Where Vitamin E Fits In

When I became interested in nutrition ten years ago I learned about all of the components necessary to create optimal human health. Enzymes, vitamins and minerals were my focus for the first few years, before I became aware of the power of macronutrients, especially carbohydrate, animal protein, and saturated fat.

Over the next five years I developed various levels of understanding about the sourcing of these nutrients that supports individual, local and global sustainability.  

We find ourselves in an challenging situation where most of our food is processed and cooked because we’ve left behind the farming and/or foraging life where we would have access to freshly picked healthy flora. We became enzyme deficient.

The vitamins in both plant and animal food are lower because of the toxic air, water and soil. Feed a grassfed animal NPK-fertilizer-grown-grains and hard bicarbonate-devoid water and you get sub-optimal meat with lower vitamin and mineral content.

Going through a trial-and-error phase of countless personal failures over the past ten years has led me to some fundamental facts about our current situation:

  1. Enzymes: We aren’t consuming as many enzymes as we used to. Enzyme production is lower because the pancreas suffers from polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) and bicarbonate deficiency (used to be in our water supply).
  2. Vitamins: We are over-consuming certain vitamins in the wrong forms and under-consuming certain vitamins. Most of the developed world are generally overdosing on plant-source vitamin A (beta carotene) which harms thyroid function and can lead to most disease. Most are taking a vitamin D supplement, which will increase calcification when the body is magnesium bicarbonate deficient. Nearly everyone is vitamin E and K2 deficient because it isn’t in the diet and the antagonists that lower them.
  3. Minerals: Mineral disregulation is rampant because we are going on 170 years of synthetic NPK fertilizer consumption. All nutrients are connected like a see-saw: raise one and the other lowers. Most of us, our parents, their parents, and their parents were overdosing on inorganic calcium and iron fillings in the processed food.
  4. PUFAs: The vegan and vegetarian diet are nothing more than PUFA Diets. They are both rich in nuts, seeds, legumes, soy, grains, and vegetables, which when consumed in high amounts, shifts the make-up of the adipose tissue from saturated (how it should be) to unsaturated (prone to stress, disease and aging). All of the canola oil that we consumed growing up is likely still in our body, complexed with iron as lipofuscin and decreasing the energy production and detoxification capability of every cell in our body.

To complicate things, the nutritional supplement industry is a multi billion dollar business that mostly preys on people’s insecurities and ignorance. 

For example, “omega-3s are essential fats required for proper health”, “resveratrol is anti-aging and protective”, and “veganism is possible if you just supplement omegas and B-12.” All of these are vampiric ideas that directly feed the cancer, diabetes, heart disease and neurodegeneration industries. Just add CBD to mask the chronic stress from malnourished deterioration! 

When the fish oil industry came to be, vitamin E was forgotten and disease rates skyrocketed. The long chain unstable omega-3s, especially supplemental docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), are stored in the fat tissue and causes a vitamin E deficiency. They also combine with excess iron (in the water and produce we’ve been consuming our entire lives) and create lipofuscin, a waste product in the cell which completely prevents detoxification in every tissue, especially the liver.

My solution? Detox the stored PUFA in the tissues using supplemental non-GMO sunflower-derived Vitamin E. The amounts found in nuts and seeds are not enough to support the body in ridding itself of these toxic fats. 

It is also important to consume sufficient carbohydrates (fruits, roots, honey, maple syrup, wild rice), animal protein to support liver function, and saturated fats to displace the unsaturated fats (PUFAs). 

I truly believe that the root cause of most illness is caused by progressive lipofuscinosis (age pigment build-up) from consuming canola oil, algae oil, fish oil, krill oil for years. Combined with excess iron (listen to my podcast with Morley Robbins), PUFAs stored in the tissues could be at the root of your problems. 

I’m personally consuming a minimum of 1600 IU (four capsules) of Vitamin E daily. As long as high quality dairy (ghee, grassfed butter, raw milk, pastured eggs) are being consumed, you’ll be getting the other three fat soluble vitamins (A, D, and K) to balance it out. Of the four, vitamin E is the hardest to get. 

"The vitamin E requirement will increase with an increase in PUFA consumption and with the degree of unsaturation of the PUFA in the diet." - British Journal of Nutrition, 2015

"Vitamin E is a major lipid soluble antioxidant that scavenges free radicals generated by lipid peroxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Deficiency of this essential nutrient manifests primarily as neurological degeneration." The Faseb Journal, 2014

My friend Tim Berzins of Amplified Vitality made a video on how to heal from a high polyunsaturated fat diet. Click here to watch it if you'd like to dive deeper into this topic!

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