field and they sleep all night, and then they wake up at three in the morning. Now, if you go to a doctor, you say you wake up at three in the morning, he's gonna say you have fast, it basically means you're waking up too soon and it's a disease. Well, that means every farmer in the world and I've lived on farms where they they wake up at 230 in the morning, eat breakfast, and then get out there. They're working before the sun ever comes up or even get to like, Well, every farmer in the world and his diseased. And of course it's ridiculous. So ideally, a healthy person will actually wake up at three in the morning, they can meditate or do Tai Chi or something like that. Most of us don't because of our schedules. But a healthy person, their eyes are just over three in the morning. And they will get up and do something and can disagree on an ideal sleeping time. And until you figure out how to beat sleep. Like Adano Ley did he didn't need to sleep

Matthew Blackburn 1:28:22
Wow. 10 to 3 Yeah, I've been alright, there's a little lag that that really rings true the 10 to three thing 10pm to 3pm. Because if I'm asleep during that time, my next day is every time it's it's always a better day. And if I go to bed at 1030 or 11 or midnight, it's a totally different day. And I've done this experiment hundreds of times and it always ends up the same way.

Atom Bergstrom 1:28:57
it won't make sense for me. And sometimes I stay up really late, especially when you get to writing something. But my early to bed and when I get up early before the sun comes up that's my best days actually. So and there's something to it my mother said every day, every hour before 12 is worth two hours of sleep. You know as kids man we better be to bed at eight o'clock. And we had the flashlights and the comics and she'd catch us every time. Yeah, that was good rules.

Matthew Blackburn 1:29:32
Yep. If I stay up too late, and my brain hurts the next day, the best cure I found is eating food even if I'm not hungry because I'll lose my appetite if I'm under slept, just making sure to have sugar coming in and then I like taking a nap and my hyperbaric chamber even 20-30 minutes and I feel like I slept all night.

Atom Bergstrom 1:29:56
It can make a difference also. One of those gravity machines where you lay on a pattern and set it up that can wake you up to it was one of Adano Ley's tricks again, I learned from him that he could, he could be on a traveling trip where he looked so tired. And actually Oh, walk in 10 minutes later come out look like a teenager. And remarkable. He was kind of a shapeshifter. Anyway. So that's a different whole different story.

Matthew Blackburn 1:30:27
Yeah, I need to get back to inverting. I stopped and I have some wooden beams here, I could probably hang it up. It's just on springs that that swing, I noticed an extreme way to do it, you're completely upside down.

Atom Bergstrom 1:30:41
I would do it at a 45 degree angle. And I was such a fanatic at one time. Every acupuncture hour. That's every two hours, I would do 20 minutes. And it'd be writing newsletters in between whenever I was awake. Obviously, it was some time I wasn't awake. But I would often stay up late. So I might be doing it for 10 to 12 acupuncture hours. Yeah, I did it quite frequently when I was alone. And sometimes if someone visited me and I knew him, well, I just get on there and talk to him while I was upside down.

Matthew Blackburn 1:31:13
Reminds me of the movie. Did you ever see Wayne's World? Where that musician say upside down in his living room like a bat? When he walks in?

Atom Bergstrom 1:31:22
I forgotten that. No. By the way, one of the reasons that gravity machine is good for you. And I used to walk on my hands a lot do a lot of headstands and arm Shan, elbow stands and scorpion I think they call it and things like that is because if you look at an iris, the Arcus Synovus, which is old age appears on the top. Why does it appear on the top, often called a sodium ring, incorrectly, and then at the bottom, you'll get another deposit. And if you look at it, if you're ever make ghee yourself out of butter, it's the same thing. foam on the top, the Arca Synovus. And then the heavy matter at the bottom. And the part in between. Well, by going upside down, you can juggle that around in your body and even the Iris, theoretically if you stay upside down 24 hours a day, your arca synovus would now be on the top of the iris not on the bottom anymore. So anyway, there's there's advantages for us to be upside down some of the day in either gravity machine or people that can stand on their heads. Such in Ananda. After he learned all his yoga, he only did one posture, a headstand for a half hour every morning.

Matthew Blackburn 1:32:50
Wow. Yeah, one of my friends, Robert kasar. I think for like 10 years, he's been saying, talking about the mercury, they could how that it's heavy. And so it accumulates in your feet with gravity. And when you hang upside down, it's kind of like a Mercury detox because it moves up your system.

Atom Bergstrom 1:33:09
Very interesting, because on the periodic table of elements, all the light elements are on the top and the heavy ones settle to the bottom. Yeah, exactly how it works. And in our bodies, it's the same way. Those heavier elements tend to go down and that's why the the feet get more toxic than the hands because everything goes down. They're all the millimeters of mercury can get to what 120 millimeters of mercury (at your feet) while up at your thyroid its ten especially if you stand still.

Matthew Blackburn 1:33:42
Wow Yeah, that's so fascinating. I want to ask you about a apple cider vinegar because back in my raw vegan days, I was slamming it way more than I have the last I don't know five years or so. And I was putting tons on my salad every night and you actually got me interested in it again cuz I was using it on my raw carrot salad which I think Ray Peat recommends white vinegar or something but I've always used apple cider vinegar. But I noticed you integrate that into a lot of your recipes, like you have coffee in two teaspoons of ACV at heart time 11 to one and and even just the honey and apple cider vinegar circulation sex times seven to nine. I've been doing that. And my friend Beverly actually asked in the questions like it's making her feel so much better and she's wondering why like, is there a is there a synergy with the ACV and the honey or or what is ACV Do

Atom Bergstrom 1:34:47
you know there's something to it and the the original Vermont folk medicine guy that started that whatever his name was even wrote articles about it in the Reader's Digest back in the 50s. He said it was in potassium, other people have said other things its the acid, no its this this, whatever, whatever it is, I had a profound experience with it. Back in the day 1970 I believe it was I was diagnosed with incurable arthritic gout. And I was supposed to be on a purine free diet and everything. Well, I didn't like the idea. So I went to a company dinner, or lunch right after that and ate all the things that were wrong for me. But then I really straightened out and ate the correct way. So I went to the doctor, and checked, and he accused me of eating purine foods and sent me next door to the hospital to get tested again. I was low in purine. So he was confused. He put me on a drug, I was stupid enough back then to take their drugs. So I said, Should I keep taking them and he got annoyed because I was being sarcastic. Obviously. He said no. And basically, he dismissed me as a patient. He was a pretty nice guy, but I annoyed him. Anyway, so here, I was still stuck with incurable arthirtic gout, you know, hard to lift my arm and all kinds of things. So I go to a public library. And I find the ARE journal, which is associated with education. So I read that it said to take apple cider vinegar with a calcium supplement and get rid of arthritis, and astrology, but weirdly enough, said those in the decade and mid decade, which I was in Aquarius will have arthritis, as it was just me. So anyway, I went and did the apple cider vinegar and the thing and it didn't help. Then I read you're supposed to do it right after the meal with apple cider vinegar and honey, and then take it with it. And it's an eight ounces of water, two teaspoons of honey, two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. And within two days, my incurable arthritic gout was gone completely. Now I could move everything. So I stopped taking it after three days. I figured well, I'm well, but when I did, it said to do it three times a day. I felt funny about doing it in the morning. So I did it mid day with my lunch midday with dinner, doing that four times got rid of the problem completely. Who knows maybe placebo is involved too. But it was dramatic. Later when I met Adano Ley, he said don't take apple cider vinegar in the morning, take it in midday and nighttime. And I said, Wow, I did that in 1975, five or six years before I met Adano when I was in Redding, California. And anyway, before that I was even having pre symptoms before that. When I could barely move my arm, doctors were looking at me, looking at me back in the valley in the early 60s to now had a relapse up there which was diagnosed as incurable arthritic gout. The doctor said you'll be on medicine the rest of your life. Well, here I am. Well that was 1960 That's a long time ago. Yeah, a long time ago.

Matthew Blackburn 1:38:30
That's incredible. Yeah I know Patricia Bragg has been really into it.

Atom Bergstrom 1:38:37
Yep. We, we often use theirs, Patricia Bragg comes to the farmers market here once in a while. And you know, Katy Perry bought the business. . Yeah, the lady in pink they call her and we use, we use Bragg's or, basically we buy a good one. Because here's a trick. You can use the regular. What's the stuff you buy in the grocery store? Heinz vinegar. But here's something people don't know. If you look at the pint bottle, it's real. If you buy the quart bottle, it's real. If you buy the one in the plastic jug, it's fake. It's nothing but colored regular acetic acid, not apple cider vinegar at all. How did they get away with that? They're still doing it. I checked recently. They've been doing that for decades. So so don't buy the large one. Otherwise Heinz is okay. You don't need the mother and all that fancy stuff, but we prefer to use that organic type product.

Matthew Blackburn 1:39:53
Yeah. One thing that's fascinating was solar nutrition is the supplements, you know as someone that sells supplements, I feel like this is advanced solar nutrition because I looked at your list. I'm like, how am I ever going to remember all these? But, you know, as far as like Ray Peat supplements like, you know, Niacinamide, vitamin E, thyroid, what would be the times for like those common ones?

Atom Bergstrom 1:40:24
niacinamide does better at bladder time from three to five. But sometimes if you have an emergency, a snake bite or a bee sting or a poison oak exposure, you can take it at other times a day. But each one, you judge the supplement on what his source was. So when people say my get my calcium from oyster shells, that works great for the calcium in zone three, but not for their brain and other places. Or say you wanted vitamin C? Well, I'll get it from acerola. Well, acerola is a scam. Basically, they use synthetic vitamin C or laboratory made and put a pinch of acerola in a whole bunch. Well, I'll get my midday from rose hip, same thing. So mostly it's sourced out of corn, I believe. But then you can get it from Sago palm, and from tapioca. They're both morning. One tapioca is I mean, I mean evening. Tapioca obviously, is a root. But sago palm at first I thought, well, that's a tree, here. But no, they take it right at the base of the of the tree. And so it's actually a nighttime, so no one out there at this point is selling a morning vitamin C it's only a fake one like acerola, which is not acerola it's either going to be corn, it's going to be tapioca. Or it's going to be sago. I think they might have a fourth one now. And the same with roses. Now rose hips are very powerful. My mother when she lived in Sweden, she just picked the rose hips off the roses, they knew about that back then, she left Sweden in 1916.. It's been it's been known for a long time. But anyway, if you look at where it comes from, like, let's see what are the sources you get calcium from, you can get it from midday. And it's harder to get the morning sources because they're less, minerals are heavy, they go to the bottom. So obviously, you're going to get most of your minerals from roots. And in midday. And the trees tend to have less of them because they're lighter. They don't need heavy metals, if they're going to go up you don't want to build with heavy construction material, you want to keep that on your foundation. So basically, that's how it works. But everything has a preferred time. When you get into drugs, they synthesize it so much that the timing rules kind of change. You have to look at what the drug targets if it charged. So liver might be safer to take liver time and have it when the liver is functioning at its maximum. And that gets a little bit complicated but been taken to supplement. One time there was a product. Have you ever heard of Cyclone cider?

Matthew Blackburn 1:43:26
I haven't. No.

Atom Bergstrom 1:43:29
You can still find it, but it's not as popular. There was a guy here in Santa Barbara, who came and saw me and he was mad because the owner of the health food store that I managed wouldn't let him do his presentation about his herbal combination. So he complained about it. And I said instead of going from health food store to health food store, since your product is solar, he said "what's that?" everything in it is a nighttime food. He said "really?" I said "yeah". Why don't you go find a national distributor? "Well, who?" he said, and I pulled out the first catalog. How about the ginseng company? Well, he became a millionaire. He never came back to me. But if you looked at the back of Yoga Journal, the full back page was cyclone cider. Because this one company made him sign an exclusive contract. You just do business with us, no one else and we'll promote your product. He became a worldwide sensation. Nowadays, a lot of health food stores don't have it. But you can ask him to order it. And I think it was still out there about a year ago. When I looked it up. It's still around. But anyway, it was all rooot type foods. So when you look at herbal combinations, one of the problems is they mix it all. So suppose you want to take a supplement that's mixed. Find out what is the problem that you have. If you have a brain problem. Take that mix at the at the morning time because the other products aren't going to be harmful for either supplements. And they're small amounts. So just take it when you want to target it, if it's got ginseng in it, and also some kind of Apple product or something like that, and you want it for your genitals or your liver, you take it at nighttime, so no problem. In fact, doctors used to say, they'll say, take this three times a day. So a week later, you call that doctor that seems to disagree with me at midday, well, then take it morning and night. Hey it disagrees with me Now in the morning, well take it at night. Three times you get the supplement when you want each time it leaves. Because even if it's out of time,it's eventually going to get to the right place. It's just like, you get more bang for your buck. If it goes directly there, instead of has to take the side roads to get where it's going. So you will survive by eating foods out of time. If you reversed it totally, you might start having problems right away. But most people, your body will adjust it. However, when you eat on time, you get more energy automatically, because there's less metabolic processes involved in getting you up and at em in the morning and doing things.

Matthew Blackburn 1:46:25
I want to ask does transit time, change things with solar timing? Like I had a woman on my show, and we're talking about, you know, Ray Peats carrot, the raw carrot, and I forget how many hours but she was saying it's like an insane transit time for carrotts that it stays in your body for like eight hours or something like that, I think, I don't know, six, eight hours. So it was a really long time. But to the different foods, you know how long they take to get through the intestinal tract does that alter?

Atom Bergstrom 1:46:57
You know most of them will go through in a healthy colon. Ideally, we're designed to eat breakfast, and get rid of our breakfast at dinner, eat lunch and get rid of our lunch at breakfast, eat dinner and get rid of our dinner at lunch. That's how it's designed for two thirds of the day like that. You can check that by eating a bunch of beats at one time, or even take charcoal and see how fast it's going. That's ideal. You can have variations in that. But ideally, when you eat foods on time, you're virtually guaranteed three bowel movements a day. Well, if you ate the old, what was the old, it was an old books by the Diamints(?), where they claimed it was circadian rhythms, but basically was a food combining diet that they did, you know, eat your carbohydrates in the morning, proteins, they didn't bother to differentiate with it. What I learned from Adano Ley actually had a history of probably coming from Germany with the so called Nature boys. Gypsy Boots was a Nature Boy Eden Ahbez was thathis name he was a Nature Boy, the guy wrote natureboy, I think he wrote. And one of the most famous ones is a friend of Rudolph Valentino. He lived down in Death Valley. And they all had choosen the Palm Springs area. They all came from Germany. At the time of Herman Hesa. They had a movement in Germany where everybody threw off their clothes and grew their hair long walked off into the woods, had lots of sex, and ate lots and nothing but natural foods. When Hitler came to power he had, he had to figure a way to get rid of the Nature Boy movement. That was one of his main logistical problems by forming basically, the brown shirts and all of that. Were recruiting the nature boys under false pretenses. But the Nature Boy movement came to California and I personally knew Gypsy Boots. He was a remarkable, remarkable man. You can find some videos on him. But I didn't realize when I knew him that he had studied with the Richters who had three cafeterias in the LA area, one at the top of Laurel Canyon, where they knew about timing of foods, they just had a few things different, making pineapple a midday food, not understanding certain, that there are certain exceptions to the rule. And that basically they knew all about this time he that's been going on for a long time that people realize that the growth period makes a difference, makes you healthier. The Richters wrote their first book in the 20s I believe, but they had their cafeteria back in the days in the 1916-1918 somewhere around there. And a big fan of Gypsy Boots by the way was Michael Douglas and Kirk Douglas. They he would deliver vegetables to them a long time. Look at Kirk Douglas What 104? I believe we live to and his wife lived 103? Right here in Montecito the lived.

Matthew Blackburn 1:50:23
I love your pictures on solar timing. Atom then and now and your picture with Gypsy Boots is great. You guys look really happy.

Atom Bergstrom 1:50:31
Oh, he was he was an amazing character, man. He, people got mad at him for not acting his age. I mean, he would jump up and down. If I would pull out a camera. Let me take a picture of you. He said wait a minute, he jumped up on the on the counter and have some fruit like he's gonna eat the fruit. Or he'd stand in front of the store and pound his chest. I had some great photos of him. He he pulled out a camera and gifts. He went crazy. Oh, he was a great guy what energy. But he knew about nutrition and I had no clue at the time until I found out about this about the Richter's and that he had actually worked at the Richter's place twice in Laurel Canyon as did Eden Ahbez the the guy who wrote Nature Boy, there was a boy you know that song? He he bought a ranch off that song alone

Matthew Blackburn 1:51:34
Well So finishing up on midday Atom, since we talked about parasites for a minute. And we're and pretty much in a full moon. Maybe not by the time this post but yeah, pumpkin seeds on there. And parasite cleanser is not for everyday use. But you say 32 days from Full Moon to Full Moon take pumpkin seeds that actually work pretty well.

Atom Bergstrom 1:52:00
If you want to kill the eggs, Yeah, you have to be careful with pumpkin seeds. It's probably good to start with about a full cup. But check your tolerance on them. Because there are chemicals that are killing the parasites that are in the pumpkin seeds too. And you start out with about close to a full cup of them.At mid day, and then you go down to a half a cup. And don't miss a day and have meant to same time. Ideally you would take walnut hulls in the morning, pumpkin seed in the middle of the day and tequila at circulation sex time at night. Then you cover all the areas that the parasites are going to be at. But friends of mine took a whole bunch of pumpkin seeds. I think it was like a pound or something which is dangerous. They both got heart palpitations. Because they misunderstood that. So always when you start eating something like pumpkin seeds, those are particularly powerful seeds and excellent romance, Prostate by the way, excellent for them. There's been cures of prostatitis by simply doing that. I witnessed one a guy comes in to the health food store and wanted prune juice. And he said it's for my prostate hurts and I'm on drugs for my prostate. And I said, Well, why don't you take pumpkin seeds? So he said, Tell me about it. And he's with his buddy. So they're kind of given themselves the wink. Let's hear this guy's rap. So he said he goes, Okay, you convinced me I'm gonna buy a bag. I get a call an hour later, man. How many bags have you got? My pain is completely gone. So anyway, pumpkin seeds are kind of an amazing protein in I'm not sure exactly what the ingredients are, but they're well known for favoring a man's prostate.

Matthew Blackburn 1:54:06
Hmm, wow. I'm kind of a random question. What about tobacco cuz I've, I've triggered some people recently, you know, not fully recommending smoking to everybody. But just highlighting that, you know, finches and sparrows build their nest set of cigarette butts because the nicotine repels mites. And nicotine is a well known anti parasitic and I love smoking cigars, and I generally just naturally do it at night. It just feels like the best time like, I don't know, five to eight or somewhere in there.Do you think theres a time for ingesting tobacco, that's ideal?

Atom Bergstrom 1:54:44
Midday it's actually the time. It's a it's a growth time. And, uh, you know, it's tricky. You have to really be careful of your lungs, but you get much less damage when you take it at midday. It's a mid day plant has most of its metabolism at that time. And it's basically almost in the grass family. It provides its own nitrogen, it's been noted that it is medicinal. And you just have to be careful when you're using it and then not overdo it. But it definitely is a medicine even against Alzheimer's disease. It's been recommended for certain things, midday.

Matthew Blackburn 1:55:28
Awesome. Yeah, yeah, I always tell people like whole food, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Because when vitamin E's spent, vitamin C regenerates it, and those two I've seen the Research it helps smokers like if smokers just took those supplements, they'd be better off.

Atom Bergstrom 1:55:45
Even Interesting enough, though it, Now I don't know if this research is genuine, but they claimed by having one carrot a day at nighttime, protects your lungs the next morning, so that the lung cancer is half as prevalent in someone that has one carrot a day. Now, regular beta carotene that you buy in the store is not the same as this stuff in the carrot. And Ray Peat is not a big beta carotene man. And I think you can get too much of it. But a lot of beta carotene. He claims that the carrot is used for dietary fiber and doesn't digest. Well, William Beaumont proved otherwise back in the 1820s and 30s. That a carrot, raw or cooked digested at the same speed, but, it leaves dietary fiber behind. Definitely, the dietary fiber goes into the large intestine, that you don't get as much from the cooked carrot. Which brings up an interesting question I've dwelled on, what if I cooked a carrot or a food, and I really needed calories to gain weight. If I cooked a food for several days, will all the dietary fiber be gone? Would it all break down into sugar? Because obviously, if just a half hour of cooking, can get rid of that much dietary fiber. What can six hours of cooking do? And if you need the extra calories, because you're low on food, could you do that? Build a fire and just cook something for a long time if you're out in the wilderness and starving? So that's a good question to askRay Peat

Matthew Blackburn 1:57:34
That is a good one. That's interesting. Yeah, my my solar people the last time they were here fixing stuff, they, they broke my, my oven. So the stovetop works, but not the oven. So I've been cooking all my stuff on the on top of my wood stove, or on my little grill on my deck. So it's been a lot more work. But I keep a fire going all day long anyway, so it's not too big of a deal. But it was a learning curve with potatoes, because everyone said, you know, wrap your potatoes in aluminum foil. And I tried it without and it ruined them. So there's something about wrapping them in aluminum foil, that really helps. I don't know what it is.

Atom Bergstrom 1:58:16
But it's basically a steamed potato instead of a baked potato. That's why they taste a lot different. And you get more out of it. But you're gonna you're going to get a certain amount of protein out of the steamed potato too in fact, a potato, a lot of people don't realize it's a great, you can get, we get all of the copper we need for a day out of two baked potatoes, all the copper you need. They're extremely rich in copper. Really surprising. They're, they're close to oysters, which startled me I didn't realize it was that much copper in the potato. Now if you eat a french fry, you get about a fraction of that you don't get enough, you'd have to eat a room full of French fries to get the copper for a day if you ate french fries. So, it but it happens to be you will get your maximum amount if you're looking for copper, do the steamed potato then because in the in the foil because you will get a little more copper, because the dexterization somehow compromises a lot of it. By the way. Lentils are a good source of copper. But if you sprout them, which is something Ray Peat does approve of, you get double the copper out of sprouted potato. So it's not just the content that's in it. It's the content that you digest and can can handle with your body. Which by the way back to timing, that helps it you get more of that mineral content. It's kinda like a sniper. Most people do nutrition like throw a hand grenade thing and get that one guy in that crowd. A carpet bomb instead. That's The guy with a gun that's a bad guy, the other guys are okay, let's just get a sniper up here, pick them off. And then you don't have to lose all the other energy that you would get out of something. So I like to think of using a military analogy. If solar is like timing things, so that you have a snipers approach instead of a carpet bombing approach.

Matthew Blackburn 2:00:22
That's great. That is a good analogy. And so So I enjoy my steaks. So that's that's a midday food, right to grill a steak. Or while I was doing it at night,

Atom Bergstrom 2:00:35
you're right, mid day. Yeah, your muscles. The heart is highly tied into muscles, the heart meridian. And that's the secret of the so called mesomorph. They tend to have the muscles and that's mid day. All the foods that can build muscles are pretty much in the mid day, including tomatoes, which are probably the richest in freeform amino acid acid of any food in the planet right there. So you get free form amino acids, eat a hamburger, you get the regular protein, you get the free form so the tomatoes and you're good to go and they'll build muscles. Yeah, I look at Bill Pearl. He was a vegetarian since he's 39. He went all those bodybuilding contests he still a vegetarian, a strength guy. So some people just do better than me, frankly, when I eat meat, I get a little stronger. I'm not sure if it's psychological, or whatever. But I noticed a difference when I went completely vegetarian. Ovo lacto vegetarian, I lost some strength. So could be I'm not total vegetarian today or total ovo lacto Vegetarian, eggs, dairy so and so once in a while I have a hamburger or something as a kind of a spice.

Matthew Blackburn 2:01:59
Yeah, I saw you post something. I think it was a couple weeks ago that if you live in a colder climate, you need your protein requirements are higher . And that's so interesting. Since moving from Southern California up to Idaho, I have increased my protein intake, and I feel a lot more resilient to the cold and a lot better. It's really interesting.

Atom Bergstrom 2:02:22
Yeah, seasonal approach a lot of people that go into seasonal timing, and they say eat more of your fruits and your vegetables when it's warmer, and your grains and your meats during the winter. And the same thing goes with climate, you're going to need a slightly different climate to deal with cold, then with heat, especially the type of tropical heat where it doesn't really bother you and you can cool off in the water anytime, then you really don't need that much protein. In fact, quite a bit less, the studies tend to show but yet you actually lose a lot of protein as a gas through your skin. That surprised a lot of scientists when they measure that you lose it.Thats why athletes when they run marathons, they do lose indeed a lot of protein that way to nitrogen gas.

Matthew Blackburn 2:03:15
Wow. Yeah, there's a lot of like influencers or you know, health educators, whatever, right now saying that, you know, muscles the best longevity organ or whatever. And I never see them talking about how carbs spare protein, like, you don't need as much protein if you have sugar coming in, right?

Atom Bergstrom 2:03:40
Yep. And that's that was a big thing. You know, back in the day, when I was a gym rat. I, I read as many as let's see, post it 15 or 16 bodybuilding books per month. I was a favoorite at the newsstand. I would actually go down to Hollywood to get Australian bodybuilding books and I would get the woman's exercising books, all the wieder books, all the Bob Hoffman books, all the whatever Iron Man all those books and go through them. And they definitely knew that you need the carbs to spare protein to keep you from breaking down. Indeed, William Budd back in 1848 found out that when people would die of type one diabeetus they call this sugar diabetes. And he realized, yeah, but you're breaking the sugar down out of your muscles. So what you do is he gave him as much as 12 ounces of white sugar and four ounces of honey per day. He measured that out in the urine. That was his average. And then they didn't die. It wasn't a cure for diabetes, but as long as they ate all that sugar, they stayed alive for years. Well, without drugs type 1 diabeetus is a very serious thing you die very quickly, especially if you don't get dialysis and all the things that happen. But here, William Budd back in the day, then totally forgotten that he actually had a remedy to keep a person alive for type one diabetes type twos a lot easier that isn't even really diabeetus as Ray Peat has pointed out, and is right, it's basically poor metabolism is what it is.

Matthew Blackburn 2:05:31
Right, kicked on my blue light here just to get me, so, so night time, moving on to that just the last growth zone here between 630 and 1am. It's funny, just kicking it off, you have reptiles on the list. So if we're going to eat turtle or alligators its a night time food

Atom Bergstrom 2:06:02
because they tend to eat that, you know, most people don't want to but down in Louisiana They definitely eat alligator steaks and turtles. My friend Steve Chivers, probably eating alligator. in Eastern Florida, I'm sure he's eating it. He's a very brave, adventurous food guy. Yeah, he's my pretentious friend. You probably seen him on Facebook.

Matthew Blackburn 2:06:25
He likes to debate.

Atom Bergstrom 2:06:28
Oh, boy, oh boy. He was my original reflexology teacher. Even before I met him, Adano. He knows his stuff. But anyway, at nighttime, you get most of your minerals. And there's even a book called potatoes, not Prozac. Because there's something in the potato that set you up until you break the fast. That's what breakfast is your fasting. I virtually fast over that time, except I eat sugar. And I have a little coffee sometimes when I wake up, because the evidence is there that so many people die in their sleep, just simply because they won't take a teaspoon of sugar, or a chunk of sometimes a little snack that has carbohydrates in or maybe a little coffee. And then they don't have what is it called when you stopped breathing in the middle of the night? Sleep apenea

Matthew Blackburn 2:07:24
Yeah, I've been I've been doing salt every night before sleep and that seems to really help me having a little bit

Atom Bergstrom 2:07:36
Yeah, it protects that I even have a grammar school buddy. Now I think he saw me writing that or maybe or maybe he did it already he has a sugar cube by his bed. So every time he gets up to go to the bathroom, he puts it in his mouth. In fact, if I'm under stress, and I wake up, I have a jar of sugar next to me a mayonnaise jar from the old days. So I opened the lid, put a little in my palm, lick it and lick about a third of a teaspoon, maybe half a teaspoon. If I'm feeling stressed, I'll have a couple of teaspoons worth before I ever get vertical. Because one time when I was out of high school, I went and saw my my wife's grandmother, she got up and dropped over dead right in front of her eyes. So Ray Peat is on to that thing after you're in a extreme state of rest. And then you wake up especially suddenly, you're in danger. So sugar is an answer to that. So again, before I even get vertical, I just put some sugar in my mouth, particularly if I feel stress.

Matthew Blackburn 2:08:48
Wow, yeah, I'm so fortunate to have goats here because in between meals I just put white sugar in my goat milk and I'll just have glasses in between my meals

Atom Bergstrom 2:09:00
perfect. Yeah and goat it's a superior form dairy to definitely definitely. I've drank my share of goat milk and also sheep feta cheese and goat feta cheese. You know they're they're really excellent products. Adano Ley was not a big fan of Milk, but he was of any kind of a goat product that feta cheeses and things like that. He said goat cheese or sheep cheese was really good for building muscle, midday food again. Because when I went to the bodybuilding phase and following his advice, cold liquids and doing things like that, my proudest moment when when one of the guys in the gym came up to me and whispered "Are you on steroids?" If I don't exercise, I just get thin. I get so thin. The that if I stand sideways and stick out my tongue. People think I'm a zipper. But when I'm at the gym, I I build muscle.

Matthew Blackburn 2:10:02
That's funny. Yeah, my, my strongest moment was the first time I ate like a pound of grass fed ground beef at once. I did a standing AB roll. My two bodybuilding friends were just staring at me. That's the only time I was able to do that.

Atom Bergstrom 2:10:30
I was just gonna say I had, I never did like meat. I like the flavor of the condiments more. I had a in law that we get angry. He loves steak. I'd ask for the ketchup and when he saw me pour the ketchup on he would actually get mad at me. You're ruining the taste of a good steak. I've put ketchup on tomatoes, even I love ketchup.

Matthew Blackburn 2:10:57
Wow. Yeah, I'm kind of intuitive with it like for for several months, the last few years I went top sirloin steak every single day. But then I would intuitively feel my body just say hey, take a day or two off or take a week off. And I would take breaks. And I think more people need to tune into that instead of going on the carnivore diet or whatever diet, right?

Atom Bergstrom 2:11:23
Yeah, too much meat. You know, meat actually can save a life sometimes if you have a certain amount of it. But if you ate nothing but meat, it shortens your lifespan. But athletics, it can work very well. I met an athlete who ate one meal a day. When I was in Junior High. Actually I met him because he was in high school. He was kind of a hero. He ate steak and something else for breakfast. That was all he ate. And this guy, I saw him catch a football and doing a full flip on the field one time this guy must have gone on to be some kind of professional athlete because he was awesome. He was admired by all of us as a superhero, you know, but he ate one meal a day. Now I'd like to see how long he'd live if he continued that. This Russian bodybuilder he eats one meal a day two, he says sometimes he cheats a little. And He only eats vegetables. He hates vegetables but eaten because it's a necessary evil. But But long term. People who eat lower on the food chain that sometimes eat a little bit as a condiment, if you're looking for long life. But look at that. What's his name that turban tornado, he's 109 Maybe 110 Now, and a he was running 25 mile marathons when he was 101. And he, he never took a pill in his life. And he didn't eat meat he ate, he had a little dairy. And then he had the regular Indian type foods that they have made out of lentils and gall and that type of thing. But, but lower, lower on the food chain, I think if you're looking for for years, but again, meat can save your life particularly, the main thing that meat does is people tend to get over alkaline. And eating meat will change that dramatically. It's not just the protein. There's other factors in meat that are involved. And the alkaline diets are raved about, they actually kill people because your life force is in the proteins and the acids. That's why a cook puts the pot and puts a lid on the pot to save the acids from going away. The minerals aren't going anyplace they're heavy, they sink to the bottom of the pot. So you're always going to get the minerals but the life giving acids go away volatile ones that you eat citrus for and you eat fruit for and you eat carbs for

Matthew Blackburn 2:14:05
Wow, do you do and vibrant gal do a lot of soups at night because I noticed you have a couple I've made soup at home in years. I think I grew up with soup but it seems like a pretty easy meal to make right? Because you just throw stuff in water and let it go and

Atom Bergstrom 2:14:25
yeah, pretty much just throw it in the pot and let it cook. Now we were doing that in December because we had a cold wave here. And we didn't have a heater. And it got really cold here. We're all dressed with I have my hoodie with our hood on and vibrant gal had all kinds of stuff a hat and in a blanket wrapped around her and the whole thing. So we switched the soup. We ate potato soup at night because it warmed us up much better. We're back pretty much eating baked potatoes again but soup is a good way to get minerals to be because, as Greg Peters pointed out, the more that cooks, like in a crock pot, the more elements you get out of it. And you can get everything that you want. People say I can't get enough calcium or something like that, or magnesium. You can get it out of the soups. And the more it's cooked in bed, he recommends up to three hours. And if you think about it, I had a buddy that left stuff in his crock pot running all day. He was basically cooking him for 20 hours. And he just went and took the lid off and ate some. And when I stayed with him, I gained five pounds.

Matthew Blackburn 2:15:36
Well, I should do that on my woodstove because I have a chaga tea going on there. 24/7 I just keep it you know, and I start it when I wake up and then I just keep throwing logs in all day long. So I'm going to experiment. On your website, you have a evening liver soup, which is onions, carrots, little bit of garlic and ginger. And then you have you can you said you can put in beets as well and salt, right? It's like the combination there

Atom Bergstrom 2:16:06
Beats are really good liver, you know that guy knew and that beat cleanse he's on to something, you can overdo it but but know the beat you want though, they have to be organic. And there's a reason. Beets are nitrogen collectors. And too much nitrogen makes nitric oxide and it's bad for your heart and your body. So you'll see people don't need beats because they have too much nitric oxide or nitrogen. Well, they do if they're non organic, because they are so desperate for nitrates that when you put that fertilizer on it, they take them all in organic beat doesn't do that doesn't have enough. So they're so efficient at it, that when you see something that they want you to buy nitric oxide beets are called Super beets. It's just a non organic beat. It's a whole scam right there. The Super beat is nothing better, I mean, it works if you want nitric oxide, but Ray Peat has show after show about how bad nitric oxide is for us and how it's supposedly in 92, It was the miracle molecule of the decade, you know, and actually, that's what poppers were. Back in the day people used to take ammo nitrate and ammo nitrate and nitrite and this and that and all the different versions of it and have heart attacks and stuff. So now Viagra, they're giving them heart attack pills, basically, it causes a lot of damage. And a lot of people still think that nitric oxide is really good for you. And actually, it's a principal element in LA smog. So I tell people if I wanted I just go down and take some deep breaths down in Central LA. Get all the nitric oxide I want?

Matthew Blackburn 2:18:03
Well, yeah, co2 is the superior superior Viagra, right?

Atom Bergstrom 2:18:11
You know, it actually it actually works. It's amazing. It's highly anabolic. And there were books written about it for cures, cures of cancer even and things like that. In Germany, they had so many carbon dioxide spouts coming out of the ground, much like Yosemite with water, that they actually had public baths that they charge you for an individual bath, fully clothed, carbon dioxide penetrates your clothes. So people would just come in your regular street clothes, take off their shoes, maybe get ina bath, a private bathtub or getting a public thing get charged, that ran 24 hours a day. And it was 1000s of people went to these baths. And there are books written about all the cures about it. Ray Peat knew about the book when I mentioned this one book and and I sent him a copy of the copy that I had. And he said, thanks. I have that book already. But yours is a little better copy. It is a miracle and miracle cure for a lot of things.

Matthew Blackburn 2:19:22
Yeah, that's incredible. So your wildcard recipe for your your growth zone 3 on your website is the evening bone building soup. And this one was very interesting to me. It's bamboo shoots ghee raw ginger, and 1000 year old egg. Where does someone get one of those?

Atom Bergstrom 2:19:46
you know, most oriental or Asian stores will sell them. Well and I was very hesitant to eat them at one time because Theyre called ground liver is the other word and they're not that old. They're usually about three years, I think. But they bury him underground, and they come out black. And the one day I decided to take them. I came in and said, I'm gonna try it tonight. And they they looked at each other. Oh, we had just snuck it in your soup, you're going to eat it, whether you liked it or not. So I tasted it, it wasn't too bad. And it actually is a fermented egg. And according to Adano Ley, calcium and iron are opposing minerals, even in most foods, but when you fermenta egg, they mate with each other, so to speak. And it becomes an extra healthy form of food. Now I haven't had a 1000 Euro eggs since the 80s. And so I think it'd be okay without it, but it is a healthy food and Asian know it. Most Asianstores, as I say sell fermented eggs.

Matthew Blackburn 2:21:07
Yeah, I've only been to San Francisco once I went up there with my friend David and his family and I loved the Chinatown, I think it was, and I felt like I could have spent weeks there. Because I went in a few of those Chinese stores and I was just in heaven. I was like, This is so cool. There's so many interesting things around here.

Atom Bergstrom 2:21:28
You know what I like it when I managed a health food store here in Carpinteria I went down there and found out that I could buy ginseng down there at a fraction of the cost that our wholesaler sold to us. So we sold ginseng underprice in the other health food stores in town and still made more profit. Yeah, we get a lot of things down there. They had the great best ginseng of all times, even in a retail but when I bought larger amounts and they gave us wholesale on top of that, we were getting ginseng and other Chinese herbs for almost nothing down there and selling them reselling them up here for quite a profit.

Matthew Blackburn 2:22:09
Wow. And there's a there's a slight difference though. I think I have a bunch here between like Korean, there's American Siberian, there's all these different types of different areas and they have slightly different effects

Atom Bergstrom 2:22:21
they do a lot of them argue about red ginseng and white ginseng which is best. My Korean buddy said the red ginseng some are undercooked some are cooked. Wild ginseng is actually one that was grown in the United States first and then sent to China and sent back and good ginsengs you can pay in this is in the 1980s 25,000 for one wild ginseng root 25 grand people would buy it and it commonly was 10,000 because wild ginseng glows in the dark. So you can hunt it at night quite easily. Something that the they can't get out of a bred ginseng, they can't make it into wild ginseng. Then there's kind of phony ginsengs that would still work by the Russian ginseng Elizario something like that. It's really not a ginseng, but it works like that. It definitely promotes energy. And then they have one down in South America. The name of the plant escapes me they're actually calling it South American Ginseng. And it's not, the real ginseng. is the red ginseng, and white ginseng, both of the Siberian even the Korean. And then the other one that comes from Wisconsin actually is where it first came from.

Matthew Blackburn 2:23:54
Interesting. Well, Atom, let's jump jump into some q&a questions because people always send in some good ones. Why to avoid melted cheese? Unless it's dexterinized. And what makes what makes it dexterinized?

Atom Bergstrom 2:24:14
Even Dexterization won't really save it once it's melted. You know, back in the day, there was a column in the paper that as answered questions and someone asked, I swallow my chewing gum every time I eat it about three times a day is that harmful? And the answer was no. Velveeta cheese is 100% indigestible anyway, so what's the difference? Well melted cheese can actually clog up your colon because if you do regular cheese, you'll notice it's creamy in your mouth. But if you do melted cheese, you'll notice there's chunk styles, and those chunks actually can get caught in the colon. Now admittedly, you have to have kind of a squirrely colon. But remember I told you I did 30 year olds and they have always tangles in their colon already. And mine was dropped down where, because my transverse colon hung down so bad I got good results from being upside down, obviously, because I got stuff that would hang down there, for who knows, wouldn't be pushed out of there. So melted cheese, the ketones in our own mouth, harden the cheese as we eat it, and making it more solid. And I hit a friend that was a mad scientist, he had a laboratory. So I see a big can says ketones. What do you use that for? to harden the resin in my plastics, Oh, okay. I guess I guess I learned correctly about the food then. So otherwise, cheese is mostly digestible. In most cases, most people can handle it really readily. But once you heat it beyond a certain point, then it causes a problem dexterization, you do it at a low temperature, and it will still dissolve in your mouth. What temperature see which when you get those little lumps that you chew, because you bought the thing and you don't want to waste it, you don't want to spit it out. When those don't appear, then you're good to go. So my story was one day, I had eaten a lot of melted cheese in my life. And when when Adano Ley gave me a session one time, he went up and down my spine with one of these things they treat your lungs with in a in a lung lab. And I went to the bathroom. And I went to the bathroom and I went to the bathroom, I couldn't get off the toilet. An hour later, I finally said I have a phone call that I got to get upstairs. I wrapped toilet paper on my butt didn't make it even up the stairs. I had to sit in the toilet longer with a long phone call the bathroom. I asked Adano what happened. He said Brother, you are so full of melted cheese, I had to do something. So anyway, it's a very real effect. I ate a lot of it my time I paid the price. I don't have any disease from it, but it does clog up your intestines.

Matthew Blackburn 2:27:24
Wow, it seems like impossible to avoid when you go out to eat. Like I see it and you know if I get street tacos, or whatever it is. So I wonder if that's one of the main reasons why someone might want to do apple cider vinegar every day. Because you've said that's something that actually will detoxify it right?

Atom Bergstrom 2:27:43
That and products of the grape, that's why in pizza joints you'll see grape vinegar, and wine and grape juice will do just as fine. But any of those grape products tend to clean that out of the colon too, and apple cider vinegar and honey drink that will actually do so too, if you're going to eat that. And most people again are going to pass it through but there always is in the potential of forming what they call a bezoar. And that's a concretion many things that we eat, start to get layers around it. In fact, a lot of people don't know that. The people that die from gall stones don't die because it comes out of the gallbladder. They die because it gets into the small intestine and gradually grows to the size of the baseball and then gets caught at the ileocecal valve and they die. So that's another reason to keep your colon going three times a day so that you get all that residual matter extra gall stones and things out of your colon when they can still fit through the valve and get out into the toilet. Then have it grow into a baseball that is almost impossible to dissolve. There are ways to dissolve it but it takes years.

Matthew Blackburn 2:29:12
Wow. This is a really good one. What are the possible causes for an aversion to the color pink and what would be the best day to wear pink?

Atom Bergstrom 2:29:22
Betrayal Yeah, it's often betrayal someone feels betrayed by someone usually it's a who that they call it and the best day you wear pink is today, red. Notice I've got red on so pink is also today. You can also wear it ideally in the pink is at 12 midnight at Sunday to Monday at midnight. And by the way, there's color thing, the colors, like I wear colors and it seems woowoo red on Monday, orange on Tuesday, yellow on Wednesday, green on Thursday blue on Friday, Violet shades and black on Saturday and white on Sunday. Now what is that based on absolute craziness? New Age nonsense? No, there's a rhythm called serpasectum(?) rhythms. When you get a poison from something like tetanus. If a if a mouse is bitten by a rabid dog, it dies instantly. The tetanus is a poison. It's not a poison to us, it takes from six to nine days for a human to die of tetanus or to get it and then die afterwards. It turns out that we have two reactions, a stomach reaction to a poison, and a feedback mechanism from our own body. Like in tetanus and rabies same thing takes a while you don't die from it right away, you don't even know you have it. But optimum, the optimum serpasectum(?) rhythm is seven days to perfect immunity. If your immunity is too fast, it kicks in at six days. If it's too late, it's nine days, you get more slack. Same with jetlag, you get more manic if you fly east, and less manic if you lengthen your day by flying west. So the same thing happens with these rhytmns, very well researched, and also other people like Emmanuel Revici knew about him, and actually has divided all diseases into seven day diseases or, or regular diseases. He never calls it serpasectum(?), but he certainly knew about it. And every immunologist knows about that fact that our body will attack ourselves, our own cells, it's a very real thing with when when provoked by a certain substance that gets in there and tricks the body. But this rhythm, in other words, by putting yourself in color flow on the sun sync site, we actually have a video where you can do it. But you can say the colors, you can just say black, gray, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and white, and clear your brain just like that we just cleared everybody listening to the show, you don't even have to visualize the colors. But it does help to think of those colors as you do it, or to wear it on a weekly basis. Or even those colors, we go through a reaction of them during the day, we go through White from three to six in the morning, red from six to nine, Orange from nine to twelve, and so forth till we end up in violet. And here's a funny thing. colors aren't linear. How did we get from violet, and we go one more time zone and we're into red, it's a strange phenomena. And that's why it's a color wheel. It's not linear. Same with a clock, the old clock show that it was a circle. It wasn't linear, we've actually distorted our sense of time, by getting rid of that old clock face that showed that you got back to the starting point every day and revolutions. Same with color, you get color revolutions. And they're just a little below the timing. But both are relevant to our health

Matthew Blackburn 2:33:38
Isn't it funny? That was great. Isn't it funny that we could just look up at the sky sometimes and it just shows us right there with a rainbow, the the order.

Atom Bergstrom 2:33:49
it is and then you get a reverse rainbow again in the next one, too. By the way, I'm going to tell a personal story on myself that shows how powerful the colors can be. And and with the color pink. I'm going to identify the person involved but, but I was in a relationship with somebody and we had broke up and then we got back together. And anyway. When I got back to Houston, Texas, she said I'm pregnant. Uh oh, so anyway, I said, Well, she was a feminist. And so she said I'm going to take care of the baby. I said no, I'm the father. So I'm at least partly responsible. I want to contribute to the child. Anyway, I go for a colonic at Adano Ley's residence. And on the way I buy the colonic therapists have pink teddy bear, pink and orange teddy bear. And I said wow, pink and orange are coming in strong. What's going on? So then I went to get the colonic and the therapist knew color and said What color do you think? Because I was having cramps pink and orange Well, those are the colors interesting enough for sexual betrayal. Sex is orange, pink is betrayal. You put them together, you get combinations. So anyway, I come out from the colonic, and my girlfriend is there. And she asked Adano Ley, can you tell if a person is pregnant? He said, Yeah, step forward, put out both your arms. She did. You're pregnant. Okay. She sat down. Can you tell when the pregnancy occurred? He said, Yes. Pick a number from one to 10. Three, it happened three weeks ago. And I realized, that's the time that we got together. So then, Then he said, but let me check it out on my bio rhythm computer. So he goes in the, in his therapy room comes out with it. says what your birthday, punches it in and said, Yep, you're definitely pregnant. And then he says, who's the father? Because I'm hiding in the corner. He is okay. Without without missing a beat what's your what's your birthday? punches it in turns right up to her and said he can't possibly be the father. And I'm like what? And she said, uh, I have something to tell you. She left me she had sex with someone else. Anyway, long story short, I dream. She lost the baby. And she did that very morning. And I had that dream while I was traveling with Adano in fact while I was traveling with the Donner, I said, you know, I still could be the father. There were two of us. And Adano said, I'm telling you, you're not the father. And he wouldn't talk to me for about 100 miles down the road he was so mad. I dreamed she she had a spontaneous abortion and she did, that same time probably, weird stories. Anyway, pink and orange.

Matthew Blackburn 2:37:06
Wow, with a with Adano looking at the bio rhythm calculator. If it's the same thing, I had a show on it is that where you have your physical, emotional and intellectual rhythm?

Atom Bergstrom 2:37:18
Yep, he had seven, complicated! By the way, I drove cab in Boston a long time ago. And they asked for our information and recommended we don't drive on our bad bio rhythm days, that the cab company was owned by the mafia, to that's the real humor of it. So the mafia in Boston was into bio rhythms, a little different story. There are some problems with biorhythms. But they do have a grain of truth behind them that were investigated by the railroad actually wanted to know about how bio rhythms work for their employees. So there is, though it's overblown. There is some real research behind it.

Matthew Blackburn 2:38:03
Yeah, yeah, whenever I have, I'm having an off day I look at it. Um, and it's, it seems to be accurate most of the time.

Atom Bergstrom 2:38:10
I used to sell by bio rhytmn computers at one time, the thing I had one myself until it ran out in 2000. So it's been a while back. But I noticed a different pattern. And the pattern would be I wondered about this. And what Adano told me is that when you get to the bottom, that's not a problem. The problem is like if you're in a car, and now you have to switch upstream. So often it happens the day after, on the low. Then I read about that in the bio rhythm book. And, and that seems to be the truth. Every time I come to the bottom of the hill now in my car started to go up, I think about that story. I've noticed my day, Friday night, I used to really try to stay away from any kind of trouble because it was my vulnerable night, particularly Adano Ley said particularly the physical rhythm is harder to beat, you have to do something physical, the emotional, and the psychological, you can clear your brain of that, and yawn and fart and scream and yell and everything like that. And you can you can beat those rhythms. But the physical one, he says like a lightning rod, you know, you can put it out there and defuse it, but the physical ones more like a bulldozer coming out to your house. And so you have to just be aware, stay out of the way at that time, rather than try to emote your way out of it.

Matthew Blackburn 2:39:52
Wow, that's really interesting. This is a good one. Can you eat fruit at night? And if so, Which ones? Pineapples one, right?

Atom Bergstrom 2:40:03
Okay. I can name three cactus pear, pineapple, and dragon fruit. They're all nice dragon fruit delicious, by the way, and here's why. Yeah, the rule again was tree, Bush and Vine and root. Well, how come a cactus can grow tall? And so can dragon fruits on a you know, like Saguaro? Well, there's a problem here. Not everything, everything follows the sun, but some plants avoid the sun. What would happen to a cactus plant, if it's 125 degrees in Death Valley and it opens up to bloom, it's gonna roast its going to be cooked . So it delays its function in a four part photosynthesis system instead of a three part. It's called C 4 metabolism. And certain other foods like corn does it but it doesn't change it's time the pineapple actually the pineapples grow on the ground. But furthermore, the bromeliad family does the same thing. The heat and the excess moisture would damage it. So it waits till nighttime to do it's, to finish off the photosynthesis. A desert dweller will tell you that a cactus both in the flesh of it the Pulp as well as the fruit will taste differently at right after the sunset compared to the bitter tastes that will accumulate overnight. So the process is going on at that time. That's why most all of your cactus products and your Bromeliads have kind of a two pronged thing. Nighttime is best but you can actually eat them before dawn. If you get hungry just before you eat, have a cactus product or a bromeliad product. Aloe that's a bromeliad, Cactus Pear, there's a whole bunch, tequila!. It's actually a cactus product. That's why you drink tequila at night. So they're kind of exceptions to the rule. And during Lunar time of course you can scramble it up and eat your apples and things by the way. Apple is kind of looser when it comes to timing. So if you really get hungry at night and you really need a fruit a sweet apple will be okay. The bitter apples I agree with Ray Peat on that you're more of a problem that pectin in them actually is not the benefit that they tell you it is the sweeter the apple the better you are

Matthew Blackburn 2:42:51
Wow interesting. What are the best post dinner desserts and snacks?

Atom Bergstrom 2:43:07
let's see what I used to like until they ruined it there used to be some kind of powdered ginger you would get and they started doing something to it but I would often do that. And the pineapple I would eat the rings of pineapple even canned ones back in the day. And now sometimes I take pineapple juice from Lakewood half and half with sugar and eat it as a desert and my eyeballs roll back of my head it tastes so good. What else did I think that was Mostly? Yeah, mostly, pineapple was one of my favorite nighttime ones. I did I have eaten, Oh! I used to be able to get cactus chutney. Oh boy was that good cactus chutney, a friend of mine in Tucson made it. And we used to have chutneys available from a solar nutrition guy named Dr. Dada Gupta who won the US Science Award presented to them by the first President Bush and he did a lot of research validating solar nutrition and made sprouted tofu made chutneys, pumpkin chutney, every every chutney for every time of the day. We had my favorite was sweet potato chutney and pumpkin chutney. You were my two favorites that I eat a lot of other ones too.

Matthew Blackburn 2:44:45
Wow. You never got into Haagen Dazs, ice cream?

Atom Bergstrom 2:44:50
Mid day except for lunar. We would call it we would loon out with Haagen Dazs. I haven't eaten Haagen Dazs in a long time, but Yeah, it's a it's mostly a mid day food. My own son was having problems he, I saw. He told me he eats a quart of ice cream Haagen Dazs a day or whatever ice cream it was. And he started having a little widen the face. And I heard that defined as ice cream face. So I told him about that and said, eat it at the middle of the day instead of at night. He didn't he didn't have ice cream face anymore. So it really does make a difference. But at lunar time you can have it at night anyway,

Matthew Blackburn 2:45:35
I thought it was a neutral food because it's dairy?

Atom Bergstrom 2:45:40
not really. But if you have a small amount, see dairy is looser. the more fat you have in it, the more it's time free, cream, no problem. Ghee, all butter, oil, nothing problem there butter pretty much all the time too, what else in the more fat half and half, you get by with more. But you just don't do too much of the dairy because a lot of people have trouble with dairy. Like I met someone who lived at one of those, what they call 3HO Ashrams You know, the sheikhs ashrams. And she said her baby had terrible reaction to milk where she was mucus all over the place. And it's all they served her at the Ashram. So I said can you get access to cashews? She said yeah, make cashew milk in the morning. Drink all your milk that you're going to give the baby from cow milk give it in the middle of the day. And I forgot what I told her to take at night, something related to it. She came back a week later said no more mucus. So she had just as much milk. She just timed it from 12 Noon to seven o'clock, and then did a little cashew milk for breakfast. And that took care of the whole problem.

Matthew Blackburn 2:47:07
You know, it's funny, Atom, when you said half and half. Dave Asprey, you know, the former bulletproof guy, he sold it, but he's been making q&a videos, where people ask him questions, and he just gives a 30 second answer. And a recent question last week, someone asked him, if they can put a tablespoon of half and half in their coffee. Is that healthy? And he said absolutely no, because that half and half will bind to the poly phenols in the coffee and prevent their absorption ,it's fascinating, really interesting. So the difference between that and like butter?

Atom Bergstrom 2:47:43
he knows the poly phenols are tannins, so he's partially right. But the little that happens is not going to stop the effect of the coffee's benefits, you won't get it. And if it was a problem, have another cup of coffee! There's no way that much cream or half and half can possibly take care of all of those poly phenols because tea is loaded with it. Coffee is loaded with it. A lot of things are that the phenols and some of them aren't even beneficial to us, but most of them are beneficial, particularly if you eat them on time and, and don't make our habit of taking enormous amounts of them, which actually are often toxic.

Matthew Blackburn 2:48:35
Yeah, that's a good one. Does he soak all of his nuts or just almonds?

Atom Bergstrom 2:48:41
No, just the almonds are the ones that changes. The others? Some people do well by soaking the other not nuts. I don't like the flavor actually. But with almonds. From six hours to 12 hours. You convert the prussic acid in an almond to actually, what did they use to call it? Golly, I'm thinking of the term the anti cancer ingredient they used to majorly used to sell. Amygdalin. That's it. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks for saving me on that but then if you let it go for three days, you get a you get a reaction where it turns in to whatever the acid is that's in cranberries. Not necessarily harmful, but the fermentation irritates your stomach in the morning as a general rule except for only plums and a few exception better to avoid the fermented foods, particularly in the morning. But it's active time is from six to 72 hours now. Adano and don't ask me to explain this, he said at 72 hours you get the tannic square root reaction. God only knows what that is. But anyway, six hours is enough to actually make that initial change into amygdalin. And then it goes into the just breaks down into simple chemicals. And that one acid that will go into your, your bladder actually its used cranberry juice because it's non volatile, so it cant acidify your bladder, when you get an alkaline infection. Most infections are alkaline. So take note people who are believing in an alkaline diet. We need both. We need em both

Matthew Blackburn 2:50:44
Right. This is a good one. How do How does Vitamin E tocotrienols neutralize tocopherols? I must have missed that post because I haven't heard that.

Atom Bergstrom 2:50:59
Yep, you know, tocotrienols when you think about it is a scam tocopherols, the four of them, the alpha, the Beta, Gamma, Delta. All of those are very, very, if there ever was a miracle supplement. It's vitamin E no doubt about it. But then they tried to pass up tocotrienols and I suspected a rat right away. And Ray Peat has commented Yeah, they actually counterproductive I forget what he recently said when he was asked about that, that it causes some kind of a disease if you take enough of them but stands to reason. Every plant almost without exception has tocopherols in it. There's only rice, palm and a couple other things that have tocotrienols in it so it's like you ever see there was I'm not gonna name any products. But there was a product. This is necessary for everybody in the world. But it's only found on the top of Mount Fuji. Well, well it's for every, how did everybody in the world survive unless you were a Japanese peasant on top of Mount Fuji. So it's the same thing. If it's so rare, how come people are getting along fine. But tocopherols are so important that they're, they're used all over the world and all the plants and they help you and Durk Pearson in his book life extension, which makes some inaccurate statements but he was really big on vitamin e, and how important it was. And his own mistake where the dried forms and things, I asked Ray Peat about on one of his radio shows and he said, No, go for the regular vitamin E and don't get into the fancy forms of it. That it's it's the best I believe you sell a mix tocopherol thing which is right on.

Matthew Blackburn 2:53:01
Oh, thank you. Yeah, I think that's as good as it gets that supposedly Ray Peat said Vitamin E used to be different, like more potent or something and that's always fascinated me but yeah, there's this doctor going around making the rounds on podcast selling a tocotrienol supplement. And it just doesn't make sense to me. They're unsaturated whereas tocopherols are saturated. So that right there is a clue.

Atom Bergstrom 2:53:24
Yeah, yeah. Someone figured they could get something exotic and then sell it for the real thing. But the Schute's did all that research about how heart healthy vitamin E was and though it's been changed, it's still beneficial like it is, also if you want it in food, almonds are a great source of vitamin E in the morning, and so are olives, olives and olive oil a great source of vitamin E. But it's in plants, on the diet people eat you know, that's one thing I've actually supplemented on sometimes because if I figure especially if you're on the road or something like that, then it's hard to get the good food for it. So it is one of the better best supplements out there out of anything you can get

Matthew Blackburn 2:54:21
Yeah, and it helps to to like sometimes break the rules right and like you know, if I don't have my vitamin E for whatever reason, and I'm eating junk food or fast food, which is very rare nowadays, but I think there's, you feel the difference if you, if you mitigate it versus just trying to use your mind power. I think both have their place though.

Atom Bergstrom 2:54:45
Yeah, well mind power. I met a guy named Jerry Burks and he was really big into mind power and he could do it. So he got cancer. I told him, he came to me for advice and I gave him a whole thing, bunch of things to do, I didn't know as much as I know then, but I told him what I did. Years later, maybe a decade or two, I ran into him in Tucson, Arizona. And he told me by the way, I got rid of cancer with mind power, but it would have been easier if I followed your method along with it. So the mind is very powerful. And Jerry Burks was a very, very unusual guy who definitely had mental powers.

Matthew Blackburn 2:55:30
Yeah, maybe our next show I think we've been talking about it for like two or three shows we need to do a whole one on on mesmerism cuz I have no clue about it. So I'd love to learn.

Atom Bergstrom 2:55:43
Well, I was I believe the same thing until recently that hypnotism and mesmerism was the same thing. And mesmerism was just a false amount. But actually mesmerism closest approximation in our society is applied kinesiology, and bio kinesiology and those various forms, so called muscle testing. Do you know that the police, one time I was talking about kinesiology and I had a Texas Highway patrolman that my friend was dating. And so I thought I'd impress him with a little Kinesiology. He said, I said, Can I show you something? He said, Can I show you something? I said, What? So then he got up and did the up and down the meridians and everything like that, and told me that you can also if you if ask a person for an address, if they go above two digits that weakens them and all this stuff, he's telling me, I said, Where did you learn that? We're taught it every highway patrolman in Texas was taught it and it's called control techniques. So he knew about all this woowoo stuff. He said, he would come to, when he would go to approach somebody, he would say, can I see your driver's license, please. And because we're on audio, but I put my hand down, we're just casual, and automatically, some people are more susceptible. Some people, I used to amaze people, because you can try this, put your arm up. This guy was a muscle guy really proud. I said, Put your arm up, I could practically hang on his arm. He was so strong. I went down the central meridian, push him right down. He went do that again. Do that again. It just couldn't believe I do. And that would work. And most people unless you know certain tricks of centering, most people who think they can center themselves cant. That's the proof. If you find someone that can center themselves. They know. I've had a lot of Qigong people didn't work. But there are some people who really know the tricks on that. And it can be done at a distance. That's what the police don't know that you can do it. It's 1000 miles away. Now we're getting into the realm of voodoo at that point. But these energies exist. Rupert Sheldrake is probably the only real legitimate, mainstream scientists msort of mainstreamm that that writes about it. But it's very real things.

Matthew Blackburn 2:58:16
Yeah, yeah. It's interesting with the police and the highway patrolman. I always think of Star Wars and you know, the Jedi. Because last year, I got pulled over, I went to an Italian restaurant and had a bunch of pasta and a big glass of red wine. And I was driving home and I was, you know, fine. I wasn't drunk. It's just a glass of wine. And it was after, you know, a couple hours and I got pulled over for speeding because there was like an abrupt slowdown after you get off the ramp, which doesn't really make sense. But the guy comes to my window and he's, he's like, Did you do any drinking tonight? And I'm like, nope, he's like, so if I breathalyze you won't you know, pop it I was like, nope. I guess interesting mental little like game going on, you know, where I have to bluff and such an interesting aspect of life. But yeah, I would never drunk, little disclaimer.

Atom Bergstrom 2:59:22
They do have definitely games going on. My karma has been really good. I've back when I drank. I had two bottles of wine and decided that my car was overheating. So I was gonna blow it up. Obviously in in the wrong mood, but I welded it together. Talking about good karma there. I cured the car after a year of having to put water in it every five miles. I had jugs in the back constantly to pour water into it. It sealed itself then I picked up a hitchhiker. And I'm drunk and he tells me, he makes his living by beating people over the head and stealing their wallets. I said, Well, that's okay. I don't have any wallet. I don't have any money on me. So we drove up someplace. And finally, I passed out, we pulled over beside, I passed out, a cop comes and knocks on the window, and said, Have you been drinking? I said, No. He said, What are those two wine bottles doing on the floor? And my breath obviously did. So I said, Oh, I just left them there. Where's your registration? I had cleaned my car and didn't have the registration. So anyway, what he says, I think, Oh, we're going to jail. And the guy beside me thinks he's going to jail too. the cop says, go up the roads a mile, get a coffee, and then go to a motel and leaves. So at that point, I told my passenger who was a full blood Indian. I'm out of gas. I don't have any money to go where are we going. He wanted to go to Oklahoma. He said, Well, I have relatives in Weatherford, Texas. thatcan put this up there. So I had enough gas to get there. And I spent Thanksgiving with the Indians in Weatherford Texas.

Matthew Blackburn 3:01:19
The whole driving under the influence thing is so interesting to me. Because I feel like it's, it's a it's a law that should be there. And I'm sure people get so triggered because they've had, you know, people have had families torn apart by getting you know, someone's killed by a drunk driver. But I feel like it's a it's probably the health of the person, their health, their liver. I know, for example, me like my nervous system. If I stay up all night long. I actually can function pretty well. And I could drive and you know, I don't hallucinate so much. Oh, someone's blowing you guys up. We're just Yeah, I was just saying. Anyway, my point is, I think there's a nervous system component to how we handle things like that. And most people are probably not healthy. And so they lose motor function completely when they consume alcohol. That's my theory anyway.

Atom Bergstrom 3:02:33
Trauma can do that. Because someone under alcohol, if they're not traumatized, can drive perfectly well. Most people have accidents with what's called proprioception, where you, you bump into walls and things like that, is a propprioception problem. And they can be solved by behavioral Optometry. Now they have a thing called the what is it called? Can't even think of the name, that they do in Canada. They teach this to kids. And it's basically exercises that you do but the apparent sciences, behavioral optometry, where you do exercises like this, say you bump into a wall, you simply take your fingers, and you with each hand, you do a figure, no both hands together, you do a figure eight, around a point in the wall, like a nail hung up in a wall or a hole or something and do that over and over. And then draw figure eights with each hand. And automatically, your your scores go up when you take tests. Your proprioception improves. In fact, I first found a friend of mine, a really dear friend of mine had a child who was a D student. So she told me anything you can do. And I did the exercise where you take your finger in front of the person's eyes. And if the eyes go click, click, click back and forth instead of smoothly, they have a problem processing one information from one hemisphere to the other and back again. It affects your tennis stroke, it affects your lifting barbells all kinds of thing. So I said you got the money so you don't have to do whatever they call the other process. Do you have enough money to go see a behavioral optometrist? She did. They give him all kinds of eye exercise, a red lens, a green one so you see the writing where you see some and not the others you have to train yourself to see both. At the end of that she became an A student in the 10th grade to 11th grade 12th grade and through college straight A's after that from a from a D and fears of failing school. I learned that trick from an optomotrist who studied it back in the day, and was hired by the army like in that movie with Danny DeVito. Where they take the people that are not passing the test. But instead of giving them test and being a teacher, he gave them eyeexercises, and they all passed. So doing those kind of techniques, actually, they worked. Dramatically

Matthew Blackburn 3:05:27
That's incredible. Yeah, before I get Lasik eye surgery, I was trying to pinhole glasses and the figure eights, and I wasn't seeing an improvement. But maybe it was my nutrition being off, I don't know.

Atom Bergstrom 3:05:41
They can help, my sight came back dramatically. After 23 years of needing glasses. Suddenly, my sight restored in 2009. One day, I couldn't even read the newspaper without my glasses or go to a bookstore. So one morning, I come down, I look at the newspaper, start reading it and think, wow, I don't have my glasses. And so it got fixed, it's getting a little less now. But I don't have to go out, before, if I didn't bring my glasses I was functionally blind for reading labels, books, newspapers, and a lot of small signs, even menus and restaurants. And now I can do all of that. But why it changed? I did eat, There's there's a dietary thing in solar nutrition nutrition. You have pistachios in the morning notice how they have visual violet in them in the color of them. And they look like eyes peeping to the sun. And then sunflower seeds, which they follow the sun, and then carrots at night. And that could have done it. It did dramatically for a guy who came into the health food store one time and said, I've got a chance to get a job and I can't wear glasses for this job. And I'm not going to pass the eye test. Have you got anything? I told him about those three foods. He had it for a week. And I wasn't there. But he came into the health food store and told the guy I worked with tell him that it worked fine, I got the job. So you can improve your eyes. And by the way for cataract Ray Peat has said that you can reverse cataract, it's the same as any other tissues, they make you think that it's a separate lens from your body and is not organic. He said it's like egg white you ever seen when you heat egg white up, it gets dark? He said Well, you can actually reverse that by getting the flow back in there. And it's not blood flow. It's glutamine. And basically, if you had capillaries in your eye, youd have to look through all the blood. So it obviously has to have a way of oxygenating yourself like Ray {eat talks about the the fish in Mexico that you can read the newspaper through. I don't know if you've heard him talk about that. The diamond body, there actually have been transparent human beings, at least according to Ripley's Believe It or Not. Wow.

Matthew Blackburn 3:08:10
Wow. That's funny. Well, I wonder if it works both ways with with healing your, your body to restore your eyesight and your brain. Because after I got laser eye surgery, my brain function went through the roof. Like definitely my memory improved my ability to focus to concentrate, like my overall brain function improved. When I improved my eyesight in that way. It's really interesting. The connection.

Atom Bergstrom 3:08:39
There definitely tied in, Have you ever seen the little homunculus in the head, which has the big lips, the big eyes and the big hands, but the smaller feet and all of that, that's a very real thing and it's a reflex system Well, obviously your eyes have a lot to do with our consciousness, probably 80% of our consciousness is visual 18% is audible. And we only have a miserable 3% for touch for odor and for taste 3%. So a balanced person used to mean let's see, rationality had to do with the ratio ratio of those five elements, the very word ratio it comes from your intelligence, is super intelligent, when you have touch 20% eyesight 20% etc. But you can focus on those and actually adjust them to become what they call a genius or a savant. Obviously genius is different than we think, the guy in Denver. He's just a regular guy. He jumped into a into a swimming pool, it's empty, smashes his head wakes up he can now do mathematical forms. in all kinds of complicated things, another guy, some downtown town ,I forget which, gets mugged and beaten senseless, wakes up five days later. He's now a genius. So obviously, you didn't get that out of a book. Idiots savant was the politically incorrect name, calling it back in the day.

Matthew Blackburn 3:10:23
I love it. Well, Adam, this was a great breakdown of sun sync nutrition or solar, solar nutrition. And I'm sure people can get bits and pieces from all the chats that we've done, but this was really cool. I'm glad we did a dedicated show on it. And I hope more people sign up to sun sync Because they get access to a lot of cool things. Like they can ask you questions. I mean, my favorite part is the food list. Because that just makes it really easy to click through. And like I said, there's those fun recipes or drinks that you can make. And tons of cool stuff. You have the color recycling, right and a lot of things on there.

Atom Bergstrom 3:11:08
Yep. sun sync nutrition dot com and sign up for 99 bucks, get all kinds of things. And then also I sell my books at solar So they can get books there. I've got about 40 or 50 of them now. And I was not going to write another book. But here I am writing a copper books, I couldn't help myself. I really have so many notes on it, that I figured this is going to be easy because two thirds of it is written already. In fact, I wrote a book called Cosmo now what was it called Cosmo chemistry. I got that from the oil industry. It's actually where they know about because they want to go get oil out of Jupiter and Mars and asteroids and everything. So I borrowed that name. And I went into all of these minerals. Some of them are in my butterflies need no taxidermists book, and I started writing books on each one, but it falters and I have bits and pieces of probably about 20 unwritten books that are more they're just lying around that I find every once in a while we have gotten that 1/3 Through it, even three quarters through it, and some of them just started. Yeah, any mounted his horse and rode off in all directions.

Matthew Blackburn 3:12:26
I just noticed to your you have a bibliography of books related to sun sync science and some wild ones that looks so cool. Like why do music conductors live into their 90s I just got crystal singing bowls, which is amazing. I had a guy come here that fell and hit his head and had crazy nerve pain and just five minutes of me playing a singing bowl. He said it was 100% reduction in pain. Like it was the anesthetic. It's wild. What sound can do

Atom Bergstrom 3:12:55
It makes a difference. I have a friend named Dr. Raymond Solace. She's an MD and when people will do it he takes him into the room with Tibetan bowls. With the Tibetan bowl Yeah, Doc out of the box is what they call him. He's also a student of Master Chen. Good friend of mine

Matthew Blackburn 3:13:19
that's so cool. Wow. I love it. Yeah, and solar timing dot com. So the two websites, I'll put links below. And yeah, it's always fun. Atom always lights me up. And every time we chat, I always have something new to try I think I have to go pick up some, some walnut hulls to integrate that in my morning routine.

Atom Bergstrom 3:13:43
Yeah, they're good for cleansing. If you do that, it's good to have a whole month of doing that. Because from Moon to moon, you'll notice parasites follow that type of they follow the moon, it's really common. And the eggs are a monthly process often or at least they last a month. So within a month, you kill all the eggs. So that's the whole idea of doing a long term. Otherwise you can get rid of a parasite, then another egg hatches or another whatever they call it. Basically like a cocoon. You know, I've seen those in my friends colon. It looked like big cotton balls. It freaked him out. He He said, What the heck, I didn't eat cotton balls, a whole bunch of them. And I've seen photos in parasite things of how they have lived nests like that, where some of them are in. The only way you truly know about the parasites is one of those parasite tests that you get. But indeed, a lot of people have things in their guts that shouldn't be there.

Matthew Blackburn 3:14:50
Yeah, I know. And there's so many options like I know Justin has the turpentine lady a lot. I've I've done that before but I've been messing with ivermectin putting 1% ivermectin liquid in capsules, just doing, you know following the instructions for animals on the label. And you look at like the one I just gave my goats today all the worms it wipes out pinworms, roundworms and it's a lot of worms with just ivermectin, it's funny people are using it for the C thing, but it's actually, it's a better anti parasitic.

Atom Bergstrom 3:15:29
You know, a lot of the other things they were using for the so called pandemic, I didn't really like because they have a lot of side effects they don't tell you about. But I can't find any real side effects out of ivermectin. So, you so obviously, it works on animals, and it seems to work. So I have no problem with that. Some of the other ones that I can't pronounce, I forgot the names. Vibrant gal is always telling me how to pronounce them. Not remdesivir. I'm talking about the natural ones. They have not only lots of side effects, but by overusing it, it's going to make an outbreak of malaria in the world. So even they're not my favorite chemicals. And they're in poison manuals. But ivermectin I went to look that up and I just can't find any dirt on it. So I don't see any reason why it's going to harm anybody that I can see. I'll look some more but it seems like a wise choice and even it will probably work better for parasites than going through all that stuff with the with the pumpkin seeds and everything. It might even be better. So good choice.

Matthew Blackburn 3:16:47
Yeah, yeah, I think some of the pharmaceuticals too like there's Fenbendazole and Mebendazole those are like anthelmintics, you know, Parasite drugs. And there's some research like I have one right here me Mebendazole and this kills tapeworms in three days, like starves them reduces the numbers of tumors by 56% as a single agent. So it's actually anti cancer thing. This is anti parasite pharmaceutical and a lot of them seem to be that way. It's interesting.

Atom Bergstrom 3:17:22
By the way I heard something a long time ago that I taught, which I thought was fiction, but it's true. If you fast, and don't take anything but take a lot of garlic and things that tapeworms don't like. And then you put a bowl, and you get naked, you lie down on the floor and you put a bowl of warm milk on your anus, that tapeworm will crawl out to get the warm milk. I really thought that was fiction where I heard it back in the 70s. It's true. I don't know if I recommend that or not. Because I was also told don't put the warm milk by your mouth, because the tapeworm will try to come out of your mouth. Now. I don't know how they get rid of the the pyloric valve and stuff like that if that's true, but the other is true. They will come out. Wow.

Matthew Blackburn 3:18:12
That's incredible. Yeah, my friend in Hawaii. That's really into parasite cleansing. He texted me yesterday and he said he's been doing chlorine dioxin enemas, like six drops. I'm like, That sounds scary. I'd be afraid to do that.

Atom Bergstrom 3:18:32
You know, I would I would opt out on that one too, chlorine in our water is bad enough. So I'm not a big fan of that one. I would take the ivermectin 100 times over the, over that choice. Yeah. Yeah, it's kind of like, the Chlorine is okay in water. But the reason they take it out of pools and stuff like that, in smaller amounts is because it's chlorine gas. They used to use it in the First World War, kill people, you know, this is related chlorine, fluorine, and even iodine and bromine they're toxic metals when they're over done. Ray Peat's one of the few people that warns about the danger of iodine. I ended up writing a book about it about how it leads to thyroid cancer, all kinds of things, you know, that part the fluorine and the chlorine and bromine and the iodine, they're very, very active. And you have to be very careful. It can be used for certain therapies. One of the problems now 25% of our drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, are flurionated they have fluroine to carry them deeper into your body. Now, why do they call it chlorinated instead of fluoridated? So you can look it up on the internet of course! You do a search, if you put fluoridated drugs it going to give you but chlorinated you'll be in for a big Surprise kgr

Matthew Blackburn 3:20:07
That seems like a lot of these elements are anti pathogenic, like, like I'm interviewing a copper expert here in a week or two, and he's in supplementing copper sulfate. But I guess copper alone is really anti parasitic. It's, it's fascinating.

Atom Bergstrom 3:20:27
Oh, yeah, it kills one cell that instruments but it also causes ross(?) and actually, copper just like iron and just like manganese is involved in Alzheimer's disease. So you have to be careful. Now, why is it active? Why does it do that? omega three fatty acids. Copper behaves, iron behaves, manganese behaves, aluminum behaves if you don't have a matrix for it to feed on. And it's a major villain. When I first started writing books about omega threes, I never realized it was that wide a subject. It covers so much ground. Now I really could write some more books on it. But I'm dedicated not to write any more books. The last one I got tricked. Remember when you were being interviewed on Justin's show? And he incorrectly gave me an extra book that I'd written. That's how I wrote the book. Well, might as well fulfill his words.

Matthew Blackburn 3:21:38
Yeah, I need to finish my first little ebook on calcification. lipofuscin and fibrosis, because it's just, I'm on the fibrosis part, which is the hardest one to write about. But the calcification one I spent so much time on vitamin D, because I didn't know that for years that vitamin D contributes to it, you know?

Atom Bergstrom 3:21:58
Yeah, it does. And that was common information that, that if you take over 200 international units of vitamin D, you pull calcium out of the bone. Now, the thing is, as I just wrote a blog about vitamin D, in fact, Pam popper is one of the few people who has done about 15 videos on YouTube about how bad vitamin D is in supplement form. I know somebody's taking 50,000 iu on a regular basis. And her blood hasn't changed at all. But it goes into the fat cells and Submariners knew that we were designed to go an entire winter without vitamin D. Because if you got it during the summer, it's stored in the fat cells. Why are they measuring it in the blood when it's not in the blood. It's a fat soluble vitamin, it's in the fat, it's not in the blood, but it can be delivered in the blood. If they measured the blood without taking any, if you were out the sun or expose your food to the sun, which any food even pasta will absorb vitamin D into it. But not only that, there's a vitamin D two, D three, D four and other Ds. You don't get that with one frequency like they make it because they just make it by shining an ultraviolet light on it. But if you're out in the sun and put your food in there, you get a variety. I call it full spectrum D and it's not toxic because your body can recognize how it's done. Many of the vitamin Ds they basically weaponized vitamin D in a lot of those foods and they cause all kinds of side effects so anyway, that's that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Matthew Blackburn 3:23:57
Oh yeah, I get attacked aggressively when I speak out against supplementing d3 people. It's like a religion, and I want to ask you really quick like, you wouldn't want to put potatoes out in the sun right because the solanine like there are a few foods you might not want to do that with like potatoes.

Atom Bergstrom 3:24:13
Here's the trick. Yes, you can put him out there. But here's the trick. People have asked me. Okay, if I expose, olive oil supposed to be in a brown bottle right? But here's the thing. You take your olive oil that you buy. And if you can pour it out so it could be exposed to sunlight. You expose it for 20 minutes, 20 minutes It will be so loaded with vitamin D. You put it back into brown bottle, cork it that vitamin D will not have gone down a fraction in 10 months in that olive oil bottle ,10 months. But if you leave that olive oil in the sun 24 hours, all the vitamin D will be gone. The oil will be rancid. And the green color will be clear, it will lose all of its activity. Plants know that they can just take a certain amount of sun. And that darkness contributes to vitamin D, as well as the light. And so any and it has a shelf life, any food, even pasta, you can, you can imagine which one, some of them load up with vitamin D in three minutes. Some of them take 40 minutes, the average is 20. Put it out the sun 20-30-40 minutes, when you do the olive oil, you can keep it out there even though that just takes 20 minutes, you could keep it out 40 minutes, you wouldn't lose any, you don't start losing it until one hour, then you start losing some of the vitamin D from it. So in other words, we can activate our food by simply putting it out for short periods of time. And you get the real stuff. What makes, if it has a shelf life, what makes something in a pill lasts for a year or two or three or four or five years people should ask. Because it's not vitamin D. It's something else concocted by a laboratory. Beaker boys I call em.

Matthew Blackburn 3:26:13
Yeah, that's a good question. Yeah, back when I was selling out algae oil, you know, I was repping, Martin Marietta and NASA was really into miron glass. You know, it's made out of cobalt. And I think at that time, I was putting my mito life algae oil in like a pyramid in the sun at solar noon. And my idea was, you know, I kind of extrapolated from Jack Kruse's teachings and kind of made up my own thing is like, Oh, if it's going through the micron glass, and it's only allowing in the infrared and certain wavelengths of UV it's probably charging up the DHA but I was definitely on the wrong track back then.

Atom Bergstrom 3:27:03
The sun can charge a lot of things up in short amounts. And that's why way, if you want a bad crop, expose it to light , 24 hours a day, it harms it. But you can lengthen it, offseason a couple hours and get more growth out of it and speed up its growth by doing those type of tricks. A lot of people know that we're attempting to grow food in our lab, some of them, some of them will grow laboratory natural food inside. And some of that is okay, you just have to be careful because separating the wheat from the chaff is something else because you don't know what they're up to, or what they're adding to it and how much GMOs and nanotechnology and whatever else they're adding to it. But the technique, we could in a perfect world actually grow food in the laboratory, getting the exact frequencies, the time limits of exposure and darkness and work it. Red (light)a lot of plants treat that one treat that light night. So you could actually still have it lit up with red. But, but use the other lights for other things. Anyway, there's a whole science that is barely investigated, because basically there's no money in it. And it's cheaper to put drugs in things to make things last forever. And say it's the same thing as you're getting a natural product, which is of course a total lie.

Matthew Blackburn 3:28:30
Yeah. Wow. I'm looking out my window here Adam it and I'm gonna have to chainsaw a lot of these tall trees. Because not only are they blocking my solar panels, but they reduce the amount of sun hitting this area and yeah, I'm really excited to experiment. I might even grow some tobacco again.

Atom Bergstrom 3:28:52
I helped chainsaw some trees up there in Idaho at my friend's place and be careful that it goes the right way. Make sure we almost went through the roof and almost got killed by a tree . When they hit the ground. We heard someone else doing it three miles away and you could hear that the ground would shake when one of those trees fell. Don't be careless.

Matthew Blackburn 3:29:23
I posted about that. And some like environmentalists, I don't know if they're vegan that they just don't get it. And they were like, No, we need trees for oxygen. And then I had a bunch of friends send me articles on how most of our oxygen comes from the ocean. I think it was like 80% And then I made the point that you only need five to 10 acres to have wood for life. So you only need that much land because trees grow super fast. I don't think people know how fast they grow. It's It's insane.

Atom Bergstrom 3:29:52
They do. My friend up here. He just cleared an area for his use. In fact when he bought that land The guy said I'll sell it to you if you if you promise not to sell to the llogging companies , so he has extensive area but because those trees were all by his house, one could fall off and kill the roof. So we got rid of some of that 15-20 trees around the area that he was going to build a photo lab and some of the other stuff they use a bathhouse, that kind of thing. Nice, nice country up there. I loved it when I was visiting him.

Matthew Blackburn 3:30:33
Yeah, you're always welcome. And if you guys are up here, but pretty cool setup a lot of energy devices I'm playing with and just trying to make it like a futuristic hospital.

Atom Bergstrom 3:30:47
That's cool.

Matthew Blackburn 3:30:51
But um, Thanks, Atom. This was awesome. And we'll do it again soon.

Atom Bergstrom 3:30:58
You bet. You bet. Thanks so much, Matt. Have a great evening.

Matthew Blackburn 3:31:04
Thank you. Yes. Appreciate it, uh, stick around as I close out the show here. I forgot to remind you to have your notepad ready to take notes. But that's probably only if you're new to the show. The Veterans probably already know, to be ready to take notes. Atom is such a wealth of wisdom. And how he's living is obviously working with the capacity of his memory and his articulation. It's really impressive, and I hope to be even half at his level. When I get to that chronological age. I found his parasite protocol really fascinating. The walnut hulls in the morning the pumpkin seeds midday and the tequila at circulation sex time at night. I think most people can get on board with that. And there's so many different parasite cleanses. I really liked the Shen blossom, mountain detox tincture, and the aka hinoki. It's like a mixture of different resins. But for a really affordable parasite cleanse, think the walnut hulls, sprouted pumpkin seeds and tequila are the way to go. I found it fascinating when Atom said that a carrot at nighttime protects the lungs the next day. So I'm thinking there must be an orange connection with the lungs if oranges are good for the lungs in the morning, and carrots are good for the lungs at night. I know the last couple of years a lot of people are having a recurring cough, and congestion and lung issues. And so I think the orange juice in the morning, and the rawcarrot at night is a really good start to support lung health. So if you want to dive deeper into solar nutrition, and Atoms work, you can go to sun sync I'll put the link below for that. And if you click on membership, for a lifetime, one time fee of $100, you get access to a lot of cool stuff on his website. Like my favorite, is the food list. And that's where it has all the drink recipes that are really fun. But you can click basically morning, afternoon and evening. And it'll change up all the foods and make it super easy to figure out if you want to play around with this idea what you can eat at those different times. And Atoms other website is solar And under store if you click Atoms ebooks, there's a big long list of all of the books that he's written thus far. And there's also another segment called Atoms mini ebooks which are a little shorter, but he actually just came out with one about copper. It's called copper, The Good, the Bad and the valid. I'm really excited to dive into that one. Thanks to Morley getting him obsessed about copper. Morley Robbins, and minerals are just fascinating to me. And the deep connection between vitamins and enzymes and minerals. There's so much to learn there and I think it's really misunderstood and under appreciated how those interactions work. So go and support Atoms work. I think what he's doing is awesome. He's a humanitarian and just a walking encyclopedia, I feel like I could talk to him for weeks on end. That's probably why our shows are always so long. But really fun stuff. And I love the way that his mind works. If you want to support my show, you can go to Matt hyphen And I have all of my recommended products up there under shop, I want to give a shout out to troscriptions. Just blue. There is actually just an article posted a few days ago, in the New York Post, online how methylene blue is fish tank cleaner. Doctors slam influencers for ingesting fish tank cleaner to fight aging, I'm gonna put the link below because it's really funny. And I actually got severely censored on social media for about the last eight months, my accounts been what's called Shadow banned, where people can't search me and my features are limited. And I don't grow subscribers as fast. And there's all these things that go with being shadow banned. But the crazy stuff is I didn't even say the C word much. I'm pretty sure that I got censored just because I talked about methylene blue, and I was really talking about it because I do think it's one of those incredible things for what we're dealing with. Today, with the whole situation. It's just a really affordable and effective supplement. And what troscriptions offers is more of a nootropic. So it's lower dose than what you would get in a liquid methylene blue product. But it still has an incredible brain effect. And I think it has an even better effect, if you're aware of iron overload. And the issue of copper deficiency that that creates, and how retinol plays into that. And if you understand the relationship between retinol copper ceruloplasmin and then you add in methylene blue, it will have a much better effect than if you're copper deficient and vitamin A deficient than you add it in as copper polish called methylene Blue, you won't get as much of a benefit as you could. So I really like that company. You know, if you're going to the beach, if you're going on a hike, it's really nice to pop one of those just blues and you know, experiment with a quarter or half or a whole one and find what dose works for you. But I always feel a little braid buzz from that. And mito life is my brand, you can find that at Mito And we have a few products sold out but for the most part things are in stock. Lately, I've really been hammering down on retinol. Thanks to Mr. Morley Robbins, just tons and tons of research I'm bookmarking, study after study connecting dots of how retinol vitamin A from foods protects from lipid peroxidation and how it's so important for immune health, and T cells and all of these things. But it works together with hormone D. And then you have vitamin E, and vitamin K and K2. And so they're all important. And what I'm starting to realize from my research and the messages that I get sent by people with various different names of XYZ health condition is that everyone's deficient in everything. That's my understanding, but zinc, and ascorbic acid, and iron, and all of the usual supplements, fish oil that people take, those are just making the situation worse. So it's really about finding out what supplements are harming you and what supplements you've taken that have harmed you a lot of these liposomal supplements that are being pawned right now in the supplement field, and then adding in the right ones. And just adding in vitamin E and vitamin K2 can make such a huge difference. And then if you start to get the retinol coming in, then you're really rocking on all cylinders. So that's it. Thank you for listening and for sharing these shows with your friends, even through all of the censorship. There's a new show released every Friday, and I'll see you next week stay supercharged