Analemma | Mitolife Radio Ep #183

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Matthew Blackburn 00:18
You're listening to Episode 183 of Mitolife radio. Today I'm interviewing the people over at Analemma Lwater, Eric Laarakker, and Mario Brainovic. I learned about this device through my friend, Adam Marafioti, a previous guest on Mitolife radio. And I have certain friends that I trust their vetting process when it comes to supplements and devices. So on his recommendation, that was enough for me to give it a try. Basically what it is, is a quartz glass tube filled with water that you swirl into your drinking water vessel, whether it's a mason jar, or I use a copper, pure copper bottle. But what makes it different is it's not just regular water or spring water, or water that's been under full moon cycles. They do a lot of different things to it to create this substance called Mother water. And they go into that in this interview. So we talk about water in general and hear their thoughts on it of tap versus well versus spring water. They talk about bio photon emission of water. And the studies that they've done so far on water treated with the Analemma wand,one called glycanage, longevity study, they've done an EEG study. And there's a lot more to come that they're in the process of testing. And what I really like is it's way beyond the basic GDVcamera, like most companies that I see use, or heart rate variability, both of which can be influenced by so many things, especially the placebo effect. So what's really cool about their product is they have hardcore science behind it beyond just gas discharge visualization. You know, photon emission from the body and heart rate variability, they're going beyond that, and having some really legitimate research being done on it. So we'll jump into the show here is Eric Laarakker and Mario Brainovic. All right, I'm here with Eric Laarakker and Mario Brainovic, welcome to the show.

Mario Brainovic 02:59
Thank you so much for having us.

Matthew Blackburn 03:02
Yeah, this is gonna be fun. I've been thinking like a lot of people in the natural health field looking into water for years. And my background on it was trying all different types of waters distilled, went to different wells went to different springs. And then he got into filtration, tried tons of different filtration units. And then I got into, you know, vortexing, and all the cool things you could do with the water, like the molecular resonance effect technology, and there's all these different things now that you can supe up your water after, after you have it from your filter or whatever, wherever you collected it. But the product that you guys came up with is really interesting. This this tool called the Analemma wands. And just before we jump into, you know, what it does and what it is, how did you guys both get started in this field?

Eric Laarakker 04:02
Yes, I have to start with because we started the full 14 years ago with a colleague and actually, we were not into water at that moment. We just I don't know, have you ever heard of Fritz Popp Bio- photon? Measurements, implants, and et cetra. We actually took over the whole laboratory 14 years ago, after Madoff, just to figure out, you know, how life works. And I'm a veterinarian now for 30 years, and I do realize that we don't know anything about a human body or physical body. We don't have a clue what life is. So we started to research it and well actually, in a year time, we ended up in water, because water actually you know, is the basic of life. We have an understanding that our bodies 60-70% water that's not true. That's in mass but molecule wise is 99% water. And `then we just did some did some simple tests, you know, to see how if you can change water and what it does to plants, you know, we saw the first test was plants and frequency wise when the sun goes through what happens and was amazing to see, you know that half a centimeter of water actually already changed the whole spectrum, change the spectrum of the sun, what it lets through, etc, etc. So we decided to go into water. And as you said, many, many devices, most of them, they come up with the same ideas, you know, we have to vortexs you have to, actually usually it'ss for vortexs, magnets, and precious stones in it. And that's how it's been done. And you have many of them, what we found out that the biggest issue is that the let's put it that way, the memory won't say for a long time for a very short period of time. And so we did a lot of research worked in itfor 14 years, actually 13 years before we were ready to go on the market, because you want to be sure that first of all, it does what we say does, and a lot of testing on it. And secondly, what's very important that stay safe, stable, you know, we could prove that the water which have been made with our device, even after a year, it's still stable, still does the same job. And that's quite unique. Because otherwise, in these times we live in with a lot of radiation, 4g 5g, everybody has Wi Fi in his house, etc, you know, really, you know, becomes like chaotic water. And a very short may moment, sometimes even after a couple of seconds. And people say well, okay, but when they don't drink, it's very quickly. But it's not like it's been isolated in your body and your body will change back to like, ordinary water very soon. So long story, but that's how it started. And that's where we ended up now.

Mario Brainovic 07:16
Yeah, I would like to just like to give because Eric covered a lot of ground in 30 seconds, just to give a little background that people don't actually understand that. h2o molecules in drinking water, behave chaotically. They, they crash into each other constantly. All of this happens on an atomic level. So people were completely unaware of it. All of this chaos has very profound influence on our overall health and wellness. Given that we are 99% water, I mean, like we are basically very clever water when you look at it. So it's really off the back, it shows you that there is something extraordinarily important about water. So what happens is when you swirl our device analemma through the water, what happens is that those same h2o molecules start linking together and behaving harmonically. So that they start forming a liquid crystalline structure. And through that unique process, water becomes alive, it becomes empowered, and it can actually do so, so much for health and wellness. So people kind of consider water to be just a simple element. There are a whole worlds hidden in water. So we definitely believe that the next century will be the century of revolution in water science.

Matthew Blackburn 08:47
That was all really, really awesome. Did I hear right? That it was 14 years before you guys brought it to market?

Eric Laarakker 08:55
Wow. Yes, yes. But just want to be sure, because I mean, it's actually our goal. It was not, you know, to set up a market, you know, to earn money. And I'm not going to tell you how much money we spent in it, because we had a laboratory with five people over there and it cost over 40,000 euros a month just to do research. But we started off do this because we were, still are, very worried what's happening on this planet. And we were, you know, just looking for the main clue of what we can do in a simple way to help this planet. And well that is water, and like Mario said, we don't have a clue what water is. But if you have a very simple example we have an atmosphere around our planet, which we learn at school that absorbs 70% of the incoming harmful frequencies, and then we forget about it, but if you would compress everything together like liquid water, it's only three centimeters of water. I mean, look it up on Wikipedia, water is a broadband absorber for almost all electric magnetic energies, almost all. And the funny thing is that the only part on the whole electromagnetic spectrum, what you know, doesn't absorb is actually the visible light. And that's kind of genius, otherwise it will be dark on on our planet. So I mean, there's very simple things we see in front of us every day. And we think it's normal. But if you think about it, it's not so normal. To be honest.

Matthew Blackburn 10:42
Yeah, I'm sure you've looked into the relationship, and I guess this is part of the Analemma, but the relationship with light. And I got into studying light therapy, and, you know, Jacob Lieberman, and a lot of smart people that have been studying, you know, photobiomodulation for a long time, and the effect that sunlight has on the water in our body, you know, the ultraviolet, infrared, all the different things, you know, in between, and water is kind of a is it correct to say it's a repository, or it's the medium between lights and magnetism?

Eric Laarakker 11:25
Well, I would like to look a little bit in a different way, but it's almost the same. To me, water is a bio quantum computer. And as you probably know, there's a whole change now going on in biology. And we always said that quantum physics is not applicable in any biological system, because you cannot, it's too warm. Well, even a simple thing, you know, like a tree, a leaf, actually, it's a bioquantum computer. And water in that way plays the key role in that whole process. So we look at water as the bio quantum computer, the one who receives it changes the middle and brings it further, you know, in a whole body, actually, that's the medium where all the other electromagnetic fields react on. And it's quite simple. In quantum physics, there's one statement, not matter, but quantum information is the building block of everything. So, and also, electromagnetic waves actually part of the quantum physics. So and water, in our opinion, is the one who materialise if you know what I mean, the electromagnetic spectrum, the quantum physics, so it has a key role, the most important role in our body without water, nothing will happen. There's literally not one not one thing to find in your body where water doesn't play the key role, even, you know, mutations with DNA, water plays a big role in it, because water water is the one who preserves the DNA and everything. So what that plays a key role in all of life.

Matthew Blackburn 13:17
Yeah, absolutely. I was raised here in Southern California on a municipal water for the first, I don't know 20-25 years of my life or so. And bathing in that and drinking that was very harsh. I had skin issues and allergie, all sorts of health things that would come and go. And you know, when I started researching natural health 12 years ago, water was one of the first things I started to look into and the hardness of it, you know, a lot of people just focused in on the pH and alkaline or acid, but I was really focused on the mineral composition of the water and parts per million. That was kind of the first thing that I would look at, you know, the TDS. And there's so many different aspects to it, right? Would you say there's like priorities, because Because to me, like getting clean water is the priority, right? Like swirling the analemma in municipal Los Angeles water is probably not the way to go.

Mario Brainovic 14:23
Well, it is going to, it will, analemma will create liquid crystalline structure in that water, and it will create so it's going to be much more powerful, then you know, if you didn't do it, but of course, the best way is to clear all the pathogens out of the water and then to make it coherent, and then to drink it. But even if you don't do it, benefits are still there. All of the studies that we did we did with tap water within the within do it with filtered water. So results are still there, but of course we are I'm actually working on a system, which would be coming out very soon. So it's going to be the ultimate water treatment system on the planet. So we will purify the water of all the known pathogens, and it will bring it into coherent state. So you just you just install it, and then we basically, so that's, that's the next level. And it's also very important, you know, many scientists realized, since water is a broadband absorber of energy, so wherever, , whichever energy is around water, water is going to absorb it. So can you imagine what we're actually drinking over time, where the water goes through what happens with water, we're treating the water as a as a non important element, how we treat water is actually how we treat ourselves. So we want to treat it in the best possible way. Because that will definitely reflect on basically everything

Eric Laarakker 15:59
I would add like to add one thing to it, I mean, even even after cleaning the water, from pathogens, and chemicals and stuff like that, even that the inflammation of those chemicals will stay. So going back to the statement, not matter, but quantum information is the building block of everything, still, the information of all the toxins is in there. And you can undo that, you know, the analemma stick. So that's why, you know, it's very important not just to clean the water, but also, you know, bring it in a stable coherent state. So then, only after then it has the coherent effect on your body. And maybe I can elaborate on what you said before. The mineral content, of course, is also very important. And the unique minerals in the water. That's why I'm personally not in favor to drink distilled water. And reverse osmosis. Yes, it takes out a lot of the toxin. But it's also you know, we call it the dead water, you know, actually detracts what minerals and salts from your body if you drink for too long time. So but everything has its value. I mean, even you talked about alkaline water, that can be beneficial, like if you're sick or whatever, you know, to get some to make your body a little bit more alkaline. But personally, we don't consider it as a good idea to drink that all the time. Also, because I mean, actually you destroy the coherent structure of water, because isn't electrolyzers. That's how you do it. And so yes, you have alkaline water. But in the coherent point of view, let's put it that way. It's not really good to drink too much.

Matthew Blackburn 17:58
Yeah, I completely agree. I went through my distilled water phase, and it would get rid of my sneeze attacks. It had some interesting effects, almost like first aid effects. But yeah, long term. I definitely agree. It's I'm very fortunate here in my cabin, I'm on spring, it's a gravity fed spring water. And my previous homes I was on a well, so I've been slowly upgrading from municipal to well to spring. And I would imagine, as you go higher up in that the waters more coherence, I would imagine. But then, you know, it also has to travel through my home, which I understand and whether it's stored in a tank and you know, there's so many variables right I have you know, whole house vortexer on there, fractal and floater from Dan winter. And, yeah, I'm a fan of magnesium bicarbonate being infused into the water. That's what I have in my whole house, my drinking water. And I think people tend to have this misconception that they can just add minerals to their water after they filter it. But that's not really the ideal way to do it. Ideally, you have a remineralization cartridge at the end that's infusing the water via a corase medium or something else that's reacting with the carbonic acid in the water to form, you know, bicarbonate. So yeah, there's, there's so many little details and nuances. That's what I love about water.

Mario Brainovic 19:30
Sure, yeah, water is amazing. You know, when people start kind of going to go in going into it deeply, they realize that it's whole worlds there, which really have when people start understanding, they start changing how they treat the water, how they drink water, what water they're using, and then they can have powerful effects on the long term health. This is interesting, long term health. So it really has powerful influence of down the line

Matthew Blackburn 20:03
Yeah, absolutely. So let's jump into the, the technology. So it's a glass tube of you guys say coherent water. And I've listened to a few interviews, I think with with Dolph and I believe he said that it took what was it two or three years to make that water can you kind of go into that process a little bit?

Eric Laarakker 20:29
True, actually, the there's like, you know, we have built a device, there is no electricity, nothing, you know and it goes through a couple of stages, and more or less we copy the cosmos. And, you know, it's just been used metals, forms of stuff like that. And the interesting thing is not a lot of vortex ideas about it, because the, well, we found out, like I said, the vortex it's just stays there for a short moment of time. And so many geometric forms are involved. Actually, even lightning is involved. But then, to finish it off to make it stable. We make the water just at certain times during certain star constellations, when it's more open to certain information. And I mean, water really is amazing. In our research, we find, for example, that even two hours before the sun rises through the water already knows that the sun is rising. And we did research like on seeds, and we found out if they give the right water, it truly gets more in contact with the moon, the produce a lot more biophotons, according to the moon cycle, etc. So all of that, you know, it's also part of quantum physics is very important. When you create a water, so and a colleague is also out, he helped us, you know, to set up the right dates, the right moments, to make that water. And it had to go through like all the seasons, we had to like do it four times. And then we had like the weakend water and the young water so it took us every time a year. And according to the astrologist, we had to do it last couple of years. We only have time, once in 150 years to do that. So that's what how we made our mother water. And so Dolph was right into this almost two years goes to a process of two years. before it's ready, you know, to be the mother water

Mario Brainovic 22:50
There is extraordinary magic, just like Eric explained about the mother water. And that's why I am so simple. Because Mother water is in a crystal vial, crystal serves as as a superconductor, it's there, but like it's not there. And since water is a broadband absorber, receiver and transmitter of energy, when it's surrounded by a dominant frequency, which mother water is, every single h2o molecule that comes into close proximity to Mother water, start to mimic exactly the same structure. That's why it's so elegant. And this is so it doesn't require anything other than that. And as I mentioned, when you treat the water just once it stays in that very, very, very stable state

Eric Laarakker 23:42
Becaue most of the research what we did, especially in the beginning with a lot of research in plants, and actually we bought a whole greenhouse 1.5 hectares. And I don't know how much is an acre is about six acres, I think something like that. Just to do for testing, just to find out what's happening over there. You can imagine how much money was involved, but we want to go for the truth, nothing else. And not just, you know, try to sell a device or so and actually, our end goal of all is that we want to have all the water on this planet coherent again, because that's the way nature should be. And so it's not only beneficial for the happy few who are able to, you know, to buy an analemma wand but everybody's every little feature for every plant for every insect for everything.

Mario Brainovic 24:40
Can you imagine, this is our plan to install our very environmentally friendly equipment and like the beginning the wells, of rivers, and then everything down the line. All life would thrive. So that could really have powerful impact on the entire planet.

Eric Laarakker 25:04
I give you an example after using that water in a greenhouse, like for two or three years, and the greenhouse that we bought, actually, what hadn't been used for 10 years, and there was only the sun was shining inside there was plastic foil on the soil. And before they use tons of Roundup and other stuff in there because they grow roses. So the soil was completely dead. And actually, finally, we sold the greenhouse and the one who's using it now, he still uses the water last year. So that is amazing. Our cucumbers, usually after 12 weeks, they know there's a drop in producing the cucumbers. And we have to destroy them and you know and put some new plants in it. But now actually, they survived for 20-22 weeks, almost double. So they keep on producing twice as long. So it is actually a kind of longevity thing. But Mario can tell you a little bit more later probably about the study we did on the glycan age. And you know, everything, which is everything, what uses water will thrive from using that water, and how beautiful would it beIf we would do all the rivers overseas and whatever to bring it back in this coherent state? That's That's our goal.

Matthew Blackburn 26:30
That's incredible. Yeah, there was a lot there, I was making notes of different points that I want to jump into. I think that I think Mario answered my question. Because I was going to ask, are you guys going to run out of the mother water since you can only make it every 150 years? But when Mario said that influences the water near it, you kind of have an endless supply? Is that correct?

Eric Laarakker 26:55
Yes and no. Like the first model water, there's just a little of it. But we actually we copy that one, and you only can do it once. So it's not like you can keep on copying it endlessly. But I promise you, we have enough to do all of this planet. That's just a matter of time and money.

Matthew Blackburn 27:23
Well, yeah, cuz I'm planning on doing some pretty cool stuff here. Like I'm putting up a geodesic dome greenhouse and next few months to grow, you know, fruit trees in the snow and stuff. And I'll probably have a little koi pond in there inside. Like, I'm wondering just applications of Analemma for like, say, gardening or farming or a whole house system have you had, or have you guy, or have you had people do creative things where, you know, they just keep the tubes stuck in the water that's feeding their plants or whatever.

Eric Laarakker 27:58
There are many ways to do that. I mean,actually, a couple of months ago, it was not global here and the farmers magazine, the biggest one. And actually, I didn't know that but it's these were like big farmers and they use like one little vial in the container for all the pigs and he said, Well, we have 50% less sick animals and they seem to be far more happy since been drinking that water. So they did their own research on that. So we have many anecdotes like that from people who claim you know, that there's a lot more wellbeing for the animals for the plants, etc. But now also actually we have devices which can put like between the tubes so we can do whole farms it's not a problem.

Mario Brainovic 28:47
Yeah, we've developed technology so we have products exactly for that for farming for farms for whole agricultural aspect is covered so we can handle big volumes of water as well

Matthew Blackburn 28:59
Do the devices like swirl it and so that you don't have that?

Eric Laarakker 29:05
You don't have to swirl you don't need to work all day swirl all day to get all the water done. No, actually, you just you know, it's like you just put the device between the pipes. I have it over here in my farm. You know when water comes in. From the municipal this. We put a water vial in between and I don't need to do anything. Just drink it. My horses drink it, I mean when we feed the plants over there.

Mario Brainovic 29:37
So there are many, many actually this is the first product that we can first application Let's go that way. Then we come up with analemma water wand. The next products are actually going to be exactly for a larger quantities of water. So as I mentioned this filtration system, so we're going to have loads of stuff coming in

Matthew Blackburn 30:01
That's really cool. Yeah, I'm trying to think of how I could can integrate it into my, you know, shove one and one of my pipes or something coming into the house.

Mario Brainovic 30:10
Oh, very soon we're going to have a whole house analemma. So that's great.

Eric Laarakker 30:15
Yeah. And it's just a matter of if you know, the size of the pipes, then it's no issue. We can we can build it. I mean, we have a couple of them in stock. So that's an easy, it's an easy job.

Matthew Blackburn 30:28
Oh, that's great. Wow.

Mario Brainovic 30:30
Yeah, it will be market ready very, very soon. So yeah,

Matthew Blackburn 30:35
That's cool! I wanted to jump back to the the bio photon thing, because I attended a health conference years ago. And I was hanging out at the Miron glass booth, where they have the violet containers that only allow in infrared and violet light. And it's supposed to preserve the ingredients inside. And they had a book there called biophotons. That I really enjoyed. And it was kind of basic information. But going back to what you were saying, Eric, about Fritz Albert Pop, it was kind of like an elementary school, Introduction to biophotons. And that seems to be one aspect of of water quality that people don't really think about, right?

Eric Laarakker 31:21
Sure. True. You want me to tell you what happens with the biophotons? The actually, first of all, you have to understand biophotons, because biophotons actually, it's like, also become a wild thing. Everybody talks about biophoton, biophoton treatments or whatever. If you walk in the sun, everybody has biophoton treatment, because biophotons, actually, you know, photons are just part of part of light. And, but it's a different story than measuring biophotons. Biophotons measurements actually has been done, like in the dark chamber, very dark chamber. If I want to measure my hand, first I have to put on for half an hour, dark gloves so all this spontaneous emission is out of it, and then you put it in a dark chamber. And you're just going to count how much photons are coming out of my hand, and, or tomato, or whatever. And that says something about the aging and quality actually, okay, let's stick to a tomato. Maybe it looks the same, like another tomato, but when it contains more biophoton from the inside, you know, and we proved that it's quite easy, the photons doubled, just by changing the water. Actually, that means that there's a lot more health a lot more energy in that tomato. And you're probably familiar with the phenomena of mitochondria. And the mitochondria actually, they produce a probably the biophotons. And these are actually free radicals, when they produce ATP, free radicals come free, and they produce the light. So the more active the mitochondria are, and as you probably know, mitochondria related to aging, to almost every chronic disease, when your mitochondria, are happy, healthy, and they do their thing, you have a lot of energy, you know, and you have a nice healthy life. And we found out that actually the mitochondria, they're very much interested in water, there's a, you know, in every cell, there's a lot of things going on over there, how water and mitochondria work together, I don't want to go too much into detail, but they, you know, they work together. And so by giving the right water, you know, the coherent water, the mitochondria become a lot more healthier, or more that we don't know, because you cannot count them. And that means that in all, every test that we did the biophotons at least doubled and the amount. So that means there's twice as much of energy into while probably the tomato but also, maybe Mario is going to talk a little bit about the glycanage study that we did on human beings. And there's a relationship between bacteria and water. A very important one, why I jumped from mitochondria to bacteria is because actually they've been proving that, proven that mitochondria were bacterias before. So there's actually the bacteria growth, which is very, you know, graceful when you get to right water. And you know everything probably about the microbiome don't need to tell you anything about that your microbiome in your gut the bacteria in, I mean, they do all the job for you. A healthy being has between 11 and 1500 different kinds of species, in your gut, they do all the job for you, you know, Parkinson's disease has been proved to be, you know, actually, because you have a gut problem, almost all the brain issues now have been, you know, related to your gut, to your microbiome. And we found out that actually, that is also part and maybe the biggest part where the water is most beneficial, because the good bacteria as they thrive on good water, and that's why I was always surprised when people trying to sell, you know, devices for water, they say, well, our water stays always clean, you know, bacterias don't grow in that water, well, okay, then what? Then what you drink, that water goes into your gut and kills the bacteria. So it's not a good idea, you know, the bacteria should grow from it, but not the pathogen once but you know, balance it out. And we could prove also to, you know, feed the microbiome with, with the right with the right water, you know, microbiome starts growing, and actually, our research now, and we'll have our results in a couple of months, we just started on doing a complete microbiome, research in human beings, feed them placebo and normal water and see in a couple of months, what happens, you know, to what happens, actually, with all microbiome, we're gonna test the brainwaves, everything's gonna be tested at the same time with all these people.

Mario Brainovic 36:43
Yeah, it's really exciting research. So all of the studies are double blind, placebo controlled, randomized. So we're really excited about this whole research. I mean, just like Eric mentioned, almost everybody now knows the extraordinary effect, the extraordinary connection between the health of the microbiome and the health of the entire body. And we already realize that this water analemma water has powerful impact on on microbiome. Also, we're doing double blind, placebo controlled randomized ATP study, where we are actually now measuring ATP levels in humans, when they when they drink analemma water. So this is going to be also extraordinarily exciting, because all of this we already tested on plants. And now we are actually doing all the tests on humans, so that we can definitively prove that something biological remarkable happens when people drink analemma water.

Eric Laarakker 37:51
Maybe you can say something about the like glycanage Mario.

Mario Brainovic 37:54
Yeah, glycanage was really interesting study that, uh, we kind of decided, okay, we want to the for the first big kind of human tests, we wanted to use a study that will prove Okay, there is something extraordinary happening here. So we decided to contact glycanage, it's the most accurate health and wellness test available, they're actually measuring very accurately your biological age, in contrast to your chronological age, so a lot of people due to lifestyle, and many environmental reasons are much older than their they're biologically older than their chronological age. So what we did is we took the baseline test to determine biological age of all the study participants, and then they drank the water for only three months. And we insisted they didn't do anything else, they didn't change their diets didn't change the exercise regime to didn't do basically anything else. And after three months, we did. Again, we repeated the test. And results were really extraordinary. There were almost every single person in this study experienced one to 12 years of biological age regeneration. So their entire system got regenerated on a cellular level. So that was really an exciting research. And now we're actually repeating it one more time just to fortify the results. So there's really a lot of research on the way

Matthew Blackburn 39:33
That's really awesome. Wow. So I have a question. So see you said the main goal is to make all the water coherent again, on planet earth. What, maybe people might be thinking like what made it incoherent? O like isn't spring water coherent? You know, because it's exposed to, you know, the moon cycles and all these things?

Eric Laarakker 39:57
Well, this quite simple I'm Gonna give you an answer, it's because we don't know what happened in the past. But we found out that even water, you know, we got from Greenland, we test many waters all over the world. And, you know, when it comes out of a well, like, you know, and just start of the Ganges and a lot of those sacred rivers, you know, the energy, while it seems to be coherent, but it loses very quickly. And why is that? Well, you can guess, I mean, we have a lot, we have satellites, you have a lot of radiation going on over there, and we have a lot of toxins going on over there. And don't forget the human mind. Which is about, you know, the work of Emoto and many other people who prove that your mind has a lot of influence on your body, you know, all thing about, you know, positive thinking of stuff like that, is actually changing the water system, that's what it does. So I don't need to tell you how much negative activity is going on on this planet for I don't know how long already. And so probably, that had his influence. And so things will, until now, almost all the water, which we found, was not stable, it changed very quickly, you know, after came out of the source, and whatever, I think in the old times, maybe things will differently because this whole vortex idea is because nature does that to regenerate its water. And, like, if you see a river, you know, it goes makes a left curve, right curve, a left curve, actually every time it's a vortex, left vortex, right vortex, left vortex. And that's how it keeps the water in shape. But in these days, there is nothing anymore, what keeps the water in shape, I mean, we build canals, which are just straight, nature doesn't do that. And you will never, almost never see a water like, you know, taking a left curve. And then I left curve again so it's also a little bit nonsense that we say, well it looks, you know, for the easiest way, it is how nature works. To reload itself, we took out almost everything from nature, how to reload itself, in our mean, your pipes, actually all the pipes that we build in a greenhouse are all 90 degrees curves in it. Because water doesn't like 90 degrees curves too hard a curve. So all the curves that we make when they were like 45 degrees. And the beginning, when we did our test was like, Oh, our water system, I think it was the price of it was like 200,000 euros, just because when we were feeding the plants, there was no electricity, we're not alone. And when we made the water, there was no electricity. So everything was hydraulic. And because we didn't want to have that influence in the past, there was not a lot of influence on those artificial waves. In the past there was not like we didn't put well over 100,000 toxins, you know, in the soil and stuff like that. So these were different times that it was less necessary. Probably to make it stable. We can only guess because I mean, we didn't do a test in the past. But we did without tests, like from water from Greenland. Ice water, which should be there for a couple of 100 thousands of years. And as soon as we brought it close, like to Wi Fi say our station, whatever, they'd lost his power. So we can only guess

Matthew Blackburn 43:51
That's a really good point. Yeah, I use Starlink out here and I unplug it. I usually rememberunplugging my router. But the whole world I think is microwaved people like to believe that there are safe spots in the world. And my belief is that the only safe spot from EMF is a Faraday cage canopy that you put over your bed.

Eric Laarakker 44:13
That's fine. But then ou have enough but then you have another issue, I'm not in favor of that. And I'll tell you why. Because I mean, like I said before, the matter with quantum information is a building block of everything. And I mean, our body needs information. You know, I'm also an acupuncturist as a chiropractor and everything, a homeopath, and everything is about frequence almost everything. And I mean, I would like to state one thing well, actually, three things are very important. I like to say to people to my clients, actually, you're a colony of bacterias in a pool of water run by the cosmos. And it's true, but there are proteins and minerals in between But that's the biggest part of it. If you sleep in a cage of Faraday, you take away also the information what you need. Because it blocks all the information. But personally I can I can I tried it, it makes me very nervous to sleep at night in a Faraday cage. Because I need that information out of space, if you know what I mean,

Mario Brainovic 45:27
This is where the magic of analemma happens actually, when we drink and Analemma water, which has this very particular and very stable Crystaline form, our body enters the state of coherence, it's like we become the radio, pathways open. So we can actually, from electromagnetic point of view, receive all the relevant information that we need. So it becomes stable, we become stable through the whole electromagnetic smog, let's call it that way. And we realize through our research, that water becomes extraordinary chaotic, when you expose it to 4g 5g, it becomes extraordinarily chaotic, but our water remains stable. That's the protective effect of analemma. Water is really powerful. So that's also one extraordinary perk, of drinking and a little water, it actually protects you that way. So it's really amazing.

Eric Laarakker 46:38
Yeah, I have to fill in a little bit. But that doesn't mean that if you're very sensitive to electromagnetic waves, that after drinking the water, you won't feel anything anymore or it's a good excuse, you know, to expose yourself a lot. That's not true. Because there's more, of course, than water in your body. Also DNA does something with it. And if you're very sensitive to it, then I mean, like, personally, my wife, you know, she's very sensitive for Wi Fi, she drinks the water. And what we found out the radiation is a lot less harmful for her. But she still knows when the Wi Fi is on. If you know what I mean. So it's not like you know, the because then people think, Oh, well, my The only thing we can do I have to do is drink the water and then I can put my the cellphone on my head all day. So that's still not a good idea.

Mario Brainovic 47:33
Yeah. Not a good idea.

Matthew Blackburn 47:37
That's great stuff. Yeah, I like what you said about the the Faraday cage. I think, maybe if you're in a hotel, like on the 30th floor, you know, it's probably good idea just temporarily, but I remember hearing about a study they did where they put a couple of men in like a completely insulated from EMF from all the Earth energies in this like box, and within hours, they started to cry and get depressed because they weren't getting exposed to the Earth's field.

Eric Laarakker 48:10
We nare information ya.

Matthew Blackburn 48:13
Like astronauts are saying stories of that two of them going psychotic.

Eric Laarakker 48:19
Yeah. So that's why I'm not in favor of for that. Actually, I remember research. I read someone a book, I can't remember which book but they did a research on homeopathy in Russia somewhere. And when he put like the homeopathy remedy in a Faraday cage it doesn't seem to work anymore. So that means more or less that this remedy is also in tune somewhere with the cosmos and it gets his information somewhere from outside.

Matthew Blackburn 48:52
Wow. So really quick, I don't want to go to, I mean, I guess it's all connected. But now I'm curious, your thoughts on grounding and earthing because I've been doing that while I sleep and it seems to be a contextual thing. You know, especially going into the wall or directly into the earth. And whether you're rural or in a city seems to be a lot of variables with connecting yourself to the earth.

Eric Laarakker 49:19
So I'm in favor of this whole earthing idea. Our issue is that we don't ground ourselves we have our rubber shoes on and so we never ground. When we take our shoes off, usually it's in the house which is isolated under the floor and the heating system under the floor. So you almost never get in contact with you know, with the earth. You look at this way, the ionsphere, the atmosphere is positive versus negative. So if you want to be like a good alignment if you want to get rid of all The negative energy not the ions, but the negative energies you need to this grounding. earthing is very, very, very important. I found out with horses that when you put them on like a rubber mats, they lose a little bit, the concentration when they're over there too long, because they need that grounding. So the grounding is very, very, very important. The only thing I have a little bit personally an issue with that I have to ground on the electric circuit. Because there's a lot of negative vibration on over here. It's like 50 hertz, you know, the, you have waves but you also have waves on waves, if you know on the same like a radio that's like one wave and you add other waves on it so that you can hear what's over there. So actually, you also get waves inside, which I personally don't like. So what I personally do, I just have a cable out of my window, outside, stick it in the ground. So I really want to feel the earth and not through the whole electrical system. So but I'm really in favor of it. I have this mattress also back home in my house.

Matthew Blackburn 51:13
I love it. Yeah, I just finally built a lodestone bathtub built. about 1000 pounds of magnetites been struck by lightning. And I all I lined them all the magnetic north and grounded the whole tub. I bathe in my raw goat milk for my goat and shilajit, I'm an extremist.

Eric Laarakker 51:35
You must be healthy!

Matthew Blackburn 51:38
I'm working on it. That was great. So I have a really triggering question. I'm sure it's gonna trigger people vortexing, since you brought it up multiple times, like, if someone has a choice between, you know, buying a, you know, $300 $500 vortexing device and spinning their water versus using the analemma, you would say the analemma would be better and one reason is because the coherency lasts longer?

Eric Laarakker 52:09
Well, I do have to say that it's better, because we tested it all. And there's nothing wrong with vortexing. I mean, I'm not against vortexing. No, it's not harmful. But if you look at the almost 90% of the devices, they use three same things, and that is magnets, vortexing, and minerals. But all of them, they I mean, they can create a beautiful energy in the water. But the issue is, it's not like 100 percent coherent stable, otherwise, it would stay the reason why it is stable because when we look at it, it builds like a crystalline structure in it that is so stable, you know, think of the pyramids in Giza, Egypt. And the reason why they're still over there. Well, some people think they're 3000 years old, but they're probably a lot more than 12,000 years old. And not a lot have been changed. They're trying to I mean, even Napoleon tried to with his guns, he tried to get it down. But it didn't work out because it's been made very stable. Look at it the same way in the water. When you have your stable crystalline structure in it, you know, it's very hard to ruin it. If you vortex it, yes, it does something. But it because it's not stable that means that that doesn't have the perfect crystalline structures as simple as that.

Mario Brainovic 53:35
Yeah, you can look at it in a simple way. It loses, it goes back to chaos. So h2o molecules just go back to chaos. Within Analemma water, it stays that way for years. That's the only the only difference. Maybe there are more. But this one is actually very simple to explain.

Matthew Blackburn 53:43
So a random question, I I'm very fortunate to have my own lake on my property that I can kayak on and fish and stuff. If I were to just keep one of your wands just dangling in the water. Would that do anything? Would there be a benefit?

Eric Laarakker 54:15
Yes, after a couple of 100,000 years , I'm joking. Everything depends of course, on the size. It's not like you know, it's not a miracle wand where once you stick it into one lake and the whole lake will be coherent in 10 seconds. I mean, that's a little bit too much. It depends on like, I mean, I have a creek passing by over here and it's about 12 meters broad. And I created something where I pump up the water from out of the creek with a set where you know what I'd call it with the photon cells and run through a pipe where water is in you know, just you know over time to rearrange the structure of the water of the creek. And to be honest,we don't know yet how you know what the ratio is, should be to do something like that. Actually the the end of August, I didn't even tell Mario if we're gonna have some discussion with people over here from the water Alliance. And because blue algae is a big problem, you know, in the summertime, we're probably going to do a test somewhere to see if we run the water through our devices. If the blue algae will leave, or at least you know, won't come. But we there's a lot, a lot of tests over there. But as usually it takes a lot a lot of money, you know, to do that. And so I didn't know how big your lake is. But personally, I don't think you're not just dipping it in is Well, now the whole league is go home, that will be a little bit too much.

Matthew Blackburn 56:03
It's Like six, six acres. Yeah, it's a lot of water.

Eric Laarakker 56:05
A lot of water. Yeah, you need a little bit more, but on the other hand, I'm convinced that if like, you would stick a stake in the water? And with a little bit upside down, you know, with a little bit on top, leave it you know, for the sun over time. Sure I'm convinced

Matthew Blackburn 56:05
I might I might do that experiment. Have you guys test tested just letting it sit in water versus swirling because you guys recommend a swirl it for what 10 or 15 seconds, would just putting it in there and just walking away have a similar effect are

Eric Laarakker 56:48
Those people who did a test on that in the pig farm They just did, It was just just hanging off of there. And the issue is why you swirl? Well, it's very fast that you come in contact with all the molecules of the water. And the swirling by itself doesn't do the job. But it's because well, everything goes very fast, you know, into the contact. And you of course you vortex A little bit. That always helps. So that's the main reason and I know many people just put like a stick in a jar and add new for water that leaves just over there.

Mario Brainovic 57:29
It's just, it's just a matter of time. Well, it's not like if you have a large quantity of water, but in smaller quantity of water. If you just leave it there for a while, it will definitely do the same thing. But in this way, when you're swirling just like Eric mentioned, like any water molecule that comes in into close proximity, will mimic the same structure. And when you're swirling it, you're actually going through entire container in that way it gets faster.

Matthew Blackburn 57:58
That's a great explanation. My listeners sent in questions you guys open to answering some of these. Kind of on the same topic. Someone asked how many swirls should one do was spinning the wand in the water?

Mario Brainovic 58:15
Well, we kind of say for three deciliter kind of glass, let's say 15 to 20 seconds. And then you can extrapolate from there.

Eric Laarakker 58:29
Well, actually, the I always tell like to tell people use your gut. And it's quite funny. I mean, if you have this wand if you use it, you know when it's ready. And the issue is always also because I mean it's I did some research a couple of years ago in Sardinia in you know in the Blue Zones, where people become very old and healthy. And I'm convinced Personally though the biggest part why do people become old over there is due to the water it's like this this beautiful village you know, in in the mountains and it's about five hour drive from the main roads. My children didn't like that. But anyway, I want to go there. And you see in like in a curve there's the water comes out of the mountains and people all the buses, they stop over there and you get a water they have their own feeding their own plants, you know all the waters over there. So they have plus you know, the beautiful microbiome and the soil. And why is it beautiful microbiome because I'm convinced that has to do with the water quality over there. If I swirl it over there, I need less time. You know, it's like bringing the contact with that water swirled very fast and then you not done if I won't use like a dirty chloride water out of the US. We are lucky we don't use fluoride over here and so then It's you know, it takes a longer time. So it depends also on it, but on the quality of the water itself. And the funny thing is, you'll know when it's ready. Yeah, you know, the bacteria is in your gut, your microbiome, your gut will tell you now it's fine.

Mario Brainovic 1:00:19
But you know, just as a rule of thumb, so people don't break their heads. Use it when they use it for 15 seconds. 15 To 20 seconds in a three deciliters water that will be okay. Just so they don't have to kind of go into the whole psyche psychic mode.

Matthew Blackburn 1:00:36
That's great. Yeah, my, my routine, you know, because I've been drinking like, I'm friends with the light water people deuterium depleted water, but I can't swirl it in these, you know, really tapered class bottles. So I tend to pour this or mix this with my spring water filtered into a copper drinking vessel. And I found that's really nice. To me, I like doing that more than a mason jar, because it doesn't, you know, Clank as much and it's just easier, you know, the opening and the copper vessel. And if you guys have seen those copper drinking bottles, it's works pretty well. So that's been my routine.

Eric Laarakker 1:01:15
They use it in India for that reason, all the all the most people in India they drink from the copper jar. Because of that reason, it's very beneficial by itself for water. And it also works well also, because you know, the bacteria is they don't like to grow in water, which has been made with copper.

Matthew Blackburn 1:01:34
Yeah, yeah, I'm kind of lazy with cleaning my bottles. Because I was using, like these quartz lined on the inside called, like, purist bottles. But I found they tend to smell almost like, you know, an algae musk kind of smell. If I just keep refilling it with water and even ozonating It didn't seem to help, it would still be there in the background. So like copper, I could just keep refilling, and I pretty much never have to clean it. It's kind of nice. Yeah, so the recharging effect, that's something that we haven't talked about. And you mentioned, with the the late conversation, just keeping a little bit of exposed to the sun. So when you when you buy your device that comes with a little pamphlet thing, and you guys recommend putting it out in the sun for what is it five minutes every two weeks? What's the reason for that?

Eric Laarakker 1:02:32
First of all, it doesn't need to be. It's not like if you don't put it in a sun, it doesn't work anymore. But go back how we started, you know, the sun actually gives us the most beautiful quantum information that we need. Our Sun is our friend. And we live partly from what we drink, we live partly from what we eat, but we live also partly from the information we get from the sun. I mean, what do we do? Well, at least in our country, where you don't have a lot of sun, when the sun is there, everybody goes out and you know puts his face in the sun because all the meridians actually they come around your eyes, they love to get the information inside. So the sun is feeding information. Sun has life. So by once in a while, once in a two weeks, once in a week, some people like to do it every day, some people whatever, you know, you recharge a little bit, but it's not like if there is no sun. Otherwise, people get in panic, you know, especially when you would live like in a north of Norway where there's not a lot of sun, then you have an issue then you you could not use it. That's not true. But it gives this extra and it's extra kind of information that we like. So we advise to do it. But it's not like it's per se necessarily.

Mario Brainovic 1:04:00
I have one interesting anecdote. During the glycan age study, we informed all the participants to expose analemma to the sun. And one lady actually held this kind of very small, like meter by meter garden with a very kind of short plant s. And she put Malema at the very same spot to kind of expose analemma to the sun and what happened after one month. Is that like you created the circle around the analemma. And plants grew three centimeters more long, it was much more lush around the analemma then in the rest of the garden, so there is really something very visual. That explains how analemma has, what extraordinary influence it has on on biological systems.

Matthew Blackburn 1:04:59
That's cool. Yeah, I'm gonna have a perimeter of raised beds in my dome, maybe I'll just shove one in each bed.

Mario Brainovic 1:05:04
That would be amazing to see actually, because it really has this extraordinary effect, you don't even have to like, let me just put it next to a plant that is like having problems. You can I mean, we had gazillion reports of people that had big issues with with plants, trying to kind of make them thrive, and they couldn't just be watering within analemma water, people really had amazing results.

Eric Laarakker 1:05:34
Gonna tell you another funny story. Now that I think about it, the last year in my farm, which is very vulnerable because of lightning and stuff like that we created I don't know what the English word is, you know, for the two you know, the lightning strikes, you know, that goes past by your house, all of this is for a made out of copper. And I just put all of what goes down in the soil, I put the quartz tubes with analemma water outside of it, you know, just to change the energy and my farm seems to work. People like the energy or just an experiment, so you can do many things with it.

Matthew Blackburn 1:06:14
Wow, that's really cool. Yeah, I received your wand for the first time. I think it was in the near the end of my winter up here. And I'm somewhat northern latitude here in North Idaho. And I got a new UV light, you can kind of see behind me is like UVA, UVB combination, narrow, like 311 nanometers. So different, different from your normal UV light. And I had the idea to just put the wand in front of it. But now that I'm thinking with what we've been talking about, that probably doesn't produce bio photons like the sun, right? So is there any benefit? If someone has like an ultraviolet light and they put it in front of it?

Eric Laarakker 1:06:59
Yeah, of course it does. But I mean, the well, we call it full spectrum, coherent water. So the more full spectrum coherent the light is, the better it is. But there's nothing wrong, you know, to do that, I mean, for me, as an acupuncturist, I look at quite simple uv is what I call yang energy, infrared is called the yin energy. And so both of them, and the whole spectrum has his value. I prefer the sun, but Well, of course, something happens if you put it in also something will happen. I did some tests with infrared. And also things happen over there. And even though that has been proved, like when you put like infrared light on your belly, it enhances the microbiome and your belly. So everything has influenced.

Matthew Blackburn 1:07:55
Really random question, have you guys exposed that water to plasma fields ever? Like, I don't know if you've heard of like, the Thera fi Dan winter or the Tesla Violet Ray, pretty much like high voltage running through, say argon gas.

Eric Laarakker 1:07:55
I did, the old test to devise in general just to experiment what happens. And again, everything works, everything does something. And after I put into the UV wand, you know, I have these old UV wandsus by these Tesla coils and put so much energy into it that I don't consider like normal drinking water anymore. Let's put it that way. But it sure does something.

Mario Brainovic 1:08:54
Yeah, you know, this is so interesting. Like, there are so many unknowns, we barely scratched the surface of the magic of the science of water. So we're going to do like we're constantly investing in research and it will be really interesting to create analemma 2.0 which will have like even more power but you know, we need to test it so we went out with this product just because we are 100% sure that is extraordinarily beneficial for basically plants, animals and humans. For these kinds of things. We have to really test it a bit more to see what could and what will happen, but it's definitely interesting.

Matthew Blackburn 1:09:43
Awesome. Someone asked how long does the device last and quick funny story I put it on my my deck you know exposed to the sun and it was a very windy day and it blew off my deck and fell about I don't know, maybe 30 feet onto rocks. And it didn't break. I was shocked. I was I was certain I was gonna walk down my steps and find it shattered. And it survived a hard fall from 30 feet onto the rocks basically. So the thing seems pretty bulletproof. I'm impressed.

Eric Laarakker 1:10:19
Well, don't advise that. I think you're lucky.

Mario Brainovic 1:10:23
You're lucky. Yeah. Mine mine. Mine fell from like two feet. And it broke. So it depends how it happens. Yeah, but no, it will keep creating coherent water life. If you don't break it, just need to be very careful with it. So it doesn't break. .

Eric Laarakker 1:10:47
Usually, when people said to me, Well, it seems that it's working less than we said you know, just put it in the sun for a coupleof minutes or a little while. And then they reported back that it was, again doing his job. And it depends, like I said, it depends on the quality of water that you are using. I mean, if let's put it that way, if you use it for very nasty water, you know, it has to work harder, you know, to change that one, then when you use beautiful water to change it.

Matthew Blackburn 1:11:23
Makes sense. Someone asked, Would it be beneficial with premixed thicker drinks or only water? So I guess they're saying maybe smoothies or something?

Eric Laarakker 1:11:34
Well, I personally, I think yes, it does. Why not? Because a lot of it almost everything which is inside of there's also water. And I know people that drink the beer with it, they swirl the beer or the wine? Why not?

Mario Brainovic 1:11:50
Yeah, if it has h2o molecules in it, it will actually start forming a liquid crystal structure, which is the main main thing. So yeah.

Eric Laarakker 1:11:59
Actually, the this week, a friend of mine, he called me said Well, thank you I gave him one as a present for his birthday. And he likes to drink red wine. He said, Well, the issue now is that the wine tastes a lot better with the with the stick. So it's not helping him.

Matthew Blackburn 1:12:21
That's great. Someone asked about deuterium depletion. I don't know how this fits into this discussion. But have you guys looked into that or, you know, the relationship with deuterium depleted water and your wand or anything like that?

Eric Laarakker 1:12:36
Only in theory. We know the whole story about deuterium depleted water. And I'm convinced you know, there's truth in the while story. And we also convinced to, if we would use our technique to make that water, you know, you have a plus plus. Because the deuterium depleted water, the only thing what you do, you know, you take out the deuterium, which is very beneficial, but still, it's not structured water. So I always would be in favor to do both.

Matthew Blackburn 1:13:20
That's great. Um, let's see, have you guys heard of the Somavedic, someone asked how is this different from the Somavedic for water structuring?

Mario Brainovic 1:13:28
So it's actually American company that does some form of structured water. So I'm kind of familiar a little bit with them. But as I mentioned, there are several companies already kind of created some form of coherent water. According to all of our tests, the main difference between ours and everybody else's is the stability. So it won't lose its stability, even when you've treated it just once, even after years, it will stay in the in the same structure. But now, you know, I believe it's, it's the time has come. So I believe there are going to be more and more scientists coming up inspired with water, the time the water revolution has come. So I believe we really will see more and more things happening. That's awesome. Yeah, look at all these different things is different tools, like in your toolbox. And I just find from my observation, a lot of people will prioritize the wrong things. And or just rely on one thing, or whatever. And, you know, anyway, yeah, it can get kind of heated when you talk about different companies that do the same thing. Yeah. Yeah. Well, everybody, everybody has to follow their own gut, like, Eric mentions, you know, so whatever works for people Wow, that's awesome. The main thing for us, we wanted to invest in science. So it's not like something that you say about it, when you have a real studies behind it, then those studies speak for themselves. That's kind of our goal, because we really wanted to, and we want to get this water to as much people as possible, so people will actually get the benefit. And when we do that, then we would get the opportunity to actually make entire planet coherent with water

Matthew Blackburn 1:15:34
Have you guys used the Constantine Korotkov? Like biowell, gdv camera, because I know he has a little water attachment is-

Eric Laarakker 1:15:41
Yes! iI bought a device years ago, and we tested it, and it's very hard to say from that device, actually, what it does. And, you know, there are many ways to test water. But how do you know how beneficial it is in your body. And so many things has been said, you know, about structuring our water. And, you know, you get these beautiful pictures, how the crystalline structure looks, and blah, blah, you know, many things are going on over there. But the issue is always okay, maybe that's true, but what does it do in a biological system. That's why we did all our tests. That's why we worked in a facilty for 13 years, you know, to test over and over again, which is not easy, because you need like, one complete season to grow the tomatoes and cucumbers and everything. And the last couple of years, I mean, we had like, completely fully optimized setup in a greenhouse, nobody was there, they got the water automatically. So nobody's involved, nobody knows which plan even gets the water. Because the human mind, as you know, is very strong thing if I want that plan, because gets good water, that plan will grow because I wanted to grow, you know what I mean? So we did all of it was double blind, placebo controlled, and all the measurements, like we're, you know, going from electrodes into computers. And all these data's have been collected, you know, for over years. And nobody was involved, you know, nobody. So at all the water, which was there, I'd like we're in containers and stayed there for four months, and we're just feeding the plants. Just to be sure, and don't talk nonsense. So neither Mario or anyone and me are gonna say all the other devices are nonsense. That's not true. I mean, everybody does his best. So I wish everybody the best. But for us, because we had our goal. Well, I really goal is to help this planet, we want to be sure what we are doing. And now we are pretty sure what we're doing, just because we test everything in a biological system. So to come back to that device of Korotkov. We saw differences, you see something, but what does it say? How does the biological system react on it? I need to dig mine out I think I have to have their cameras laying around here in my office. And for those who aren't familiar, you put it's basically a little dark camera where you put each fingertip in your 10 fingers, if you're human. And it reads it sends a little electric shock that you don't feel in, you emit a little blip of extreme low frequency ultraviolet light. And then it shows that on the screen, and it's different from your aura, they say it's like your biofield. But it's pretty much what your bio photon emission would look like, if you can physically see it. And they map that to TCM Meridians. But, you know, if you're doubling the bio photon in the water, I would imagine that drinking the water would change that light emission that you could see on the camera, right? Well, we've doubled the, the, the waters the bio photon itself and not in the water. It's a biological system thats going to produce that. And like we did a lot of tests on you know, we didn't talk about it, but also on the human brains, you'll see it almost changed immediately after drinking the water. You get a more coherent the brains actually become more coherent the left and right brain connection will be better just immediately after drinking the water. And we wanted to stick to system systems that are there which have been proved to be there scientifically that doesn't mean that like the device of Korotkov and many others of them,I do Instead of them as nonsense, that's not true. But for too long time, I spent time in science. And it's very easy to say I don't believe it, because it's not scientific. So this device, it's very nice for yourself, you know, to prove stuff. What if you want to see if there are changes, but on a scientifically based, it's still hard to use it.

Mario Brainovic 1:20:24
That's why we wanted to do the same thing. That's why we did this double blind, placebo controlled randomized ATP study, where we measure the rise of all mitochondrial energy in humans very soon are we going to have the results of that study. So we just went with, we wanted to do the same thing. But somebody has done it scientifically viable, that we can publish the study, and that everybody in the scientific world will actually recognize it, and approve it. So this is this was our way of going about it. And what I just want to come back to this brainwave study, which is really, really amazing. It was a double blind study with it was a golden standard with twins. So twins are genetically identical. So we just gave regular water to one and coherent water to other and just like Eric mentioned, their brainwave activity changed immediately after drinking. So that's the fastest way you can actually see a change when you drink the water, because it's electromagnetic, so to speak. So it happens instantly, this positive effect happens almost instantly. And then after a while, we changed to another twin, and it was just reversed. So the other twin got the results. So it's really something brainwaves are fast, you can see the change almost immediately.

Matthew Blackburn 1:21:53
Wow, it was it an increase in the delta and theta brainwaves or?

Mario Brainovic 1:22:01
Actually, yeah. The change was very much visible in Delta in theta, just like you mentioned, there is this cooling effect on the brainwaves. And actually, after that we did a pilot study with Alzheimer patient. And also results were actually awesome. So this is also one angle, which we will be exploring. And Eric is now doing also the blind, placebo controlled randomized study on brainwaves specifically. So we're also going to have new batch of data coming very soon in that particular arena.

Matthew Blackburn 1:22:46
That's awesome. Wow. Have you guys looked at transdermal application? Like, you know, using coherent water in like a spray bottle and applying it to the skin and measuring that are putting it in a sensory deprivation float tank or a pool? And seeing, you know, just being exposed on the external part of the body to coherent water? You guys looked at that at all?

Eric Laarakker 1:23:13
Yeah, not yet. I mean, I shower with it. I mean, I'm convinced when you could have a pool, well, that's one of our wild ideas that we have, you know, to create a whole new kind of wellness thing, you know, what all this kind of hold is water, giving information into the swimming pool and stuff like that. And the the issue is, again, how are you going to test what is happening? And so the result, the final, you know, the way you're going to do the research will be the same if you drink it, but I'm convinced I mean, there's only one issue since I use this device in mind farm when I shower, use a lot of water because I don't want to go out of the shower, if you know what I mean. And so it has its benefits, but all water is becoming more expensive. So I need to be a little bit more careful. But I you know, for me, showering under it especially cold water showers actually are very beneficial from it. Because you have your energy field. And people who tell me about energy field is nonsense, then you don't understand anything about life because we have our nerves we have a whole system on meridians and stuff like that and they produce energy. And I always after when I had you know, a long day at work, I feel a lot of difference If I take would like take a shower in US chloride, which is not beneficial for me. I don't feel better after that. Or I take my shower, you know, with this coherent water, but that's a big difference. Oh, we didn't do any research on that.

Matthew Blackburn 1:25:03
That's awesome. Yeah, it sounds like the only thing I'm missing on my system is the whole house analemma because I, I just got a showerhead for my remodeled bathroom. That's 29 vortexes. So there's these showerheads that are built in Europe. I'm gonna start reselling on my site called Aqua dia, and they run it through, we can choose the crystals, you know, two or three types of minerals. But then it vortexes it through and it creates this beautiful like mist.

Eric Laarakker 1:25:34
What's the name of it?

Matthew Blackburn 1:25:35
The Aqua dia. And they're, I forget which part of Europe owns the Austria or something like that? Yeah. But uh, yeah, there's so many cool water, you know, tools and things that I find and it's really fun. So, but yeah, what you guys have created is really innovative and awesome. And yeah, I really appreciate you guys taking the time to do this. This was really fun.

Mario Brainovic 1:26:01
Definitely, thank you so much for having me so much. Like, we like to talk with people who understand and recognize the importance of water. Everybody very soon will recognize it. But now in these stages, really kind of want to get the message out.

Matthew Blackburn 1:26:16
Yeah, yeah. I was honestly skeptical at first, my friend, Adam Marafioti, he introduced me to it. And he's, he's a skeptic, and he knew that stuff well, and so I was like, well, what's the small investment? Let me try it. And I was shocked at the immediate difference that I, you know, the, the feel of the water in my mouth was totally different after using the wand so.

Eric Laarakker 1:26:38
Even at the test bench, that's the fastest way to convince people and just take a glass of water. Taste it, swirl it, taste it again, you know, the feeling in your mouth is completely different.

Matthew Blackburn 1:26:54
Yep. Yeah, absolutely. So analemma hyphen And people get check out the studies that you guys mentioned

Mario Brainovic 1:27:07
Yeah, they can actually maybe also a good way to kind of be informed because we really have a lot of things going on new products and new studies, they can just subscribe to our newsletter. And we're going to informing people about whatever new is happening as well.

Matthew Blackburn 1:27:27
That's awesome. Can you tell the timeline of when the next product or specifically the whole house system?

Mario Brainovic 1:27:34
house system is actually very, very soon, it's almost market ready. So I believe in very short, I'm going to see a date. So nobody can hold me to it. But I believe within month, month and a half, we're going to actually have a product to be to push it out. So yeah.

Matthew Blackburn 1:27:52
That's exciting. Well, I'll let you guys know, if I, you know, see, a miracle happened here on my farm homestead. If my tree goes through my greenhouse or whatever it grows, you know, 500 feet tall.

Eric Laarakker 1:28:10
I would I would like to say something about that. Because people always expect that. When things are good, they grow fast. And that's not true. And a lot of times he doesn't give does the tomato plant give more fruits? Probably not. But the quality is a lot better. I would like to compare it with a willow or an oak which one is the strongest, and which one grows fast. So growing fast, doesn't mean that's healthy. Just something to think about.

Matthew Blackburn 1:28:45
It's a good point. That's awesome. Well, Eric and Mario, thank you so much. And stick around like close out the show. This was awesome. Thank you. Thank

Eric Laarakker 1:28:57
you, Matt, thank you so much for having us. Thank you so much.

Matthew Blackburn 1:29:07
Well, that wraps up today's show. I love how humble they are. I've been studying water for my entire health journey. When I got started in raw veganism, it was heavily tied to water, structured water. And pretty much at the exact same time I got into raw foods. I also got into studying drinking water. And I heavily experimented I didn't just latch on to one thing and ended there like distilled waters the best water to drink or reverse osmosis or Well, or get hooked into the rewilding community and get obsessed with only drinking spring water. Which is not very practical for most people to drive an hour or two to a spring fill up jugs, I broken countless five gallon glass carboys back in the day and flooded my car, which ended up being a huge mold issue. So when it comes to practicality, I think most people are going to go the water filtration route. And I have an old episode on that if you go back my thoughts on drinking water, and they'll be talking about it more as mitolife releases its own undercounter drinking water filter that's different from any filter on the market. That's beyond reverse osmosis. Whenever I travel to California to visit my family and friends, I have to drink the filtered municipal water. And my experience has been going from filtered municipal water for the first 30 years of my life to filtered well water to now filtered spring water, the source water really matters because the water is already relatively clean, especially when we're talking about well in spring water, there's going to be a lot less pharmaceuticals in there than you would get from municipal water. And some people go as far as to say homeopathic residues of all of these different compounds. And I'm a really sensitive guy whenever I try a new supplement, I feel it's whenever I drink different waters, I feel the effects really easily. And what I've noticed is when I drink filtered San Diego Water, I don't feel as hydrated as I do when I drink even filtered well water. And I think there's a lot of reasons for that. But the analemma takes care of one of those, which is bringing the water back to life by doubling the bio photon emission in the water. What I've noticed the last few years in the alternative health community is a lot of talk about hydration and how we shouldn't have to drink water. We should only get it from juices and fruit and vegetables and milk. And I think a lot of that stems from the late Aajonus Vonderplanitz, the raw primal guy that ate fermented organs that were moldy. And a lot of people just take these ideas and run with them. And before you know it, you have hundreds of influencers making the same social media posts with the exact same information and nobody fact checked it to dig deeper than what they are regurgitating. So yes, minerals are important for hydration, they're crucial. But there's all these other aspects that are often not talked about. If someone's filling their glass of water straight from the faucet from their filter tank or whatever it is and drinking it without doing anything to it. I would imagine that that water is not going to hydrate that person as well is if they did anything to it, put it in Myron glass and put it in the sun vortexed it in a bed bath and beyond duet water or Vitalizer or use the MRE tea pitcher that Shen blossom sells and other companies or the analemma wand. Just doing one of those things can make a huge difference in how that water is absorbed in your body. What I like about the analemma wand is it doesn't use electricity. It's quick 15 or 20 seconds. It's relatively affordable compared to these $500 machines like I mentioned, the vortexer or in the MRET pitcher. And most importantly, it's practical. It's a very small device that you can put in your bag, you can travel with it, you can take it on airplane. That practicality piece is so important, because if it's not practical, people are not going to do it or continue doing it. This device is just so easy to use. And it works. The first time I used it. I was really surprised how different the water felt in my mouth. I swirled it around before I drank it. And it just felt denser. Like there was more to it. I really enjoyed the part of the conversation about vortexing I know a lot of people only do that to their drinking water. I found it fascinating when Eric said that the memory won't stay for a long time with just vortexing the water. And hearing that was kind of a relief because the two vortexers that have tried the duet water revitaliser is just so loud that you have to put it in another room. And then there was a quiet one that just came out called Mayu but that one broke on me. Two times the motor just burned out and I wasn't running it 24/7 I was just running it for five minutes at a time. So as far as I know, there's no good vortexing units on the market, you have to build your own like I did years ago with what's called a magnetic stirrer. And you put a magnetic little bead in there. It's like a magnetic pill capsule. And that spins around. But you could only do a very small amount of water at one time. So as far as I know that Bed Bath and Beyond duet water Vitalizer is the best vortex are still on the market, but it's about $500.But instead of going to that, what I would recommend is getting the MERT molecular resonance effect technology pitcher. That's my first step is I get the water out of my drinking water filter. I fill up that pitcher, I run it for a half hour by just pressing the button once. And then from there, I pour it into my copper drinking vessel. And then I'll stir it with the analemma wand each time I fill up the bottle. And to me that's a really practical, really quick and easy way to bring my water back to life. Even though it's spring water. It's traveled a long way. And it's gone through my filters and a lot of 90 degree turns. And I just like to make sure that my drinking water is the highest quality it could possibly be. I think it's really important and often overlooked. And really the sky's the limit. If you want to get really crazy, you can get the crucial four ozonator with an oxygen tank and pumping ozone into cold water. I use the five PPM deuterium depleted lightwater. And it just goes on and on how far you want to take this. And I think it's contextual. It's situational. So depending on a chronic illness that someone's healing from, or an injury, that's probably the time to go harder and to do more things to heal. But for everyday use the analemma, and maybe one other thing is plenty. So if you want to check them out, you can go to analemma hyphen Under science, they have their different studies. They have the testimonials the FAQ. Currently, they only have two products, which is the same wand. But with the luxury version, you get the walnut case, so it's a little more protected and bulky. But if you just want to get started for 180 bucks. And if you use the discount code Blackburn, you save 10% I'm really blown away with this product. It's fun to charge it out in the sun now that we're into summer here in North Idaho. And it's been an interesting experiment to tune in and see if I feel the difference. Putting the analemma wand out in the sun every day, versus just once a week. My website is Matt hyphen I have my recommended products up there my CLF protocol under blogs have recipes for gummies, pancakes, and click on shop I have all of my recommended products. I've been so busy here setting up the homestead that I haven't added any new products on there for the last two or three weeks. But I do have an update on the topic of cookware. This is a very hot subject in the health community, what to cook with. And there's so many belief systems and gets really heated actually, I recently did a cast iron experiment, because I thought that going back to an old way would be better. But what I found is that it was another job that I was undertaking because unlike ceramic cookware like ozeri is my favorite. It's very easy and fast to clean and you're not having to scrub off residue on there that's caked on, that's happened to me several times, using cast iron. Even with seasoning it properly, people will say, Oh, you didn't season it enough, or you didn't season it right. I spent hours on YouTube, researching how to properly season it. And the consensus seemed to be that PUFAs season, cast iron better than saturated fats. So I went to that, and tried different seed oils. And it did make it nonstick for a while, but then it went back to being a nightmare. Where the last straw was one breakfast, I lost two out of three of my eggs because it got cooked into the pan, and there is no recovering them. So I'm back to extrema, which I have on my website. And it was ozeri I don't have any financial affiliation with but that's O z e r i, I learned about those from my mom when she bought them for me for Christmas a few years ago. With the extrema. All I use that for now is their sauce pan, which is nice for heating up tomato sauce if you're going to cook pasta, or to heat up water for tea. And if you're into baking, I think the Extremis definitely the way to go. So if you look at my website, it's last listing there on my store, if you're interested in checking those out, and mitolife is my brand you can find that at Mito, a lot of really exciting things coming with Mito life in the next two or three months. By the end of summer, the entire product line will have gotten a facelift. And I'm always looking to improve everything. So we're going to be coming out with liquid versions of dropper bottles of at least the vitamin E and the vitamin K two, but maybe more. And we'll be upgrading the oyster extract to a product from oysters that's actually not available in the United States. I've looked all over for it and nobody is selling it. So I will be the only US source for this very unique oyster product, which I'm really excited about. Other than that, check out the Mito life Academy. That's the exclusive content on YouTube two private videos a month and one q&a The last day of every month where I answer questions and talk about new things that I've been studying. So thanks for sharing this podcast with your friends and family that growth has been very humbling and a very appreciative of all of you that are helping to get the word out about alternative alternative health. See you guys next Friday. Stay supercharged