The CLF Protocol

There is much debate over what the root cause of disease is. Some say it’s lectins, oxalates, sugar, heavy metals, mold, non-native EMFs, parasites, the list goes on. 

The focus should really be on maximizing ATP production in the cell. There are three major things which accumulate in the tissues that get in the way of proper cellular energy production. They are: Calcification, Lipofuscin and Fibrosis. 

These should be the starting place for optimizing your health. Without a knowledge of these, you may experience alleviation of symptoms but it will only be temporary. They can come back years later full-bore and amplified.

Without proper cellular respiration, the cells cannot generate a sufficient quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2), infrared light (IR/heat), water (H2O) and, ultimately, adenosine triphosphate, the energy currency of the body.

CO2, IR light, and water each work together in a beautiful biochemical photonic symphony to support every system in our entire body: muscular, skeletal, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, everything! 

When the cells in an organ or gland cannot generate energy, the tissue in that area atrophies and dies! When this happens in the thyroid gland we get thyroid production problems. When this happens in the liver we get detoxification (glucaronidation/sulfation) and thyroid conversion (T4 -> T3) problems. When this happens in the pancreas we have problems properly metabolizing carbohydrate/sugar, the primary fuel of the human body. 

It is easy to see how these tissues getting clogged can compound and interfere with the production, transport and utilization of countless thousands of chemical messengers that conduct the beautiful and delicate symphony of our body. 

The CLF Protocol is designed to address the root cause of every illness by taking into consideration multiple factors including but not limited to: the industrial revolution (acid rain), NPK fertilizer (even organic food isn't ideal), the iron fortification program (started after WWII), the force feeding of PUFAs (polyunsaturated fats/vegetable oils/omega-3s) and unnaturally elevated ingestion of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). 


Did you know that you have a coral reef in your tissues? That's a a large part of why it hurts when someone steps on you or pinches you. Any tissue which has excess calcium is stressed and necrotic; oxygen cannot get to the tissue so the tissue dies.

Calcium and potassium are magnesium antagonists. Right now, as of December 2019, electrolytes are trending. Unfortunately, people are focusing on the wrong ones: chloride and potassium. 

What is deficient across the board in all human beings is magnesium.

The cause:

The fertilizer that feeds the entire planet was switched in the mid 1850s in Germany when the powers-that-be saw the perfect opportunity to jump start the military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel and poison the whole planet. This was their primary method to mentally handicap the population was NPK fertilizer. I'm not going to spell out who they are. Find that out on your own. 

The solution:

To reverse the calcification, magnesium must be consumed in sufficient doses. The 500mg a day recommendation by most naturopaths is laughable and shows their ignorance about what the problem is.

We must consume at least 2 to 3 grams daily to get even close to the levels required to simultaneously keep chronic inflammation at bay (more on that in the next section) and restore the proper levels of magnesium in the red blood cell. This can be tracked using an "RBC magnesium" test. Standard serum magnesium tests are absolutely useless and say nothing about our state of health. 

My favorite form of magnesium is magnesium bicarbonate. My second favorite form is magnesium chloride topically. Both of those have tangible effects and are the only two natural forms that we would be exposed to in nature.

That doesn't mean that synthetics are bad, because numerous studies have proven that other forms of magnesium work. I would opt for the most natural forms when taking supplements. Most forms that people are consuming (carbonate, oxide, citrate) are either ineffective and/or causing harm. 

Vitamin K2 (aged cheese, raw milk, egg yolks) is also widely deficient and extremely effective at reversing calcification. There is not enough K2-7 in the food to reverse the damage. We only receive K2-4 which doesn't have the same effects. K2-7 is not found in any plant foods except natto. 

Purely K is a combination of K1, K2-4 and K2-7 without cofactors such as zinc or vitamin D. This is a safe way to acquire K2-7. Get your zinc from grassfed ruminant animals and hormone D from ultraviolet light, not a supplement. 

Shilajit is a 15 million+ year old condensed ecosystem in a tar-like form. It contains all 84+ known and unknown carbon-bonded organic minerals and also fulvic acid. Plants are supposed to (and used to) secrete fulvic acid in order to bond to positively-charged metals and form organic carbon-based mineral structures. That does not happen anymore due to acid rain overpowering it. Everybody is deficient in trace minerals and overloaded with calcium oxalate crystals in the tissues. Shilajit is therefore both a complete mineral source (sans the major electrolytes) and a potent dissolver of excess calcium in the body. 

My company Mitolife offers a convenient compressed tablet form of shilajit. For anyone that's taken the resin in the jar, they know that it tastes horrible! With Mitolife Panacea, you can just swallow the tablets whole. I take a minimum of five a day (1 gram), usually with a glass of raw milk; that is how it was traditionally consumed in India.

Start drinking real water. Invest in a Pristine Hydro travel or undercounter water revival system. It is 100% acid and contaminant free and infused with mostly magnesium bicarbonate and traces of sodium, calcium and potassium bicarbonate. This is what our spring water used to be. This is what water used to be. This is a powerful way to reverse the calcification, increase magnesium levels, and hydrate the cells.


Have you ever looked at an older person's arms and forehead and seen freckle-looking spots all over the place? Those aren't freckles; they are "omega-3 barcodes" as Atom Bergstrom calls them that indicates lipofuscin poisoning.

For every one age spot/ceroid pigment visible on the skin there are up to 100,000 present below the tissue. Often we do not need a blood test to figure out what we have wrong with us. In the case of lipofuscin, all you need to do is take off your clothes and see it. They are most often visible in areas that get the most sunlight (forehead, forearms). 

What caused it?

It was a one-two punch of iron and omega-3 fatty acids which gave nearly every human being on the planet progressive lipofuscinosis, the unseen epidemic. 

HUFAs, highly unsaturated fatty acids, or omega-3s, contribute to estrogen dominance which exacerbates the lipofuscin problem.


Burning fossil fuels created acid rain which liberates iron in excess amounts from the earth and poisons our rivers, lakes and springs. Spring and well water is now loaded with sulfuric and nitric acid and excessive iron and aluminum.

Iron fortification of our foods, especially grains, expedited the process of saturating everyone with iron that the body cannot get rid of, except in small amounts by menstrual bleeding. 


Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA, EPA, and ALA) are not essential for human health and brain development. They are only essential to develop cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, anxiety, depression, insomnia and accelerate aging. 

The public was never told that when the Burrs discovered omega-3s, zinc, selenium and most of the B vitamins had not been discovered yet. The conclusions that they made about their essentiality was based on an incomplete picture (remember the NPK Justice Von Liebig story?) and they ran with it, pawning off toxic oils that were previously used to paint the walls.

Omega-3 fatty acids are highly unsaturated fatty acids (highly unstable PUFAs) which oxidize immediately in a body with heat (you're 98.6 degrees) and oxygen. It doesn't matter how perfectly preserved the fish, krill, algae, or seal oil is. It's complete poison once it enters the body.

Excess iron activates ALOX enzymes (there's 8 of them) which ADD oxygen to PUFAs. Excess aluminum in the body further spreads lipofuscin, as does ultraviolet light. 

What if I came into your bedroom where you repair and rest and trashed the place? What if I filled up 70% of your bedroom with garbage? Could you get a good nights sleep if your room was full of trash? No, and your cells can't either. Lipofuscin cakes up the lysosomes of your cell which are responsible for the trending process of autophagy.

Red Pill: Autophagy cannot happen with lipofuscin in your body. In other words, detoxification is impossible.

Lipofuscin is largely a combination of PUFAs, heavy metals and estrogen which clog up your entire body and prevent oxygen from getting to the tissue. Are you starting to see a trend yet? Its all accumulations! 

The solution:

Get an oil change with animal fats, take vitamin E, spore-based probiotics and utilize red light therapy.

Polyunsaturated fats, especially HIGHLY unsaturated fats (omega-3), increase the requirement for Vitamin E by six times. For a detailed write-up of Vitamin E in relation to PUFAs, head over to my product page for PUFA Protect. 

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin which protects from ALL negative effects of lipid peroxidation (omega-3s oxidizing in your body). It is both a short and long-term solution to toxic PUFAs. I take a minimum of four and an average of eight 400 IU capsules everyday, usually with a fatty meal. Start with one a day for awhile and see how you react to it before you increase your dosage.

Consume more saturated than unsaturated fats. This means red meat, raw dairy, pastured eggs and coconut oil. These are all dominant in saturated fat which help to replace the unsaturated fat that is stored in your tissue from all of the canola oil you were fed growing up. Avoid omega-3 supplements and tell all of your friends to throw them in the trash. 

Consume a minimum of 3 pastured eggs a day (soft boiled or sunny side up) to get 300mg of choline which supports the liver detoxification of omega-3 fatty acid breakdown products (acrolein, aldehydes, etc). 

Endotoxin increases the rate of iron oxidation by 23 times. Oxidized iron quickly combines with PUFAs (liberated through fasting or stress) to form lipofuscin. I take two capsules of spore based probiotics everyday to keep my endotoxin load down.

Red light therapy has been found to protect the skin from ultraviolet light and radiation-induced damage in general. I would not expose PUFA-loaded skin to unlimited amounts of sunlight. I use a GembaRed light for twenty minutes a day, minimum, which has systemic benefits and prevents damage from lipofuscin.


Fibrosis is another word for scar tissue. Fibrosis consists of fibrin, a spiders-web looking material that results from tissue damage. Note: Tissue damage occurs when cellular respiration isn't happening efficiently.

Fibrin build-up is responsible for tight muscles and the loss of flexibility. Over time it shrinks organs and glands, reducing their ability to function properly. Ultimately the result is even less ATP (cellular energy) being produced.

What caused it?

Anything that inhibits oxygen from getting to the cell causes tissue damage aka scarring. 

Calcification and lipofuscin directly cause tissue damage by shutting down electron chain transport (ECT) and cellular respiration. The cells choke and cannot breathe. This results in a build-up of lactic acid instead of pyruvic acid which is the hallmark of stress and cancer.

Calcification and lipofuscin choke the cells, decreasing energy production, creating fibrosis, which further chokes the cells and decreases energy production. Its a vicious circle!

The solution:

Bodywork and Systemic Enzyme Therapy.

Manual therapy (deep tissue massage) by an experienced practitioner or trade with your partner is required to break up fibrotic tissue and restore the flow of oxygen. Tools such as the Rapid Release Technology or the HyperVolt are beneficial but not a replacement for massage.

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase are two proteolytic enzymes which have been found in clinical research to work together and dissolve fibrin throughout the body. I take 3-6 capsules of Mitolife Dissolve It All when I wake up and 3-6 more before bed. They are ideal to take on an empty stomach. The phthalate-free capsule doesn't open until it reaches the small intestine. You must take the capsules whole. They circulate in the body for 6-12 hours dissolving fibrosis. 

By restoring oxygen to every tissue, systemic enzymes can have powerful effects. I have received countless testimonials about skin conditions improving and cysts (endometriosis) and back pain decreasing. 

To be continued:

This protocol is a work-in-progress and is by no means complete. In fact, it will never be complete as new understandings emerge. Future posts will expand on each one of these with sub-protocols to implement.

One thing is certain: We must never underestimate the depth of the disease. It takes years of dedication to recover. For the sake of future generations, we must struggle and fight, and never weaken, and never tire, and never lose hope, and never despair. 

To your health!

-Matt Blackburn